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MyBet (unrated) slowpay reported


A complaint has been filed against MyBet (unrated). A player deposited €20 on January 9th, after 11 days of play his balance increased to €225.80. On January 20th, after supplying ID, he requested a withdrawal to Moneybookers. As of February 5th no payment has been sent. SBR will investigate the claim. | View SBR sportsbook ratings guide


A Heroes (SBR rating D) slowpay complaint has been reported. The player requested a withdrawal of his $3807.19 balance to Moneybookers on August 2009. He states that a total of 10 emails were sent to Heroes, each of which were answered with generic replies that payments would resume soon. Heroes players have filed 13 slowpay complaints with SBR for a total of $78,165.19 in owed funds. In SBR's February 4th report, Heroes claimed that the company was in the process of merging with another gaming firm, which would allegedly give Heroes the ability to pay players.


A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player has confirmed payment. On October 18th the player requested €1299 via Moneybookers. The withdrawal time was attributed to processor  delays and a lengthy auditing procedure by Stryyke called a 'KCY' check.


The KCY includes :
1.    Verification of the player identity, proof of age and address
2.    Determination of the sources of funds
3.    Verification of the Payment method
4.    Verification and Maintenance of the player records (activities and games)

For some payout request, we run the KYC and if necessary check if there is any problem of addiction.
The all procedure can take between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the player.

Stryyke currently owes 10 players €5233.86. Players experiencing payment delays from Stryyke are invited to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

March Madness Bracket Tourney - $15,000 prizepool


SBR Forum has announced a March Madness Bracket Tourney. The $15,000 prizepool tournament is free to play. View March Madness Bracket Tourney registration thread for more details on how to signup and play.


HeroesCasino (SBR rating D) owes 12 players $74,358. The earliest payment request was made on June 3rd. Heroes has not denied its financial hardship to players yet has continued to market itself and look for more customers that it cannot afford to pay. In a letter addressed to a player dated February 3rd, Heroes management alluded to a potential bailout on the horizon which would allow the troubled company to clear up thousands in player debt.


Good day, after review of your account, it appears that we will be able to directly put $200 back to your card. However the remaining 1700 requested will be on hold due to the email below. Please advise if you would like me to proceed with the CC refund.

At this time we have begun performing all due diligence with a Gaming Firm that has agreed to merge with Heroes, with this happening we will have the opportunity to settle all pending withdrawals. While the process of due diligence in which a full review of all company and client accounts is taking place all payouts will continue to be delayed until completion.
Being aware that some of you have been waiting a long time to receive your funds and hearing that you have to wait longer is probably not appealing however there is now a clear end in sight to your wait.
I would like to take this time to personally apologize for the length of time this whole process has taken, as I have stated it was never the intention of Heroes or myself to mislead you in anyway.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves in this situation but rather than lie down and give up we continued on trying to make Heroes better and settle the payouts owed. Now with the addition of the NEW casino and our new partners we will have completed our mission.
Thank you for your extreme patience during these stressful times.

SBR will continue to monitor the situation with Heroes and the alleged upcoming merge. Players that have outstanding balances with Heroes are encouraged to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

Casineto addresses slowpay complaints


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has addressed the slowpays reported to SBR. Casineto has stated the following, generic message to SBR:


Unfortunately, there are some delays in the payments but we can assure you and our players too, that we try to settle these requests as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconveniences!

SBR has recorded two slowpay complaints against Casineto this month for $1130. SBR has received over 30 slowpay complaints against Casineto, 15 of which are confirmed as outstanding for a total $6,660. SBR will write to all Casineto players on file to confirm payment status.

VivaMacau remains offline with player funds


VivaMacau (unrated) remains offline with player funds. SBR has sent multiple inquiries directly to ownership of VivaMacau and has to this point not received a reply. Six complaints have been filed from players that used the lowkey sportsbooks are collectively owed €8315. While VivaMacau ownership has not yet released any official statement regarding the reported six months of downtime, players are still encouraged to file sportsbook complaint forms to log their disputes in the event that VivaMacau surfaces.

Free $1250 Handicapping Contest registering at


SBR Forum has announced a free $1250 Handicapping Contest. The free contest will take place at, the proprietary contest platform which offers dynamic lines, automatic grading, and a variety of contest types. All that is required to participate is an SBR Forum posting account.

BetAfterBet slow pay reported


BetAfterBet's (SBR rating D-) 50th slow pay complaint has been reported. The Malta-based sportsbook has 50 outstanding slowpay complaints dating back to May 10th of 2009. BetAfterBet has declined to discuss the details of the slowpays to SBR.

WSEX confiscates $14,719 in casino winnings


WSEX (SBR rating C) cancels $14,719 in Pai Gow winnings. From December 13th to 15th a bettor played 564 hands of Pai Gow, winning $14,719. On December 26th his account was deactivated and WSEX confiscated all winnings. An investigation of the dispute showed that the player found a discernible pattern - WSEX's random number generator was not random. After identifying the pattern, the player bet $100 when he expected to win, and $1 when he expected to lose. When he bet $100 the player won 98.1% of his hands.

WSEX concluded that the player was cheating via statistical analysis, claiming that the odds of a player winning this percentage of bets were astronomical. WSEX offered no evidence that the player actually cheated, altered hand outcomes or otherwise did anything to interfere with the softwares operation. WSEX argues that the player's ability to predict hands justifies voiding winnings.

WagerHub agrees to pay player


WagerHub (SBR rating D-) has agreed to pay the player from SBR's February 1st report. WagerHub has informed SBR that a payment of $2500 was sent to the player last night. Originally his betting account was closed and an $8200 balance deducted due to what was labeled nonrecreational play. WagerHub told the player that his $500 deposit would be refunded and winnings nullified. WagerHub has stated it will make arrangements to send the rest of the winnings. SBR will update this report once the entire balance is confirmed as paid. | View WagerHub complaint.


