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Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) management has spoken with SBR regarding the ongoing slow-pays reported over the summer. Dimeline has acknowledged the lengthy delays experienced by a small group of players that it refers to as inactive bettors. According to Dimeline, the loss of four credit card processors and subsequent freezure of funds led to the extended wait times. Dimeline expects that within 90 days the processors will release all frozen funds. Dimeline has attributed the loss of processors to excessive player chargebacks. Four players are currently owed $9,480. SBR will update this report if the players are paid before Dimeline's estimated time-frame, or if new slow-pay reports surface.

Skytower update


On October 13th SBR reported on an alleged Skytower (SBR rating C) slow-pay for a payment requested June 26th. Skytower has informed SBR that the player’s rollover had not yet been met as he had wagered on proposition bets. Skytower customer service was initially mistaken on reason for not filling the player’s request. Skytower has stated that the player will be paid in full via Moneybookers this month. SBR will update this report.


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) has paid a player that requested a $1436.27 check on May 28th. A second player has confirmed payment from Dimeline for an unspecified amount. Dimeline has not been willing to discuss outstanding cases with SBR. It is estimated that seven players are still owed in excess of $15,000. SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.

New Stryyke slow-pay has been reported


Following SBR's Stryyke (SBR rating D-) report on Wednesday, a new slow-pay complaint has been filed. In this latest report against Stryyke, a player described requesting a Moneybookers withdrawal of $897.25 on October 14th. Stryyke owes four players €2036 with the oldest payment request made on September 30th.

LasPalmas pays player after seven month delay


LasPalmas (SBR rating D) player reports receiving $1397 after requesting his funds seven months earlier. The payment was requested March 30th. LasPalmas still owes eight players, who filed complaints with SBR, $110,400.

Stryyke players report slow-pay


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) players have reported slow-payment. Three Stryyke players are owed €1433. The oldest payment request was made on September 30th. Strykke management has stated to SBR that the players are on a priority list to be paid, which raises concerns over the sportsbook's current financial stability. Players experiencing slow-pay issues from Stryyke are advised to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

RebateWager pays player in open teaser dispute


RebateWager (SBR rating B-) has paid the player whose winning open teaser was graded as a loss. RebateWager's posted rule on open teasers is that all teaser legs must be filled within one week. However, RebateWager has stated its standard procedure is to honor all accepted wagers and legs of open teasers. RebateWager paid the first three legs of the teaser which were placed in the allowed time-frame. The book cites multiple warnings to this player as for honoring only the teaser legs within the 1 week stated period. | View initial report

WSEX update


WSEX (SBR rating C) players report lengthy payment delays. In SBR's previous WSEX report on October 21st, the average payment time was a reported 4-6 weeks. Since that time,  three new slow-pay reports have been filed. These reports are unique in that players have waited an equivalent amount or longer despite paying a $50 fee for rush processing. WSEX's listed time for courier service is 7 business days.

Player report:

I requested a withdrawl through their courier option for a check and paid $50 per $3000 transaction to expedite payment instead of their free option. I called the accounting department a week after the request was received by them and was told it usually took 7 business days to receive a check. I waited until 9 business days and called again after not receiving a check and was told there is a delay during the month of October and my request has been sent for processing.


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D-) players have filed 47 slow-pay reports with SBR via the sportsbook complaint form. The total amount owed to players is £41,209. In the longest standing complaint a player requested payment May 10th and has not received his winnings. BetAfterBet has made contradictory comments to players regarding the reason for the delays, and has yet to acknowledge SBR's requests to discuss player issues. BetAfterBet's rating has been lowered to D-.

Free College Basketball Handicapping Contest


SBRforum has announced a no-entry fee, $5,000 NCAAB Handicapping contest for the month of November. The contest is being ran on, SBRforum's proprietary contest platform.

Bwin pays player in full for cancelled bet


Bwin (SBR rating C-) pays player in full for cancelled winning tennis bet (report below) after SBR discussed market odds with management. Players with cancelled bwin wagers are welcome to contact SBR.



Bwin (SBR rating C-) cancelled a live tennis wager citing an input error, voiding €420 in winnings. The player bet an in-game wager on Agnes Szavay risking €60 at 7/1. After the match concluded Bwin cancelled the wager. At the time the wager was placed, Betfair (SBR rating A+) had odds from +620 to +520. This does not appear to be a case of an obvious input error. SBR has contacted Bwin to address the dispute.



