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GolfAndBet (unrated) displays the following message on its webpage to visitors acknowledging that the sportsbook is insolvent.

GolfAndBet homepage message:

We at Golf and Bet is committed to providing our customers a bit more than usual. It has been appreciated by our members that have flowed above our expectations.Unfortunately, it has also led to our generous bonuses during startup have been too expensive why we decided to take a temporary timeout in the meantime we are working to resolve the situation.

During that time we will not accept new deposits from our customers and do not make disbursements.We hope for your understanding and that you are assured that we will do our best to operate properly as soon as possible. Of course, it also means that our goal is that all the outstanding balances should be paid out in full in accordance with our bonus rules.

Despite this message, which is signed by managing director Stefan Gladh, stating that new deposits would not be accepted, a player wrote to SBR on 2/24 indicating that he deposited €100 on January 25th, and attempted to withdraw winnings on February 5th.

SBR contacted Stefan Gladh asking him to confirm that no new deposits are being taken. Stefan claimed that deposits were not being processed and that the sportsbook is currently looking for investors. This is a direct contradiction of the information SBR received in its player complaint. SBR asks that players owed from when GolfAndBet first displayed its insolvency message file sportsbook complaint reports. GolfAndBet has been added to the SBR sportsbooks ratings guide at F.

Unibet complaint


A Unibet (SBR rating B+) player admits to opening a second account on February 9th and funding it with €300. Unibet discovered the multiple account violation and closed the account. The player has claimed that his deposit has not yet been returned to Moneybookers. SBR has written Unibet to inquire if the deposit was in fact refunded.


A BetDOS (SBR rating D+) slowpay has been reported. The BetDOS player funded his account in November of 2009 with €50. After completing a ten-time rollover, he requested payment in January for €200. He was then told that due to an ''ownership change'' he would be required to complete a one-time rollover before withdrawing his funds. BetDOS has forced other players that have written in with slowpay complaints to do the same. After completing the additional rollover of his funds, the player requested payment once again on January 25th. The player has still not received his €200 withdrawal after one month. SBR will speak with BetDOS to inquire on the status of this payout, and the five others which have been reported to SBR for a combined €5408 in player debt.


A WagerHub (SBR rating D-) player funded his account with $800 via an eWalletxpress deposit. The player states that he bet successfully with WagerHub and increased his balance to between $4-$5000, before the deposit was ruled as being made with insufficient funds. The player states that WagerHub offered him a deal that if he sent $834+ fees via Western Union to cover the deposit he would be allowed to continue betting provided he played for at least 30 days. WagerHub confirmed to SBR that this arrangement was made. The player sent a $900 Western Union to WagerHub and proceeded to increase his account to more than $9,000 before eventually zeroing out his account. The player later wrote to SBR when eWalletxpress informed him that they never received the $900 from the sportsbook. The player covered the second $900 out of pocket to eWalletxpress so that he could reopen his account. SBR is in the process of gathering more information into  the chargeback dispute.


Betsafe (SBR rating C) has canceled a winning wager on the over 148.5 points in womens Euroleague basketball match. The player bet €50 to win €42.50. Betsafe's reason for the cancelation was the the wrong team was listed as being the home team. The winning bet was canceled after the games completion. BetSafe provided the player the following rule:


"3.17 reserves the right to deem bets void if there are changes in the venue/arena of whereas an event will take place."

SBR asks that bettors that had the losing side of the bet write in for assistance if their bets were settled normally. | Sportsbook complaint form


No-Pay Sportsbook off-line


No-pay sportsbook BookTheBet (SBR rating F) has went off-line. The scam sportsbook accumulated a number of no-pay complaints which were reported to SBR in the last four years. BookTheBet was downgraded to F in June of 2006. BookTheBet made waves in late 2005 when it offered players stiffed by UWagerSports (SBR rating F) 300% 'bailout bonuses'. BookTheBet began to accumulate slowpay complaints which later turned into no pays. The largest documented winner with BookTheBet is a player that has been owed $28,000 since July 3rd of 2006. From SBR cases alone BookTheBet's player debt exceeds $40,000. Sister sportsbook PornSportbook (SBR rating F) is also off-line.

