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Betsson (SBR rating B-) has closed a player's account which had a €250 balance and alleged that money laundering had taken place. Betsson did not inform the player how the conclusion was reached. SBR will inquire as to whether the deposit was refunded or if the entire balance was confiscated.


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D-) slow pay #48 has been received. A player describes requesting payment of €832 mid-September. BetAfterBet has been largely non-responsive to SBR inquiries, providing only generic updates as to payment delays and refusing to discuss accounts in detail. SBR advises players who maintain balances at BetAfterBet to cease wagering until payments begin to go out. The amount owed by BetAfterBet is estimated to be €33,249 with the oldest payment request intiated on May 10th.

Dimeline addresses bonus dispute


Dimeline (SBR rating D) has addressed the bonus confiscation report from December 2nd. Dimeline offered a 100% cash bonus, 10X rollover in March prior to the MLB season beginning. The conditions of the bonus were that MLB moneylines were not counted toward this promotion. From March 22nd to April 30th a player wagered $52,678.90, $10,172 of these wagers counted toward his rollover. On April 30th Dimeline closed the players account citing steam and non-recreational play.

Dimeline stated that bonuses are intended for non-recreational players and stated that it would only pay a prorated amount of winnings. SBR's position was that this was not a fair tactic and that Dimeline had no right to the player's earned winnings. Dimeline then made an agreement with the player that should they re-enable his account, if he completes the remainder of his 10X rollover, they would pay all winnings with no proration. At that time the player's winnings were in excess of $13,000. Dimeline stated that the bonus would be paid only if the player ceased steam play and was re-profiled as a recreational bettor. The player completed his rollover and withdrew $9976 in winnings. SBR considers the bonus dispute closed. 

Lines2Bet added to SBR Rating Guide

12.06.2009, which was recently acquired by BetFirstClass (SBR rating C-), has been added to the SBR Rating Guide at D+. The new sportsbook was previously using the turnkey services of BetEagle (SBR rating D+).


LegendsSportsbook (SBR rating D-) has snagged another victim. A player googled Legends, intending to find Legends (SBR rating A+), but instead came across the impersonating sportsbook LegendsSportsbook, which is operated by Robbie, formerly of defunct Apex Sports (SBR rating F). The player provided his real Legends account and was given Western Union instructions. The player then sent $500 to the fake Legends before realizing his error. SBR expects the scam sportsbook to credit the player his $500.


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D) slow pay complaint #46 & 47 have been filed. A player requested a €7103 payment on August 6th and is yet to receive his funds. A second player requested €1200 last week. BetAfterBet now has €48,194 worth of outstanding slow pay complaints. Players are encouraged to submit sportsbook complaint forms.
Edit: The correct outstanding amount owed is €32,418 - conversion error.


More Casineto (SBR rating D) payment complaints have been received. One player describes having requested $109 on September 17th and another $50 on October 15th. A second player requested $200 on November 16th. Casineto has provided generic email responses to the players and failed to address their situations directly.  SBR is awaiting a reply from Casineto management on these cases and the twelve others reported. The total amount owed to players is $5823 with the oldest request made in July.


Another HeroesCasino (SBR rating D+) slow pay complaint has been filed. A player requested $4171 on June 3rd and has yet to receive payment. Heroes has failed to provide the player a timeline on when he should expect his funds. Heroes players have reported being owed $74,358.

Betsson closes players account and seizes €2600 balance


Betsson (SBR rating B-) has permanently banned a player's account which held a €2600 balance. Betsson has declined to provide an explanation to the player as to what his infraction was. Betsson will not speak to SBR regarding their decision.


We would like to inform you that after a thorough investigation on your gaming activities we have reached the final decision to close down your account permanently. This decision has been made by our Risk and Fraud team after carefully considering the evidence of the case.  Please respect our decision in closing your account, we have informed you that we  no longer can answer questions about this case.


Stryyke player reports payment


A Stryyke (SBR rating D+) player has reported payment of €100. The withdrawal request was made on October 24th. Stryyke still has three outstanding slowpay complaints for a total of €6576 requested as early as September 1st.


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has refused to pay a $2000 cash bonus which was confiscated from a winning  player on May 1st. In SBR's initial report, it was stated that Dimeline confiscated the $2000 bonus due to non-recreational play. The player funded his Dimeline account on March 22nd with $3100 via Moneybookers. He was then credited a $2000 bonus. The player placed $38,160 in action before Dimeline suspended his account on May 1st, cited steam play, confiscated the bonus, and invalidated a large % of his rollover as his play included MLB moneyline favorites greater than -150. The player's balance after the bonus confiscation was $13,000. Dimeline imposed a new rollover on the player, which he later met. The player cashed out $9976 over the past two months as Dimeline has meted out their ongoing slowpays. Dimeline has refused to credit the player the $2,000 bonus.

