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SBR Handicapping Contests in full swing

SBR Handicapping Contests in full swing
Monday Night Football Contest

Pick a team spread, predict the combined score, and predict total rushing yards to win $500 from Legendz Sports (SBR rating A+).
NBA On The Money Contest
Compete against other handicappers for $5,000 in monthly prizes. Build your score by correctly picking NBA money lines.
Beat The Prick Football Contest
Out-handicap The Prick in football for your share of $5,000 in weekly prizes and a chance at a $5,000 season-ending prize.

bwin (SBR rating C) poor communication costly to players
SBR routinely receives complaints from bwin players who have had their winnings or bonus confiscated and account closed without explanation. In most cases, bwin has taken just action against fraudulent players. In rare cases when the decision is questionable or the player has a valid wagering dispute, the bettor requires assistance escalating the matter to management. On November 16, a player bet on a halftime line of Gary Mawson (USA) - Kirk Shepherd (ENG) (2Way - Who will win?) Gary Mawson (USA) when Mawson was up 4-0, at odds of 1.1. Bwin canceled the bet without explanation after the event was finished. When SBR first contacted bwin, it stated that the wager was late after the line was supposed to be off the board. The player insisted that his wager was not past-posted and asked for proof. Bwin then admitted the wager was mistakenly canceled. SBR has advised bwin to open discussion with all players and allow each to respond to allegations of fraud, or change to a more manageable bonus program. | Player on frustration dealing with bwin customer support


Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) bonus scam costs another player $1,500. The player player placed parlays and striaght wagers when betting with his Oddsmaker try-us-out bonus money. A player has a parlay in his acount history will see his account set to zero when he eventually requests a payout. The sportsbook routinely allows players to make winning plays for months despite the fact that a parlay wager early in the account history will be reason to deny payout requets. The fine print regarding parlays is on the book's rules page and not supplied with the promotion. Oddsmaker previously told SBR they would honor winnings prior to when the first parlay wager was made, would add the rule to the correct website pages, and clarify the rule in its terms of service. The book has not made these changes and players continue to waste winning picks on an account that cannot yield a profit. Players who have added to their balance with deposited funds have also had winnings removed despite having their own funds at risk and enough deposited cash to cover the wager.


SouthernWagers (not rated) stalls player's $3,300 payment since October 6th. The player states he was solicited through the message board. The sportsbook wrote the player in mid October claiming he accidently sent his check to the wrong person.
Player: This book is a scam. The guy who runs it goes by the name of A***** . He strings you along for payment for days, weeks, and months on end. It's an individual bookie but I wanted to spread the word for other people who may be scammed by this bum. I am owed six thousand dollars and was promised payment since Sept. 30. My payment was once 3300 and has since gone up as he kept letting me bet.

TradeSports (SBR rating C+) to close Friday, November 28th


TradeSports (SBR rating C+)  to close Friday, November 28th
The betting exchange cites difficulties with transferring funds, which impacts trading volume, as motivation for the decision. Unlike a sportsbook that can follow general markets to offer wagers, Tradesports relied on person to person activity similar to a pokerroom in order to offer a quality product.

We underestimated the difficulties that current and new customers would experience in funding accounts and partly as a result of this we have reluctantly decided to close TradeSports. While we are not hopeful that funding issues may dissipate soon, should they TradeSports will be back and it is therefore an imperative for us to effect and orderly and goodwill preserving closure for you all.

TradeSports will close all markets on November 21st. Players are expected to request a bank wire or check on November 28th.

MySBRforum adds handicapper chatroom


MySBRforum adds Handicapper ChatRoom
Meet other handicappers in your personal moderated chatroom to discuss the game. Visitors must be a member of the site owner's "handicapper team" in order to join the discussion. | MySBRforum
MySBR chatrooms will soon support live video feeds of available sporting events. Members are also encouraged to submit feedback for the newest edition of the MySBR Betting Spreadsheet. 

