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A Topbet Sportsbook player has reported that he has seven unpaid withdrawals for $2,500 each. The requests date back to May of 2017. The player has been given no updates from the online sportsbook on when his payments will be fulfilled. Topbet is an F rated sports betting site on the worst sportsbook blacklist.


Sportsbook Review congratulates the 2018 NCAA Bracket Contest and Handicapping Contest winners. A total of $10,000 was paid to the winners of both contests, plus thousands of SBR betpoints. Betpoints can be used to redeem items from the SBR Store including bitcoin, electronics, and gift cards.


Are you curious to know which sports betting sites are paying the fastest? Look no further than SBR Forum: a discussion dedicated to logging sportsbook withdrawals allows bettors to exchange valuable information on which companies are paying in a quick and efficient fashion. Users are also encouraged to share payout fees.


SBR Forum's 100 best poker players take the felt tonight at 5PM ET for the Spring Championship. The players qualified for entry into the event from the last three months of tournaments. $1,500 is up for grabs for first place. $500 is paid to the runner-up. A total of 46,500 betpoints will also be distributed to the top 25 finalists.


The 2018 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is officially underway. Baseball sports bettors who will be wagering for the long 162-game season are advised to optimize their bankroll allocation by choosing online sportsbooks that offer MLB dimelines. What is an MLB dimeline? Keep reading to find out.

YouWager Sportsbook Notice


Edit: YouWager is back online.  (SBR rating A) is currently off-line due to a hardware related outage. The downtime started at approximately 3:00PM ET. YouWager management has advised SBR that they expect to be back up in a couple of hours. SBR will update when YouWager comes back online.


A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has claimed that a withdrawal request for €500 has not been completed. 1XBet reportedly canceled the withdrawal without providing a reason to the player. He previously verified his account and successfully received one withdrawal prior to this issue. SBR has requested comment.


A trending discussion at SBR Forum details the profit generated this March Madness by online sports bettors who wagered exclusively on big moneyline underdogs. The full tournament to date has yielded more than 30 units from bettors who have went with this strategy throughout the NCAA men's tournament. | Join the Chat


SBR Forum member funnyman is currently in first place in the $5,000 NCAA Bracket Contest. His picks have been no laughing matter as funnyman has a score of 119 points - a sizable lead of more than 14 units over runner-up TeddyB. Funnyman has Michigan State winning it all in his bracket. | View Standings


Online sportsbooks are not all created equal, especially with bitcoin policies. What matters most to players is the financial stability of each company, and from there how much money can be withdrawn over what period of time. View the industry's top online sportsbooks offering bitcoin. | Compare Bitcoin Sportsbooks


Sportsbook Review invites community members to the International Football Betting Conference (IFBC) weekend bash in Las Vegas. Celebrate the new football year with SBR Pros, social media followers, SBR Staff, and well-known figures from the sports betting and sports media landscape. | More Details

Pinnacle Sportsbook Exits Australian Market


Online sportsbook Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) has existed the Australian market as of today, including Chirstmas Island, Cocos Islands, Heard and McDonald Islands, and Norfolk Island. Players have until April 20 to withdraw their available balances. Wagers entered after 3PM local time were cancelled. | SBR Forum Reaction


JustBet Sportsbook has changed their domain name to Players should update their bookmarks as the previous .cx domain is no longer operational following a complaint from an Australian politician in a jurisdictional and licensing related dispute. JustBet is online under as normal.


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has shared another update with Sportsbook Review concerning the recent web outage that has caused some players to be unable to place bets or log-in for the previous week. BetOnline has been the recipient of a denial of service attack which has also targeted more than 7,000 websites.


New York has joined New Jersey in their pursuit of legal sports betting. State Senator John Bonacic introduced Senate Bill S7900 yesterday, which proposes an amendment to the existing carveout for racebook wagering and allows for legal sports betting at NY casinos and racetracks. However, the bill is contingent on federal law being overturned.


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) experienced downtime this weekend which caused some players to be unable to access their accounts to place wagers. BetOnline management elaborated on what caused these issues in a statement shared with SBR and has asked for the message to be shared with SBR readers.


The March 2018 discussion thread has been created for online sports bettors to document their payouts from sportsbooks. Posting forum members are encouraged to share the method of the payment received as well as fees incurred for each payout. A majority of SBR Forum users prefer to use bitcoin for their transactions with sportsbooks for low fees and guaranteed acceptance rate.

BetOnline Sportsbook Website Issues


BetOnline Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has told SBR that they are working on restoring service to their website. Network issues have caused website service to be interrupted beginning this morning. SBR will share updates and an updated ETA as more information becomes available. | SBR Forum Post


JetWin Sportsbook has advised SBR that there were connectivity issues in their data center earlier this week which caused the delay in their scoring and bet settlement services. SBR previously reported that a player complained about a Euroleague basketball game that was not graded for more than two days.


Online sportsbook StanJames (SBR rating B) has moved all accounts to Unibet. The sportsbook released a statement on its website today detailing that for the past 18 months the company was powered by Unibet. As of 26 February 2018, all player accounts including balances have been moved to Unibet.