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Interwetten cancels bet on darts match


Interwetten (SBR rating B-) canceled a player's wager on a darts match between Taylor and King. The $50 wager was placed at 1.7 odds. Interwetten e-mailed the player indicating there was an error in the odds offered. SBR is researching the games line history.

BetFirstClass complaint update


The BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player from SBR's May 17th slow-pay complaint has written in with an update. As detailed in the report, $1,000 toward his $2,472 payment request was filled with Western Union on May 17th. BetFirstClass stated that WU would not allow more to be sent in a 24 hour period to the player's location. However, four days have passed since then and no arrangements have yet been made to send the remaining balance. SBR is following up with BetFirstClass on the WU delay.
BetFirstClass player:

BFC said they will payout me on last week ,and then i call them about slow pay my 1472 by westernunion,and they told me will pay today or tomorrow every time when i ask them,yesterday i just got they e-mail say will pay on yesterday but rigth also no pay,they seems make most reason to hold my money 1472.

Sports-1 players report Moneybookers slow-pay


Sports-1 (SBR rating B) players have reported Moneybookers slow-pay. Player 1 requested $4000 on April 24th. Player 2 requested $3700 on April 26th. Player 3 requested  €1500 on April 27th.

Player 2 asked to receive a Western Union payment in light of the Moneybookers delay, but was denied permission. SBR is discussing all three cases with Sports-1 management, and inquiring as to why the players cannot opt for a different method given that Sports-1 has not been able to complete the payouts in its standard time-frame.

Stryyke management fails to address slow-pays


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has declined to directly address the slow-pay complaints reported by SBR readers. Stryyke's last communication to SBR was on May 10th and contained a generic message detailing the Malta based sportsbook's intention to allegedly tighten up security measures in verifying accounts. Stryyke has a process it refers to as a "KYC procedure", that can take several months to complete. Although Stryyke will not reveal exactly what the process it is, it appears to be nothing more than verifying whether a drivers license or passport matches the name and details registered to the betting account. This process typically takes one business day for most sportsbooks to complete.

A new Stryyke slow-pay was received today. A player requested €700 on January 30th and has yet to receive his funds. This brings Stryyke debt to 30 players up to €27,449.85. Unpaid withdrawals were requested as far back as 12 months ago.

Stryyke sportsbook:

We want to inform you and your users that Stryyke has increased and tightened our KYC, fraud and risk management procedures significantly in order to prevent and lower fraudulent and professional betting activities on our platform during the last months. And Stryyke will continue to do so in the future in order to enable safe and secure gaming experience for regular, trusted customers and do fend off the increasing professionalism of fraudulent users.

We are monitoring very carefully bonus abuses, suspicious betting patterns, money laundering, multiple and fake accounts and any other suspicious of fraudulent activities. Any violation of our terms and and/or detection of suspicious actions will lead to immediate exclusion of the platform.

Casineto updates expected payment time-frame in slow-pay complaints


On May 10th Casineto (SBR rating D-) addressed the then 15 slow-pay complaints reported by users, by stating that all payments would be received by May 24th. Casineto has now revised its time-frame by stating that payments will now be received by May 28th, citing an unspecified national holiday as the reason for the change. SBR will update this report if Casineto fails to meet its new payment time-frame. Casineto is slow-paying 16 players $7087, with one payout requested as early as May of 2009.

Casineto Sportsbook:

As the 24th of May is a national holiday, we will settle the accounts of those players during the next week. So they will be paid by 28th of May.

Player vs Dimeline Sportsbook: bonus complaint


A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has written in with a sportsbook dispute. The player joined Dimeline in March of 2009 and received a 100% bonus with a 10X rollover. At the end of April 2009, the player claims the rollover was completed. He requested a withdrawal of £1200 on June 1st 2009. After four months passed by with no payments issued, Dimeline informed the player the check was lost in the mail and that he could begin receiving his funds in £200 increments. The player states he received only £200.

After following up with Dimeline Sportsbook, the sportsbook claimed to SBR that the player failed to meet his rollover and was allowed cashouts in error; additionally the player was allegedly double-credited a deposit which went unreported. SBR has asked for Dimeline to send all logs of the player's account adjustments and wagering activity to substantiate its position. SBR will update this report as more information is learned.


Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay #16 has hit the SBR mailbox. Casineto addressed the slow-pay complaints by stating that all players who contacted SBR for assistance would be paid by May 25th. Casineto did not directly comment on what has contributed to the lengthy payment delays. Casineto's debt to 16 players is $7087, with the oldest payment requested in May of 2009.

BetSportsWeb fails to honor payment plan


In August of 2009, BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) informed a player with an $8,700 balance that he could only receive $300 in winnings per week. BetSportsWeb last paid the player $100 (instead of the agreed upon $300) on February 9th. Since that time, no additional payments have been made. As of May 12th, the player is still owed $3,500. SBR will update this report.

Mansion88 raises player's limits to £50 in bonus complaint


On May 10th SBR reported on a Mansion88 bonus complaint.  A player with  £5000 remaining in bonus rollover to fulfill was limited to £5 maximum wagers. After SBR's formal inquiry to Mansion88, the unrated sportsbook raised the player's limits to £50. The player has accepted this outcome as fair and will continue wagering toward his rollover.

BetFirstClass player confirms receiving payment


The BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player who was the subject of SBR's May 6th slow-pay complaint has confirmed recieving $1,000 via Western Union. He is still owed an additional $1,472, but due to the country-imposed transfer limit he could not be sent more in one day. SBR will update this report as the player confirms receiving his remaining balance.


