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Is WBEXonline Shilbet (SBR rating F) in new clothes?


SBR Forum posters point out that new sportsbook, WBEXonline, very much resembles Shilbet. Both used the same server with very similar IP addresses. Shilbet was known for offering weak lines and targeting UK players while operating from Costa Rica, as is the case with WBEX. Poster Champi also points out that the sportsbook has copied bwin (SBR rating C-) website url tags and rules pages. Whether a reincarnation of scam-book Shilbet or a new book run by inexperienced management, WBEXonline shows classic warning signs of a sportsbook that will eventually fail, taking player funds with it. | WBEXonline discussion

Bodog (SBR rating B+) open to players in Canada


Bodog sportsbook officially accepted Canada-based players yesterday. Canadians will be redirected to the web domain which is licensed in the UK. The sports offerings are nearly identical with the exception of North American horse tracks not being offered on the Canadian website.


A Skybook (SBR Rating B-) player wrote SBR stating he had requested a bank wire four weeks ago, and had been quoted two different payout dates, of which neither payment was received. Skybook management has stated that the player is scheduled for the next bank wire batch going out in the coming week. Skybook management says a batch of bank wire payments were delayed longer than normal due to operational changes. Skybook recently moved to the BetEz's facility.


On 8/14 SBR first reported on six Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pays. Two players confirmed payment in that time, and eight new slow-payment complaints have since been received. One player requested a $500 payment on June 15th to his Moneybookers account. The request was "approved" by Casineto but funds have not been received. Another player requested Moneybookers payment on June 20th for a mere $58 and also has not been paid. SBR will continue to press Casineto for answers, but players have received only generic email updates such as the following-

Casineto: "We are sorry for the delay in transferring your money. The processing of withdrawals is still in progress. Hopefully this week this will be completed. After this we will be able to transfer your money to you! We ask for your patience and understanding in the meantime! Sincerely, CasiNETo Support Team".

BookTheBet fails to pay winning player


A player using small problem sportsbook BookTheBet (SBR rating F) reported that he has been waiting for his funds for over six months. SBR has received a handful of no-pay cases each year from BookTheBet players. BookTheBet ownership also operates (SBR rating F).



I have held out from posting this but after 6 months of trying to collect my money I am out of patience.  I am owed $4927.56. BookTheBet has done nothing but lied to me, make empty promises, hang up the phone ignore me et. I have been told the check is in the mail at least 6 times. I have been told I would receive phone calls from the owner which never happens.  I was told George would fly to Florida and meet me to pay me. I even went so far as to wait for him at the restaurant which we agreed to meet. Of Course he never showed. George who is the only one who answers the phone but, claims he is not the owner has done nothing but lie and steal my money. I have been in touch with Tony Block who I believe is financing the operation and his attitude is appalling. Supposedly the business was sold and they are starting anew but the "new owner" will not pay me and just offers me some ridiculous rollover bonus but only If I post excellent reviews about his company before he grants me this rollover, which even if I won I still would never get paid. What a Joke!  I will be doing everything in my power to recover my money and I warn everyone please do not fall victim to this book. George and Book the Bet are stealing my money. I am offering a $1000 reward to whoever can collect my money for me or is the person responsible for putting this book out of business. They should not be allowed to stay in business and steal. I have all the proof necessary to back this post up. If anyone wants emails or phone logs please contact me. STAY AWAY FROM BOOKTHEBET.



SBR Forum Posters' Poll Open: SBR posters invited to vote for Top Sportsbooks


Through the month of September SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote here

Skybook move to new office, software, complete


Skybook (SBR rating B-) confirms cost-saving migration to the BetEZ Group and their DGS Software platform. Skybook's General Manager states that most members of managment has been retained and the Skybook staff will be based in its own office within the BetEZ facility. Skybook also stated they will continue to do their own processing and are working to improve inconsistent payout timeframes. The bettor who reported waiting 43 days for Neteller was paid $2,356 in full via bank wire on the 43rd day.

The SBR Store is open!


