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SBR reported on BetOnBet's closure on August 22nd. BetOnBet slowpays have continued to be received since that time. Thirty two players report being owed more than $26,990. Few players were paid leading up to BetOnBet's closure. BetOnBet's official statement released to players stated that players would be able to be lodge complaints with liquidators. No information has been made available to player's since this cryptic message was displayed. In light of BetOnBet's failure to settle outstanding debts a rating adjustment to F was made.

JustBet website under denial-of-service attack


JustBet (SBR rating B+) is undergoing a denial of service attack. JustBet's mirror site of is available for bettors to log into, and features a security code log-in (captcha) to thwart potential attackers.

128 Man Handicapping Tournament: Registration open


SBRforum's 128 Man Handicapping Bracket Tourney is now open for entries. The tournament features a 7280 SBRpoint prize pool and will be ran on SBRpicks; SBRforum's proprietary contest platform that is home to big money contests such as Beat The Prick, MLB Playoffs, and user created contests. SBRpoints can be redeemed at the SBRstore for apparel, electronics, food, and sportsbook plays.


LasPalmas (SBR rating D) owes 8 players $110,400 according to complaints filed with SBR. The amounts requested range back to January of 2009. LasPalmas payments have been erratic, players that have what are considered to be manageable balances are paid ahead of those who have waited for months longer.

An SBRforum reader reported last week that LasPalmas solicited him for a 100% signup bonus. Any such offer should raise a red flag to any industry player. SBR advises those who maintain balances at any of the sportsbooks in the Horizon20 family which includes eHorse and eHorse-X  to cease wagering activity until LasPalmas can document that it can pay balances on time and not months after the fact.

BetDos reduces winning wagers citing syndicate play


BetDos (SBR rating D+) reduced three winning wagers to $50 each citing its anti-syndicate rule. A player placed three bets between October 7th and 8th winning a total of $2243. After the events were settled, BetDos made the reductions. BetDos agreed to allow SBR to review all facts surrounding the case. BetDos stated that there were eight players making the same bets at the same time. Bet Dos had other remedies - including lowering limits, closing accounts, and even canceling wagers prior to the event if players were coordinating to exceed limits. BetDos agreed to reinstate the player's winnings on SBR's recommendation.

The New York Police Department announces indictments of BetOnline Bookmakers


The New York Police Department today announced the indictment of BetOnline principals on gambling charges. According to news conferences held by the NYPD and the NY District Attorney, charges are largely based on evidence of cash transactions that took place in the United States, including one paid in person to a winning bettor for over $500,000. Multiple alleged agents and credit websites were also named and cited as "wire rooms" for stateside bookmaking. It is unclear if the arrests will affect BetOnline's ability to send post-up player's their funds. SBR will investigate further and monitor BetOnline's progress in sending what is expected to be a surge in withdrawals. Although highly rated sportsbooks have weathered legal problems of key individuals, players are advised to use caution as the company's position becomes clear.

WSEX payment time update


WSEX is currently taking 4 to 6 weeks per check withdrawal request. From SBR's file of complaints, 7 WSEX players are collectively owed $30,000; with one player waiting for a $2,000 check requested July 17th. SBR will continue to speak with WSEX (SBR rating C) management regarding the 7 players and will update this report as players are paid.

Matchbook charging players 0.2% for offers made


Reports were received stating that Matchbook (SBR rating A-) has incorrectly charged players that make offers 0.2% commission per accepted offer for the last seven days. Matchbook's written policy regarding offers is that any player who makes an offer is paid 0.2% for each offer that is accepted, while charging the player that accepts the offer a 1% commission. The policy was enacted on March 17th. SBR will update this report pending Matchbook management addressing the situation.

Matchbook's rule:

From Mar 17, Matchbook has dramatically cut commissions by eliminating our 2% net-win commission system and shifting to a much simpler volume-based one.If you post an offer that is accepted, not only is there no fee, but Matchbook will pay you 0.2%. As demonstrated lately on many financial exchanges, liquidity explodes when people are paid to make offers.

Stryyke slowpay received


A Stryyke (SBR rating D+) player has contacted SBR. The player requested a withdrawal of €602 on September 21st. Stryyke has to this point cleared slowpay reports received. SBR will communicate with Stryyke management regarding the latest slowpay complaint.

128 Man Handicapping Tournament: Congrats Untilthendoftime!


Congrats to 128 Man Handicapping tournament winner Untilthendoftime! The SBRforum poster won $1250 after besting the field in the $3250 SBRpicks bracket tourney. offers many free, no-requirement handicapping contests. | View Handicapping Contests forum.

WillHill yet to grade four-month old tennis wager


Editor's update: This matter was resolved.

WillHill (SBR rating A) has yet to grade the tennis match between Oscar Hernandez and Daniel Koellerer which took place June 5th. A player had a winning wager on Hernandez, yet was not credited his funds due to irregular line movement which prompted WillHill to launch an investigation into the match.

WillHill: "We are awaiting the decision from our Management. Rest assured that as long as  we have the decision, we will settle your bet the soonest possible time. We are  hoping for your further patience and understanding regarding this important  matter. Our relevant department is doing their best to get a resolution on  this."

