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Multiple sportsbooks encounter DDos attacks today

Earlier today SBR reported that YouWager (SBR rating B) and sister site BetPop (SBR rating B) was reportedly facing a denial-of-service attack.  The denial of service attacks are caused by excessive requests to a website's server which in turn leaves little or no resources for legitimate user traffic. The sportsbook's information and databases are not "hacked" or compromised. pays player who had poker account frozen

09.18.2009 (SBR rating D-) has unfrozen the account of the poker player who had his account disabled for alleged chip-dumping. The player's sportsbook account is now reenstated with his remaining balance available. The player has also been sent a bank wire for the $1,000 which was initially believed to be pocketed as result of a chip-dump with one other account. expects the second account to execute a charge-back but does not have conclusive enough evidence to link both accounts together at this time.

Another Malta-based company, BetAfterBet, slow-paying


A payment complaint has come in against unrated sportsbook BetAfterBet. The sportsbook website claims that the company is owned by Bonobet Ltd., which operates in Malta and is licensed by the LGA of the Malta. Many slow-pay and scam sportsbooks have originated from Malta in recent times. BetAfterBet offers no phone number for customer support, but can be reached via live chat and email.

The BetAfterBet account holder who filed the sportsbook complaint form indicates he joined BetAfterBet in December of 2008 and made his first deposit of 98 Euros. The player deposited via Moneybookers. On August 17th of 2009, his first payment request was made for 830 Euros. No payment has been received.

BetAfterBet 8/17/09


"Please be informed that your withdrawal request has been sent to our finance department for processing. Withdrawals are usually processed within 2-4 business days."


BetAfterBet 8/25/09




"We have checked on your withdrawal and it is in order, pending to be processed. We have been advised however, that there is a delay with all payments due to the high number of withdrawals that the finance department are processing manually at the moment."


BetAfterBet 9/18/09




"Please do rest assured that your withdrawal is submitted and pending to be authorized. We have not been provided with any new information by the accounts department, they are still working on the delay with the payouts and on clearing this out and bringing it up to date."






DailyDime Sportsbook now under BTG gaming.


DailyDime (SBR rating D-) moves from no-pay Futurebet Group to the BTG Gaming Group. DailyDime will be reevaluated once BTG flagship sportsbook, Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D+), addresses all payout delays and customer service complaints. Despite BTG issues, players with any Futurebet turnkey site, that is able to relocate to a new sportsbook host, have new hope of being paid. Futurebet (now rebranded as IGS) is one of the largest scams involving online betting. freezes player's account due to alleged fraudulent poker activity

09.16.2009 (SBR rating D-) has closed a player's account citing "fraudulent" poker activity. The play requested his $600 balance. The player is alleged to have collected funds at the poker table from a player with a fraudulent account. This is referred to as chip dumping. The player's account was frozen and a notice was sent containing four hand histories where the infraction was said to occur. Each hand involved a second player whose account was also closed. The player denies any wrongdoing or association with the fraudulent account, and expresses his outrage given the fact that he has been a regular customer for over 5 years. SBR will update this report after speaking with management about the fate of the players' funds.

Player comments:


"Can you please explain to me why I am being locked out of my Sportsbook account? I have been a reliable customer for over 5 years now, spending thousands of dollars. I win some money on the Poker site and you guys lock me out .... What the hell? Can you please forward me the "review" of my account that would lead you to believe that I know the poker player K-------? I have $600 in my account and now I can't bet on the football games this weekend?!?!? I responded to your first email within 24 hours and it took you guys six days to write back. You ask for my "prompt attention" in this matter, well I kindly ask you for your prompt return of this email. 


Congrats to US Open contest winners; Beat The Prick week 2 underway


Congratulations to SBRforum posters JasonT, MartinBlank, and EmpireMaker for finishing in the top 3 for SBR's US Open Handicapping Contest.

Another round of congrats to the Beat The Prick week 1 winners. 141 SBRforum posters cashed in on the $5,000 Prize-Pool for week 1. Week 2 is registering now via SBR Picks.

New Dimeline Sportsbook player slow-paid $6,000


A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player reports a $4,000 withdrawal pending since May and an additional $2,000 since June. Recent  slow-pays, absent and poor customer service, and disputes over exorbitant bonuses, lead SBR to again advise players to avoid Dimeline Sportsbook.


I have been extremely patient had have been waiting on THREE separate withdrawals from this outfit; the oldest aging since May02/2009. Here they are:
5/2 - $2,000
5/26 - $2,000
6/05 - $2,000
I have records of all my correspondence with Robert who was very communicative at first. His last broken promise came on 8/13/09 at which time he assured me a wire would be sent to my bank. I was promised a bank wire because the checks were "lost." That bank wire never came and now my emails to support go unanswered. Please contact me if you need any further information as I have documented all of my communication with this book.


Beat The Prick Football Contest: Week 1 Open.


There is still time to enter four picks for Week 1 of SBR's annual Beat The Prick Football Handicapping Contest. The Prick is off to an 0-3 start this week leaving a $5,000 prize pool on the table for those who can finish in the positive. $10,000 in Grand Prize cash, sponsored by Bookmaker (SBR rating A+), is guaranteed to be split among the top 7 season finishers. | Enter your picks | More Free Handicapping Contests


Casineto (SBR rating D-) management states that all players owed have been paid in full. On August 17th SBR reported several slow-payment complaints from Casineto players. The average Moneybookers processing time has been 30 to 40 business days. Two players have confirmed this morning that payment was received in full. SBR is waiting for withdrawal confirmation from four players.

Skybook resolves slow-pay complaint


On 9/4 SBR reported that a Skybook (SBR rating B-) player had been waiting for approximately four weeks for a $10,000 bank wire. Skybook stated that the payment was delayed due to the sportsbook moving into the BetEz facility The player received payment this morning.