The SBR Store offers a variety of quality rewards items, from SBR branded gear to electronics and sporting event tickets. These items can be redeemed with points earned from a growing number of ways, such as contributing to the forum or blogging on sports picks and matchups. Points can also be wagered against other cappers and won in SBR contests. SBR's new contest platform will utilize which is set to officially launch with the start of the NFL season.

LasPalmas player reports payment


On August 10th SBR reported that a LasPalmas (SBR rating D+) player was owed $979 since July 6th. The player  received a check for the full amount this week. LasPalmas has claimed that it processes payouts in the order received yet several players are still owed from as early as February of this year. The biggest payment owed to date by LasPalmas is to one player in the amount of $34,439.45. LasPalmas owes players over $123,000.

WeBetNow enters the SBR rating guide at F


WeBetNow is the latest sportsbook to emerge from the Costa Rica-based EZ Sports Group. EZ Sports will launch new brands before football season each year to market to unsuspecting players. Players are advised to take note of the F rating assigned to all sportsbooks in the EZ Sports Group and ignore the seemingly generous promotions.


One Dimeline Sportsbook player has waited on $1436.27 since May 1st. After 15 days the player was emailed a confirmation that his check had been sent. After waiting for 48 days the player had written SBR for help. Since that time, 4 other slow-pays totaling $10,000 have been filed with SBR. Players have also complained of below average email time and Dimeline revoking live chat privileges for players aggressively seeking payout updates. In the most extreme cases of unprofessional behavior, Dimeline has identified players that left negative feedback on gambling websites and called them to complain. No telephone number for support is provided to customers. There have been reports that checks have bounced in the last two weeks, with only two clearing.  SBR will update this report when payment or communication with the book is reported by users. | Dimeline discussion

SBR thanks all who joined us for the 2009 SBR Bash


Congratulations to RenoCool who won the 2nd annual SBR Poker Tourney. Poster RonPaul2008 held off poster Skidcom who took third and finished in the top 3 for the second year in a row. Pairof5sir, Iwinyourmoney, Vegas Dave, Blackbart, Matt Rain, Cappy and Rose Harvey filled out the final table.

Congratulations to BlackBart who not only finished at the final table but earned both $200 cash bounties, taking out SBR_John and Bodog Poker Pro, Evelyn Ng.

Congratulations to SBR_John who took first in the SBR Golf Tourney for the second year in a row. John also took the win on closest-to-the-pin. SexyMit took the prize for the longest drive.

Good luck to the Final Four of the SBR Bash Handicapper Tourney. The Tourney that began Saturday at the SBR Bash is down to four, Amblai01 vs. Cabo and cmadd vs. blackbart who are battling for the Finals tonight. The winner earns 6000 SBRpoints.

Free $1000 Poker Tournament Wednesday August 26th


SBRforum is accepting registrations for the $1,000 Poker Freeroll, hosted by Bodog (SBR rating B+). The free poker tournament takes place Wednesday August 26th at 9:05PM ET. Players must have 30 SBRforum posts in order to receive the poker passkey. In addition to the $1,000 final table prizes, there is $300 in poker bounties on Bodog Poker Pro's Jean-Robert Bellande, David Williams, and Justin Bonomo!

Stop by SBRforum to register in time!

A second Casineto player reports payment


Second Casineto (SBR D-) player has reported payment. The player had requested a $1950 payment June 16th. Casineto stated that their GM has been vacationing and has been unable to discuss player complaints with SBR. Casineto owes players who reported claims to SBR over $12,500. A third player has also reported a $450 payment.

Skybook closes office; moves to turnkey software and host provider


Skybook Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) has moved its player accounts from its servers and ASI Software to turnkey provider, BetEZ which uses Digital Gaming Solutions Software. Players reported being unable to access their accounts this evening, likely due to the porting of information to BetEZ from the original database. SBR will contact Skybook to learn the extent of the company changes and if management will remain on site and continue to operate Skybook's banking. Skybook has struggled to pay players through Neteller as of late, missing or not providing estimated payment dates.

VietLuckyBet tries to catch victims with huge bonus offers


Scam sportsbook VietLuckyBet (SBR rating F) offering 70% free-play bonuses, up to $700. Players should avoid this scam and all too-good-to-be-true offers. When players ask about the sportsbook's lineage and backing they are lied to. VietLuckyBet claims they are affiliated with DonBest.

