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Globet Sport (SBR rating D+) wrongly cancels a player's winning 10 Euro wager on the Boston Red Sox after the game was completed. The book initially told the player his wager was past-posted, even though it was made six hours before the May 28th game between Boston and Minnesota began. The book accidentally applied the start-time of the wrong game from a previous day when canceling the player's winning wager. When the player pointed out the book's error, GlobetSport refused to fix the problem, citing rule 4.2: "Globet reserves the right to refuse the whole or any part of any bet request for any reason". SBR is attempting to contact management on behalf of the player.

EZbets (SBR rating D-) agrees to credit player

EZbets (SBR rating D-) management agrees to credit player for canceled winning bet on the 4th quarter of a regular season NBA basketball game. The details of the dispute were reported on SBR yesterday.

EZBets Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) cancels players winning NBA wager


EZBets (SBR rating D-) sportsbook voids $2,727 winning wager
EZbets voided a winning wager on the 4th quarter of a Denver Nuggets Basketball game. EZbets and the Group which services it, routinely offers NBA wager before each quarter. Management at EZbets says the wager was listed incorrectly, referencing the third quarter which was already completed:

The player questions what the result would have been if his wager had lost. Player:

I placed a wager on the 4th quarter Nuggets vs Trailblazers OVER 48 (Bet ID 279316418)Risking $3000 to win $2727.27. The wager was graded as NO ACTION although the line was correct and posted after the end of the 3rd quarter. They claim the line was incorrect and posted as:
I have also lost wagers on the same game 1st half, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter. ALL were graded as losing wagers for a total of about $4000 (they claim that all these wagers was posted correctly). Although it was posted as xxxTrailblazers3Q, the line was intended to be for the 4th quarter as there is the xxx in front of Trailblazers, also the time frame indicates that this wagers was for the 4th quarter total. If it was for the third quarter, it would have said xx instead of xxx as it was on my 3rd quarter wager which said xx. These guys know exactly that this should have been graded as a winning wager,but just deny it. They are the most dishonest sportsbook ever. this happened also several times with me grading winning wagers as NO ACTION IN THE PAST claimimg that it was a past posted, specially with the wagers to win a big amount of money. Please help me with this issue as soon as you can...


Sister books,, Racebook, and Win4Real confiscate player's winnings and deposits
The player opened accounts at all three sportsbooks in June of 2008, depositing and playing consistently for five months. In November his accounts, which showed a profit of approximately $20,000, were frozen. The sportsbook cited a rule saying the player could only have an account at one sportsbook in the Group. SBR has advised the sportsbook to pay the player for all wagers it booked  since the player's funds were at risk. Bookmakers should have the ability to limit a player's action but should not retroactively void winning bets. Thus far Sportsbetting
(SBR rating C-)Win4Real (SBR rating C-) and Racebook (SBR rating C-) have not agreed to pay the player for winning wagers, or even the winnings on the first of the thr

Evebet (not rated) voids player's four month old winning wager


Evebet (not rated) voids player's four month old winning futures wager


I placed a bet on 12th January, 2009 for £200 at odds 2.60 on Manchester United to win the English Premier League (Soccer).
At the time they were quoting the best odds on the market for this and to be honest the odds quoted were quite generous but not ridiculously so.
The market was decided 24 hours ago in my favour and I should have seen returns of £520 to my account.
However, to my amazement the bet was cancelled immediately upon the result being known and the £200 stake returned to my balance.
If they feel they made an error on the line they should have cancelled it at the time but we are talking 4 months ago when placed.
The bet ID is 563XXX - for some reason in the text of the bet it shows Sunderland v Tottenham as well as Soccer - League Winner - Manchester United at 2.6 but this is just a transposed piece of text which happens on their site, I don't know why.
I also placed a bet on Real Madrid in March to win the Spanish League at odds 7.00 which was also decided yesterday - this bet was a loser and the odds for this were again slightly generous at the time but, unsurprisingly , this was treated as a lost bet.

