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BetSportsWeb fails to follow through with payment plan


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D-) payout complaint has been received. BetSportsWeb made partial payments to a player beginning in January of 2010 after closing his account. The player last received $1400 in April, and is still owed $1,060. BetSportsWeb initially promised to make weekly installments toward the player's balance. This is not the first reported instance of BetSportsWeb failing to honor its payment plans. BetSportsWeb's rating has been lowered to D-.

Jazz Sports player points out misleading listed payout times


A Jazz Sportsbook (SBR rating C) payment complaint has been reported. On May 27th a player requested $4142 via Moneybookers, before learning from Jazz that he would have to limit his payout requests to $500 increments. This is despite the message on the JazzSports website listing "Same day payouts, receive within hours of your request (up to $5000)". To date the player has received 5 payments from Jazz, and is now being asked to wait an additional two weeks per payout request. Jazz Sports was downgraded to C on June 1st for its inability to efficiently service eWallet methods, along with LooseLines (SBR rating C) and ABC Islands (SBR rating C).

Globet player submits sportsbook slow-pay complaint


A Globet (SBR rating D+) payout complaint has been reported. On April 27th a player requested €293 via bank wire, and has not received payment. In an e-mail to the player dated May 21st, Globet only stated that he would receive payment as soon as possible. SBR is following up with Globet.

CreditWagering addresses slow-pay complaints


CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) tells SBR that all players who filed sportsbook slow-pay complaints would be paid within 3 weeks. No further information regarding the slow-pays was made available. Five players have submitted CreditWagering payout complaints totaling $10,559.85 in funds owed.


All customers will be paid within the next 3 weeks.

Free World Cup Contests at SBRforum


SBRforum posters are buzzing about todays Free World Cup Trivia contest, which is operated via live broadcast where posters watch along to type potential answers in the Free World Cup Trivia thread. Each correct answer is worth $25 in free cash. Aside from World Cup Trivia, SBRforum is also currently accepting registrations for the free $500 World Cup Moneyline Madness and $500 World Cup Action Goals contests. Each free money event takes place on SBR Contests.

BetUS excludes wagers from rollover


A BetUS (SBR rating C) bonus complaint has been reported. A player deposited $1000 in December and wagered on the LA Lakers to win the NBA Championship. He received $200 in freeplay for his deposit, which he lost. The offer held a 6 time rollover. After receiving his winnings from the Lakers bet, he began betting both sides of each wager to more quickly clear through rollover and to secure some profits from his future bet. BetUS initially told the player only one side of these wagers would count toward rollover, before allegedly telling him in a follow-up phone call he made to inquire on his rollover completion that no wagers would count toward rollover if both sides were taken. BetUS has no posted rule on the subject. On April 29th BetUS received a similar complaint of not counting certain wagers toward rollover. SBR is investigating the complaint.

CreditWagering website off-line


CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) is off-line. CreditWagering is currently slow-paying 5 payers a total of $10,559.85, the first payout was requested on January 19th. Players have reported being on payment plans to SBR.


New Bestake (SBR rating F) complaints have been reported from players who were victimized by the unrated sportsbook's scam which was initially reported by SportsBookReview on June 20th. The Bestake homepage displayed a logo of "Show me the money" next to a new '4 hour express withdrawal' option that was never before placed on its site. After clicking the image and believing that they were going to be initiating withdrawal requests, players entire balances were placed on six World Cup soccer games. Bestake's hidden condition which was obscurely written inside of its terms of service for this 'promotion' was that all six wagers must win in order for a player to receive a 15% profit on their balances. Had the terms been clear and apparent once this radical and unprecedented promotion was launched, no players would accept what amounts to drastically worse six-team parlay odds for their entire account balances. Bestake management justified the absurd clause by stating that it was printed on the site, albeit not front and center next to the misleading promotion. SBR considers the action theft and is recommending Bestake cancel all wagers which resulted in players losing their balances on account of the promotion. | Bestake player comments



BetOnline247 claims two players balances have been paid


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) management has claimed that two players who wrote in that their deposits were returned and balances left in their accounts have been paid. On June 9th BetOnline247 first contacted SBR stating that its website was back on-line and that the sportsbook intended to clear all player debt. SBR is contacting both players to verify BetOnline247's claims.

Casineto management stalling players


Casineto (SBR rating D-) has acknowledged to SBR the financial problems it is having, as evidenced by the 18 outstanding slowpay complaints totaling $9418 in player funds owed. Casineto did not go into specifics but stated that within 2 weeks it expects all payment issues to be resolved. This is not the first instance of Casineto providing an arbitrary time-line, on May 20th Casineto claimed it would have all payouts cleared by May 24th. SBR will update this report.

