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Free MLB Betting Bracket Contest - Register today!


SBRforum has announced a Free MLB Betting Bracket Contest. The head-to-head contest has a $3,000 prize-pool that pays to the final 8 finishers. Only 133 spots are left, register at SBRcontests today! | View Free MLB Betting Bracket contest information.

Bet770 player submits payment complaint


A Bet770 (unrated) payment complaint has been reported. On June 15th a player initiated a withdrawal request of €8142 via Moneybookers. The player has not received payment to date. SBR is following up with Bet770 to inquire. Readers with feedback for Bet770, or players with payment issues are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

WSEX slow-pay -player owed $1,000 since March 22nd


A new WSEX (SBR rating D) slow-pay complaint has been filed following SBR's July 2nd update. That slow-pay report highlighted 3 new payment complaints. In this latest instance of slow-pay, a player writes to SBR that he requested a payout of $1,000 on March 22nd. WSEX gave its usual generic replies pinning the blame on processor changes, and allegedly asks the player to call back in a week for an updated time-frame. WSEX has been unable to efficiently shave down its number of payout complaints, accumulating more slow-pay complaints than there are payment reports. 47 players have written to SBR for dispute assistance with WSEX. Those players are owed a combined $250,617 with the earliest payment request made in October of 2009. As of July 3rd, WSEX has been lowered to the mark of D.

WSEX player:

Requested a payout of $1000 on March 22, 2010 and receive the same excuses week after week. Change of processors, checks being halted when I see people commenting on the internet of receiving checks, and plain old ignoring emails. Each time I call, I'm told to call back in a week or not given a time frame.

Two WSEX slow-pay complaints reach SBR mailbox


Two WSEX (SBR rating D+) slow-pay complaints have been reported.

Player 1: Requested $140.00 from WSEX on February 3rd. Player has been given various excuses about a change in carriers.
Player 2: Requested $3000.00 from WSEX on March 23rd. WSEX claimed to be encountering processor problems.

A major complaint from players with WSEX has been the fact that, seemingly, staff have been instructed to provide generic and misleading statements regarding the withdrawal process. WSEX management did claim to SBR that players who filed for sportsbook assistance would be placed on priority lists. Four WSEX players reported payment in June; however 9 additional slow-pay complaints were filed since those reports surfaced. In total WSEX's debt to 46 players has now increased to $249,617. The first of those payout requests was made in October of 2009.

Scam sportsbook BetCascade robs another player


BetCascade (SBR rating F) has robbed another player. A player wrote into SBR indicating he has a $1,532 balance with BetCascade and is unable to obtain any information regarding being paid his funds. BetCascade is a deposit-only sportsbook that owes millions of dollars to players. BetCascade is on the worst sportsbooks blacklist. As the NFL football season approaches, BetCascade has continued to attempt to market itself to unsuspecting players that are unaware of the sportsbook's theft. BetCascade should be avoided at all costs.


Jazz Sportsbook Group slow-pays update:
Player 1 - Reported receiving his $4,000 withdrawal from a June 3rd payout request.
Player 2 - Reported receiving his $5,000 withdrawal from a June 1st payout request.
Player 3 - ABC Islands (SBR rating C) has stated that it would send the player his balance of $8,443 via bank wire. The player has provided the banking details to ABC Islands.

Any player experiencing a payout issue with any Jazz Sportsbook Group shop is asked to fill out their account details via sportsbook complaint form.

Canbet (SBR rating C-) forces player to fill bonus rollover on lost balances


Canbet (SBR rating C-) is requiring that player who accepted a bonus of £25 on a prior deposit, before zeroing out his entire balance, resumes his rollover fulfillment. Despite funding his account a number of times thereafter after losing both the bonus and his balance amount, Canbet recredits the £25 bonus and asks the player to complete a 6X rollover. SBR is following up on the dispute.