SBR has emailed Evebet asking why it has not honored the wager or credited the player for winnings at what it believes to be the correct market price. The player also complained that Evebet has not answered his emails on the matter.



BetCities and IrishGambling enter SBR Rating Guide at F
The sportsbooks are on a platform and turnkey service called GameCities. Gamecities is a sub-licensee of Futurebet. On Thursday SBR reported that a BetCities player was robbed of his winnings. New victims are likely to come forward. SBR will investigate the small sportsbook company host and index related betting sites in the SBR rating Guide. GameCities tries to make money by offering a poor sportsbook product to website owners. After they sell the setup and service to new "sportsbook owners" support may stop or is very poor. Its parent company uses the same scam on larger players and has robbed its webmasters leaving them unable to pay their players. | BetCities enters rating guide


Canbet canceled 27 correlated NCAA football parlays on different games; downgraded to C+
SBR has discussed the case numerous times with management in recent months. Canbet states that their software has never accepted correlated parlays where the point spread exceeds 33% of the total, and that the string of bets were accepted due to "operator error." Management also stated they believe the player was aware of this as he bet more than his average stake size and also deposited larger amounts to take advantage of these plays. Canbet:

BetCities Sportsbook (not rated) confiscates player's winnings

BetCities (not rated) confiscates player's winnings
BetCities tells the player that it has decided not to service players from Greece and has retroactively voided his account activity. The player had won 297 Euros before being told his winnings would be confiscated and his deposit returned to him. BetCities has processed ten withdrawals to this player in the past.
Our company has made a new decision in which we are unable to process any transactions and will not be accepting any players from your geographic location. This decision was made due to many suspected fraud activities in the area. Due to this we will be refunding you all deposits made after your last withdrawal and closing your account.

Bet1128 Confiscation update: Bet1128 offers payment plan of $5,000 per week


Bet1128 (SBR rating D+) Confiscation update: On October 28, 2008 SBR reported that a group of Bet1128 players had their winnings confiscated. SBR reviewed the dispute and stated that Bet1128 should pay the five complaining players their full winnings and confiscated deposits, totaling over $100,000. Bet1128 refused. The players brought their complaints to IBAS, an arbitration service advertised on Bet1128's homepage. IBAS ruled in favor of the players, stating that Bet1128 should pay full the balances on each account. One player has subsequently asked for his $34,000 balance. Bet1128 has thus far offered to pay him in installments of only $5,000 per week.

Win4Real (SBR rating C-) to credit player for no-actioned proposition wager


Win4Real (SBR rating C-) to credit player for no-actioned proposition wager
SBR has contacted Win4Real management about the complaint reported yesterday. The sportsbook's General Manager states that no-actioning the wagers was a mistake by the wagering department and all players who wagered the under 2.5 free throws will be credited.

Player vs. Win4Real (SBR rating C-)


Win4Real offered a proposition wager on the total amount of free throws made by NBA basketball player, Aaron Brooks, in a single game. The player took the under on a total set of 2.5 free throws made. Aaron Brooks played in the game and did not make or attempt a free throw. The wagering ticket provided by the player shows only the stipulation that the player must play. Win4Real, a sportsbook in the (SBR rating C-) Group, gave an illogical response to the player's complaint:

As per the update from our Grading department, the Free Throws under 2.5 indicates that Aaron Brooks should at least score below 2.5 but not zero (Under 2.5 indicates that the score must be less than 2.5 and Zero is not considered under 2.5).

You must have notice that Aaron Brooks did not score the Free Throws, which indicates that the score is Zero and hence the bet has been graded as Noaction.

SBR has inquired with management on the player's behalf. Bettors who were not paid on a bet of under on the total free throws by Aarron Brooks are invited to contact SBR.

