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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

BetUS Sportsbook hiring clerks in Panama

BetUS (SBR rating D+) reportedly hiring clerks for new Panama office. BetUS is said to be operating under the name BLUM Management Services which is located in Via España in the Boston Building. BLUM Mgt. is hiring casino and wagering clerks for $3.50 per hour. It remains unclear if the Panamanian government will allow BetUS to build its business there or if BetUS is operating under the license of an established online casino. BetUS has already moved its servers to Panama. Clerks form BetUS' Canada office have recently cited an office move as reason for withdrawal delays.

New SCAM Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide

BetOnSportsBetting enters rating guide at F. BOSB is the latest of the mass-produced EZ Sports scam-books to solicit an SBR reader.  History suggests EZ Sports will launch a new batch of betting websites as football approaches. Players can read more about the scam group here.

New version of SBR Odds now live
The latest version of SBR's Free Live odds program features odds from over 20 online sportsbooks, a variety of betting calculator tools, as well as odds from Las Vegas bookmakers. SBR Odds will continue to receive frequent updates.  Users are invited to send feedback to

Bet911 (SBR rating D+) defaults on $1000 payment plan; cites new management
Bet911 tells player that his most recent withdrawal request was canceled due to a software upgrade and future payments will be capped at $500. The sportsbook has paid $5,500 of $10,700 to the player and had promised to send $1000 per week which it is unable to do. Bet911 is a sister sportsbook of PlayWePay.
Bet911: After reviewing your profile, your total balance with our company is $10682, out of all this the overall is -$7682 for us. By the behavior of your account we promise to get the funds payout, you have stopped playing with us already and should not worry about loosing the funds with us since we will pay you on a timely matter and the amounts we will handle for your payouts will be $500.

AllSportsMarket enters the SBR Rating Guide at D.  Players are advised to use caution. An ASM ownership partner is also part of the group that owns BetEmpire (SBR rating F) which is expected to close shortly. Empire is a low-limit sportsbook that focused on helping the new bettor through the wagering process.

BetEmpire (Empire Sportsbook) to close; won't pay players?
SuperiorBook (SBR rating D+)
has issued a press release titled " Acquires" The release states that players will be required to bet their Empire Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) balances 15 times through before withdrawing and calls the account transfer a "bailout program." SBR is attempting to reach both Superior and Empire contacts to find out the status of player accounts. Up until now, Superiorbook has been a licensee brand serviced and controlled by BetEmpire, using its accounting, hosting and BetEmpire's proprietary software, SportsPulse. It is unknown if BetEmpire is attempting to keep player balances as the NBA season ends by shifting balances within its own products, or, if the book is unable to pay and the former white label partner will carry on.  | See Superiorbook press release

06.07.2007 (SBR rating D+) withdrawal update: management confirms that they are currently unable to process bank wires. Pending wires have been canceled and should result in a credit for the requested amount back to the bettor's account. Payout requests via check for over $2,500 have also been canceled. presently has the ability to send checks in increments of $2,500 or less and is advising players who are owed more than $2,500 to make multiple requests. Many SBR readers and SBRforum posters have confirmed receiving payment. However, some players who have had their requests shuffled between band-aid processors have waited nearly three months. Non-US players have voiced their frustration because chooses not to utilize available international transfer services such as Neteller and Moneybookers.

Ready2bet (SBR rating D+) now supported by Horizon Sports (SBR rating B-).  Bettors can access their Ready2Bet Sportsbook accounts at until propagates on Horizon servers.

Heritage Sports (SBR rating B) no longer allowing new registrations from the general public. Players will be declined a new account unless they are referred by an established Heritage user. Heritage denied new sign-ups last summer before later reopening to new players. Heritage is unsure if they will once again allow new bettors before football season.

Neteller announces plan to disburse funds to US customers; plan contingent on a "resolution." Neteller issued a press release today saying that it will be able to pay balance holders via its standard transfer methods if it can resolve matters with the United States Attorneys Office. Neteller made the vague statement "The Company has advised the USAO that it will use its best efforts to resolve the investigation no later than 13 July 2007," implying that it can meet preset guidelines set by the USAO.
Read full press release. sportsbook part of EZ Sports Scam Group

06.04.2007 enters the SBR rating guide at F. The sportsbook is part of the EZ Sports SCAM Group which continues to pump out new sportsbooks in order to have a bigger net in which to catch players. EZ Sports also sells partnerships to "investors" who are made to believe buying a sportsbook website for $6000 will be a profitable. sells EZ Sports turnkey websites. 
"Testimonial " - My friends are quite impressed when I tell them I'm an Internet casino owner – although some don't believe it's possible. Wait till they see the new car I'm buying with the extra money I've earned. That ought to turn some heads!