OnlyWinners enters the SBR Rating Guide at D


OnlyWinners enters the SBR Rating Guide at D-. The sportsbook is operated by the Group, which uses the company name Jazette Enterprises Limited. Like all books, Onlywinners is located in Costa Rica and uses World Gaming Software. SBR is currently discussing outstanding claims with management. The Group has unjustly confiscated balances from many players over the past two years.

New sportsbook CashBox98 from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33


New sportsbook CashBox98 from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33
CashBox98 is a new sportsbook from the owner of Bet33 (SBR rating F), who previously owned and operated stiff sportsbook, Apex Sports (SBR rating F-). All players who inquire with SBR about any of the books on the growing list of Bet33-related sites are told how the company was built on the stolen funds of Apex clients. Apex Sportsbook quit an SBR-monitored payment plan in June of 2004. Ownership began booking bets with credit players one month later and established this new operation late in 2005.

SBR mailbag


SBR mailbag
Q: SBR, have you any information on OrlandoCasino. I dont see them on the rating site. They have 50% bonus. Is it legit?? - Andrew

A: OrlandoCasino is sister site of OrlandoSportsbook (SBR rating D-) and is also part of the GoTo Entertainment Group. GoTo's flagship sportsbook, Enterbet (SBR rating D-) was lowered to D- in July after a third slow-paid player was put on a payment plan. Players continue to write to SBR complaining of being stalled. SBR advises players to resist the bonus and avoid this sportsbook. 

SBRforum Handicapping Contest: New York Jets at New England

SBRforum Contest: New York Jets at New England Patriots
SBR posters are invited to answer questions before the game to earn points and win sportsbook prize money. Players will answer the following questions as well as a new set of questions given at halftime.
1. Will either team score at least 30 points?
2. Will the team with the most passing yards win the game?
3. Will Thomas Jones rush for at least 100 yards?
4. Will Randy Moss have a TD reception?
5. Will Bret Favre throw a TD before throwing an INT (or game end)?
Tiebreaker: How many total net rushing yards in the game?
Jets - Pats Contest

Scam sportsbook BetChance (SBR rating F) back in business


Scam sportsbook BetChance (SBR rating F) back in business
It was been three months since BetChance was telling its players that it was insolvent and offering a settlement offer like the one below:


We have tried to contact you during the week to inform you about the money in your betchance Betting Account. betchance Limited ( ) is closing and we are giving the following options to clients;
Option 1: To pay 30% of the total amount (betting account plus pending withdrawals) in the next two-three weeks.
Option 2: To pay the total amount you have in your betting account but divided in 15 months payments.
Please give us your reply as soon as possible, by email, or send us the phone number where we can contact you, in order to notify us of your decision.
When we’ll receive the option you choose, we will send an agreement by email, which has to be signed by both betchance and the client, and afterwards the payment will be processed. For any further information you require, do not hesitate to send us an email on
info@betchance.comor contact us by telephone on 00356 21489941.
Regards, betchance Limited

The sportsbook is now advertising new bonuses and offering a full wagering menu. Some players report that BetChance is still refusing to pay and pushing them to accept a settlement of 25% of their balance. It appears the sportsbook is marketing to Italian speaking players that may not be aware of the theft of bettors in other countries.


RCSbet (not rated) player complains of being owed $5,450 for six months

RCSbet (not rated) player complains of being owed $5,450 for six months. The player states he was waiting for his funds since January 2008 and has won over $5,000 betting NCAA football in 2007. RCS appears to be a member of the scam group Futurebet. SBR intends to verify affiliation and initiate rating coverage shortly.

MySportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels live in-game NBA wagers after game ends


MySportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels live in-game NBA wagers after game ends
On November 6th, at the start of the 4th quarter of the NBA Warriors-Nuggets game, a player placed an "in-running" bet risking $1000 to win $833. The winning bet was canceled after the event. MySportsbook first claimed it was a past-posted play, but later blamed the cancellation on offering erroneous betting odds. The sportsbook refused to pay the player, reprice the bet at what it deemed to be a fair market payout, and has not shown why it considers the betting offer to be in error. is operated and hosted by parent sportsbook, (SBR rating D-).

