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UPDATE - SBR finds in favor of VIP Sports. The player failed to provide sufficient proof that his deposits cleared. The player also declined to authorize SBR to request a bank-printed statement on his behalf to solidify his position.

A VIP Sports (SBR rating B+) player reports a $77,500 winnings dispute. On December 4th, the player states that he deposited $1,500 via instant deposit. In the following week, the player increased his balance to $79,000. On December 12th, the player states that after attempting to log into his account he received a message that his sportsbook access had been disabled. The player called the number left on the screen for him, and was told that his deposit had been declined due to insufficient funds and that his winnings were nullified.

The player claims to have followed up with his bank and received confirmation that no debit attempt was made for the amount of $1,500. VIP disputes this, adding that three years ago the player had an $8,000 insufficient funds dispute which was ultimately settled. SBR has scheduled a call to discuss the winnings dispute with VIP's operations manager.

On 12/6/2004, SBR reported that instant deposits were a source of complaints from some players who carelessly left an insufficient amount of funds in their bank accounts, or caused the deposits to bounce by spending funds before the sportsbook could debit them. The general processing time for instant deposits can be up to 3 business days. Players must ensure that a sufficient balance is left in their accounts to avoid insufficient funds disputes. | VIP Sports Player comments

BetClic withdrawal feedback wanted


A BetClic (unrated) player reports a withdrawal problem. On November 12th, he requested a payout of €100 to his bank account. The player states that as of December 16th, the funds have still not arrived. SBR is following up with BetClic. BetClic players with withdrawal feedback are asked to write in via sportsbook complaint form.

Bet770 bonus abuse complaint


A Bet770 (unrated) player reports that he had a £400 balance voided for what was alleged to be bonus abuse. The player states that he redeemed Bet770's special £5 bonus deals for a period of 6 months. The player claimed he fulfilled rollover on all promotions. Bet770 reportedly zeroed out his account stating that the player received bonuses from "different language versions" of the website. SBR is contacting Bet770 for more details.

BetUS player submits withdrawal complaint


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player claims he has not been paid $999 from a withdrawal requested two months ago. The player states the funds were requested from BetUS via bank wire, and carried an up to 10 business day time-frame. SBR is confirming the dispute.

12Bet voids wager citing bad line


A 12Bet (unrated) player states that he had £456 in winnings voided. On November 29th, he risked £159 on the draw option in the Wolfsburg vs Bremen match. After his wager won, the player noticed his wager was voided. 12Bet told the player that there was an obvious error, since they intended to offer the line at 3.30 vice 3.87. The player disputes this, stating that 3.87 was a fair market price. SBR is attempting to discuss this dispute with 12Bet.

Free Basketball Handicapping Contest; January 2nd


SBRforum has announced its Free Basketball Handicapping Contest. The Moneyball Shootout takes place on January 2nd and offers a $5,000 weekly prize-pool to the top 25 contestants. The contest also boats a season-ending $10,000 prize-pool to the players who finish in the top 15.

Fortunawin player submits Moneybookers slow-pay


A Fortunawin (unrated) player has reported slow-pay. On December 6th, he asked for a withdrawal of his €2998.30 balance via Moneybookers. He was quoted with a six day time-frame to expect his funds. After that time-frame passed, the player provided an e-mail transcript where Fortunawin acknowledged payments being delayed:


Payouts goes a little bit slower now. There are some people, who is waiting already 2 weeks.
Thank you for your patience!

Casineto player burned in year long no-pay


A Casineto (SBR rating F) player reports being no-paid $250 for one year. Casineto was downgraded from D- to F by SBR on October 29th. Casineto players have reported being owed over $10,000. Casineto management has not returned SBR's contact.

Matchbook player reports payment


The Matchbook (SBR rating B-) player from SBR's 12/11 report has confirmed payment. The player was paid $500 to Gold-Pay. On 12/11, the player wrote to SBR indicating that Matchbook was experiencing a technical difficulty in processing payments to Gold-Pay.

Matchbook withdrawal feedback wanted


A Matchbook (SBR rating B-) player complains that he is currently unable to make a withdrawal. On December 9th, the player requested a $500 withdrawal to Gold-Pay. Matchbook informed the player Gold-Pay was not currently working as a withdrawal option. The player requested, but was denied being paid an alternate method since his deposit was made via Gold-Pay. Matchbook players with withdrawal feedback are asked to write to

BetOnline247 player confirms payment


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player reports payment. On 11/30, SBR reported on six cases of BetOnline247 slow-pay. One of the players requested €1416.20 on October 20th. That player confirmed receiving payment today. In total, 11 BetOnline247 payment issues remain outstanding, with those players owed $7712.58.

