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Dimeline suspends winning player's account


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has suspended a winning player's account with a balance of $6950. The player deposited $750 and received a 100% bonus. On November 30th, Dimeline informed the player upon his request that 22/30K of the rollover was filled. On December 23rd the player proceeded to make a withdrawal request after a member of Dimeline staff confirmed his rollover was finished. On December 27th the player received an email that his cash out was not processed due to needing to wager an additional 20K. The player did not protest and chose to continue wagering with Dimeline. On January 2nd, after making another 9K in wagers, the account was disabled without notice being given to the player. SBR has contacted Dimeline to discuss this case.


On 1/12, SBR reported that Bet911 (SBR rating C-) declined to process the withdrawal request of a player citing that he had not fulfilled his rollover request. Through discussion with the player and Bet911, SBR discovered that the player wagered "six-packs", or daily perks, in his process of completing rollover. At the time the bonus was accepted from then manager Carl, the wagers were counted as eligible play. Bet911 has conceded that it never updated its website after November 1st when it states that the decision was made to discontinue counting the daily perk wagers toward the initial bonus promotion, but feels within its right to do so as the terms of service grant the sportsbook total control to change any offering without prior notice. Many sportsbooks have such rules in-print, yet the application of the rule in this instance is unfair to the player. SBR has asked Bet911 to reconsider its decision and to honor the agreed upon bonus terms.


SportsInteraction (SBR rating C-) addresses a sportsbook dispute from June 2007 .  In that dispute, SIA closed a player's account for excessive winnings, then accidentally reopened the account. The player went on to win an additional $15,000. SIA canceled the player's winnings which prompted a rating downgrade to D+.


A Bet911 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint has been filed. A player details depositing $1,000 on October 10th for a promotion which was accompanied by a 6 time rollover. The player states that six-packs, or wagers which one makes five bets on the American football, or soccer market and in return receives a $25 free bet, were included toward the rollover fulfillment at the time. The player placed  £7200 in action before making a withdrawal request. Bet911 has declined the player's first request citing that as of November 1st six-pack wagers no longer counted toward the accepted promotion. The player resubmitted the withdrawal and it was accepted then paid. Bet911 has stated the player was paid out in error, and has declined the player's second withdrawal request. SBR will speak to Bet911 to establish whether or not the rollover terms were changed retroactively.

SBR readers report VivaMacau offline with player funds


SBR Forum readers have reported VivaMacau (unrated) downtime. The Costa Rican based sportsbook has been down for at least two weeks. The website displays a mainenance announcement message and asks for inquiries to be directed to SBR asks that players with balances at VivaMacau file sportsbook complaints to log their information. SBR will update report when contact with the sportsbook is made.


Stryyke has been downgraded to D. On 9/23 SBR initiated Stryyke at D+. Within the first two months of holding the mark at D+, Stryyke resolved five slow pay complaints levied against them by bettors. Since that time, however, Stryyke has accumulated six new slow pay reports totaling €9035 in owed player funds. The earliest request was made on September 1st.

Enterbet player reports a slow pay


An Enterbet (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slow pay complaint. The player requested $1500 on November 29th, and has not received payment since. SBR will contact Enterbet to inquire as to his payment status. Enterbet is part of the GoToEntertainment family of sportsbooks, which also houses slow-pay sportsbook GoToCasino (SBR rating D-).


On 12/9 SBR reported that (SBR rating B) closed a player's account and refunded a €4,000 deposit to Moneybookers. Moneybookers subsequently returned the deposit to IASbet after also closing his account. InternationalAllSports refused to send the withdrawal to any other payment method except Moneybookers, which was the source of deposit. SBR launched an inquiry with Moneybookers, the account was then reinstated. IASbet then returned the €4,000 balance to Moneybookers. | View initial IASbet report

SBG Global reverses decision to cancel wager


SBG Global (SBR rating D-) has reversed its decision to cancel a Formula 1 racing future. The decision was initially outlined in SBR's April 22nd report. Three players wagered Jenson Button at 70-1 to win the Formula 1 World Championship. At the time the wagers were placed, other sportsbooks offered similar odds. SBG Global voided the bets and offered the players the wager at reduced odds - all but one player, who wagered $200 to win $14,000, accepted the deal. SBG Global has decided to honor the player's wager and agreed to pay the full $14,000. SBR will update this report pending the player's confirmation. The dispute was handled by new customer service manager, Juan Romano. | View original SBG Global report.


A Stryyke (SBR rating D+) payment complaint has been filed. A player requested a payment of €799 on December 13th. Stryyke has informed the player that they cannot give a timetable on when the funds will be sent. SBR readers have reported four payment complaints totaling €8297 in owed funds; with the earliest request made on September 1st.


Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact date, but please be sure your payout will be processed as soon as possible.