RevolutionaryPoker Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F


RevolutionaryPoker Sportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F. RPS is the fourth member of scam sportsbook group, Futurebet to enter the blacklist in the last month. Futurebet is a scam sportsbook operation in Vancouver, Canada that has parented hundreds of slow-pay and no-pay sportsbooks. The group is known for robbing both players and its turnkey book owners while hiding behind different brand names like the ones listed here. Futurebet now calls itself iGamingSoftware a.k.a IGS. SBR received a payout complaint last month from a bettor owed $52,900 from SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F), formerly the operation's flagship brand. History shows it is unlikely the player will see any of his winnings or deposit.

SBR Justin reports: BetSuperior player balance confiscation

SBR Justin reports: BetSuperior (SBR rating D+) player balance confiscation
On April 10th, an employee of BetSuperior enticed a large bettor he knew from working at a previous sportsbook, with a credit line of $5000. The player lost this in the casino, and paid off his debt to the house. Over the following two weeks, the player made additional deposits totaling $8500. He made some sports wagers but most of his action was in the BetSuperior casino. During that time, the player and the BetSuperior account representative corresponded numerous times about the casino. The player's limits were raised to $500 per hand, and the rules were adjusted to reduce the house edge to be more comparable to that of blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. The player gave Superior high volume play, some nights putting over $1 million in action. During that period, the sportsbook gave him multiple bonuses totaling approximately $18,000. One of these bonuses was a $5,000 credit that was applied with no deposit requirements. At the end of the week two the player went on a significant winning streak bringing his balance up to $120,000. The sportsbook then confiscated the balance. BetSuperior management claimed that the sportsbook employee, who was managing the account and authorized to give bonuses, should not have applied these bonuses and that the player's balance would

ParlayCardZ (SBR rating C+) to be merged under Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)

ParlayCardZ (SBR rating C+) to be merged under Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)
LasPalmas management tells SBR that all ParlayCardZ players will receive the same pricing and line set when logging in through LasPalmas. Both sportsbooks are owned by the Horizon 20 Group. PCZ players should expect a seamless transition to the website.

JackDaddysSportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F

JackDaddysSportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F.  JDS is the second member of fraud operation, Futurebet to enter the blacklist this week. Futurebet is a scam sportsbook factory in Vancouver, Canada that is known for robbing both players and its webmasters while hiding behind different brand names like those listed here. Futurebet now calls itself iGamingSoftware, or IGS, and will deny it has any relation to Futurebet when questioned by individuals interested in owning their own sportsbook.

SBRcontest: On The Money NBA Handicapping Contest open!



SBRcontest: On The Money NBA Contest open!Contestants compete by making NBA moneyline plays, for one to three units, at A maximum of 150 units are allowed in each month. Players will attempt to win a piece of the $5000 monthly prize by simply maintaining a positive number of units. The highest scorers will receive the highest percentage of the prize. Read full rules and prize information here.


BetOT enters the SBR Rating Guide at C

BetOT enters the SBR Rating Guide at C. BetOT is the second BetPhoenix-hosted turnkey sportsbook to be rated this week. Both BetOT and Sports-1 (SBR rating C) use BetPhoenix server hosting, facility, and software.

New post-up sportsbook coming from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33


New post-up sportsbook coming from owner of F rated sportsbook, Bet33
999LuckyDay is a newly built sportsbook website from the owner of Bet33, who previously operated stiff sportsbook, Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Bet33 ownership routinely argues that they and related books should be rated higher than F since it "has been over four years" since the last known player was stiffed. Bet33, which was built on these stolen player funds, and its affiliated sportsbooks will remain blacklisted until ownership continues with payment plans initiated four years ago.