SBR visited the office of ActionOnSports (SBR rating C) for a sportsbook photos tour. ActionOnSports is small, niche betting site based in San Jose, Costa Rica. ActionOnSports has been in business since 1999 and online since 2004, and does not accept US players. ActionOnSports caters toward Canadian sports bettors and advertises in Canadian newspapers versus traditional web based marketing. SBR has received little to no feedback from ActiononSports users since it began in 2004. ActionOnSports has been assessed an initial rating of C. | ActionOnSports Sportsbook Photo Tour

Stryyke slow-pays another winner


A Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint has been reported to SBR. On April 15th a player requested a withdrawal of €561 to Moneybookers, and has yet to receive payment. The player states all required ID documents are on file with Stryyke. Stryyke players have now submitted 29 slow-pay complaints for a total of €26,749.85.

BetOnline247 refunds deposits of winning players and fails to pay funds


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) has refunded a third player's deposit following a payout request. On December 5th a player requested a withdrawal of $508 and was instead credited back only $101 (the amount of his deposit). Following this time BetOnline247 has ignored all of the player's inquiries. This is the third instance of BetOnline247 sportsbook refunding the deposits of winning players and failing to payout their funds. BetOnline247 is operated on the Golden Star Gaming platform. SBR is following up with the software provider to confirm their business relationship with BetOnline247. BetOnline247 has ignored all SBR inquiries, and does not list a public phone number.

CreditWagering slow-pays update


A CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) slow-pay has been received.  On April 7th a player requested a $400 withdrawal. This is the 5th slow-pay complaint submitted by CreditWagering players. CreditWagering owes those players $4900, with the earliest payment request made on January 9th. CreditWagering has claimed to SBR that two of the players would be paid next week.

WSEX - player owed $180 for 3 months


A WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay complaint has been reported. A player requested a $180 withdrawal on February 18th, and has yet to receive his funds or an accurate time-line of when to expect his payment from WSEX. WSEX currently owes 33 players that have filed slow-pay complaints $184,284. The oldest payment request was made in October of 2009.

Stryyke slow-pay #28 reaches SBR mailbox


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) slow-pay number 28 has reached the SBR mailbox. SBR has published multiple slow-pay complaints against Stryyke that have been submitted by players.  In this latest complaint, a Stryyke player requested €675 on March 31st, and €947.35 on May 4th. In an e-mail response to the player touching on the payment delay, Stryyke claimed that they are required to perform a "KYC" procedure - an acronym Stryyke uses to refer to verifying the player's identity. While most sportsbooks are able to match a name from a drivers license to that registered in the player's betting account in as little as one business day, Stryyke has taken upward of several months in multiple cases reported to SBR. Stryyke currently owes 28 players a total of €26,188.65; the earliest payment was requested in May of 2009. | Stryyke forum discussion

Bet911 increases bonuses for deposits on money players will never see


Bet911 (SBR rating F) is still taking deposits a week after admitting on SBRforum that it could no longer afford to pay players, and that the sportsbook was looking for a buyer to take on its debt. Bet911 has been unsuccessful in attracting a potential suitor. The scam sportsbook is now offering 70% cash bonuses with a 14X rollover for all new depositors. Bet911 is on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist. | SBRforum: Bet911 admits to stealing funds

Bet911 Live Chat Transcript


Player: Before I signup I'd like to know the deposit bonus and rollover?
Bet911: 70%
Bet911: 14x rollover
Bet911: if you use western union you can use your credit card


BetSportsWeb player owed $11,352 on payment plan


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) player owed $11,352 is on a payment plan. The player reported receiving $500 today. SBR asked BetSportsWeb as to whether or not there is the possibility the player could receive his full balance in less than 23 months, but to date no response has been given.

CreditWagering player reports a $400 slow-pay


A CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) player has reported a slow-pay for $400. This is the fourth player that has written in to SBR for sportsbook dispute assistance. Four players are owed $4500; with the oldest payment requested on January 9th of 2010. SBR will update this report.

CreditWagering player:

I have been on live-chat every week and constantly told the same thing...processors are down BUT I did speak to a representative before that told me Western Union was an option so why not send it to me WU? I sent an email to their cashier with that info but no response. I fear the constant questioning will cause them to close my account or not pay. Any help would be appreciated. My pending amount to withdrawal is 400.00 and terribly enough, I could make another request for another 400. My balance is +$800.

BetSportsWeb player being slow-paid for $170


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player requested a withdrawal of $170 on April 19th and has yet to receive his funds. SBR is investigating the complaint.

BetSportsWeb player:

on April 19th I have requested a withdrawal of 170 $. The amount still shows as pending. Several times I tried to contact them, the live-chat is always offline, if if you leave a message you get no response. Also if you write to other emails adresses like directly to general support or to the cashier, no response. I told them today that I make a complaint via SBR

WillHill player reports software error transferring to casino


Editor's update: This matter was resolved.

A WillHill (SBR rating A) player has reported that after executing a transfer of £465 from his sportsbook balance into the WillHill instant casino, his casino balance never credited the funds. The player made the transfer on March 29th and has been unable to get the matter resolved with WillHill customer service. SBR is now contacting WillHill on his behalf.

WSEX debt to 35 players - $184,104


Five new WSEX (SBR rating C-) slow-pay complaints have been received. Five players are being slow-paid $20,473, the oldest payout request was made on February 23rd. This increases the WSEX player debt to $184,104; according to the other 32 slow-pay complaints recorded against WSEX.

WSEX player:

Requested cashouts of $3,000 on 3/31/10, 4/2/10, and 4/5/10 via courier check withdrawal. Have yet to receive a tracking number or a check, and am given the runaround by customer service about the "processors" being slow and there is nothing they can do. I have been a longtime customer and am used to payouts taking I am at a month+ and still nothing. Not a good way to keep any customers.