JustBet update


On 2/24 SBR reported that JustBet (SBR rating B+) was battling denial of service attacks. JustBet management has confirmed to SBR that the attacks have not yet subsided, and that player access is not fully restored. Players are able to access JustBet on a limited basis, and are asked to call JustBet's CS line. JustBet management has also confirmed that wagers are being accepted as normal via telephone.


Stryyke (SBR rating D) has discussed the status of outstanding slowpay complaints with SBR. The sportsbook is based in Malta and claims that due to Malta imposed regulations rigorous checks of players accounts must be complete prior to their first payout. The industry standard in verifying a players identity is one to two business days; some Stryyke players have waited months for payment. Stryyke has attributed the payment delays and length of account verification to the size of their staff. SBR asks that Stryyke updates its website with a revised payment timeline and notate the delays involved until the "KCY" procedure is complete. While Stryyke has shaved down the number of their slowpay complaints, new reports have steadily trickled in. SBR last reported on February 23rd that 12 players are owed a collective €8656.65. As of today Stryyke owes €6384.65 to 8 players with the earliest request made on November 2nd.

BetUS bonus complaint


BetUS (SBR rating C) limited a player that had $97,740 remaining in rollover to $50 maximum bets. The player deposited $8700 in exchange for a $3480 freeplay bonus. BetUS initially claimed that the player's wagers were limited to $500, the player provided SBR a screenshot showing a $50 maximum. BetUS did not dispute the accuracy of the screenshot. BetUS agreed only to allow the player to phone in bets up to $500. As of February 1st the player has $45,542 remaining in uncleared rollover.
*editor's correction - The player cleared more than half of his rollover before being limited.

JustBet encountering DDOS attack


JustBet (SBR rating B+) is experiencing a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS). The main site is available in some locations and features a security code log-in, also referred to as a captcha, which helps thwart potential attackers. SBR will update this report when JustBet is back online for all players. JustBet has stated that it is still taking bets as normal on their wagering phone line.

BetSportsWeb player on payment plan


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) pays $300 to a  player that requested a $2022 withdrawal on January 27th. SBR advises players to avoid funding sportsbooks that are unable to pay balances wholly.

MyBet (unrated) complaint resolved


A player has stated that MyBet (unrated) removed €330 from his account. MyBet confirmed with SBR that the player registered his account in a different country  from which he lived. The player was refunded €162 and his account has been closed. MyBet has not yet cleared the slowpay reported by SBR on 2/5.

SBR to speak with Stryyke management today


SBR has a phone conference scheduled with Stryyke (SBR rating D) later today. Stryyke plans to address the status of the outstanding slowpay complaints submitted to SBR. In the last month, Stryyke players have filed 18 slowpay complaints. Sixteen of those players have confirmed payment totaling €8789.82 collectively. In total there are still 12 outstanding slowpay complaints including the five filed yesterday and in months prior. Stryyke has €8565.65 in debt to these players. SBR will inquire on the length of payment times and the recurring delays players have reported experiencing. This report will be updated.


Five new Stryyke (SBR rating D) slowpays have been reported. The payment requests were made from May of 2009 to February 2010 for a total €2822 in player funds owed. This brings Stryyke's updated total owed players to €8656.65. In total 12 players are owed with the earliest payment request made in May 2009.

Bet1128 Moneybookers dispute: player account suspended


A player has claimed that Bet1128 (SBR rating D+) has suspended his account due to his Moneybookers email address allegedly not matching his sportsbook registered address. The player states the emails are the same or the system would not process the withdrawal request. After disabling the Moneybookers option for his account, Bet1128 proceeded to suspend the bettors account. SBR will inquire on the status of the players account and his funds.

SBR Free Racebook is now live


The free SBR Racebook is now live. SBR Forum members may use their loyalty points to place wagers on dozens of tracks. The software used is industry grade and offers numerous betting options. Posters may use their earned and won loyalty points to make purchases for various merchandise at the SBR Store.