SBR upgrades BetUs from C- to C


The upgrade is largely attributed to the addition of former Sportbet (SBR rating B+) General Manager Jake Slater. Mr. Slater, now manager of BetUs customer service, has assisted SBR readers with complaints, provided explanation for decisions and helped to amicably resolve disputes.

LasPalmas, Ehorse, BetCanadian players confirm payment


Players at LasPalmas, eHorse, and BetCanadian have confirmed payment.  On 12/27 SBR broke the news that the aforementioned Horizon Twenty brands were acquired by (SBR rating A+). SBR readers that had filed complaints last year against the LasPalmas Group and its sister sportsbooks have confirmed over $54,000 in payments since the acquisition. Bookmaker's financial security provides security to the LasPalmas brands. LasPalmas, eHorse, and BetCanadian have been upgraded to the mark of B.


Just to let you know, all the money I had requested from ehorse has been paid. I have a small balance remaining at the site but the $18000 that was requested about 4 months back has now been fully received by bank wire.



A Stryyke (SBR rating D+) player has reported being owed €922. The player requested payment one month ago and has not received an email or telephone response from Stryyke on the status of his payout. This marks the 4th outstanding Stryyke payment complaint.

BetPhoenix users report technical issues


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) users have reported technical difficulties accessing the website this week. There have been issues with downtime, timeouts, and freezes that have been reported on SBR Forum. BetPhoenix has attributed these problems to a recent ISP change. BetPhoenix has confirmed their network problems to SBR. BetPhoenix expects to be functioning normally by tomorrow afternoon.

WagerWeb (SBR rating C-) confiscation of $9578.60 determined to be theft.


On December 21, 2009, SBR provided an update on this dispute. WagerWeb claimed that the player won a net of $9578.60 on correlated parlays, and that it had warned the player not to make this type of wager in the past. WagerWeb seized this money from the player's balance. SBR asked the sportsbook to, at minimum, provide proof that the player was warned, but was unable to.

The player provided a wager log that shows he started betting on August 23rd, 2009. From August 23 to October 24th, 2009, the player put in numerous bets consisting of mostly correlated parlays. The player lost and made redeposits on September 26th, October 4th and October 17th, 2009. With each redeposit, WagerWeb reviewed his play and gave him deposit bonuses. At one point, the player was down $11,000 betting correlated parlays (which WagerWeb was allowing during the losing streak). The player did not move past even until October 24th, at which point he was showing a net win of $3752. Correlated parlays accounted for a net win of $4302.

If WagerWeb had only confiscated $4302 (the player's net win from correlated parlays), it still would have been an unjust confiscation. Although WagerWeb's rule states that it does not accept correlated parlays, it had no problem honoring them when this player (and other players) were losing for months. WagerWeb's software permits line managers to designate what games are eligible for same-game parlays - if WagerWeb did not want to accept correlated parlays, it could have set its software to disallow any bet type it did not want. WagerWeb's selective enforcement of this rule allows it to free-roll players as evident by at one-time beating this player out of $11,000. Any practice that allows a book to accept wagers the Sportsbook can win, but the player cannot is unfair and unethical.

In addition to confiscating $4302 from the player's net win in correlated parlays, it stole another $5276.60. When it was pointed out to WagerWeb that the player won only $4302 from correlated parlays, it made no attempt to justify the additional theft.

SBR announces free $1,000 NFL Playoffs contest


SBR has announced a free $1,000 NFL Playoffs contest. The contest also gives away 1,000 SBRpoints which can be redeemed at the SBR Store. The handicapping contest lasts the duration of the NFL Playoffs.


A Casineto (SBR rating D) player has reported payment of $73 from a November 6th withdrawal request. Casineto still has 15 reported outstanding slow pays totaling $5910 in owed player funds.


Dimeline (SBR rating D) player has launched a new complaint with Dimeline after his account was audited and payout cancelled. The player initially requested £1200 in June, £400 of which was paid last month. The player has had a second pending payout since early December. Dimeline has stated that the player is short of rollover. SBR will speak to Dimeline as to why the player had already received one payout if rollover was not met.

AtotalSportsbook enters the SBR rating guide at F.

AtotalSportsbook is a new sportsbook from the Costa Rica-based EZ Sports Group. All EZ Sports-affiliated books currently carry an F rating due to refusing to honor big winning wagers in the past.

Enterbet (SBR rating D-) payout delay


The Enterbet (SBR rating D-) player from the September 25th report has written in to update SBR that he has not received any payment toward his $19522.33 owed since June of 2008, when he last received $250. SBR advises the players with balances at Enterbet cease wagering whilst their funds are still in limbo. It is not uncommon for a sportsbook to continue to delay players that have shown a propensity to bet through alleged processor problems. 

Congrats to 256 Man Handicapping Tourney players


SBRforum's 256 Man Handicapping Tournament is in its Sweet 16 round. The contest boasts a $6,000 total prize-pool and was free to enter. is home to many free handicapping contests that register daily. | View free sports contests forum