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Congratulations to RonPaul2008 who won the 3rd annual SBR Bash Poker Tourney. RonPaul was last year's SBR Bash Poker runner-up! Posters Dante and dwaechte finished out the top 3 with Monkeyf0cker, Poker_Beast, QuantumLeap, poster's guest, Solobass, and stakebook making up the rest of the final table. Special thanks to Bodog (SBR rating A) poker pro Evelyn Ng for attending for the third straight year. Bodog sponsored the $5,000 in cash prizes to the final table. A big congrats also to SBRforum posters Extra Innings, DeluxeLiner and ZetaPsi808 for pocketing their share of $500 in the SBR Posters Handicapping contest.

WSEX pays player $1,000


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player that requested a $1,000 priority check on May 1st has been paid. The player informed SBR that he was offered a $1,000 Moneygram free of charge in place of the check on August 10th. Players with payout updates or new complaints against WSEX are asked to write to WSEX is currently slow-paying $250,000+ to 55 players, with the earlier withdrawal delay dating back to October of 2009.

BetWay winnings forfeiture case update


BetWay (SBR rating D-) has addressed the sportsbook complaint reported by SBR on August 21st. BetWay confiscated €2,453 in winnings from a player that deposited €500 on April 1st. BetWay accused the player of operating his account within a "shared environment". Following SBR's inquiry into the situation, BetWay stated that the player did not share an IP or physical address with any other account holder, but that his computer was flagged as being connected to other accounts. SBR is still discussing the winnings confiscation with BetWay. To date the player has not confirmed receiving his €500 deposit back.


BetUS (SBR rating D+) has confiscated $5,274 from a winning bettor. The player deposited a total of $4,993 to BetUS and increased his balance to $27,796. BetUS subtracted $5,274 from his balance claiming that the winnings were derived from correlated parlay bets. BetUS tells SBR that losing bets were subtracted from wins of other parlays, defending their confiscation by claiming the player was not being freerolled. BetUS' software has not been modified to automatically prevent wagers with X% correlation, despite the functionality being a common gaming software configuration.

BetUS player:

I deposited money with and placed wagers, many of them, and all was well, and for the most part I did well. After a while I was cut back to smaller limits on some wagers, but maintained the account and continued playing. I was then cut off from playing completely, and while I did not agree with the decision, there really was nothing I could do about it, so I requested to be paid out. Several checks did come as indicated, but then I got one check for an odd amount, then no checks for a while, despite still being owed a good deal of money. I called and called them, consistently getting the run around for two weeks, and finally got someone willing/knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. I was then told that "several of the winning bets placed were illegal, and I would not be paid for them, as they were correlated Nascar parlays." I of course was stunned, could not see how they could not pay me for a bet they accepted.

Read BetUS statement

Casineto slow-pay #21: player owed $305 since 2009


Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay #21 has been reported. A player requested $305 in September of 2009 and has not been paid. Casineto addressed the complaint to SBR with the following generic response:



Casineto sportsbook:
We assure you that we will settle the withdrawal request of this player within a short time. We apologize for the inconveniences!

Casineto is currently slow-paying 21 players a total of $9973.



Globet Sportsbook Moneybookers complaint


A Globet (SBR rating D+) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. On July 14th he asked for a withdrawal of €1488.50 via Moneybookers, and has yet to receive his funds. This is the second Globet withdrawal complaint reported in August. Globet has not yet discussed the cases with SBR.

Jazz Sportsbook Group payout complaint

A Jazz Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a payment complaint. On July 14th he asked for $7500 from Jazz. He was allegedly told the quickest way to receive his funds would be bank wire. The player was reportedly quoted a 20 to 30 day time-frame to be paid. As of August 26th, the bank wire has not been received. The Jazz Sportsbook Group was downgraded to C on June 1st for falling behind on payouts and inefficient eWallet service. On August 21st, an ABC Islands (SBR rating C) sportsbook player reported receiving $2000 over 4 days via Western Union. 


BetUS (SBR rating D+) sportsbook confiscates winnings again. One day after BetUS credited a player whose bonus winnings were confiscated, a new complaint has been reported by a player who read SBR's BetUS review.

This player deposited $1000 for a 100% freeplay bonus. The promo required a 12X rollover and 60 day hold. His first bet risked his entire freeplay on an MLB wager with +140 odds. After winning his first bet, he increased his balance to $2950 before going all-in on a -150 MLB moneyline. As that bet was pending, the player discovered he could no longer access his account so he proceeded to contact customer service via telephone. He was allegedly informed that pending the settlement of his wager that his account would be closed due to non-recreational play. His bet won and brought his account balance up to $4,915. After one week the player states he was paid only $3516 by BetUS; minus his $1,400 in freeplay winnings. The player claims BetUS told him he was not entitled to these winnings as his rollover hadn't been filled. | Read Full BetUS report

WSEX player submits withdrawal complaint


A WSEX (SBR rating D) player reports a withdrawal complaint. The player asked for a $1600 withdrawal on July 11th. His payout has yet to be processed by WSEX. WSEX is currently slow-paying just over $250,000 to the 56 players have written SBR with sportsbook disputes.

Heritage Sports website down


The Heritage Sports (SBR rating B+) website is currently down. SBR will update this report as Heritage comes back on-line or more information is learned.

Editor's note: Heritage Sports is back on-line. 


BetUS has accumulated a number of complaints in the past year from winning players. Despite its increase in business and the addition of staff, BetUS has not ceased employing its unfair tactics toward winning sports bettors. The following report documents 5 unresolved BetUS complaints.

BetUS has been downgraded to D+.

