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Scam Alert: 877eWinner & ForSportsPicks

Scam Alert: 877eWinner & ForSportsPicks
Both 877eWinner and ForSportsPicks are operated by former owner of defunct 4SportsPicks and host of stiff scam sportsbook, Playing24Hours (SBR rating F). Both betting sites have entered the SBR Rating Guide as members of the 4SportsPicks Family.

Payments recorded from insolvent sportsbooks

Payments recorded from insolvent sportsbooks
BetChance (SBR rating F)
: Third player reports payment in two weeks. This latest withdrawal was in the amount of 500 Euros. The book owes SBR readers over $100,000 USD.
BetCascade (SBR rating F): Three players reported a total of $2,113 received in 2008. Cascade currently owes $1,270,123 to SBR readers. The book paid 13 SBR readers installments totaling  just over $19,000 since withdrawal processing first stopped in April of 2007. Both books are accepting new players and deposits.

MonkeyBet (SBR rating F) owner abandons sportsbook

MonkeyBet (SBR rating F) owner abandons sportsbook. Monkeybet, which remains online as a deposit-only sportsbook website for the Futurebet operation, is marketing 100% bonuses. The Futurebet Group is currently the largest sportsbook scam online.

BetMaker players can use their username and password to access their account at BookMaker. Players will not experience an interruption in service as both books use the same software. CRIS acquired both and in August of 2006.

PokerPoka enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-.

PokerPoka enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-. PokerPoka is a new sportsbook and poker room from Futurebet, which is servicing multiple no-pay sportsbooks like USDbet (SBR rating D-) and Monkeybet (SBR rating F). USDbet & Monkeybet stated that the operator has frozen their funds and refuses to pay them or their players.

First payout activity observed from BetChance (SBR rating F) in nearly five months

First BetChance (SBR rating F) payout activity observed in nearly five months
Two players confirmed receiving payouts less than $500 USD. The book sent the following message prior to payment:
Thanks for your collaboration and support during these months. Betchance would like to inform you that your withdrawal has been processed. Also note that all the company's problems have been solved. Within few weeks we will offer new offers and services through our website. You are welcome, to visit!
Players should avoid being optimistic until more substantial withdrawals are issued. This message was similar to what the book sent with very small payouts last September. The sportsbook owes over $100,000 to SBR readers alone. These two payments were made via bank wire.

DimeLine Sportsbook (SBR rating D) players complain of new payout delays

Three players have reported new payout delays of nearly one month. A handful of DimeLine players did confirm receiving four-figure payouts in thfirst half of December but SBR has not received withdrawal confirmations since. Each of these three players have met a new one-time rollover requirement that the book applied after it was robbed by its business partner, Futurebet. The users have been emailing DLS, which is the only way to communicate with accounting, but have not received responses.

Player: I have requested a $2000 withdrawal (out of $5600 in my account with them) on 4 September 2007 - that is over 4 months ago.Despite many emails requesting the payout over and over again they did not respond to my emails.In December after complaining about them on SBR they said that they require 1 more roll over before I can get my money (although I have already done my full rollover with them prior to that) - so I decided that I have got nothing to lose and I have done the additional rollover as they requested. I finished that 1 extra rollover late December and I requested again by email the $2000 which I asked for in September - but I simply do not get any reply to my emails... Bill - do you think you can help here at all?

Super Bowl Opening Line: New England Patriots -13


Super Bowl Opening Line: New England Patriots currently shows a range of NE Patriots -12.5 (-105) at 5Dimes (SBR rating A) to NY Giants +13.5 (-116) at Matchbook (SBR rating A-). Players can expect to see some movement through tomorrow morning as early bettors help the line settle across the board. Players can monitor the Super Bowl lines at SBRodds.


Player vs. Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) Update



Player vs. Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) UpdateOddsmaker originally voided almost $1000 in winnings after the player placed a $5 parlay with promotional funds. Oddsmaker rules state that parlays will not be accepted in connection with these bonus funds but do not address subsequent winning bets. Oddsmaker did state that they would be adding a statement in their rules that would inform future players that a single parlay bet may result in confiscation of other winnings from the bonus. Oddsmaker has since credited the player with $73, the amount won prior to the offending parlay wager. BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) read the SBR complaint report and has given the player a $1,000 free account with a 10x rollover.


LazerWager(SBR rating D+) & BigJuicyOdds(SBR rating D+)  comment on poor Email Response Test results
BigJuicyOdds tells SBR they are investing in new hardware, will no longer use third party hosting for email, and look forward to being retested.
Lazerwager: "I then did remember that on Jan. 9th thru 10 that our prorgammers told me that our back up server was not recognizing or was filtering some emails specially the ones that were not from the email addresses saved into our data base and we happened to get the update done to the emails servers due to a problem with the emails which is why I am thinking that our customer service clerks never responded to that email. I am sorry to hear that due to this glitch in the system we were graded so badly and I hope that in the next test we will pass with an A+."