10Bet (SBR rating C) player informs SBR of slow-payment


A 10Bet player has reported slow-pay. The player requested payment of £5005 GBP on July 24th. As of today, September 10th, the player has not received any funds from 10Bet. The player's requests to communicate with 10Bet have resulted in 10Bet emails stating that the accounting department would be notified. During this slow-pay period 10Bet has promised multiple times that the player would receive his funds "shortly." SBR will update this report once contact with 10Bet is made.

Dimeline player receives payment


Another payment report has come in from a Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player. The player was paid the remainder of his balance, $1,006.25, and was also compensated fees for his previous check bouncing. The player initialy requested payment July 14th. Throughout the slow-pay ordeal Dimeline Sportsbook has failed to provide adequate customer service and reason for delays, leading players to question Dimeline's solvency. SBR asks anyone still waiting on a Dimeline Sportsbook payment to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Free Football Handicapping Contest, Beat The Prick, Open


Players can make their picks for Week 1 of the NFL season in an effort to Beat The Prick out of his $5,000. Cappers will return each week for a new chance at the Prick's cash. College football picks are also available. A grand prize of $10,000 will be split among top season finishers. | Make picks closes player's account without explanation


On July 29th, (SBR Rating C-) disabled a player's account for what was described as a "random security check." The player had deposited $1500 via prepaid debit card from July 24th to July 26th, in three different transactions. Over a 3 day period, the player made approximately 30 wagers before the account was disabled. asked the player to provide ID documents to verify the player's identity. After the requested documents were supplied and confirmed as received, the player was then asked to fax the back of driver license, which was sent on August 3rd. Since that time, the player has sent several emails inquiring as to why the account is still locked, which has approximately $2000 in it. has been the source of communication and unjust confiscation complaints. The player has been sent only automated email responses and remains locked out of the account. SBR will update this report when addresses the complaint. | Forum: confiscation.

Casineto players report payment


Four Casineto (SBR Rating D-) players have reported payment. One player had been waiting for an $1174 payout since May 29th. The player received his funds via bank transfer. SBR is currently inquiring about six slow-pay complaints on file. This report will be updated when players confirm receiving their funds or additional reports surface.

Is WBEXonline Shilbet (SBR rating F) in new clothes?


SBR Forum posters point out that new sportsbook, WBEXonline, very much resembles Shilbet. Both used the same server with very similar IP addresses. Shilbet was known for offering weak lines and targeting UK players while operating from Costa Rica, as is the case with WBEX. Poster Champi also points out that the sportsbook has copied bwin (SBR rating C-) website url tags and rules pages. Whether a reincarnation of scam-book Shilbet or a new book run by inexperienced management, WBEXonline shows classic warning signs of a sportsbook that will eventually fail, taking player funds with it. | WBEXonline discussion

Bodog (SBR rating B+) open to players in Canada


Bodog sportsbook officially accepted Canada-based players yesterday. Canadians will be redirected to the web domain which is licensed in the UK. The sports offerings are nearly identical with the exception of North American horse tracks not being offered on the Canadian website.


A Skybook (SBR Rating B-) player wrote SBR stating he had requested a bank wire four weeks ago, and had been quoted two different payout dates, of which neither payment was received. Skybook management has stated that the player is scheduled for the next bank wire batch going out in the coming week. Skybook management says a batch of bank wire payments were delayed longer than normal due to operational changes. Skybook recently moved to the BetEz's facility.


On 8/14 SBR first reported on six Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pays. Two players confirmed payment in that time, and eight new slow-payment complaints have since been received. One player requested a $500 payment on June 15th to his Moneybookers account. The request was "approved" by Casineto but funds have not been received. Another player requested Moneybookers payment on June 20th for a mere $58 and also has not been paid. SBR will continue to press Casineto for answers, but players have received only generic email updates such as the following-

Casineto: "We are sorry for the delay in transferring your money. The processing of withdrawals is still in progress. Hopefully this week this will be completed. After this we will be able to transfer your money to you! We ask for your patience and understanding in the meantime! Sincerely, CasiNETo Support Team".

BookTheBet fails to pay winning player


A player using small problem sportsbook BookTheBet (SBR rating F) reported that he has been waiting for his funds for over six months. SBR has received a handful of no-pay cases each year from BookTheBet players. BookTheBet ownership also operates (SBR rating F).



I have held out from posting this but after 6 months of trying to collect my money I am out of patience.  I am owed $4927.56. BookTheBet has done nothing but lied to me, make empty promises, hang up the phone ignore me et. I have been told the check is in the mail at least 6 times. I have been told I would receive phone calls from the owner which never happens.  I was told George would fly to Florida and meet me to pay me. I even went so far as to wait for him at the restaurant which we agreed to meet. Of Course he never showed. George who is the only one who answers the phone but, claims he is not the owner has done nothing but lie and steal my money. I have been in touch with Tony Block who I believe is financing the operation and his attitude is appalling. Supposedly the business was sold and they are starting anew but the "new owner" will not pay me and just offers me some ridiculous rollover bonus but only If I post excellent reviews about his company before he grants me this rollover, which even if I won I still would never get paid. What a Joke!  I will be doing everything in my power to recover my money and I warn everyone please do not fall victim to this book. George and Book the Bet are stealing my money. I am offering a $1000 reward to whoever can collect my money for me or is the person responsible for putting this book out of business. They should not be allowed to stay in business and steal. I have all the proof necessary to back this post up. If anyone wants emails or phone logs please contact me. STAY AWAY FROM BOOKTHEBET.



SBR Forum Posters' Poll Open: SBR posters invited to vote for Top Sportsbooks


Through the month of September SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum. Vote here