Football Handicapping Contest Beat The Prick 2010 Open!


Beat The Prick 2010 Contest Registration is now open. Contestants must make 4 College and NFL Picks per week to try to outscore The Prick. One of the 4 picks will be a Best Bet "Money Ball" worth twice as much as a normal play. $10,000 will be divided among players who Beat The Prick each week and $10,000 will be divided to those who outscore him overall during the 15 week contest. The first place finisher will earn $5,000. Players can sign up at SBR Contests. Cappers needing assistance or have questions should write to SBR, or visit the 2010 Beat The Prick contest thread.

Betway confiscates €2453 in winnings citing shared environments


A Betway (SBR rating D-) player deposited €500 on April 1st. Over the course of 4.5 months the player wagered with Betway and increased his balance to €2953. On August 15th he asked for his first withdrawal. Betway then closed the player's account and confiscated his €2453 in winnings, accusing him of operating his account within a "shared environment". Betway has made the same claim before without providing IP logs to SBR or following up on sportsbook inquiries. Betway has not yet returned the player's €500 deposit.


An ABC Islands (SBR rating C) player with a total balance of $16,000 reports receiving partial payments. After discussing his account status last Friday with the sportsbook and being informed he could not be sent a $5,000 payment at once, he agreed to accept partial payments of $500 a day via Western Union. ABC Islands sent the player $500 4 days in a row with a fee of $69 per transaction. The Jazz Sportsbook Group was downgraded to C on June 1st for falling behind on payouts and inefficient eWallet service.

WSEX slow-pay reported


A WSEX (SBR rating D) slow-pay has been reported. On January 25th a player asked for a $2,757 payout. He has yet to receive his funds. WSEX is currently slow-paying over $250,000 to the 55 players that have submitted sportsbook complaints.

WSEX player:

$2,757 payout request made on 1/25/10. I have called and emailed numerous times.

BetUS not honoring freeplay winnings?


A BetUS (SBR rating C) player deposited $1,000 via Moneybookers on August 11th. He accepted a $1,000 freeplay which carried a 6X rollover and a 60 day hold. His first wager risked his entire freeplay on Kansas City +1.5 at the price of +135. After winning that wager and increasing his balance by $1,350, BetUS closed the account. The player states that he was told that BetUS caters only to recreational players. To date the player has not confirmed receiving his deposit back. BetUS has not returned communication with SBR regarding the complaint.

In mid-March, a player had $6000 confiscated by BetUS. BetUS originally claimed the player was part of a syndicate, then later said that the winnings were from illegal correlated parlays. BetUS offered no proof of their claim.

Globet addresses payment complaint


Globet (SBR rating D+) has addressed SBR's August 10th sportsbook report. Globet claims that the player who asked for a withdrawal of €260.92 via Moneybookers on July 30th has not provided all required ID documents to confirm his account. In his initial e-mail to SBR, the player claimed that he submitted ID to Globet.

Oddsmaker payout delay #2


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player wrote to SBR reporting a payout delay. On April 30th he asked for a $1,000 withdrawal by bank wire. As of today he has not received payment. Oddsmaker has allegedly told the player to "wait for another few days" on more than one occasion. SBR has followed up with Oddsmaker management.

Oddsmaker is also slow-paying a second player $3,400, which was reported by SBR on July 27th. Oddsmaker management has been unable to provide an update on the case other than saying the cashier department was aware of the issue.


BetED (SBR rating B-) voids $14,300 in player winnings. On April 27th, a player opened an account with BetED. He made two deposits totaling $2,700 using a friend's Neteller account. His friend does not have a BetED account and gave consent for the deposits. After a few weeks of play, the player successfully withdrew $3,000. On May 24th the account balance was up $14,300 (total balance $17,000).  BetED became aware that the name registered to the account was not the same as that on the Neteller account, and required proof of ID. The player sent both his and his friend's ID.

BetED then cited the following rule and voided the account balance:



All information provided by a player must be accurate and verifiable. If you have provided false information or are unable or unwilling to provide documentation to confirm your information, your account may be terminated and all activity within the account considered invalid.

BetED asserts that the player committed fraud due to the name on his account not matching the Neteller account used. BetED does not claim that either person had an account previously or that it faced any fraud risk by accepting the deposits. | Full BetED report



08.16.2010 (SBR rating F) is offering a signup bonus of 20% to new accounts. BestHockeyBetting is a scam sportsbook under what is now a mostly defunct sportsbook group, EZ Sports. EZ Sports operated 49 sportsbook domain names at its peak and has scammed players out of hundreds of thousands in winnings. One of those players wrote in to SBR today indicating he had been stiffed $45,500 by (SBR rating F) in 2005. Vegas-Sportsbetting, like nearly all other former domains under the EZ Sports platform is now a sportsbook referrals site. | EZ Sports report

Xlbet withdrawal complaint

An Xlbet (unrated) withdrawal complaint has been received. On June 18th a player asked to receive his €115 balance via Moneybookers, and has not received payment. SBR is following up with Xlbet.

Casineto slow-pay #20


Casineto (SBR rating D-) slow-pay #20 has been submitted. A player requested payment 4 months ago and has yet to receive an update from Casineto on the status of his funds. Casineto owes $9,668 to 20 players.

The Jazz Sportsbook Group is sending partial payments to players. A player with a balance of more than $17,000 reports receiving a $1,000 transfer to Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+). A second player with a balance of $12,000 received $5,000 via Moneybookers on July 30th. The Jazz Sports group, which includes LooseLines (SBR rating C), ABC Islands (SBR rating C), and Jazz (SBR rating C) were downgraded to C on June 1st.