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AllSportsMarket (SBR rating D) website off-line; player complains of 8 month no-pay


AllSportsMarket (SBR rating D) website off-line; player complains of 8 month no-pay
The betting exchange has seen little activity since one of its owners, also a minority owner of the failed BetEmpire (SBR rating F), was arrested in Italy on unrelated charges. SBR rules scans show the ASM website was last online September 4th.
Player logs withdrawal request responses:
12/10/2007 11:44:00 AM Customer Support Wrote: Dear Mr. ****, We are currently delayed with the payment queue so your withdrawal is not scheduled to go out yet. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. I will notify you personally when your payment is issued. Kindest regards, Christina ASM Client Support -Accounting
2/27/2008 4:35:00 PM Customer Support Wrote: Your withdrawal is scheduled to go out in one of the upcoming batches. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a date as I am only informed by the accountants as each one is issued. I will see if I can get more detailed information for you. Christina
3/19/2008 5:27:00 PM Customer Support Wrote: I do not have an update for you. I will contact you when I do. Christina
5/13/2008 9:42:00 AM Customer Support Wrote: I'm sorry, but there is really nothing more for me to say. I understand your frustration and you are in your right, but there is nothing more I can do about this. You will be contacted when your payment is issued. Christina
8/3/2008 12:07:00 AM Customer Support Wrote: Hi ******. Your withdrawal is still in the queue. I will inform you when it is issued. Christina

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Sportingbet (SBR rating C-) fails to honor "free bet" promotions

Sportingbet (SBR rating C-) fails to honor "free bet" promotions to four players. The sportsbook told one player that his action was not deemed "recreational" which makes him ineligible for the reimbursement. Despite the offer to all players, bettors should be aware that the book will decide after the player invests in the promotion if it will credit as advertised.
Player: Took advantage of email offering 50gbp refund on losing soccer bet (advertised on website), bet placed and settled as losing on 17 Aug.
SB fail to pay refund, live chat say refund will not be paid but give no reason
Player 2: I signed up to Sportingbet on 23rd July 2008 and on doing so was given details of their current introductory offer - the so-called 'Free bet challenge'.
I began on their 'Free bet challenge' introductory offer which offers 10 free bets, one for each winning bet you place and a £50 bonus free bet if you win all of your first 10 bets.
I took them up on this offer in good faith and placed 10 bets on the first day after I'd signed up to the offer. During this day I had two winning bets. In accordance with the T&C for the offer, I contacted them to request these free bets. I received no response to them to confirm the free bets had been credited to my account. I continued on the next day to place a further 13 bets, five of which were winners. Again I contacted them to request the free bets.

SBR Forum Posters' poll: Top 5 Sportsbooks in August


During the month of August posters were asked to list their Top 3 Sportsbooks. Five points were awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. Only voters with 25 or more posts were counted in the final tally. Congratulations to the Top 5 point earners including 5Dimes (SBR rating A) which entered the top 5 for the first time with 125 total points. This was SBR's first poster's poll of 2008 (2007 results).

1. Matchbook - 195 total points
2. BetJamaica - 182 total points
3. TheGreek - 160 total points
4. Pinnacle Sports - 130 total points
5. 5Dimes - 125 total points

See how posters voted

Heroes Casino enters the SBR rating guide at C.

HeroesCasino enters the SBR rating guide at C. Heroes is owned by one of the former owners of OasisCasino (SBR rating C+). OasisCasino was sold to WWTS (SBR rating C+) for $9.8 million in July of 2006 before Bodog (SBR rating C) acquired WWTS in October of that same year. Like Oasis, Heroes is located in Willemstad Curacao. Unlike Oasis, Heroes is booking on a -105 reduced juice lineset. Ownership also tells SBR that Heroes management has not worked under Oasis and will not confiscate earned, or partially earned, bonuses as Oasis management did on two occasions in 2005. SBR will monitor the new book and its policies. As with all new sportsbooks, players planning to play are advised to proceed with caution and are asked to send all feedback to SBR.

USDbet (SBR rating F) officially closed


USDbet (SBR rating F) officially closed?
The sportsbook wrote SBR less than three months ago to say they were going to begin paying users.
Dear Bill, usdbet is under new management and finally doing its own processing. Software will remain the same, however the problem was with processing not the software. We are paying out all pending withdrawals, so please redirect players who have contacted you with withdrawal problem to this mailing address: Thank you. Best regards, James

The sportsbook's site has redirected visitors to since August. Emails to USD have not been returned. USDbet has been unable to pay players since August of 2007.

