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04.29.2008 (SBR rating C-) has been behind in payments since it stopped using (SBR rating D-) accounting service in December of last year. Over 25 users have submitted payout complaints within the past month. The majority of these players are most alarmed by the lack of communication with the sportsbook, saying they are continually promised updates by email and phone that never arrive. SBR can verify that players have been paid five figures. Recent history suggest players who are waiting will be paid within two months.
Player waiting for $2,500: They literally have provided zero updates. The call center "pros" keep giving the same empty assurances and "we understand your frustration" pleasantries, but there has been exactly zero word from the actual withdrawal department about when they are going to re-issue a check. | Player discussion

Player vs. BetWay Resolution

Player vs. BetWay Resolution
Betway (SBR rating C) has credited the player for the full winnings as well as a bonus for the inconvenience. Betway apologized to the player and states that the software issue has been addressed.
BetWay: I have gone through your case with the relevant person and we chose to refund your winnings to your account. We truly apologize for the inconvenience. We have had some difficulties with the new site, but as everything new, it's hard to get things to run smoothly from the start. It seems now though, that we are close to be back on track again. And we are extremely exited with that. We hope you find this acceptable and wish you a great day. Warm Regards
original complaint Betway discussion 

FruitnLoot casino launched by Apex scam owner

SCAM ALERT: New online casino, FruitnLoot launched by ownership of closed sportsbook scam Apex Sports (SBR rating F-). Stolen Apex player funds were used to start these new casinos and sportsbooks such as Bet33 (SBR rating F).

BetSuperior enters the SBR rating guide at D+.

BetSuperior enters the SBR rating guide at D+. BetSuperior is a new sportsbook from the Costa Rica-based operation that formerly ran BlueGrass Sports ( Superior is the only post-up sportsbook from the Bluegrass Group. BetSuperior is not to be confused with defunct Superiorbook which was bailed out by Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) in August of 2007. SBR will monitor BetSuperior and analyze all available player feedback.

BetWay (SBR rating C) cancels winning bet; blames software updates

BetWay (SBR rating C) voids winnings; blames software updates
BetWay tells player his wager was 150 euros above the limit and will not stand. The decision was made despite that Betway confirmed the wager, deducted the funds for the pending bet, and addressed the issue after his funds were already risked. Betway apologized to the player for what it calls a system malfunction, but refused to pay winnings in full. Players should be aware that recent software upgrades have caused the website to perform incorrectly and players may be held responsible for errors. 

Bet29 (SBR rating F) website off-line. The sportsbook left some players hopeful during the month of March with a website message stating: "site is in maintenance, we apologize for any inconvencience. We will back shortly." The Bet29 website is no longer online. Before the sportsbook left with player balances it blamed user credit card fraud for payout delays. Players have not been able to contact the sportsbook since early March.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating.

BetOnSportsbook enters the SBR Rating Guide with an F rating. BetOnSportsbook  is part of the EZ Sports Group. The most recent EZ Sports complaint came from a player with sister book Vegas-Sportsbetting (SBR rating F) in February. The player won almost $5,000 on a Giants Super Bowl futures wager. Shortly after requesting his winnings he was locked out of his account. The group has stiffed big futures winners in the past. The scam allows the book to take continous action on multiple teams through out the season, eventually stiffing only the backers of the championship team. The majority of the EZ future bet bettors never realize they risked funds without a chance of winning.

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-

BetCasinoAndSports, new Capilleira sportsbook, enters the SBR rating Guide at D-
Capilleira closed the majority of its post-up sportsbooks in March following the collapse of BigJuicyOdds (SBR rating F). Capilleira hosted the website and provided wagering and some payment processing for its webmaster client. The turnkey provider left only Ultimate-Odds (SBR rating D-) online. BetCasinoAndSports is now one of two active Capilleira books indexed in the SBR rating guide.

PitBossPlayer, second F rated Futurebet book to enter the rating guide this week.