24SportsWeb slowpay reports


24SportsWeb (SBR rating C-) owes four players $8290. The payment requests range from as early as June, with the rest requested in August. 24SportsWeb has stated to players that Moneybookers is 'no good' to use as a withdrawal option. One player agreed to accept a bankwire in its place and has yet to receive his funds. Another player was sent a check with a tracking number that shows no activity. SBR advises players to cease wagering activity with 24SportsWeb until outstanding balances are paid.

GamblersPalace retroactively changing bonus terms?


A GamblersPalace (SBR rating C) player has stated that bonus terms were retroactively changed against him and that $3000 worth of withdrawals were cancelled. The player states GamblerPalace informed him he has an additional $4000 of rollover to meet. The player claims he confirmed the terms of the offer with GamblersPalace. SBR will investigate further.

Skybook (SBR rating B-) encountering website issues


Skybook has informed SBR that its main website has went down while registry issues are being fixed. Players can log onto to access their Skybook account. Skybook expects website access to be restored within the hour.

BetAfterBet update


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D) slowpay reports continue to flood the SBR mailbox. As of today BetAfterBet owes €23,924.60 to 24 players. BetAfterBet has blamed the delays on having to manually process payments requested via their software, and on the number of payments which have been requested.


Please do rest assured that your money is safe and the delay of the payout has not in any way been linked to financial difficuties of the company. It is indeed due to the large number of withdrawals which are being processed manually. Let us explain in more detail what exactly happened, so that you may gain a better perspective of the situation. All withdrawals arecurrently processed manually, due to a technical and communication issue
between our system and the third party processing systems. Further to that, most withdrawals currently are first time withdrawals, therefore, the process of the payouts includes not only an authorisation of the payout amount but also documentation verification and review of each account and the activity on it. This is due to stricter security procedures implemented for first time withdrawals.


BetFirstClass pays player for cancelled wager


BetFirstClass (SBR rating D+) has stated that they have credited the player from SBR's October 4th report; the player whose winning parlay was voided due to what was considered excessive correlation. BetFirstClass has stated to SBR that they have now disabled these parlays from being accepted via the software. The parlays in question have pointspreads that make up 30% or more than the total. freezes players account to verify identity

10.14.2009 (SBR rating C-) has frozen a player's account which held a $3241 balance pending identity verification. The player obliged the sportsbook's request. 10 days has elapsed and the player remains unable to access his account, his email queries since that time have went unanswered. SBR will update this report after communicating with management.

Skytower (SBR rating C) slowpay report


A slowpay report has been levied against Skytower (SBR rating C). The player requested $4975 on June 29th. The player has been sent three payments toward his balance and is still owed $2605. SBR advises players experiencing  slowpay issues from Skytower to file a sportsbook complaint form.

SBRforum's Peter Loshak reports how the sportsbook fared in week 5


SBRforum and SBR.TV contributor Peter Loshak shares his insight on how the sportsbooks fared in Week 5.


It was an interesting week for the house, as they did well on some games, got killed on others, and narrowly avoided getting killed on teasers. I spoke with the head linesman at BookMaker, who got into some specifics with me.

The worst game on the card for the house was in the NFL, Atlanta/SF. Big sharp action and the public were all on Atlanta, as was yours truly as well. And as many people have already guessed, the 10-point win by Florida in Florida/LSU was a colossal disaster for the books, with the big back-and-forth live movements leaving the house wide open for a middle, which was exactly what wound up happening.

To read the rest of Peter's article, view Monday Night Football action shows public big on the Jets.


Betclick freezes €5000 citing ''security investigation''

On August 20th Betclick (not rated) locked a player's account, holding a €5000 balance, citing a security investigation. Betclick has not requested documents from the player to verify identity. The player states he "has every intention of supplying any information requested". BetClick is no longer responding to the player and has not offered details or reason for investigation. SBR will inquire with BetClick on the status of the investigation.

128 Man Handicapping Contest in Final 4


SBR's $3,250 Handicapping Bracket contest is in its Final 4 round. The remaining contestants are SBRforum posters ShamsWoof10, Untiltheendoftime, Bestplay2day and tim0402. Several free, no requirement contests are running on SBRpicks.


Additional Heroes Sports (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaints have been received. As of July 1st Heroes owed 11 players over $60,000. These players have been paid but four new reports have surfaced totaling $19,942 in player funds owed.  When Heroes management was asked about these players and payments in general, Heroes replied that players are "in line to be paid". Heroes also lost Moneybookers as a funding/payout method for its bettors; Moneybookers dropping Heroes as a merchant account would indicate widespread complaints from its users. SBR advises all Heroes players to discontinue wagering with this outfit until delinquent accounts have been settled.

10Bet player who was under investigation paid in full


On September 10th SBR reported on a 10Bet player who was owed £5005 since July 24th. The player received little to no email assistance other than the accounting department was looking into the payout status. After SBR made contact 10Bet informed SBR the player was being investigated for a fraudulent transaction. The player has been cleared of any wrongdoing and paid in full.