Two new BetDOS (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaints have been received. One player requested a $500 Moneygram on January 15th and has yet to receive his funds. The second player initiated a payout request on January 12th for $1567 via Moneybookers. BetDOS customer service has cited an absent manager as the reason for payment delays.


The problem is that before he was in the office every day, and now he's away and not logged in enough.

In total SBR has recorded six outstanding slowpay complaints against BetDOS. $5908 is owed to players with the oldest requested initiated on December 10th.

Bet911 enforces non-industry standard bonus requirement


Bet911 (SBR rating C-) has enforced a non-industry standard bonus rule. A player funded his Bet911 account with $400 on January 12th. He accepted a 30% cash bonus which carried a 5X rollover. Although the player has completed his rollover after nearly three weeks of play, Bet911 is requiring the player to wager exactly $404 for 10 more days to fulfill his "activity days wager". Bet911 has a rule that requires players to fulfill a specified number of activity day wagers for each promotion. The rule is not in place to prevent dormancy but instead to prevent a player from hitting a few larger wagers and then lowering his bet amount to complete rollover. It is not clear by reading the Bet911 fineprint exactly how the average activity wager figure is reached.

Bet911 T&C:

In regards to the days of activity a player must again wager what he would normally wager on a bet in order for it to count as an activity day credit. If the player normally plays 100 dollar wager and wants a withdraw but still has activity days left he must still wager that 100 a day to get credit for it. He can not bet less than that for it to count as an activity day.

Bet911 has claimed the player agreed to completing 15 activity day wagers prior to accepting the promotion. SBR will address the complaint with Bet911 and ask for a clearer breakdown of what constitutes an activity day wager. If rules are non-industry standard, they must be clear and specifically brought to a players attention. Non-standard rules cannot be buried in the fineprint of the terms and conditions page.

5Dimes performing site maintenance


5Dimes (SBR rating A+) has informed SBR that it is performing site maintenance. Players are currently unable to login into their online accounts but may place a wager by phone. 5Dimes estimates the maintenance to be complete within 30 minutes.

Stryyke player reports payment


A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player has reported payment. On January 13th the player requested a €200 payment to his Moneybookers account. Eight Stryyke players have filed complaints over the last month reporting a total €4769.31 in owed funds. Stryyke has informed SBR that the manager who would receive player disputes has left the company. Stryyke has stated that it intends to work with SBR in updating the status of players who are owed. Stryyke has not directly commented on what has contributed to the payment delays.


Yes,i received my withdrawal today,200 euros via mb.Thanks for the help.I really appreciate that.


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has filed a slowplay complaint.  On September 9th & 23rd the player requested a cashout of $450 and $300. Since that time he has sent multiple emails to Casineto inquiring on the status of his funds, and has received only generic updates that his funds would soon be paid. Casineto is a smaller operation which has struggled in the past with prompt payment of players. SBR has a record of over fifteen outstanding slowpay complaints totaling $6660 in owed player funds. SBR will address this complaint and others with Casineto.

BetDOS slow pay reported


A fourth BetDOS (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaint has been reported. On December 18th a player requested €400. BetDOS has not provided a timeline for his withdrawal request. In total BetDOS has four outstanding slowpay complaints totaling *$3841 in owed player funds. The payouts were reqeusted December 10th, 18th, and January 4th, 12th.
-+€400 converted to $556 per exchange rate

Player comments:

I have an account with BETDOS and waiting for payout for 1 month. I have requested it 12-18-2009 for €400



WagerHub (unrated) has confiscated $8,200 in player winnings citing nonrecreational play. On January 14th a player funded $500 to his WagerHub account by credit card. After one week of play his account balance increased to $6,000. On January 22nd the player was sent an email that he was being limited to $250 per wager. The player continued to bet with his new limits and increased his balance to $8,200. WagerHub then closed the account stating that the bets were nonrecreational, and that the $500 deposit would be refunded.  SBR considers the action theft and will communicate this point to WagerHub. | View full WagerHub sportsbook complaint.


Four new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slowpay complaints have been reported totaling €1261.50 in owed player funds. Over the last four weeks, Stryyke players have reported being owed €4969.31 with payments requested as early as October 18th.

Bet911 bonus complaint resolved


The Bet911 (SBR rating C-) bonus complaint from SBR's 1/31 report was resolved. The player confirmed receiving his balance minus a $35 withdrawal fee.


A Bet911 (SBR rating C-) player has filed a sportsbook bonus complaint. After placing two wagers Bet911 limited the player to $25 across the board while still having $4K remaining in rollover. SBR will followup on the case with Bet911.


Six new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slow payment complaints have been filed with SportsBookReview. The oldest payment request was made on October 18th for €1299. Two of the payouts were requested in November for a total €1532 in owed funds, with the remaining three requested in December and January. The total amount Stryyke owes to the six players is €3707. This brings the figure of total funds owed players that have filed complaints with SBR up to €14,042. Fifteen players have outstanding disputes against Stryyke.


We apologize the payout takes so much time, but please be sure we will send the money as soon as possible. With kind regards Stryyke Issues Team"

WagerHub supplies erroneous Moneygram instructions to player two times


On December 21st, a player requested a $1400 withdrawal from WagerHub (unrated). On December 23rd WagerHub provided the player with a reference number which Moneygram rejected as being nonexistant. The following day WagerHub again supplied the player with a nonexistant Moneygram reference number.  WagerHub refused to discuss the details of the invalid Moneygram reference numbers with SBR, but did state that the player would have a payment sent on January 19th. No such payment was made. Players with disputes against WagerHub may submit a sportsbook complaint form.