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BetAndGame (not rated) transfers player accounts and balances over to (not rated)

BetAndGame (not rated) transfers player accounts and balances over to (not rated) SBR will update with feedback on the account migration process as well as any newly added account restrictions.

B&G 2/15/08 statement: Following 3-weeks of negotiation with JAXX UK Ltd., part of the FLUXX Group, B&G International PLC are pleased to inform customers that we have agreed to a transfer of the data and customer accounts to JAXX
JAXX will be honouring all the account balances and open bets of existing, non-suspended, customers. Further information will be sent directly to each former customer by email. Any customer who does not receive a series of detailed communications within the next 7-days should email In the meantime, please do not register with JAXX.
BetandGame Team
Friday 15th February 2008

BetAndGame (not rated) sportsbook website off-line.

BetAndGame (not rated) sportsbook website off-line. Users report emailing and calling to find customer service not answering. The website currently appears to be a place holder for a new BetAndGame Sportsbook website. SBR will continue to pursue contact with the sportsbook.

Europlay players complain of year old slow-pays

Europlay (SBR rating D-) players complain of no-pays dating back to summer 2007

SBRForum Poster: ...I joined and deposited €400. I placed a series of bets for the "sure bet" and Europlay refused my bet, as a result I lost a lot of my money. I then did some research and found this site and the sportsbook review section which showed Europlay to be a D-. I have tried repeatedly to withdraw my money, they haven't responded to my e-mails and I cannot contact them by phone. Player Discussion

Scam Alert: No-pay book AtlantisBets (SBR rating F) involved in scam to defraud players.

Scam Alert: No-pay book AtlantisBets (SBR rating F) involved in scam to defraud players. Pay-service “Handicappers” offers player selections in exchange for a percentage of winnings. Players are promised that if the plays lose, the lost money will be reimbursed. After the player loses money with his bookie, the player is asked to deposit money at AtlantisBets where it will be matched with the handicappers’ “promotional money." AtlantisBets and the touts threatened the player after SBR began the investigation. His balance at AtlantisBets was zeroed out, and withdrawals refused. The sportsbook initially told SBR the funds were removed from the account for a payout. It is common for scam books and touts to work together to bring money in, especially via the anonymous transfer method, Western Union.

Six new Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) payout complaints reach SBR in February

Six new Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) payout complaints reach SBR in February. The new leaf sportsbook has had few lingering complaints in the past year and a half. SBR will monitor the surge in payout complaints which total over $6,000.
Player: I,ve had an account with this bookmaker for a couple of years,they have always paid me and answered my emails.I ve had a withdrawal for $800 to my neteller account pending since mid december,after noticing on your site someone else having problems with his withdrawal I decided to withdraw the balance of my account by bankwire transfer,both withdrawals are still pending.They did reply after a time to my first email,but no reply to the subsequent emails.Can you please help me in getting my funds.

SCAM Alert: 8888Sports enters SBR Rating Guide with F rating under 4sportspicks Group

SCAM Alert: 8888Sports enters SBR Rating Guide with F rating under 4sportspicks Group
This warning comes two months after sister sportsbook site SportsPlayingWorld (SBR rating F) informed users it would be keeping all account balances. 8888Sports players who question the book's management will be told that the operation is "only a call center that provides service to sportsbooks."

BetemBig enters SBR rating guide

BetEmBig (SBR rating D-) is the latest sportsbook to enter the SBR rating guide as part of the Futurebet scam operation. 


Bet-1 is a new book from owners of BetCasinoSport (SBR rating F) which closed with player account balances early last month. The scambook began offering huge 40% sign-up bonuses in December while slow-paying current players. Bet-1 is trying to attract victims with -105 reduced juice. Now that the scam has been identified it is likely Bet-1 will fold and create a new fly-by-night site to pursue player deposits.

