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BetSportsWeb slowpay complaint


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaint has been reported. On January 24th a player deposited $1000 via credit card. After waiting for the 45-day hold to expire on credit card deposits, the player requested $1000 on March 9th. The player has yet to receive his funds and has been provided no timeline on payment. BetSportsWeb has recently forced players to accept payment plans.


BetWay (SBR rating D-) has closed the account of a player with a $1369.60 balance. BetWay refunded the player's deposit of $495 minus a 10% administrative fee. BetWay claims that the player operated multiple accounts, which the player adamantly denies. This is the third BetWay account closure case reported to SBR in the last month. SBR is investigating.

SBRforum points lottery tonight at 7PM ET


SBRforum is running a free points lottery for community members tonight at 8PM ET. The points lottery has a jackpot of 1750 SBRpoints. Points may be used to redeem items from the SBR Store.

MyBet complaint reported


A complaint has been filed against MyBet (unrated). A MyBet player requested payment of €400 in mid-March. He was asked to send in ID and obliged, three weeks later MyBet has yet to confirm receiving his documents and his payout has still not been processed. SBR is inquiring.

SBRforum announces 2010 SBR Vegas Bash


SBRforum has announced travel and registration details for the 2010 SBR Vegas Bash. The bash is being thrown for SBRforum members on the weekend of August 27th-28th at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada. Included among the festivities will be a free poker and golf tournament, an Icebreaker with open bar and entertainment, and a Saturday night dinner. | SBR Bash registration.

WagerStreet merges under parent company TheGreek


WagerStreet (SBR rating B+) has officially merged under parent company TheGreek sportsbook (SBR rating A+). TheGreek website asks for WagerStreet players to create a new account using TheGreek login, at which point all balances will be transfered over. Existing Greek customers must email with their old WagerStreet details to have the two accounts merged.

A BetBoo (unrated) sportsbook complaint has been received. On March 21st a player placed a wager on a soccer match ebtween Vejle and Frederica for €300. After placing the bet, the player took a screenshot of the wager as his custom. The screenshot shows his wager clearly. Two hours after the match ended and his bet should have been settled, the player discovered the wager was canceled and his stake returned. After inquiring with BetBoo, customer service stated that the system displayed the wrong soccer team. The player went back to his account history and found that the ticket had been changed to read Sutjeska Niksic-Frederica instead of the Vejle-Frederica which he bet on and recorded a screencap of. SBR is following up with BetBoo.

Tipico (unrated) sportsbook complaint


A Tipico (unrated) sportsbook complaint has been received. On March 21st a player funded €100 to Tipico and received a bonus of €100. After increasing his balance to €1000 the player asked for a withdrawal. Tipico then requested that he provide ID documents including a copy of the credit card used, ID, and a utility bill. Tipico  discovered that the player provided a different utility bill than the one registered to his ID card. The player was reluctant to provide his home address to allegedly prevent his parents from finding out about his activity. The player then supplied his actual utility bill showing his correct address; however Tipico closed the account citing their terms of service. SBR is investigating the complaint.


A BetFred (SBR rating B-) bonus complaint has been reported. A player opened an account to take advantage of a free £100 bet offer. The player won his free bet on a 12/1 horse wager, then won his next play on a 16/1 wager. The player  requested a withdrawal of £2900 to his Moneybookers account. After 5 days of no communication from BetFred or Moneybookers payment, the player called BetFred and was informed that his account was being investigated for bonus abuse. No further information was given to the player. SBR is investigating.

Unibet sportsbook complaint update


The Unibet (SBR rating B+) sportsbook complaint from SBR's February 26th report remains unresolved. A player opened a second account on February 9th and deposited €300. Unibet discovered the multiple account violation and closed the account. The deposit has still not been returned to Moneybookers.

Free MLB Contest: $1000 in prizes


SBRforum has announced a Free $1,000 MLB contest which runs through April. Register to play at, SBRforum's free betting contest site.

Stryyke players still await answers


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has not replied to SBR inquiries in the last two weeks. Players have not been provided updates on their payout statuses by Stryyke customer service. The current amount owed by Stryyke to fifteen players is $15,233.95.  Stryyke has been downgraded to the mark of D-.