BetClic (unrated) is running a "free €40,000, or win a Jaguar!" promotion. The conditions are that players must place X amount of winning bets that are a minimum of €5. BetClic limited the player in first place to €1 wagers, making it impossible for him to maintain his lead in the contest. SBR is attempting to discuss this dispute with BetClic. | Read full Betclic dispute

BetClic player:

But it is obvious the limit is only given to me and only so I can not win the competition, the account is in a small + of less the 1000 Euros, and if that was the case they would give a limit allowing me to bet something like 50 Euros on each game, and that would not be a problem. They say it is a weekly loosing limit, but I have lost less the 1500 Euros this week, and  I am 100% sure that they do not give all customers that loos 1500 Euros a loosing limit! So there are no reasons, apart from the fact that they do not want me to win the Jaguar…

Jazz Sportsbook Group pays player $4,000


ABC Islands (SBR rating C) of the Jazz Sportsbook Group has paid the player from SBR's June 27th slow-pay complaint report. On June 3rd the player requested a withdrawal of $4000 from ABC Islands via check. He confirmed receiving payment in full.

Sportingbet Wimbledon set betting dispute


A Sportingbet (SBR rating D+) sportsbook dispute has been filed on the grading of a Wimbledon set betting prop. A player wagered on the number of sets to be played versus Vera Zvonareva and Jelena Jankovic; choosing 3. Jelena Jankovic retired after only one full set of play. Sportingbet's own rules state that if a match is abandoned or a player retires, all bets will be void. SBR is investigating the complaint.

Sportingbet website:

Abandoned Matches/Retirements
If a match is abandoned or a player retires, all bets will be void, unless the bet has already reached its natural conclusion.

Gamebookers settes all tennis wagers as losses on two-way market


Gamebookers (SBR rating B-) is again subject of a tennis grading complaint due to its non-standard policy of grading all tennis Exact Score wagers as losses upon a player's retirement. A bettor placed a wager of £63 on an exact set score of 2-0 on the Zvonareva vs Jankovic Wimbledon WTA singles match. After losing the first set, Jankovic retired. Gamebookers graded the player's wager as a loss, however none of the full game exact scores are winners. The industry standard for a multi-way wager is that if there is a losing side, someone wins or pushes.

Other sportsbooks, such as Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) have clearer rules for this scenario: "If a tennis match is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all Set wagers will be considered void. Such wagers will be cancelled and the monies refunded."

SBR is following up with Gamebookers regarding their decision.

Stryyke locks the account of a player after withdrawal request


Stryyke (SBR rating D-) has locked the account of a player after he made a withdrawal request. The player deposited for the World Cup in exchange for a 110% bonus, finished his rollover, and attempted a withdrawal. He claims that he supplied ID documents to Stryyke which were validated. Stryyke is on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist  for failure to pay funds to players and for unjustly confiscating sportsbook winnings.


SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) has added another victim. On May 10th a player attempted a withdraw of £116, the funds were shortly thereafter deducted from his account but as weeks went by his Neteller account was not credited. SportsbookUSA cited difficulties with their cashier system. SportsbookUSA has owed players for years, the subject of multiple no-pay complaints which prompted their downgrade to F in 2006.


SportsInteraction (SBR rating B-) has decided to honor all accepted wagers on the Mahut/Clement doubles team at -120. Mahut/Clement faced Fleming/Skupski in a Wimbledon Grand Slam doubles match. SportsInteraction never updated its offering despite the markets .35 line move that came as a result of Mahut's marathon singles match with John Isner the day before. SBR reported on the wager cancelation earlier today.


SportsInteraction (SBR rating B-) canceled a player's wager on the Wimbledon doubles match Mahut/Clement vs Fleming/Skupski. The winning wager, which he staked €110 on, was voided after the completion of the match. SportsInteraction's position is that there was a clear odds error. At the time of the player's wager, 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) had odds of 1.64 (or -156) on the match. The player's ticket was for 1.83 (or -120).