AmericanFootballBetting & LasVegasBetsonline enter rating guide

AmericanFootballBetting & LasVegasBetsonline enter the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. The books are  new listings for no-pay scam group, EZ Sports. The group includes stiff sportsbooks, BetonSportsOnline (SBR rating F) and EZSportsbetting (SBR rating F).

BetChance player receives €2480 payout

BetChance (SBR rating F) player confirms 2480 EUR paid.  This marks the largest payout reported of a total amount just above $4000USD since the book first stopped processing payouts in September. Delinquent withdrawal requests remain over $100,000.

Scam book owner opens racebook website

Scam book owner of Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F-) opens new racebook website, Bet33Racebook. Bet33Racebook markets the racing arm of Bet33 (SBR rating F). The company also launched a new casino called FruitInLoot Casino. All sites in the Apex/Bet33 family that are financed with stolen Apex player funds, are on SBR's blacklist.

AceCity enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-

AceCity is a sister book of Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-). OddsMaker ownership has closed its less successful sportsbook brands in the past while stiffing large players. Oddsmaker sister book BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) recently forced a player to accept about half of a six-figure casino jackpot win. Players are advised to avoid AceCity.


SBR's Peter Loshak asks the sportsbooks' Line Managers about Super Bowl XLII betting trends, where they expect the lines to move and what team bettors are taking early. | Read interview

Peter: So where's most of the money coming in? I've been hearing a figure of 80% on the Giants all week long. Does that square with what you're seeing?

BetJamaica: So far we have approximately 65% early Giant money which is often the case for early dog wagering on such a public marquee game.

Bookmaker: I’d say closer to 60% so far on the Giants for us. The Super Bowl with a line of +12 is great value and will always attract money, but I’m sure there will be more than enough bet on New England up until kickoff.

SportsBook Review adds new Posting Boards

SBR adds new Posting Boards
SBR now features a posting forum for Handicapping systems & theories as well as a forum dedicated to tracking disputes and Sportsbook user feedback. SBR readers are encouraged to share their experiences and join in discussions and contests. 

MyMoneyCashier operated by VIPBetZone (SBR rating F-) Scammers

MyMoneyCashier operated by VIPBetZone (SBR rating F-) Scammers
VipBetZone's scam was first identified by SBR in 2004. The book closed with player funds for good in 2005 before owners opened other deposit-only blacklisted scam books such as BetNowOnline, GoWagers, SelectWagering and BetGateway. MyMoneyCashier, which stiffed multiple books, was operated by Gabriela who handled accounting at VIPBetZone. Gabriela is the sister of VBZ owner, Mauricio, who is the administrator listed for websites affiliated with the missing financial processor.

Gaming processor closes operation; owes multiple sportsbook

Gaming processor, closes operation; owes multiple sportsbooks
Sources in Costa Rica tell SBR that the MyMoneyCashier has vacated its offices. The processor worked with high-profile sportsbooks in at least three countries. Bookmakers are asking Gabrielle, AKA Gabby, to contact them in order to address what amounts to a substantial debt.

Scam Alert: 877eWinner & ForSportsPicks

Scam Alert: 877eWinner & ForSportsPicks
Both 877eWinner and ForSportsPicks are operated by former owner of defunct 4SportsPicks and host of stiff scam sportsbook, Playing24Hours (SBR rating F). Both betting sites have entered the SBR Rating Guide as members of the 4SportsPicks Family.

Payments recorded from insolvent sportsbooks

Payments recorded from insolvent sportsbooks
BetChance (SBR rating F)
: Third player reports payment in two weeks. This latest withdrawal was in the amount of 500 Euros. The book owes SBR readers over $100,000 USD.
BetCascade (SBR rating F): Three players reported a total of $2,113 received in 2008. Cascade currently owes $1,270,123 to SBR readers. The book paid 13 SBR readers installments totaling  just over $19,000 since withdrawal processing first stopped in April of 2007. Both books are accepting new players and deposits.