GoToEntertainment player reports year long slow-pay


A GoToEntertainment (SBR rating D-) player reports not being paid for over one year. The player has a balance of $18,203 and two pending Moneybookers withdrawals of $5,000. On 7/19, SBR reported that the GoToEntertainment Group, which includes Enterbet and GoToCasino, left the BetPhoenix building and platform before a takeover deal was finalized. $10,000 was paid to delinquent GoTo account holders during GoTo's brief period in the BetPhoenix office.

Cashpoint voids player's account and bonus


On November 11th, a Cashpoint (SBR rating C-) player deposited €100 and received a €100 bonus with an 8X rollover. On December 4th, the player had met €795 and found his account frozen. Cashpoint locked his account and voided the bonus. SBR is discussing this dispute with Cashpoint.

Cricketbetlive bonus complaint #2


A second Cricketbetlive (unrated) player submits a complaint. The player deposited to Crickbetlive, made a qualifying wager, but was not credited with a £50 free wager. SBR is following up on this complaint.

Xlbet slow-pay complaint #6


An Xlbet (unrated) player has reported being slow-paid. On October 9th, he requested a payout of €900. Xlbet has not replied to his e-mails, and has not been reachable by live chat. Xlbet players have reported six instances of slow-pay, and are owed €2955, with the oldest payment request made on June 18th.

QuickSilverSports financial troubles


QuickSilverSports (SBR rating D) players have reported being owed over €20,000. QuickSilver has provided only generic e-mail responses to players. QuickSilver's owner claimed to be traveling and expressed a willingness to discuss the sportsbook's financial troubles with SBR, but was absent for a scheduled teleconference last week. QuickSilver has been downgraded to D. Players experiencing payout delays with QuickSilver are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

Cricketbetlive fails to honor bonus promo


In November, a Cricketbetlive (unrated) player deposited and made a £200 bet, and should have received a £50 bonus per Cricketbetlive's bonus promotion. Cricketbetlive refused to credit the earned bonus, accusing the player's of being part of a forum where punters share current sportsbook deals. SBR is still discussing this dispute with Cricketbetlive.

12Bet bonus confiscation update


On 11/25, SBR reported that 12Bet (unrated) confiscated €449.30 (20% of player's winnings) from a player. That player had deposited €900 and received a €180 bonus. 12Bet refunded the player's deposit following his rollover completion. 12Bet was able to provide evidence to SBR that the player operated multiple accounts to redeem their signup bonus.

Betfair botched casino bonus promo update


Betfair (SBR rating A) update. On 12/3, SBR reported that Betfair offered players a "Happy Hour" casino promotion on November 13th. The promo allowed for unlimited bonus credits provided that players could satisfy the 10X casino rollover.

A player deposited €300 with Betfair on November 13th. The player repeatedly used the Happy Hour bonus, eventually betting €1000 a hand. He increased his balance up to €32,071 Euro with the help of the promotion, which allowed unlimited bonuses. He successfully withdrew the money to his checking account, where it was credited on November 16th. On November 18th, Betfair debited his bank account for €32,071 without his consent or any warning. Betfair gave no explanation for the debit. SBR has requested comments from both Betfair and the player's bank. To date, neither has offered any comment.

BetBoo bonus complaint update


On 12/2, SBR reported that BetBoo (SBR rating D) limited a player to 0 maximum wagers. The player had €370 left in bonus rollover to fulfill. After discussing the dispute with SBR, BetBoo agreed to reinstate the player with normal limits so that he could finish his rollover and make a withdrawal.

BetOnline247 player reports slow-pay


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player reports a slow-pay. On October 23rd, the player requested a €418 withdrawal to Moneybookers, and has not received payment. This is the 12th report of a BetOnline247 slow-pay. BetOnline247 owes these players €9,128.78,


Betfair (SBR rating A) players have notified SBR of a botched casino promotion. Betfair offered players a "Happy Hour" casino promotion on November 13th. Players were given a 50% bonus (up to £100) if they transferred funds into the casino for the 1-day special. The promotion required a 10X rollover which had to be met in twelve hours. Betfair advertised that this special could be used unlimited times; a player could transfer £200 into the casino 100 times, earn a £10,000 bonus, and would be entitled to retain his bonus provided the rollover was finished in twelve hours. However, Betfair allowed players to play games such as Casino Hold Em with this promo, wich has just a 2% house edge. This enabled savvy players to quickly fulfill their rollover, then redeposit to the casino to again receive a bonus. Betfair's terms specifically allowed the promotion to be redeemed unlimited times during the 1-day window. Once Betfair recognized how unprofitable and poorly structured the promotion was, they began to seize casino winnings from players accounts.