Three WSEX players report payment


Three WSEX (SBR rating D+) players have reported payment. One player received $9000 via 3 checks, two other players received $2500 each via Neteller. Players that have not submitted sportsbook complaints against WSEX are encouraged to do so. WSEX is currently slow-paying 33 players a total of $213,690, with the first payout request made in October of 2009. On June 18th, WSEX management stated players that asked SBR for help would be on a "priority list".


Update to 6/20 Bestake fraud report - SBR has received 30 complaints from Bestake players on the sportsbook's new "Show me the money" feature. Bestake placed a link for the promotion next to an inaccurate description: "New Feature: Express 4 hours withdraw. Start now.".

Casineto withdrawals - slow-pay #18


Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay #18 has been reported. On May 5th a player requested $2228 via Moneybookers, and has yet to receive his funds. Casineto has provided only generic e-mails in response to the players inquiries. Casineto is currently slow-paying 18 players a total of $9418. The first withdrawal request was made in May of 2009.


Bestake (unrated) players have reported fraud. Twenty five Bestake complaints were filed with SBR this morning. When players logged into their accounts a popup window appeared called "Express Withdrawal - Show me the money in 4 hours'. After clicking the option, players reported that their account balances changed to 0, and that exactly six unauthorized bets were recorded to their accounts zeroing their balances.

BetSportsWeb player account locked for 3 months


A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D) complaint has been reported. A player states that BetSportsWeb froze his account 3 months ago, with a balance of $3,920. His last payment was received from BetSportsWeb in March. The BSW manager that handles player complaints has been out of the office on each attempt the player made to inquire about his account. In a report dated June 2nd, SBR chronicled BetSportsWeb unwillingness to discuss player issues.

WSEX player reports payment


A WSEX (SBR rating D+) player has reported payment. The player received two $2500 checks this month. He wrote SBR for dispute assistance on June 3rd. The player is still owed $15,000 by WSEX. WSEX management has discussed the payout delays with SBR and has stated players who submitted sportsbook complaints were on a priority list. WSEX has 35 slow-pay complaints levied against them for a total of $222,690.

Unibet account closure dispute - update


Unibet (SBR rating B+) has paid the player from SBR's June 7th sportsbook complaint. Following SBR's inquiry with Unibet, the player received his €710.44 balance via bank wire.

Unibet player:

Thank you so much! I just checked my account and the money are there. I think they never gonna pay me without your help!

Player vs - account payment dispute


A (SBR rating D-) payment dispute has been received. A player deposited $500 on May 6th and proceeded to increase his balance to $5,000. He requested a withdrawal of $2000 which was sent via check, the check bounced on June 7th. The player allegedly threatened to charge back his initial deposit after the check bounced. then disabled his account. SBR is investigating the complaint.

BetPhoenix website currently down


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) is currently down. This is the second time this month BetPhoenix has encountered a website outage. SBR is following up with BetPhoenix.

Update - BetPhoenix came back on-line within 15 minutes.

CreditWagering slow-pays update


Two new CreditWagering (SBR rating D-) slow-pays have been reported. Two players requested $400 and $401 respectively on March 18th and March 29th. SBR's last correspondence with CreditWagering was on June 8th. The longest outstanding slow-pay complaint is for $6059.85, dating back to January 19th. SBR will update this report.

1Bet2Bet claims players will be paid in one week


1Bet2Bet (unrated) has claimed to SBR that the two players who reported being slow-paid will be paid in one week. Player 1 requested €151 on February 7th, player 2 requested €732 on April 12th. SBR will update this report.

BetOnline247 makes partial payment to player


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) has made a partial payment of $200 to a player that had his deposit returned after requesting a withdrawal. The player initially requested $1492 from BetOnline247 on December 7th. His deposit of $225 was returned on January 14th. On June 9th, BetOnline247 management contacted SBR claiming that the site was once again operational after a period of downtime and that the sportsbook intended to settle all balances owed. SBR will update this report as more payments are made. Players that have not contacted SBR are asked to fill out sportsbook complaint forms.


It has been reported that the Luck3 Poker room has been powered off by the Cake Network. Luck3 is not currently hosting any real money games. Three players have contacted SBR for assistance with unpaid balances. There have been no known payouts made by Luck3 since the poker room was disabled from the Cake Network. Players with grievances or more information about the poker room are encouraged to write to

BetOnline now accepting non-US bettors


BetOnline (SBR rating B+) tells SBR that they are now accepting non-US bettors. Residents of Panama, where BetOnline is headquartered, and residents of Malta are not able to open accounts.