PitBossPlayer, second F rated Futurebet sportsbook to enter the rating guide this week. The new rating guide entry is the result of a player reading the warning for BetBig247 (SBR rating F), matching the customer service phone number, and inquiring with SBR. Players are urged to steer clear of any book they believe may be affiliated with Futurebet. One of the group's phone  numbers often used is 800-809-9460. Email may use the domain

SCAM Alert: BetBig247 enters the SBR Rating Guide at

SCAM Alert: BetBig247 enters the SBR Rating Guide at F. BetBig247 is a new sportsbook from Futurebet, now calling itself IGaming Software. Futurebet is servicing multiple no-pay sportsbooks like SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) and MonkeyBet (SBR rating F). MonkeyBet, which remains online as a deposit-only sportsbook website, is marketing 100% bonuses. The Futurebet Group is currently the largest sportsbook scam online. 

No-Pay book, LazerWager (SBR rating F) continues to advertise while stalling owed players

No-Pay book, LazerWager (SBR rating F) continues to advertise while stalling owed players
LazerWager management told SBR during our office visit in February that the book was waiting for a refund from its credit card processor and if it was not apparent that the funds would be returned, ownership would provide money needed to pay users. LazerWager then told SBR that payment should be expected in early April. Over the last month the book has maintained that the funds are being transferred. During this time LW continued to advertise to players it cannot pay. It has become clear the book hopes to market its way out of this debt and stay out of its own pockets. LazerWager should be considered a scam company currently funded by player deposits. LazerWager staff has told SBR that the book is owned by GPS Global SA, also known as Evolution Sports Data Processing ( | SBRforum Discussion

Online scam Atlantisbets (SBR rating F-) disappears

Online scam book Atlantisbets (SBR rating F-) disappears. The sports tout and sportsbook scam combination conned players into depositing at least $40,000 before closing with account balances. It is likely the thieves will close affiliated website DunHillCasino and has already started building new "sportsbooks" to target new victims.

Player vs. GamblersPalace (SBR rating C)

Player vs. GamblersPalace (SBR rating C)
A GamblersPalace user is told that because he has requested a withdrawal he was ineligible for, due to rollover restrictions, he must redo his seven-time rollover (play-through of deposit + bonus) from the beginning. GamblersPalace does not list any rules about restarting the wagering requirement in its bonus terms. SBR does not have any other complaints filed against Gamblers Palace which was upgraded twice in 2007.
Update 4/20/08 GamblersPalace agrees to payout player without further restrictions



SCAM ALERT: New DunHillCasino (SBR rating F-) victim owed $15,000The player reports depositing through Western Union to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and again through credit card before going on a five-figure winning streak. The player states that his calls are routed to a Costa Rican cell phone and management is not available. DunHill is a is a spin-off of scam operation AtlantisBets (SBR rating F-).

Player: The other fact that i found intresting is that you have a lot of noise on the background like cars, and buses looks like it is that we are calling to a cellphone. and a lot of spanish environment and the guy who answers the phone have very very very BAD English and he think that we belive that "Mike, Charlie, etc.." are in meetings all the time.


SBR to report on status of slow-pay complaints

DimeLine Sports (SBR rating D) player tells SBR he is waiting for checks requested in November and January of this year and states that the book has failed to return his emails. A second player complains that he has waited for five weeks for a withdrawal. SBR to report on status of slow-pay complaints.

: First they tell me to roll over one more time which I did - then they say that I haven't re-submitted the withdrawal request so I did that - then they tell me that the check is in the post... 5 weeks later it hasn't arrived yet and they just ignore all my emails.

Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) Chilean League dispute update

Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) Chilean League wager dispute update: Bet1128 credited players for winning wagers that were initially canceled. SBR has asked Bet1128 to review previous complaints of unjustly canceled wagers.

Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) voiding wagers after lines change in player's favor

Bet1128 (SBR rating C-) voids wagers after lines change in players' favor
SBR received five complaints from Bet1128 players who had valid bets canceled in 2007. Bet1128 has claimed that linesmakers made "an obvious error" when they fail to move the line with the betting market.