3000 SBRpoint Weekend Shootout registering


SBRforum has announced a 3000 point Weekend Shootout. The handicapping contest is entirely free to play, and is being hosted on, SBR's proprietary contest platform. | View handicapping contests forum


In the last Heroes (SBR rating D+) update, SBR reported that Heroes owed four players $19,942. Neither players nor Heroes management have confirmed payment. Since that time, new Heroes slow pay reports have been filed increasing the slow pay amount to $70,187. SBR will update this report as players confirm payment or if new complaints are filed. Players that are being slow paid by HeroesCasino are advised to file sportsbook complaints.

Four new Stryyke slow pays reported


Stryyke (SBR rating D+) players have filed 4 new slow pay complaints. The first payment request was made on September 1st in two different transactions for €5554. The other three withdrawals were made by players from October 19th to October 24th. The total amount of these slow pays are €6576. SBR will update this report after speaking to Stryyke management.


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D-) has paid a player €1000 for a payment requested on September 7th. There are still 45 outstanding slow pay complaints levied against BetAfterBet for a combined €39,891 owed in player funds,.

Dimeline Sportsbook reports payment


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has reported that $1,980 has been paid to a player that requested his payout in June of 2009. Dimeline has also stated that $4,000 was placed back into the gaming account of a player that requested $4,000 in two transactions back in May of 2009 - the checks never arrived. Dimeline has attributed the check situation to the loss of multiple credit card processors over the summer. The player has two $2000 checks in the processing queue. SBR will update this report pending players confirmation. Dimeline currently has one outstanding slowpay complaint in the amount of $4,000 for two payments requested in June of 2009. Dimeline has stated this player's first withdrawal request has been processed.

BetPhoenix internet stable as of this morning


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) players have experienced spotty internet access this past week as the sportbook executed its move to a new internet service provider. BetPhoenix indicates that its casino and racebook platform are still experiencing intermittent downtime, but that access to the sportsbook is now fully restored. SBR has tested the login process and confirmed the sportsbook is currently functioning properly.


InstantActionSports (SBR rating C) gives a winning player who had successfully rollved over a 20% cash bonus an ultimatum. The player  deposited $2,000 via bank wire three months ago and accepted the 20% cash bonus. The player had his wire fees covered for the deposit. The player ran the balance up to $7,143 by placing over $13,000 in action. The player bet mostly straight bets and teasers.

InstantActionSports concedes that the rollover was met but informed the player that he is deemed a non-recreational player and should the player wish to withdraw his balance in full that his bonus, reimbursed fees, and a proportional amount of winnings (<$1400) will be confiscated. The player was then given an ultimatum to leave his initial deposit+bonus+fees in the account to continue wagering.

This is not the first time InstantActionSports has been involved in a dispute like this. Back in June of 2008 InstantActionSports confiscated multiple player bonuses as well as a portion of their winnings. They later agreed to pay in full after SBR inquired on the players' behalf. | View InstantActionSports confiscation reports

Superbook voids $515 in player winnings and closes account


Superbook (SBR rating D-) has voided $515 in player winnings. On October 30th, a player funded Superbook (a member of the Jazette sportsbook family) for the first time with a $200 deposit via Moneybookers. A day later the player increased his balance to $715. On October 31st Superbook closed the account and refunded only the player's $200 deposit. Superbook management has stated that there was a high risk associated with the player. Superbook declined to disclose what the risk was but did state that it had nothing to do with the wagers submitted.

Superbook management:

Our concern was not related to the wagers he submitted.  I will not share the details as to what we believe was the high risk associated to this account or others. I have nothing further to discuss regarding this issue.

We have the right to refuse any account and it's unfortunate that we cannot always do that before they sign up, deposit and place a wager although we do our best to do so within 24 hours.



Twelve Casineto (SBR rating D) slow pay reports have been reported. The oldest payment request was initiated on May 26th, with the others between July and October of 2009. Players have reported being owed $5464. SBR will attempt to reach Casineto management to discuss these cases.

BetPhoenix expects online account access to be restored this evening


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) expects its website to be fully functional this evening. The sportsbook is moving to a new bandwidth provider. Its private source abruptly stopped offering its service to BetPhoenix. Phoenix will move to the same internet service provider used throughout the Costa Rican gaming industry.

BetAfterBet pays player €429.05


BetAfterBet (SBR rating D-) has paid a player €429.05 which was requested August 10th. BetAfterBet has come under fire in the past two months by racking up 46 slow pay complaints. €40,891 is currently owed to those players. SBR will continue to update the BetAfterBet report as new information becomes available. SBR encourages players being slow paid by BetAfterBet to file a sportsbook complaint.

Free 256 Handicapper Tournament: $6,000 Prize Pool

11.20.2009 has launched a Free 256 Handicapper Tournament that features a $6,000 Prize Pool. The tournament is free to enroll in and pays the top 32 finalists. View more details and register for the free handicapping contest today!