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Eight new Stryyke (SBR rating D) complaints have been received. The players report requesting a total of €5284.21 from November 2nd to January 18th respectively. Stryyke currently has a total of 16 outstanding slowpay complaints filed against them, with the oldest request made on November 2nd. Stryyke has €10,588.16 in player debt. SBR will update this report as the payout statuses change or more complaints are received.

New sportsbook from Apex family added to SBR ratings guide


Phoenix Racebook (SBR rating D-) has been added to the SBR ratings guide. The racebook is a member of the Apex sportsbook family, which includes Bet33 (SBR rating D-), CanadasBookie (SBR rating D-), and others. The original Apex Sportsbook maintains a rating of F due to shutting its doors in 2004 while in significant player debt, most of which has remained unpaid. Bet33, along with the new wave of Apex financed sportsbooks have kept clean payment histories to this date. Bet33 has vowed that it would reopen old Apex cases and repay its player debt. SBR remains in discussion with Bet33 on old player cases.

BetFirstClass users advised to request funds


BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) and sister sportsbooks downgraded from C to D amid news that the books owner is in US custody. Those who work with the sportsbook group state that BFC "Mike" was wanted, prior to starting his sportsbook, for tax evasion. Representatives for BetFirstClass say it is "business as usual." Players are sure to test that statement with an influx of withdrawal requests. BetFirstClass is a small sportsbook that became known after advertising on a betting forum. To date, there have not been any payout complaints from BetFirstClass players.

Sister BetFirstClass sportsbooks are: Lines2Bet (SBR rating D), Lay104 (SBR rating D).

Stryyke players report payment


Two Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have confirmed payment. The payment requests were made on November 23rd and December 31st for €715.31 and €200. There are still nine outstanding slowpay reports against Stryyke totaling €5730.45 in player funds owed. The oldest payment request was made on November 10th.

Stryyke player:

I have received all the money that was owed to me from Stryyke. Thank you for all your help.


I received my payout earlier today, thanks for your help.

Update: Since this report was published, a third player has confirmed receiving payment today for €426.50, the payment was requested on December 9th. Stryyke now has eight outstanding slowpay complaints levied against them for a total €5303.95 in player debt.


SBR discusses Apex player debt with Bet33


In 2004 an Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player wrote SBR asking for assistance with a payment plan. In the summer of 2004 Apex officially closed its doors with over six figures in player debt. Apex ownership used the player winnings and founded a new sportsbook, Bet33 (SBR rating D-). Bet33 opened at a rating of F in October 2005. Bet33 did not follow in Apex's footsteps, and after four years of no outstanding slowpay complaints a rating adjustment to D- was made. Bet33 has remained at D- due to the fact that the Apex debt has still not been fully cleared. Bet33 claimed it would pay off the Apex player debt, but thus far has only one confirmed payment to a player for $3000 from SBR's 11/19 report. SBR is currently in discussion with Bet33 on the 2004 complaint and will update this report if any progress is made. Players that have still yet to receive payment from Apex Sportsbook are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

SBG refuses to revisit decision to lower payouts on winning Futures bet


SBG Global (SBR rating D-) will not reverse its decision to lower payout odds on a Formula 1 racing future for all players. On 1/10 SBR reported that it decided to pay one player who wagered $200 to win $14,00 on Jenson Button at 70:1. The player was not willing to accept a reduced odds settlement. SBG Global is refusing to pay other players who bet the 70:1 wager their full winnings noting that these players already accepted settlements. It is SBR's position that these deals were made under durress - players were given the option to ha ve the wagers voided, or settle at 10:1 instead of 70:1. The odds of 70:1 were fair market value when the wagers were placed.


An OddsMaker (SBR rating D-) player has written in with a two year old slowpay complaint. On 1/28/08 Oddsmaker allegedly sent a $1,510.04 check to the player. The expected timeframe for receiving the check was 10-14 business days. More than two years later, the player has not received any explanation on if the check was in fact lost, nor has he been able to initiate a cancelation on the check. Customer service has not been able to validate the status of the check or communicate this with the player. SBR will inquire and update this report.