However, the odds on the match opened at approximately -120, which is what the player wagered. The day before the doubles match, Nicolas Mahut played a marathon match with John Isner which ended up being decided 70-68 in the 5th set. Oddsmakers felt Nicolas' physical endurance  after the record-breaking match would be a questionmark that should effect the price of the doubles match, so the market was updated. SportsInteraction failed to react to this odds change.

This is commonly referred to as a 'stale line'. A stale line is a result of a linesmaker failing to update the odds of a particular event, as opposed to a 'bad line' which is a clear and obvious clerical error, such as a reversed pointspread or moneyline. In this case, SportsInteraction cited a bad line rule and voided the winning wager after the match ended. SportsInteraction has canceled bets after the events began before, as was done in this December 06 sportsbook dispute. As the odds the player accepted were in-line with the market at one point, SBR has suggested that SportsInteraction pay all wagers on the stale line. SBR will update this report pending SportsInteraction's decision.

WSEX player was informed checks take up to 20 business days


WSEX (SBR rating D+) accounting gave a misleading time-line to a player that asked how long his $2155 check requested on May 4th would take to receive. He was told that the normal regular mail check delivery time is up to 20 business days. After 20 business days, WSEX told the player the delay was caused by a switch in banking processors. In reality, WSEX payment delays began much sooner than the purported processor change; WSEX was first downgraded in April of last year for their payout issues. WSEX continued its slide over the next several months and to date has fallen to the mark of D+, slow-paying 44 players $246,477. WSEX has yet to clear the payout request of a user who attempted to withdraw his balance in October of 2009. WSEX management claimed players that wrote to SBR via sportsbook complaint form would be placed on "priority lists". It is unclear how many additional users are encountering payout delays. SBR asks any player to fill out the complaint form or write directly to with their payout statuses and account numbers.

WagerHub sportsbook off-line; accounts taken over by


WagerHub (SBR rating D-) has gone off-line. The homepage displays a logo redirecting to (SBR rating D-), a member of the Group. WagerHub provided no notice to players of the upcoming takeover. WagerHub came under fire at SBRforum for their decision to publicly justify confiscating $1900 in player winnings in a sportsbook dispute. WagerHub then nullified $1400 in winnings from the player who submit an April 26th sportsbook complaint. SBR contacted ProBets and was told that the sportsbook was not yet prepared to release an official statement regarding the acquisition. WagerHub players that have problems logging into ProBets or wish to comment on their balance status and ability to withdraw funds are asked to submit sportsbook assistance forms.

Coral Sportsbook voids bonus and winning wagers in country restriction dispute


Coral (SBR rating A-) has voided a player's bonus and winning wager. In early June, a player from Belarus deposited £25 and received a 100% bonus. He won £300 on his first wager, and an additional £210 in subsequent wagers bringing his account balance to £510. Coral then voided all wagers and canceled the bonus. Coral's promotion page limited the bonus to UK residents only, however the software applied the bonus to the player. Coral has subsequently argued to SBR that it has a right to limit its promotions however it wishes. Canceling all wagers from players that did not spot the country restriction terms, rather than deducting the bonus amount and honoring all winnings allows a potential free-roll of the player. SBR is discussing the bonus complaint with Coral further.

Jazz Sportsbook Group payouts update


The Jazz Sportsbook Group, which includes ABC Islands (SBR rating C), LooseLines (SBR rating C), and JazzSports (SBR rating C) currently has three outstanding slow-pay complaints from players totaling $11,500 in funds owed. A manager stated that one of the payout requests, which was reportedly made by a player via e-mail on June 1st was not received. Jazz has discontinued its live chat service, players that wish to withdraw funds must log their requests through e-mail. The player states he requested $2500 to be paid to his Moneybookers account. Players 2 and 3 requested $4000 and $5000 respectively via check in the first week of June. Three other players who wrote to SBR for sportsbook assistance allegedly received payments via Moneybookers. SBR is confirming the payments with these players and will monitor their progress in requesting the rest of their balances. Jazz has claimed it is expecting a bank wire to hit their Moneybookers account to allow for additional eWallet payments. All sportsbook within the


Eight new WSEX (SBR rating D+) complaints have been filed on the heels of the June 23rd update where three WSEX players reported payment. The cumulative amount owed to the six players is $30,632. This increases the total debt WSEX has to players to $244,322, with the first payout requested in October of 2009. SBR will update this report.