Bwin (SBR rating C-) has closed two unrelated players account citing security reasons. The first player wagered €177 on a soccer match between Ethnikos Asteras and Piertikos. Bwin locked the player out of the account and stated that an investigation was being conducted into his account, providing no further details. After two weeks Bwin offered to reinstate the players account only if he agreed to cancel the Asteras vs Piertikos bet. The player refused and inquired why the bet could not be settled correctly. Bwin stated that it was waiting for an official ruling that the match was not suspected to have been suspicious from the 'ESSA Organization'. Bwin refunded the players deposits and has claimed it would return the player's winnings if the match was deemed 'regular'.

A second player writes to SBR that after placing a string of Badminton wagers, his account was randomly closed for security purposes. No additional information was provided to the player as to the reason for the account freeze. SBR has written Bwin on both cases.

Stryyke player reports €1237 payment


A Stryyke (SBR rating D) player that filed a payment complaint with SBR on February 3rd has reported payment from Stryyke. The player requested €1237.40 via Moneybookers on January 12th. Stryyke currently owes five players €3725.05 with the earliest payment request made on November 18th.

Player comments:

Many, many thanks to you for your involvement and undisputed leverage. I had honestly written this cash off as a bad debt. 39 days from successful completion of KYC to Moneybookers payout. I shall raise a pint of Guiness to you and SBR this very evening.

WagerWeb confiscation update


On January 6th SBR reported that WagerWeb (SBR rating D) confiscated $9578.60 from a player that wagered exclusively on correlated parlays. WagerWeb has since locked the player out of his betting account, freezing his remaining $1700 balance. SBR is following up with WagerWeb to ascertain the reason for the action and whether or not the player is scheduled to be paid his funds.

SBR Poker Freeroll series registering; $5,000 in prizes


SBR Forum has announced a poker freeroll series which will take place throughout March Madness 2010. The events have a total $5,000 prize pool and are entirely free to play. Visit SBR Forum for more details. | Poker Freeroll signup

BoyleSports (unrated) declines to discuss sportsbook complaint


On 2/15 SBR reported that BoyleSports (unrated) voided a players winning €20 wager on an Italy Series B soccer match between Gallipoli and Grosseto. SBR followed up on the complaint and inquired to BoyleSports about the wager cancelation. BoyleSports cited data protection as the reason it could not comment on the case, despite the fact that the player authorized SBR to inquire on his behalf. The soccer match between Gallipoli and Grosseto has come under fire in the last week with at least two confirmed sportsbooks, BoyleSports and Interwetten (SBR rating B-) canceling bets on the soccer match due to suspicions of foul play. Top soccer sportsbooks such as Betfair (SBR rating A+) paid all bets as normal in the match.


Stryyke (SBR rating D) players have reported 15 payments in the month of February. Stryyke currently owes six players €4962.45 with the oldest payment requested on November 18th. Stryyke maintains that all players are undergoing an account auditing process which includes anti-fraud measures, account verificiation, and other undisclosed analysis. Stryyke has been more active in communications with SBR, which is an encouraging sign for players. Anyone with a current outstanding slowpay against Stryyke is invited to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) acquires GamblersPalace


Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) has officially acquired GamblersPalace (SBR rating C+). All player balances remain and wager history remains intact and pending withdrawal requests do not need to be requested again. The acquisition by Bookmaker is the kind of news players that filed GamblersPalace slowpay complaints in the last month were hoping for.


Interwetten (SBR rating B-) has addressed the €6300 canceled bet dispute from SBR's 2/15 report. Interwetten has cited third party news sources which chronicled a highly irregular number of bets on a 2-2 exact score outcome on an Italy B Series soccer game between Gallipoli and Grosseto. The score was 2-1 at half when a lopsided number of bets streamed in on the exact outcome. SBR has inquired in discussions with Interwetten whether or not all open bets on the game were voided, or only the wagers on the 2-2 outcome. Interwetten stated that its legal department advised them to not answer these questions. Interwetten, along with all other sportsbooks which serve sports where match fixing has been proven to occur have rules on file enabling them to void all bets in such games. The most ethical course of action when canceling bets on matches determined to be fixed is to void all wagers, not to selectively apply which wagers to settle. Betfair (SBR rating A+) graded all markets normally on the wager. | Interwetten cancels winning bet report.