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BetBoo bonus complaint update


On 12/2, SBR reported that BetBoo (SBR rating D) limited a player to 0 maximum wagers. The player had €370 left in bonus rollover to fulfill. After discussing the dispute with SBR, BetBoo agreed to reinstate the player with normal limits so that he could finish his rollover and make a withdrawal.

BetOnline247 player reports slow-pay


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player reports a slow-pay. On October 23rd, the player requested a €418 withdrawal to Moneybookers, and has not received payment. This is the 12th report of a BetOnline247 slow-pay. BetOnline247 owes these players €9,128.78,


Betfair (SBR rating A) players have notified SBR of a botched casino promotion. Betfair offered players a "Happy Hour" casino promotion on November 13th. Players were given a 50% bonus (up to £100) if they transferred funds into the casino for the 1-day special. The promotion required a 10X rollover which had to be met in twelve hours. Betfair advertised that this special could be used unlimited times; a player could transfer £200 into the casino 100 times, earn a £10,000 bonus, and would be entitled to retain his bonus provided the rollover was finished in twelve hours. However, Betfair allowed players to play games such as Casino Hold Em with this promo, wich has just a 2% house edge. This enabled savvy players to quickly fulfill their rollover, then redeposit to the casino to again receive a bonus. Betfair's terms specifically allowed the promotion to be redeemed unlimited times during the 1-day window. Once Betfair recognized how unprofitable and poorly structured the promotion was, they began to seize casino winnings from players accounts.

WonOdds misgrades soccer prop


On November 29th, a WonOdds (unrated) player bet $150 on a first goal prop in the Oman/Iraq soccer match. WonOdds did not offer "No goal" as an option. The game finished at 0-0. WonOdds graded all wagers on that prop as losers, instead of no action. SBR is contacting WonOdds to discuss this dispute.

Betboo limits player to 0 with €370 left in bonus rollover


A BetBoo (SBR rating D) player submits a sportsbook bonus complaint. In May of 2010, the player deposited €185 with BetBoo and received a 100% signup bonus. The promotion carried a 15x wagering requirement. The player tells SBR that he wagered €5,130 toward the required €5,500, before having his limits slashed to 0. BetBoo was not willing to prorate the player's bonus winnings. The player has a €1,765 balance. SBR is discussing this dispute with BetBoo.

BetUS bonus dispute update


BetUS (SBR rating D+) bonus dispute update. On April 14th, SBR reported that a player was limited to $100 maximum wagers with a $45,542 rollover. The player confirmed today that BetUS paid his $5,462 balance.

BetOnline247 payouts: 6 complaints reported


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) players complain of slow-pay. In total, 11 BetOnline247 players have reported that they have yet to be paid. Those players are owed a combined €8710.78. The last confirmed BetOnline247 payment was reported by SBR on 11/15. Players in need of assistance with BetOnline247 are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Payout | Requested on
€2145.76, 10/19
€1714.69, 10/18
€300, 10/14
€579, 10/23
€438.82, 10/15
€1416.20, 10/20

BetPortugal complaint update


A BetPortugal (unrated) player reports payment. On 11/23, SBR reported that the player requested a $950 withdrawal on 10/26, and had not received payment. The player confirmed receiving his funds from BetPortugal this morning.

Neobet slow-pay complaint remains outstanding


On 10/8, SBR reported that a Neobet (unrated) player was being slow-paid for €336. The player requested the withdrawal on September 16th. Neobet has failed to reply to both the player and SBR with an update.

Betgun voids winnings claiming duplicate player password


Betgun (SBR rating D+) confiscates €724 from player. The player opened an account with Betgun on August 25th. In early November, the player requested a withdrawal of his €1654 Euro balance. Betgun paid the player only €930, and confiscated the remaining €7240. Betgun told the player that the player's password was the same as another player's. SBR is attempting to discuss this dispute with Betgun.

Admiralbet limits player to £1 during bonus rollover


An Admiralbet (unrated) player deposited £60 and received a £30 bonus. After winning his first bet, Admiralbet lowered his maximum wager to €1. The player still has to meet a £270 rollover requirement. SBR is discussing this dispute with Admiralbet.

MyBet confiscates player's winnings citing bonus abuse ring


On November 13th, a MyBet (unrated) player deposited €200 and received a €50 bonus. The following day, the player won €921 Euros and met his rollover. When the player requested a withdrawal, Mybet voided his winnings and bonus, and refunded his deposit. MyBet accused the player of controlling third-party accounts. MyBet told SBR that the player is part of a bonus abuse ring in Ukraine. The player disputed MyBet's statements, and MyBet declined to provide any proof to support its confisations.

SBRforum — Two $500 Freerolls registering


SBRforum has announced two $500 poker freerolls. SBR launched a proprietary poker application this year that offers SBRforum members the chance to compete in cash freerolls and to win SBRpoints. SBRpoints can be used to redeem merchandise from the SBR Store.

Bet770 bonus complaint


A Bet770 (unrated) player submits a bonus complaint. The player states that he has a balance of €1652.80, with €265 derived from a bonus. The player tells SBR that Bet770 limited him to being able to place a maximum of €30 per week in wagers. The player has €771 left in rollover to meet. SBR is following up on this complaint.