Player on 3/13/08: Yesterday I was treated unfairly by bet1128 ( - former Paradisebet). They voided my bets on Chilean League match Palestino vs Huachipato claiming there was a mistake in the odds. This however clearly was not the case. True that at the time I placed these bets their odd for away team was above market average. Their were among the last to keep it that high. But this was caused by general line movement on this game yesterday morning and surely not by oddsmaker's mistake. I placed two bets around 06:30 GMT and they voided them almost three hours later when these bets were indeed in quite a contrast with market average odd. I intervened by sending an e-mail and on live chat service but to no avail. I am not expecting you to waste your time to take up this case with them as I am fully aware they have a history of such practices and the chance to reverse the decision (one bet would be won) is minimal. My main point is that a wider public read this and know what they can expect from this sportsbook.

Player 2:

BetChance pays two players €6,000

BetChance (SBR rating D-) pays two more players a total of €6000. The Malta-based sportsbook has been upgraded to D- due to possibility of payment. Users also report faster line movement keeping the book in line with the market's betting odds. A player from closed sportsbook, Playbanks (SBR rating F) which is also located in Malta, reports receiving funds. Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta made the payment on behalf of PB International.

Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) resolves February slow-pay issues; new complaints filed in March

Internet1x2 (SBR rating D+) resolves reported slow-pay issues but new complaints received in March
Players complain that the bookmaker seldom replies to emails and when it does, it serves canned check-is-in-the-mail responses. Slow-paid players are urged to contact SBR so we may continue to monitor Internet1x2 withdrawal delays.

Player: I have requested a withdrawal Neteller is 5000 USD, 2007/12/16 and a second withdrawal is 3500 USD at 2008/3/11, The total I requested is 8500 USD. Both withdrawals are still pending. Write to them not long reply, later said:
"We are sorry for the delay. Your details were forward to our account department and your payout will proccess soon."(at 2/11/2008)
"Your details were allready forward to our account department. Your payout will proccess soon, we will update you."(at 3/11/2008) Can you please help me in getting my funds?

BookYourBet (SBR rating F) player requesting payouts for one month

BookYourBet (SBR rating F) player requesting payment for one month
BookYourBet is the last Atlantic West Gaming sportsbook online. Players who had a balance with sister books that have disappeared will likely find their balance by logging in. All AWG books were connected to the same database. This player found his $5,000 previously held with AWG's DublinDownSports. BookYourBet, today downgraded to F, has not answered phones or emails.

New brand from Futurebet operation, BetEmBig (SBR rating F) traps new victim


New brand from Futurebet operation, BetEmBig (SBR rating F) traps victim
Player: I've recently found out that betembig is associated with futurebet and i noticed that the customer service is almost identical with some of the other futurebet sites that have had major payout problems. I requested a thousand dollar payout (by the way the customer service is suspiciously nice)and one customer service guy told me they are having problems with their accounts department while another told me that it could take a few months to process my withdrawl. I have a strange feeling that I have been scammed here, because these guys have a bad reputation to say the least.
All new Futurebet brands will enter the rating guide with an F rating. Turnkey sportsbook owners who are working outside of the Futurebet scam to make payment arrangements with players should contact SBR.

New BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) player comes forward with claim for $29,000

New BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) player comes forward with claim for $29,000
BetOnUSA stiffed multiple players for at least $200,000 when moving its websites from the Group (Jazette Enterprises Ltd) to already slow-paying operation, Futurebet. This latest claim is for just over $29,000. BetOnUSA has told winners that these large debts belong to the Group. In late 2007 BetOnUSA forced a player to settle for slightly more than half of his six-figure casino jackpot, claiming that, who was providing hosting and software to BetOnUSA at the time, was responsible for those funds.

Player: In summary, when went down last year, my account balance was $21,723 and the sum of 3 pending checks I did not receive amounted to $7381. Once the plug was pulled at BETONUSA I never did gain access to my account again, so the above figure represents my best estimate of the balance based on a diary of my wagering activities. The figure for the 3 checks is accurate and I will be more than willing to provide withdrawal receipts if requested. When the site came back up, I could not log into my acount and my balance disappeared.

Enterbet (SBR rating D) slow-pays player $2,000.

Enterbet (SBR rating D) slow-pays player $2,000. The bettor has been waiting since March 4th for his funds. Despite repeatedly being told he would be paid for each of the last four weeks, the funds have not been debited from his account balance. This is Enterbet's first withdrawal complaint since August of last year.

Update: Player receives full payment