Pinnacle Sports discontinues new player bonuses


Following 11 years of offering bonus incentives to players, Pinnacle Sports has made the decision to discontinue its new player bonus as of November 1st. Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) released the following message to its player base:



As a part of our continued effort to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we will discontinue the new player deposit bonus effective 23:59 PST on Sunday 1st November 2009. Any new player funding their account after this date will no longer be entitled to receive a signup bonus.

The long term savings that our odds provide far outweigh the short term allure of any new player incentive. We believe this is the continued reason for our industry leading player conversion and retention rates that you now enjoy as a valued affiliate.

Instead of competing in a bonus race, Pinnacle Sports aims to effectively distinguish itself in the marketplace by further emphasizing our unique price advantage, with a firm focus on delivering these outstanding margins in more sports and more markets than ever before.



SBRforum announces BCS Bowl Handicapping contests


SBRforum has announced two BCS Bowl Handicapping contests. Each contest begins on December 19th with the first bowl game and concludes January 7th with the National Championship game. The first contest is SBR's $5,000 BCS Bowl Handicapping Contest. The second contest is a 10,000 SBRpoints BCS Bowl Action Points contest.

See other contests: $5,000 November NBA Handicapping contest


RebateWager (SBR rating B-) has allegedly nullified a winning teaser wager. A player bet a $500 4-team "open teaser," a teaser that allows the bettor to fill legs of his teaser after the commitment to the teaser wager is made. The first two selections were placed on Sunday October 18th. The final two selections were placed the following Sunday October 25th, with the fourth pick being the Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. The player won all four legs. RebateWager debited the account $2,000 citing a rule that stated all open slots of this teaser must be placed within one week. SBR will inquire with RebateWager about where the rule exists and their position on the dispute.

Free $500 poker Tournament Thursday October 29th


SBRforum is accepting registrations for the $500 poker Free-roll, hosted by Bodog (SBR rating A-). The free poker tournament takes place Thursday October 29th at 9:05PM ET. Players must have 30 SBRforum posts in order to receive the poker password.

Stop by SBRforum to register in time!


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D) has paid a player £1,732. The player originally requested payment August 10th. BetAfterBet has addressed the ongoing slow-pays accrued in recent months and provided unusual reasoning for the delays:


We have been reviewing, over the last three months, the management of payouts to customers. The review was requested by our Finance Team as there were clear indications of problems with the manner in which payouts where being handled.
We have had to hold back on payments, as of course you are aware, until such time that the issue was properly investigated and the problem clearly identified. There was a very clear mishandling of the bonus system with bonus money being converted to ‘real’ money well before players were eligible for this. The effect of this on cash flow need not be explained.

View full BetAfterBet response


Ladbrokes clarifies winning wager deduction


Ladbrokes management has clarified their $1360 deduction from an NFL halftime/fulltime proposition bet. The adjustment was not made due to pricing error as stated by customer service to the player, instead a rule that excludes overtime from all halftime/full time bets. This rule is common in soccer leagues; although not typically applied to NFL.

Ladbrokes voids $1360 winnings NFL wager


Ladbrokes (SBR rating A) voided an NFL wager worth $1360. The bet type was a double result proposition on the outcome of the Bills and Jets game on October 18th. The player wagered $170 at +1600 on the Jets winning the first half, and the Bills winning the game. The same proposition was available at Bet365 (SBR rating C) at +1400. The player's bet won netting $2890. On the morning of October 19th Ladbrokes debited $1360 of winnings citing an obvious odds error. SBR has contacted Ladbrokes to discuss this dispute. Ladbrokes has been downgraded from A+ to A | Ladbrokes discussion

Bwin cancels live tennis wager citing input error


Bwin (SBR rating C-) cancelled a live tennis wager citing an input error, voiding €420 in winnings. The player bet an in-game wager on Agnes Szavay risking €60 at 7/1. After the match concluded Bwin cancelled the wager. At the time the wager was placed, Betfair (SBR rating A+) had odds from +620 to +520. This does not appear to be a case of an obvious input error. SBR has contacted Bwin to address the dispute.


SBR reported on BetOnBet's closure on August 22nd. BetOnBet slowpays have continued to be received since that time. Thirty two players report being owed more than $26,990. Few players were paid leading up to BetOnBet's closure. BetOnBet's official statement released to players stated that players would be able to be lodge complaints with liquidators. No information has been made available to player's since this cryptic message was displayed. In light of BetOnBet's failure to settle outstanding debts a rating adjustment to F was made.

JustBet website under denial-of-service attack


JustBet (SBR rating B+) is undergoing a denial of service attack. JustBet's mirror site of is available for bettors to log into, and features a security code log-in (captcha) to thwart potential attackers.