Has there been any further communication with stryyke regarding my withdrawal? It has now been 15 Weeks.

$1,000 SBRforum Poker Freeroll tonight


SBRforum's $1,000 poker freeroll begins tonight at 8:05PM ET. There is still time left to register! View SBRforum poker freeroll signup thread for more details.

GoToCasino payment complaint


A GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) player has filed a payout complaint. The player has a balance of $6,300. GoToCasino issued a partial payment of $450 in mid-June of 2009. SBR will follow up with GoToCasino.

WSEX payout complaints update


Additional WSEX (SBR rating C-) complaints have been received since SBR's last WSEX slow-pays update. The total amount owed to SBR readers is $137,950. Of those 18 players, the following have requested payments at least two months ago:

Players and amount owed over 3 months: One player owed $27,000 from an October 2009 payment request.
Players and amount owed over 2 months: Seven players a total $12,650 from payment requests made on January 3rd-27th.

WSEX has conceded to SBR that the size of each payment request plays a direct role in current payout times. SBR is continuing to seek updates on behalf of players and monitor WSEX's current position. WSEX was downgraded to the mark of C- on March 25th. SBR readers that are owed by WSEX who have not yet done so are encouraged to file sportsbook complaint forms.


A BetAfterBet (SBR rating D-) payment has been reported. The player had requested €400 on September 22nd. SBR currently has 50 outstanding slow-pay complaints which have been levied against BetAfterBet totaling over €40,000 in funds owed.

Casineto payment complaint


A Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint has been filed. The player requested $500 on September 23rd and has yet to receive his funds. This is the second outstanding slow-pay complaint against Casineto. SBR reported on March 25th that a player requested $1400 on May 30th.

HeroesCasino off-line; attempting sale of brand


HeroesCasino (SBR rating D-) is currently off-line while ownership is attempting to sell the brand. Heroes was the subject of SBR's February 5th report which chronicled Heroes slow-pays; thirteen players have reported being owed $78,165.19. SBR has learned that investors will be meeting in the next week with present HeroesCasino ownership to discuss the potential sale, the sportsbook is expected to be off-line until then.

BetSportsWeb finishes payment installments with player


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) has finished its payment installments to a player that requested $2857 in November 2009.  The player was paid between each $150-$250 each installment. SBR reported on March 19th that two other BetSportsWeb players were also being slow-paid for a combined $7,395.

Player comments:

Dear SBR,
Finally I received everything from BetSportsWeb! They sent me my last portion of $170 yesterday. Recapitualtion is as follows:
My balance was $2857 in the middle of November 2009. They paid me in 15 installments between $150 - $250. It took them 4 months and a half. They collected $10 per withdrawal. Nevertheless that players deserve one free payout per month. As a conclusion, at least for me, BetSportSWeb is one of the most pitiful ofshore bookmaker. I'd like once again to thank you about the support with my complaint against BetSportSWeb!

Bwin account closure complaints


SBR has received 5 similiar Bwin (SBR rating C-) complaints. In each complaint, players' accounts were closed without notice by Bwin. Bwin later stated to SBR that it declines all hand written ID's from Ukraine and Russia, and that ID's must be machine readadable. SBR is continuing its discussion with Bwin on its customer service.

BetDOS still off-line with player funds


On 3/23 SBR reported that BetDOS was taken off-line by its hosting provider. BetDOS (SBR rating D-) was downgraded  on March 22nd by SBR due to its continued poor customer service and non-existant dispute relations. BetDOS failed to pay its software provider and was subsequently taken off-line. SBR will update this report as more information is learned.

SBRforum announces MLB opening week contest


SBRforum has announced an MLB opening week contest. The contest awards the top two contestants merchandise from the SBR Store, the third place finisher will receive 150 SBR Points. The contest is registering on SBR Picks; a free handicapping contests site for SBR posters.

Congrats SBR Poker winners; last $1,000 event registering


Congrats to SBR poker winners from $1,000 freeroll #4. SBRforum has run four poker freerolls throughout March Madness and given away $4,000 to SBRforum members. Event #5 takes place Thursday April 1st at 8:05PM ET. | View poker freeroll registration thread.