Former Portlandbet (SBR rating F) victims report payouts from

Former Portlandbet (SBR rating F) victims report payouts from bailout book
Portlandbet received an F rating after closing in July and then refusing to pay players their winners in full. Players complained to the ACT Gambling and Racing Commision which ruled that the Austrlian book must pay players in full. In August accounts were taken over by Initial feedback from three Portlandbet players, who received multiple bonuses as an incentive to keep the account active, has been positive.

BetMania (SBR rating D) moving offices and software

BetMania (SBR rating D) changing offices and software. The sportsbook moved from Pavas to Rohrmoser Costa Rica this morning and expects to be online by 3:00pm today. BetMania has also moved from ASI software to new software, MXA Systems. Management tells SBR that player accounts will be accessible and reflect the correct account information this afternoon.
Update 9/3/2008 10:27:24 PM: BetMania remains inaccessible. SBR to seek update tomorrow.

MaxOnlineSolutions enters the SBR rating guide at D-

MaxOnlineSolutions enters the SBR rating guide at D-. MOS is part of the GoTo Entertainment Group. Goto's flagship sportsbook, Enterbet was lowered to D- in July after a third slow-paid player was put on a payment plan. That player has received two monthly installments of $500 each and is waiting for the third installment that was due in August. MaxOnlineSolutions is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

KingdomCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D.

KingdomCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D. The sportsbook is part of the newly formed SafariCasino Group that left problem company, Futurebet, last week. KingdomCasino is hosted in Curacao.

Scammed sportsbook webmasters leave Futurebet; open new operation

Scammed sportsbook webmasters leave Futurebet; open new operation
In the fall of 2007 Futurebet-hosted betting sites began to realize that player deposited funds, bookmaking profits, as well as money on hand for withdrawals were stolen by the provider. Futurebet, now calling itself iGaming Software, claimed it was broke and could not pay its books or their players. Some of the Futurebet brands like USDbet (SBR rating F) and Monkeybet (SBR rating F) stiffed users and abandoned their sites. Others absorbed losses and attempted to stay in business, doing their own processing. SafariCasino (SBR rating D) and Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D) are two  books that sustained hits by their business partner, continued to use Futurebet's software and hosting while using internal processing resources. The two books left Futurebet this past week, setting up new servers and their own software in Curacao. SBR will speak with ownership and reevaluate the new gaming group in early September.
The list of gaming sites to join the group include:

Football Handicapping Contest

Beat The Prick Football Handicapping Contest: Registration Open!
The Prick is again challenging handicappers to a weekly college and NFL football capp-off. Contestants who can out pick The Prick will split $5000 in weekly prizes. The top three high scorers for the season will split a $5000 Grand Prize. | see rules and signup here

BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) software and host provider identified as BetBones Max.

BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) turnkey host provider identified as BetBones (SBR rating F) operator. The BetBones group scammed players under different brands at the end of 2007. BetBones ran a handicapper scam just before closing, stiffing hopeful victims as well as its employees. owner states that he was unaware of the history of no-pay books on the platform. Previous scams also included F rated sportsbooks BetWGN, SunsetSports, Atlantisbet and DunHillCasino.

No-Pay Sportsbook back online

No-Pay Sportsbook back online
BetCSL (SBR rating F)  players reported payout problems in January of 2007. The sportsbook was taken off-line by the turnkey provider, Capilleira. Two more Capilleira sportsbooks have since closed without paying users. The sportsbook website has reappeared in time for football. Players should avoid CSL and all Capilleira sportsbooks.

Congratulations to Mrs. Cabo who won the SBR Poker Tourney $2000 grand prize. Mrs Cabo fought off a late surge by Skidcom who took second for $1200. Mr. Nuts, BetTilImBroke, Mcba1n, Blackbart, Arilou, The Prick, Mr X and Mr Leisure finished in the money and filled out the final table.

Congratulations to SBR_John for winning the SBR Golf Tourney. Skidcom again came in 2nd but picked up the prize for longest drive. Poster Brock got on the board winning-closest-to-the-pin.