Mansion88 (not rated) pays player $680 for canceled bet

Mansion88 (not rated) pays player $680 for canceled bet
The players winning NBA wager was originally canceled because Mansion listed the wrong year for the match. Original May 10th:
Mansion88 (not rated), cancels player's winning wager after event because it listed the wrong year. On May 6th Mansion88 canceled a bettor's winning wager for 400 Pounds ($680 USD)  on an NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic two days after the event. The sportsbook claims that it had listed the wrong year, 2050, in the game time. The player was not notified of the cancellation until he asked why the bet had not been graded two days after the wager won. SBR will contact Mansion88 on the player's behalf. Players that wagered on this event at Mansion88 are asked to contact SBR at

Las Palmas Sportsbook Group players report being owed a total of $25,000

Las Palmas Group (SBR rating D+) players report being owed a total of $25,000 since February. One player is requesting payment by check. The two others are seeking bank wires. The bettors have also complained of a lack of email communication when inquiring about the status of their withdrawals. SBR has verified that other LasPalmas players that have been waiting over a month have recently been paid. Verified payments were for lesser amounts in the range of $2,000. SBR has also confirmed a $40,000 payment via book-to-book transfer last month.

SBR received four complaints that Canbet Sportsbook is changing bonus terms

SBR received four complaints that Canbet (SBR rating B+) is changing bonus terms and amounts after players accept and invest in the offers. Canbet has been downgraded from A- to B+ and will be reevaluated following further discussion with management.

I telephoned Canbet a month ago just to check on the progress of wagering on my account and was informed by them that the terms and conditions of the bonus have changed - they have reduced the bonus to £160.00 from £200 and have advised me that i have to wager more than on the promo i signed up to.  Essentially they are saying that i can have a lesser bonus (£160 instead of £200) and that i have to wager more than i originally thought.

Player: I've been caught up in the Canbet bait-and-switch of applying new terms retrospectively to existing bonuses. I have a £20 bonus I wish to withdraw, claimed several months ago under the old terms (straight forward rollover of deposit and bonus a few times). I've completed more than the original wager requirement required, yet I still have the bonus locked into my account, thanks to the new terms requiring all cash balance to be lost before the bonus is usable.  Speaking to live chat they were adamant they could change the terms of existing bonuses as they wished

Three players complain of waiting at least 14 days for Moneybookers payment from Casineto (not rated).

Three players complain of waiting at least 14 days for Moneybookers payment from Casineto (not rated). The sportsbook's users are upset that Casineto's website quotes 48 hours for processing of its main transfer method, Moneybookers, and has not answered email. The sportsbook stated that "technical errors" are responsible for delays. SBR will report on payment status next week. Casineto is a new sportsbook located in Costa Rica. The website lists a UK physical address which is a mail forwarding service in the UK.

DimeLine Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) confiscating winnings and bonuses from winning players
Dimeline offered exorbitant bonuses up to 100% with a limit of $2,000 that attracted players in a UK-focused betting forum. The four players to report to SBR wagered well over six figures. The sportsbook took notice of the play and lowered their betting limits.


Totesport vs. Player: IBAS finds in favor of sportsbook
On 1/29/2009  SBR reported on a player's ToteSport complaint. The sportsbook had changed the player's winning wager, making it a losing bet.

Totesport (SBR rating B-) gives player wager he did not place
On January 17, 2009, a player wagered 125 Sterling on Wolverhampton +1 goal at the price of +433. After Wolverhampton covered, he found an email from Totesport telling him there was an "input error," commonly referred to as a "bad line" when talking about American sports. As a result of this "error" Totesport reversed the spread, changing his winning wager into a losing one. Totesport's terms and conditions allow it to adjust prices, but not spreads. When confronted with this fact by the player, it would not cite a rule allowing it to take this action. Totesport would not discuss the issue with SportsbookReview.

IBAS reviewed the dispute between the player and Totesport, and ruled in favor of Totesport. In its ruling, IBAS did not consider whether Totesport's rules allow it to alter the spread in a pending wager.