Stryyke victim makes no-pay report


A Stryyke (SBR rating F) player reports that he has been owed €358 for months. Stryke's gaming license was revoked by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta on September 8th. Stryyke went off-line on October 21st. Stryyke players have reported over €33,000 in unpaid winnings. accuses player of fraud and seizes balance


A (SBR rating C-) player says that his $8,000 balance was seized. In July, he deposited $500 and increased his balance to approximately $8,000. After requesting a $2,500 payout, accused the player of fraud, confiscated his winnings, and refunded his $500 deposit. Sportsbetting never gave the player an explanation for the seizure. SBR is discussing this dispute with Sportsbetting.

12Bet confiscates bonus and 20% of player's winnings


12bet (unrated) confiscates €449.30 from player. A player deposited €900 and received a €180 bonus. After the player completed his rollover, 12bet docked his account with the following explanation:




We regret to inform you that after a thorough investigation, we have found sufficient proof that you had breached Clauses 2, 3 and 11 of our Bonus Promotion Terms and Conditions...However, after considering that you are a new member, we will only reclaim the actual bonus amount credited into your account amounting €180 and the 20% of your winning which is €449.30.

The terms referenced by 12bet prohibit non-recreational play, and the usage of multiple accounts. No explanation was given to the player regarding which applied to him. SBR is following up on this dispute.


BetHorizon feedback wanted


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player reports a slow-pay. On September 7th, the player requested a $2,916 withdrawal to his Moneybookers account. To date, he says he has not been paid or given an update by BetHorizon. SBR is confirming the dispute with BetHorizon. BetHorizon players with payout feedback are asked to write to SBR.

Betoto reinstates player's account


Betoto (SBR rating C+) update. On October 22nd, SBR reported that a player had €733 frozen by Betoto without an explanation as to why. After lengthy discussions with SBR, Betoto reinstated the player's account. Betoto provided logs to SBR showing abnormalities with the player's account. SBR agreed not to disclose these items for security reasons.


On 10/26, a BetPortugal (unrated) player requested a $950 withdrawal. The player writes to SBR that BetPortugal first told him that they needed to replenish their Moneybookers account before sending his payout. On November 11th BetPortugal informed the player that the sportsbook was undergoing an ownership change, and that a new account would be created for him. BetPortugal claimed that his winnings would be available for withdrawal . SBR is investigating this complaint. | BetPortugal addresses complaint

BetUS confiscates $2805 in player's winnings


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player states that he had $2,805.70 in winnings confiscated. On October 29th, the player says he won a Pick-4 racebook wager on the Meadowlands track. The wager paid $2905.70. After being credited with the win, his account was locked. The player says he called BetUS and spoke to a supervisor named Mike, who allegedly informed him that he was warned not to bet "those tracks". The BetUS supervisor credited him with $100 from the win, and refused to reinstate the rest of his winnings. SBR is following up on this dispute.

Parlaymakers wager dispute update


On November 18th, SBR reported that Parlaymakers (SBR rating C) canceled $4,000 worth of a player's teasers. The player had originally bet $1,000 on five teasers, all including the Baltimore Ravens leg of -1.5. Parlaymakers cited a rule disallowing more than $1,000 on any teaser team. Parlaymakers claimed that the player was aware of the restriction, but could not prove this. Since the wagers were canceled prior to any of the games beginning, the player rebet the teasers elsewhere. Parlaymakers has agreed to credit the player a $1,600 freeplay, which is equivalent to the amount of equity the teasers held.

Xlbet complaint update


Xlbet (unrated) update. On November 21st, SBR reported that an Xlbet player asked for a €470 withdrawal via Moneybookers on 11/1. Xlbet tells SBR that the player had not completed his rollover at the time of the payout request. The player has now met rollover. Xlbet stated that his payment was sent to Moneybookers today. SBR is confirming with the player that his funds were received.


DailyDime has been downgraded to F on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist. On 11/20, SBR reported that DailyDime's manager told a player that the sportsbook was  in financial trouble. Since that report was published, a player who requested an $1170.34 check on 10/30 has come forward telling SBR he has received no payment updates.

BTG Gaming provides DailyDime with betting software, web hosting, and credit card processing. The hosting company, which also powers Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D) tells SBR that they have removed DailyDime's manager's website access due to unpaid hosting fees. DailyDime's manager, who refers to himself as "Johny Anthony", has not returned SBR's calls or e-mails.

How DailyDime players can request their funds
BTG Gaming tells SBR that any DailyDime player who deposited with their credit card processor will receive the amount of their deposits back, including the player who reported the $1170.34 slow-pay. BTG went on to say that if DailyDime would agree to sell its domain name, BTG would assume full responsibility of all players balances. To date, DailyDime has not made contact with its players, host, or SBR.

SBR advises DailyDime players not to send any funds by Western Union to "John Anthony", as he has lost access to the DailyDime website and does not have the power to add funds into a player's account. SBR has been assured by BTG Gaming that his website access will not be turned back on until the $6,500 in pending player withdrawals is paid. | DailyDime statement