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Stryyke confiscates more winnings


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has confiscated €529 in winnings from a player that filed a slow-pay complaint. Stryyke again cited its obscene rule that bettors it determines are professional will not receive any winnings. SBR considers the action theft and urges players to avoid Stryyke.

Interwetten past-post wager dispute - update


Interwetten (SBR rating B-) has voided the past-posted wager a player made on a Turkish basketball game. The player wrote to SBR for assistance on May 29th after Interwetten initially settled the bet as a loser, despite being accepted after the game began.

Interwetten player:

You and SBR is GREAT!!!  The money is on my account!!!!

GoToCasino unable to pay even smaller winners


A GoToCasino (SBR rating D-) payment complaint has been reported. On February 3rd a player requested a withdrawal of his $250 balance; the request is still pending with no word from GoToCasino on when the payout will be processed. SBR is investigating.

Interwetten wagering complaint - player past-posts and requests refund


An Interwetten (SBR rating B-) wagering complaint has been received. A player claims to have wagered 30 minutes into a Turkish basketball game without recognizing the match had began. The player has cited Interwetten's rule that all wagers placed after the start of an event would be void. SBR is investigating the complaint.

BetSportsWeb closes player's account that complains of slow-pay


BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) closed a player's account and debited him $200 for an arbitrary "administrative fee" after the player complained of slowpay. The fee is reportedly to cover the cost of BetSportsWeb closing the player's account. The player was initially owed $2700 and has received only payment installments from BetSportsWeb. SBR is attempting to reach BetSportsWeb to discuss this case.

Stryyke theft - player has winnings confiscated


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has cited an obscene rule to justify the theft of a player's winnings. €1500 of winnings were confiscated from a player's betting account. The following message was sent to the player:


Our risk management detected professional betting pattern on your account. According to our Terms 4.8, any professional gambling by individuals or gambler pools, Stryyke may exclude the customer from the further usage of without any reason. This exclusion shall be carried out by freezing the account and all winnings.

Stryyke has stated it will refund the player's deposit. Stryyke has degenerated into a scam sportsbook, refunding the deposits of winning players and occasionally paying out players that it considers profitable to retain. Players are advised to avoid this sportsbook at all costs.

1bet2bet payment complaints


Two 1bet2bet (unrated) payment complaints have been filed. Player 1 requested €151 on February 7th, player 2 requested €732 on April 12th. Neither player has been given an update on the status of their payouts. SBR is attempting to reach a member of 1bet2bet's staff to discuss both cases.

1bet2bet player:

I asked for a 151 euro payment on February 7th, three months and 20 days later I don't have my money. They ignore my messages, e-mails and faxes. I use the fax number they have on the web, I also contact via their web (to accounts, info, payments, customer service etc. I send e-mails to all different departments too. But I never get any answer.

CreditWagering slow-pays: $4,500 owed to 4 players


A CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaint has been received. On March 29th a player requested $400 and has yet to receive his funds. This marks the 4th outstanding CreditWagering slow-pay complaint. Players are owed a total of $4500 with the earliest payment request made on January 9th.

CreditWagering player:

Payout of $400 requested on Monday March 29, 2010. Repeat requests since have resulted in consistent responses of server or bank issues and always maybe next week you will recceive payment. I was also told moneygram was an option which is what I prefer anyways but that also never happened. I sent them an email yesterday asking if this week would be the week and still no response. My biggest fear in constantly bothering them is that they do have a copy of my id. Payment still has not been received.


Bet365 unlocks player's account


On 5/24 SBR reported that Bet365 (SBR rating C) twice locked a player's account despite receiving the required proof of ID. SBR followed up with Bet365 on the matter; an accounting oversight was made in re-locking the account after it had been verified. The player's account is now unlocked.

Globet Sportsbook feedback wanted


A Globet Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) complaint was received. On May 16th a player requested a withdrawal via Moneybookers for €244; after growing impatient the player canceled the withdrawal request and submitted another for a lesser amount. Players with feedback on Globet and payment times are encouraged to write to

Bet247USA Sportsbook is currently off-line


Bet247USA (SBR rating D-) is currently off-line. One concerned player with a $39,000 balance wrote in that he has been unable to contact Bet247USA. The listed phone number of 1-800-737-7059 is not currently functional. SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.

Stryyke confiscates €750 from player


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has confiscated €750 from a player claiming the player was guilty of "fraudulent activity on (his) betting account". Stryyke initially froze the account and requested the player provide a copy of his ID; he immediately complied. Stryyke then informed the player, after receiving the documents confirming his identity, that his account would remain closed and that the decision was final. No explanation was provided to the player on what constituted the alleged "fraudulent activity" and what entitled Stryyke to confiscate the entirety of his balance. This is not the first time Stryyke has cited its terms and conditions to justify theft, as on April 22th the Malta-based sportsbook suspended all bets on an NBA wager claiming that there were suspicious wagering patterns on the game. SBR is following up with Stryyke management.

Expekt confiscates €923 citing poker chip-dumping


An Expekt (SBR rating B-) complaint has been reported. In December of 2009, Expekt confiscated €923 before closing the account of a player allegedly involved with chip-dumping in their poker room. The player denies being related to any other accounts or taking part in any chip-dumping. Chip-dumping is the act of intentionally transferring or receiving funds from accounts with ill-gotten funds in them; typically from accounts with deposits which will not clear. Expekt did not provide any proof to support its conclusion to the player. SBR has contacted Expekt.