Special thanks to the very generous SBRforum Posters, who helped raise over $2500 for St. Judes Children's Hospital; to professional poker player Evelyn Ng for helping us kick off the first SBR Poker Tourney; and to the very funny Doug Stanhope.

BetFirstClass Warning

BetFirstClass Warning
The unrated sportsbook is one of 11 betting websites on its platform. They share the same IP address. Nine of those sites are registered under a proxy service. The other two, and have the same whois registration as one of the biggest bookmaker thieves in 2008, Atlantisbets (SBR rating F). The new sportsbook, which has started an advertising campaign with at least one forum website, has copied the about us page and terms of service from SBG Global (SBR rating D-). SBG customer service states they are unrelated to BFC. BFC uses an unknown brand of software, also used by BetCascade (SBR rating F). SBR will ask FirstClass management to comment before initiating rating coverage.

Updates from the SBR Bash!

SBR Bash underway!

1:30pm BlackJack 101 (Golden Nugget, Grand Room) Feauturing SBR's own Justin7, learn about how the pro BlackJack player turns the odds in his favor.

2:30pm SBR Poker Tournament (Golden Nugget, Grand Room) Featuring Celebrity Guest Director Evelyn Ng and a $5000.00 prize pool.
8:00pm SBR Forum Banquet (Golden Nugget, Bel Air Room) Featuring door prizes, an open bar, dinner, the awarding of all prizes, and capped off by a performance by Doug Stanhope.

Bodog processing issues update

Bodog (SBR rating C) processing problems continue. The sportsbook's business has suffered from its inability to make timely payouts and 147 staff members were let go from Bodog's Canada office. No changes have been made in Antigua as of today. Bodog continues to quote 40 business days for new withdrawal requests and is not expected to shorten that time frame before the start of football. SBR is receiving updates from Bodog on payouts requested as far back as the beginning of June. SBR has confirmed multiple payments received from players who originally filed complaints on May and June withdrawal requests.

SBR Launches new Handicapper and sports betting websites


SBR Launches New Handicapper Websites Watch handicapping shows on OR broadcast your own videos on the first and only video site for cappers!

SBRcontests: Signup for the first baseball contest from SBRcontests, the new home of the Beat The Prick Football Contest!

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BetAnySports, LessJuice, and ChineseBookie upgraded from B- to B


BetAnySports, LessJuice, and ChineseBookie migration to 5Dimes (SBR rating A) platform complete; upgraded from B- to B. A large group of non-English speaking bettors were quickly moved from the old platform to the new system in the 5Dimes building with few complaints and good communication. The small amount of feedback received by SBR suggests players are pleased by an expanded wagering menu.

Question from the SBR mailbag


SBR mailbag:

Q: SBR, I have gotten two copies of InsidersBettingDigest. It has BetUs as its sportsbook of the year and backs them financialy. They say "This year there is Only One Sportsbook That We Are 100% Confident In Recommending. As proof of our confidence in this sportsbook, we will be extending the Insiders’ Betting Digest Guarantee and financially stand behind our pick, good for up to $100,000 against non-payment due to lack of funds or business failure" Is this magazine for real? Thanks Dan
A: Hi Dan, Insiders Betting Digest has been giving BetUs that "award" for at least four years. The mag is actually owned by BetUS marketing. Before BetUs consolidated its sister books under, it had a Top 4 list of BetUs, SportsGambling, BetReduction and OmniSports. You were rightfully skeptical. BetUS is currently rated D+

BayAreaCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D-.

BayAreaCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D-. BAC is part of the GoTo Entertainment Group. GoTo's flagship sportsbook, Enterbet was lowered to D- in July after a third slow-paid player was put on a payment plan. The sportsbook is located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

SBR comments on today's rating changes

SBR comments on today's rating changes
BetWay upgraded from F to D-
. The rating change reflects the return of confiscated deposits to two players. The sportsbook, which refused to return confiscated winnings and earned bonuses, remains on the SBR blacklist.
BlueSquare downgraded from A- to B+. Bluesquare players complained in June that the sportsbook was using bait-and-switch tactics with advertised promotions. BlueSquare had offered to match a wager with a free bet up to £100 but refused to give more than £5 after the bet was made. The book claims it reserves the right to change their side of the deals and has refused to reconsider the position.