June Baseball Betting Handicapping Contest Open

Congratulations to SBRforum's Baseball Handicapping Contest winner for the month of May, poster Shooter, who turned a 18.62 unit profit with a record of 24-5-1. New players are welcome to join in this month's competition. Read rules and join here.

SBRforum Posters choose top 5 sportsbooks


SBRforum Posters choose top 5 sportsbooks
During the month of May posters were asked to give their Top 3 Sportsbooks. Three points were awarded for the first choice, two points for second place and one point for third. Only voters with 100 or more posts were counted in the final tally. Congratulations to the Top 5 point earners including Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) which led the way with 23 first place votes and 72 total points.

SBR Posters' Sportsbook Poll Results

1. Pinnacle Sports - 72 total points
2. Matchbook - 59 total points
3. BetJamaica - 49 total points
4. TheGreek Sportsbook - 36 total points
5. WSEX - 24 total points
See complete results

05.31.2007 (SBR rating D+) awards $19,707 to player resolving 16 month old virtual horse racing dispute. Six players using books in the family disputed account history that showed their balance, or significant portion of their balance, was gambled away on a racing-style casino game. Each complaint was resolved early in 2006 with the exception of this largest balance holder. was under Sportingbet Plc management at the time of incident.

BetMania complaints continue

BetMania (SBR rating D+) Update: Following yesterday's report of player complaints SBR has received additional slow-pay claims. One player was told that he was not paid because the book has given players who are still betting priority. The same player was told he was "third on the payouts list" two weeks earlier. SBR has also received two claims from advertisers, one of which says he was told that monthly payments will not be released until after the baseball season.

BetMania Sportsbook Troubles Continue

BetMania (SBR rating D+) players submit new batch of slow-pay complaints. Six users report being owed over $20,000 in total. The players were initially told they must wait ten days and are now waiting over a month for their transfer. The sportsbook is likely losing to its few active players, offering reduced juice, a free NBA half point and very slow-moving lines. Players who have received a recent payment are asked to notify SBR.

BookTheBet Sportsbook Denies Player Winnings

No-pay sportsbook, BookTheBet (SBR rating F) tells player he has not been paid because of negative comments posted about the book on the internet. The player has rolled over his funds an extra ten times but BookTheBet continues to make excuses for not paying and recently told the player he will not be paid unless he finds a way to retract the "slanderous lies."

Player to BookThebet: Hi Tony, Your right, I have done the 10 times roll over and the exstra 10 times roll over, but you never had the intention to make me the rest of the witdraw from last year in april, therefore I must strongly warn orther players from wagering at your books. Your service and language is alarming, and underlines that your book is a no pay book. I will remember you.

IDS serviced sportsbook, BetTheWorld moves from F to D

BetTheWorld upgraded from F to D. SBR has not received any new complaints since the sportsbook took over player accounts from TotalsSportsBetting last August. Members of management who initially gave false information to SBR and players are said to have been dismissed. BTW is currently serviced by International Data Solutions.

The Gala Coral Group, Coral (SBR rating A-) and Eurobet (SBR rating A-), will close accounts from a long list of countries on June 1st. The list includes Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Costa Rica. Customer service has told players that they are forced to make these changes in order to comply with the European Union. For the full list of newly restricted countries: Read more

Ready2Bet (SBR rating D) leaves host provider, 724Sports; off-line since yesterday. The sportsbook is expected to join a new service provider within the next few days. 724Sports (SBR rating C+) ownership tells SBR that they stand for player balances at the sportsbook's they provide service for. Read2bet will be reevaluated when players can access their acounts.

SportsCallCenter F.A. facilitates scam

SportsCallCenter F.A. refuses to assist scammed player. SportsCallCenter F.A. claims it has nothing to do with scam operation Palacebet (SBR rating F) saying it only services the website. However, Placebet is hosted on SportsCallCenter F.A. servers, uses SportsCallCenter F.A. clerks and handles all financial transactions for the "sportsbook owner." The player as well as SBR has contacted SportsCallCenter F.A. management verifying they are aware of the situation and asking for assistance in recovering the player's deposit, which SportsCallCenter F.A. had picked up via Western Union. Management refused to refund the user's deposit claiming the player must speak to the off-site third party that referred him.

Former Betcorp White Label, AcesAce downgraded from C- to D-. All Betcorp sportsbook accounts were taken over by Bodog Sportsbook (SBR rating A) last November. The website owner has since moved the book to problem sportsbook operator, Futurebet.

Wager123 Sportsbook should be avoided

Player reports solicitation from Wager123 (SBR rating F). Wager123 is run by the same operation that owned defunct sportsbooks, BringMeVegas (SBR rating F) and AnyTimeWager (SBR rating F).