Three Stryyke players confirm payment


Three Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have confirmed payment. The payments were requested on December 1st, January 14th, and January 18th for a total €760. Stryyke has also stated that three other players have been paid whose slowpays were reported on SBR, SBR has not yet confirmed those payments. In total 11 slowpays remain outstanding for €6645.76 in owed player funds.

BetDOS player reports payment


The BetDOS (SBR rating D+) player from SBR's February 2nd & 9th reports has confirmed payment. BetDOS sent $500 to the player via cash transfer this morning. In total SBR has five outstanding slowpay complaints against BetDOS with $5408 owed players. The earliest payment was requested on December 10th.

Bet911 bonus complaint received; player has not met average activity wagers


Bet911 (SBR rating C-) uses activity day credits to count toward a players rollover in addition to the standard X time rollover. In a complaint filed with SBR on February 9th, a player complains that the unusual rule was not brought to his attention at the time the bonus was accepted. Bet911's rule on activity wagers states the following:



In regards to the days of activity a player must again wager what he would normally wager on a bet in order for it to count as an activity day credit. If the player normally plays 100 dollar wager and wants a withdraw but still has activity days left he must still wager that 100 a day to get credit for it. He can not bet less than that for it to count as an activity day. The rule is not in place to prevent dormancy but instead to prevent a player from hitting a few larger wagers and then lowering his bet amount to complete rollover. At the time of your request for a withdraw your average wager will be figured out by taking the amount that you have wagered and dividing it by the number of wagers that you have placed. If it looks that you intentionally bet smaller wagers to lower your average wager these bets will not be considered when it comes time to figure your average wager for an activity day but they will be figured in on your rollover.

On December 4th the bettor deposited €475 and received a 30% cash bonus. The bonus was accompanied by a 9X rollover of deposit and bonus amount. On December 27th the 9X rollover was completed. The players balance at this time was €6500. At this time the player made a withdrawal request which was canceled by Bet911 due to 30 days of activity wagers not being met. In this case, Bet911 asks the player to bet an additional €467 for 21 more days before being able to cashout his winnings. SBR's position is that non-industry standard bonus terms must be presented clearly to a player at the time the bonus is accepted to avoid confusion.




A Casineto (SBR rating D-) player has confirmed payment after a 5 month slowpay. The player initially requested payment on July 17th for €500. He reported the good news this morning to SBR. After an updated tally SBR has recorded 40 Casineto slowpay complaints in the last six months, 30 of which remain outstanding. Players are owed €17,321 in total with the oldest payment request made on June 13th.


I received full payment from them just yesterday. It only took months.


A former Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has written in after reading SBR's report on Jupiter Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) being added to the SBR sportsbook ratings guide. The player maintained a balance of $13,100 at the time Apex closed shop and walked away with players balances. Apex eventually financed a new venture, Bet33 (SBR rating D-). Bet33 opened at the mark of F, however after four years without a no-pay complaint the rating was reassessed. Bet33 has made promises to SBR that it would reopen Apex cases and use its new resources to pay players. Although Apex Sportsbook denied its solvency at the time it shutdown, Bet33 was founded in part by player debt.


On January 15th a BetDOS (SBR rating D+) player requested a $500 Moneygram payment, this was after being forced to rollover his balance once more after an alleged ownership change. BetDOS waffled in providing a clear payment timeline to the player, yet on the morning of Money February 8th assured him that due to his continued patience he would be sent a cash transfer that day with fees waived. The player spoke to GM Mark Roberts and CS manager 'Tina'. After noon passed live chat was taken offline. The player waited all night and no Western Union notice was delivered to him.  His $500 remains outstanding. In total SBR has received six slowpay complaints against BetDOS. BetDOS has $5908 in player debt with the earliest payment request made on December 10th.

GamblersPalace complaints total $6025; five players owed


Five GamblersPalace (SBR rating C) slowpay complaints have been received. Two of the payment requests were made in September of 2009, the other three were initiated in December. A total $6025 is owed to the players. GamblersPalace has in two instances changed bonus terms after the fact and forced players to complete additional rollover. GamblersPalace is a sister sportsbook to SkyTower (SBR rating C).