Bet911 (SBR rating D) addresses seven month old $1,750 dispute

Bet911 management has agreed to pay a player $1,750 originally withheld because the account was one of two that wagered from the same location. The player argued that Bet911 was alerted ahead of time through email that his friend worked with him and was given a referral bonus. The $1,750 is the amount the player won and does not include the bonus which was cancelled. Bet911 states they are under new management and is willing to address all complaints previously submitted to SBR. Group steals $5,677 from player

01.11.2008 Group steals $5,677 from player
The player held accounts at (SBR rating D-)Sportfanatik (SBR rating D-), and PlayersOnly (SBR rating D-). He was debited for  the amounts won over the life of the account totaling $5,677. cites "bonus abuse" as the reason for stealing these funds. The operation often labels players who have won money and utilized promotions in more than one of the many sister betting sites as bonus abusers. and sister Jazette books do not have rules against using multiple brands and using their promotions. It is often encouraged through cross marketing and the sales departments which market each website as an independent sportsbook.

Player: I did everything above board and was having a good season of NFL picks and now they've stolen from me. I guess I should have known better since you had it listed as D- but they'd fixed their payout issues over the last few months and I had never had other problems with them over 5+ years of active use. However, I have no email to send you since they didn't even bother to email me.

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) voids player's $800 winnings from free $100 promotion
The player was able to use the book's free $100 promotional offer to win $800 for a total balance of $900. He then placed a parlay bet bringing the account over $1000. Parlay wagers are against the promotion's terms and conditions. Instead of canceling the winning parlay, all wagering activity was erased and the bettor was "reset" to the original $100. Oddsmaker's sister book BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) is known for marketing free money offers to certain users and finding reasons to avoid paying those who manage to reach the required $1,500 mark. | Complaint & Promotion Terms

BetCasinoSport (SBR rating F) closes with player funds

The sportsbook was in no-pay mode and refusing to communicate with players in December. SBR first issued a warning about the hit-and-run sportsbook in September. BCS has been aggressively emailing bonus offers since August.

Note: Bet33 (SBR rating F) owner, Robbie M., tells SBR that the IP address for BCS matches the site owned by a former programmer and was not affiliated with Bet33. Robbie previously owned Apex Sportsbook and refuses to offer a payment plan for Apex victims. Robbie argues his rating should be higher because there hasn't been a no-pay in three years. (SBR rating C-) phone lines back up

01.09.2008 (SBR rating C-) phone lines back up. The sportsbook's users have complained about the absence of a working phone line, not receiving email responses and  slow-pays since the start of December. switched to in-house customer service and financial processing at the start of December. Players have recently confirmed receiving payouts that were originally requested through the Group's service in November.

Update 2:20 PM: Two players who complained of withdrawal delays in December report receiving subsequent four-figure payouts in seven days.

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) poker network, Dynamic Gaming Solutions (DGS) folds

BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating D+) poker network, Dynamic Gaming Solutions (DGS) folds
BJO states that the provider has closed with licensee and player funds. BJO also tells SBR it will be transferring all poker balances to a new network provider, Dobrosoft. The migration of accounts is expected to take three days. Players can also request a payout or a balance credit in the BigJuicyOdds sportsbook, which is separately operated. Players with other poker brands may be less fortunate. is owned by the Dynamic Gaming network and is not expected to settle accounts. G2Gpoker, a poker-only gaming site, has previously stiffed players as part of the Futurebet Gaming network.

BCS Bowl spread hovering at 3.5

01.07.2008 showed LSU favored by as much as 6 with some books in December. The line dropped slowly as the public backed Ohio State taking the points. Bookmakers have settled in at 3.5 almost across the board. Pinnacle Sports is offering the best price for LSU at -101 followed by 5Dimes at -103.  Ohio State backers can get a +4 with WSEX at -115, essentially getting the half point for a good buy of 5 cents.

Ready2Bet (SBR rating C) impersonating A+ rated sportsbook?

Ready2bet is currently marketing a sportsbook redirect page with the Bookmaker name, colors and logo. Once the visitor clicks the "Bookmaker" sign-up link he/she is sent to's registration form. SBR to inquire with sportsbook management.

Portlandbet update

Portlandbet (not rated) tells SBR "subject to government ID requirements we have caught up with all requested payments at this stage." Players having difficulty communicating with the book should contact SBR.