BetOnBet Closed


Slow-pay sportsbook BetOnBet (SBR rating F) closes. BetOnBet players were lucky to receive funds in the last month after submitting complaints. The last known payment went through August 8th. SBR first reported warning signs in July. The book's parent company, Eurolinx, announced its assets are being liquidated and the sportsbook is insolvent. It is unlikely players will see any of their funds. BetOnBet is the latest Malta-licensed operation to fold due to lack of funding.


Linx Media Group Company Statement

21. August 2009

MALTA – The Linx Media Group has today announced that it is seeking to put its businesses into liquidation and will cease trading with immediate effect.

As yet, the Linx Media Group does not know how long this process will take, but it will provide updates on the situation as and when information becomes available and when liquidators are appointed.

A company spokesperson from the Linx Media Group stated: “It is with great regret that we make this announcement.  I appreciate the concern and frustration that this will inflict on the Eurolinx, BetOnBet, and Linx Casino player community. Affected account holders are those individuals who have agreed to a contractual

Beat The Prick 2009 Football Handicappping Contest Registration open


Beat The Prick 2009 Contest Registration is now open. Contestants will make 4 College and NFL Picks per week to try to outscore the Prick. One of the 4 picks will be a Best Bet "Money Ball" worth twice as much as a normal play. $5,000 will be divided among players who Beat The Prick each week and $10,000 will be divided to those who outscore him overall during the 15 week contest. The first place finisher is guaranteed to earn at least $1,000. Players can sign up here. Cappers needing assistance or have questions should wite to

Houstonbet (SBR rating F) back under new names


Sources tell SBR Houstonbet / Vietnamese Sportsbook is back online using the websites and The deposit-only scam that targets Vietnamese-speaking bettors is apparently using any turnkey service provider that will accept it. The current host is an unknown service provider in Costa Rica. The original website, was hosted at Evo Data Processing, the provider known for owning stiff sportsbook, Lazerwager (SBR rating F).

Carib Sportsbook (SBR rating B) website blocked by Denial of Service attack


Carib tells SBR: Since 9am EST today our website came under a DOS Attack.  Our Technical Team is diligently working on restoring full access to our site.  We anticipate your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences being caused by this attack on our services.
A denial of Service attack is caused by excessive requests to a website's server which in turn leaves little or no resources for legitimate user traffic. The sportsbook's information and databases are not "hacked" or compromised. In the event of  website downtime bettors can find a list of all LiveChat links here as well as all sportsbook phone numbers here. This is the second time is the last six months that Carib Sports has been down due to a DoS attack.

Update 8.18.09: Carib tells SBR: "We are pleased to report that Carib has recovered from the DOS attack experienced yesterday.  Full access to the website has been restored.  We appreciate the understanding and patience our members have extended to us while our services were interrupted." 

BetOnBet Update:


Four new BetOnBet (SBR Rating D-) slow-pay complaints have been reported this week. Communication with BetOnBet management has slowed. BetOnBet has refused to comment on the reason for the lengthy payout delays, instead only stating that it would look into complaints by SBR readers. SBR will continue to press BetOnBet for answers,  but BetOnBet has not been fourthcoming during a period where little progress has been made. One fifth of the complaints have been resolved but the same number of new complaints have been received. Players are advised to avoid this slow-pay sportsbook while at least 25 players puruse their funds.

Six Casineto (not rated) slow-pay complaints have been filed by bettors. The reports date back to May 30th, when one player requested $1400 via Moneybookers. He has yet to be paid. Another player is being slow-paid on a $2,000 Moneybookers payment requested June 22nd. The amount owed to players is over $15,000. Casineto has cited "technical issues" as reason for payment delays. Casineto Sportsbook is located in Costa Rica, and lists a physical UK address on its website which is a mail forwarding service in the UK. Players should avoid this sportsbook. History suggests there is a high probability that this new sportsbook will fold or have ongoing problems.

Casineto response to players:
We are sorry for the delay in transferring your money. We have been facing technical problems, their solution is in progress. We transfer your money as soon as possible.
CasiNETo Support Team