A new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slowpay complaint has been filed. A bettor attempted to withdraw of €775 on January 18th via bank transfer. He sent multiple emails to Stryyke customer service and has yet to receive a timeline on when he can expect to receive his funds. This marks the eleventh outstanding Stryyke slowpay. Stryyke's debt to players is now €6008.86 with the oldest payment request made on October 18th.

Bet33 (formerly Apex Sportsbook) fails to pay stiffed players


Bet33 (SBR rating D-) management has not kept its promise to repay players who held balances at Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) at the time the sportsbook flatlined. Unpaid player balances helped create the Bet33 operation, which has the same ownership as the defunct Apex Sportsbook. Bet33 was upgraded from F to D- in July of 2009 after there were no nonpayment reports in more than three years.

MyBet (unrated) slowpay reported


A complaint has been filed against MyBet (unrated). A player deposited €20 on January 9th, after 11 days of play his balance increased to €225.80. On January 20th, after supplying ID, he requested a withdrawal to Moneybookers. As of February 5th no payment has been sent. SBR will investigate the claim. | View SBR sportsbook ratings guide


A Heroes (SBR rating D) slowpay complaint has been reported. The player requested a withdrawal of his $3807.19 balance to Moneybookers on August 2009. He states that a total of 10 emails were sent to Heroes, each of which were answered with generic replies that payments would resume soon. Heroes players have filed 13 slowpay complaints with SBR for a total of $78,165.19 in owed funds. In SBR's February 4th report, Heroes claimed that the company was in the process of merging with another gaming firm, which would allegedly give Heroes the ability to pay players.


A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player has confirmed payment. On October 18th the player requested €1299 via Moneybookers. The withdrawal time was attributed to processor  delays and a lengthy auditing procedure by Stryyke called a 'KCY' check.


The KCY includes :
1.    Verification of the player identity, proof of age and address
2.    Determination of the sources of funds
3.    Verification of the Payment method
4.    Verification and Maintenance of the player records (activities and games)

For some payout request, we run the KYC and if necessary check if there is any problem of addiction.
The all procedure can take between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the player.

Stryyke currently owes 10 players €5233.86. Players experiencing payment delays from Stryyke are invited to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

March Madness Bracket Tourney - $15,000 prizepool


SBR Forum has announced a March Madness Bracket Tourney. The $15,000 prizepool tournament is free to play. View March Madness Bracket Tourney registration thread for more details on how to signup and play.


HeroesCasino (SBR rating D) owes 12 players $74,358. The earliest payment request was made on June 3rd. Heroes has not denied its financial hardship to players yet has continued to market itself and look for more customers that it cannot afford to pay. In a letter addressed to a player dated February 3rd, Heroes management alluded to a potential bailout on the horizon which would allow the troubled company to clear up thousands in player debt.


Good day, after review of your account, it appears that we will be able to directly put $200 back to your card. However the remaining 1700 requested will be on hold due to the email below. Please advise if you would like me to proceed with the CC refund.

At this time we have begun performing all due diligence with a Gaming Firm that has agreed to merge with Heroes, with this happening we will have the opportunity to settle all pending withdrawals. While the process of due diligence in which a full review of all company and client accounts is taking place all payouts will continue to be delayed until completion.
Being aware that some of you have been waiting a long time to receive your funds and hearing that you have to wait longer is probably not appealing however there is now a clear end in sight to your wait.
I would like to take this time to personally apologize for the length of time this whole process has taken, as I have stated it was never the intention of Heroes or myself to mislead you in anyway.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we found ourselves in this situation but rather than lie down and give up we continued on trying to make Heroes better and settle the payouts owed. Now with the addition of the NEW casino and our new partners we will have completed our mission.
Thank you for your extreme patience during these stressful times.

SBR will continue to monitor the situation with Heroes and the alleged upcoming merge. Players that have outstanding balances with Heroes are encouraged to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

Casineto addresses slowpay complaints


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has addressed the slowpays reported to SBR. Casineto has stated the following, generic message to SBR:


Unfortunately, there are some delays in the payments but we can assure you and our players too, that we try to settle these requests as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconveniences!

SBR has recorded two slowpay complaints against Casineto this month for $1130. SBR has received over 30 slowpay complaints against Casineto, 15 of which are confirmed as outstanding for a total $6,660. SBR will write to all Casineto players on file to confirm payment status.