A BetFair (SBR rating A+) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. On May 4th, the player requested a $150 withdrawal to Webmoney, however only $120 was sent to his Webmoney account. The player states he wrote an e-mail to inquire to BetFair about this. At this point, his account was closed. The remaining $150 in his account has not been paid, nor has the player been provided an explanation for the account closure. On May 9th, BetFair closed two player accounts alleging fraudulent activity, but did not share its evidence with SBR. BetFair often cites its data protection act, and generally limits its discussions regarding player complaints to IBAS - the Independent Betting Adjudication Service that settles UK gambling disputes. SBR has written to BetFair to inquire.

Bet365 - player's account locked twice


Editor's note: This matter is resolved.

A Bet365 (SBR rating C) customer service complaint has been reported. Bet365 locked the player's account on May 19th and asked him to provide documents to verify his identity. The player obliged the request and after receiving confirmation his documents were in order his account was unlocked. However, Bet365 again locked his account the following morning. Customer service was not able to provide any information as to why the account was again locked after his ID documents were verified once. SBR is following up with Bet365.

Interwetten bet cancelation update


On 5/21 SBR reported that Interwetten (SBR rating B-) canceled a player's $50 wager on a darts match between Taylor and King. Interwetten canceled the bet prior to the game beginning and notified the player there was an error in the odds offered. SBR has confirmed that the odds of 1.7 were off market.

Sports-1 Moneybookers withdrawal delays update


A Sports-1 (SBR rating B) player from SBR's May 21st report has confirmed receiving payment. He requested €1500 on April 27th via Moneybookers. Sports-1 management has stated that all Moneybookers payouts would be cleared by the middle of next week. SBR will update this report.

Casineto player reports a $103 slow-pay


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has received another slow-pay complaint. A player requested a withdrawal to Moneybookers for $103 on April 4th. On May 20th SBR reported that Casineto claimed that all of the then 16 players who filed sportsbook complaints could expect payment by May 28th. Casineto initially projected that payouts would be caught up by the 24th, but is apparently requiring additional time in honor of the "Whitsun (Pentecost" holiday.  Casineto now owes 17 players $7190, the first payout request was made in May of 2009.

CreditWagering slow-pays update


Two CreditWagering (SBR rating D-)  players have reported payment. The players were the subject of SBR's May 15th slow-pay report. Player 1 was paid $400 from an April 7th withdrawal request. Player 2 also received a $400 payment. CreditWagering currently owes three other players a combined $4100. SBR will update this report.

Interwetten cancels bet on darts match


Interwetten (SBR rating B-) canceled a player's wager on a darts match between Taylor and King. The $50 wager was placed at 1.7 odds. Interwetten e-mailed the player indicating there was an error in the odds offered. SBR is researching the games line history.

BetFirstClass complaint update


The BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) player from SBR's May 17th slow-pay complaint has written in with an update. As detailed in the report, $1,000 toward his $2,472 payment request was filled with Western Union on May 17th. BetFirstClass stated that WU would not allow more to be sent in a 24 hour period to the player's location. However, four days have passed since then and no arrangements have yet been made to send the remaining balance. SBR is following up with BetFirstClass on the WU delay.
BetFirstClass player:

BFC said they will payout me on last week ,and then i call them about slow pay my 1472 by westernunion,and they told me will pay today or tomorrow every time when i ask them,yesterday i just got they e-mail say will pay on yesterday but rigth also no pay,they seems make most reason to hold my money 1472.

Sports-1 players report Moneybookers slow-pay


Sports-1 (SBR rating B) players have reported Moneybookers slow-pay. Player 1 requested $4000 on April 24th. Player 2 requested $3700 on April 26th. Player 3 requested  €1500 on April 27th.

Player 2 asked to receive a Western Union payment in light of the Moneybookers delay, but was denied permission. SBR is discussing all three cases with Sports-1 management, and inquiring as to why the players cannot opt for a different method given that Sports-1 has not been able to complete the payouts in its standard time-frame.

Stryyke management fails to address slow-pays


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has declined to directly address the slow-pay complaints reported by SBR readers. Stryyke's last communication to SBR was on May 10th and contained a generic message detailing the Malta based sportsbook's intention to allegedly tighten up security measures in verifying accounts. Stryyke has a process it refers to as a "KYC procedure", that can take several months to complete. Although Stryyke will not reveal exactly what the process it is, it appears to be nothing more than verifying whether a drivers license or passport matches the name and details registered to the betting account. This process typically takes one business day for most sportsbooks to complete.

A new Stryyke slow-pay was received today. A player requested €700 on January 30th and has yet to receive his funds. This brings Stryyke debt to 30 players up to €27,449.85. Unpaid withdrawals were requested as far back as 12 months ago.

Stryyke sportsbook:

We want to inform you and your users that Stryyke has increased and tightened our KYC, fraud and risk management procedures significantly in order to prevent and lower fraudulent and professional betting activities on our platform during the last months. And Stryyke will continue to do so in the future in order to enable safe and secure gaming experience for regular, trusted customers and do fend off the increasing professionalism of fraudulent users.

We are monitoring very carefully bonus abuses, suspicious betting patterns, money laundering, multiple and fake accounts and any other suspicious of fraudulent activities. Any violation of our terms and and/or detection of suspicious actions will lead to immediate exclusion of the platform.