WSEX player comments:

I have 3 checks all for 3K each pending from april 5th, april 12th, and april 13th,2010 i have been waiting on. I already filed a complaint without an account # but have received no feedback. I asked wsex to provide me with an account # and they won't do it. I just want to make sure my complaint is filed. They have been giving me the run-around for the last 2 months. Last, about 6 weeks ago after I emailed them for the 7th or 8th time, they told me all my checks would be mailed out within two weeks. It didn't happen. deactivates account of winning casino player

06.28.2010 (SBR rating C-) has twice deactivated the account of a winning casino player. credited a player $280 on June 6th from their loyalty program, he proceeded to play European Roulette and increase his balance to $72,000. then deactivated his account to verify the legitimacy of his play. His account was reopened the following week. The player continued to play European Roulette and made an additional $28,000. deactivated his account a second time citing the need to investigate ''irregularities'' within the software. SBR is following up with management. | forum discussion

BetOnline247 free bet promotion dispute


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) has denied the payout request of a player that cashed in $239 after accepting a free bet promotion from the sportsbook in 2008. BetOnline247 accumulated a number of complaints from players that had their deposits refunded and winnings left in their account. On March 6th, BetOnline247 claimed that there was a pending ownership change and afterward all complaints would be settled. As of June 23rd, BetOnline247 stated that three players who submitted sportsbook complaints received payment - one player confirming receiving only a partial payout toward his balance owed.

BetOnline247 has claimed that the $20 free bet promotion the player accepted carried a $60 funding requirement before winnings could be withdrawn. However, after their website and ownership changes BetOnline247 is unable to point to any archived promotional rules or offer made to the player in this dispute. SBR has suggested that if BetOnline247 cannot produce any evidence supporting its position, that the player be paid his $239 balance. SBR will update

Jazz Sportsbook Group addresses two payout complaints


The Jazz Sportsbook Group has addressed two payout complaints. The Jazz Sportsbook Group is comprised of ABC Islands (SBR rating C), LooseLines (SBR rating C), and JazzSports (SBR rating C). After failing to provide adequate service via eWallet to players, on June 1st the Jazz Sportsbook Group was downgraded to C. Jazz Sports management has stated that two players who reported slow-pays of a combined $9000 would receive payment next week. Players that have not yet written in regarding the status of their payout requests are asked to write to SBR by submitting a sportsbook complaint form.

Bet911 player continued to place wagers


A Bet911 (SBR rating F) player who was unaware that the sportsbook announced it could no longer pay winners continued to place wagers up until June 22nd. Bet911 accepted the wagers despite its acknowledgment that the sportsbook would close and look for new ownership to pay player balances via an industry bailout. It was recently reported that BetPhoenix (SBR rating B+) took over at least one player's balance and instituted a 10X rollover as a good faith gesture. Many of Bet911's players already have accounts at most sportsbooks - this has effected their efforts to peddle their players to a larger sportsbook.

Bet911 player:

If only I had read your site more regularly I would have known there was a problem with them. I had about £4,500 with them and until Tuesday 22nd June they were still accepting bets. Do you think I can wave goodbye to that money or is there any route I can take to try and retrieve it?

BetHorizon horse racing dispute update


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) has updated SBR on the June 25th horse racing complaint. BetHorizon initially underpaid a winning horse bet by $4,000 and a wagering supervisor told the player his maximum payout for the bet type was $10,000, despite this not being expressly written on the website. SBR contacted senior management who then reviewed the case and stated that the player was right, and adjusted his payout.