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BetUS player payout complaint


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player tells SBR that he has been waiting for a $3,000 payout since the first week of November. The player claims that BetUS placed the funds back into his account, at which point he was allegedly told he could only request $1,000 at a time. SBR is following up on this dispute.

$5,000 Basketball Handicapping Contest Open for Picks


SBRforum's $5,000 Moneyball Shootout began today. The basketball handicapping contest runs through April 2nd, and awards a $5,000 weekly prize-pool to the top 25 contestants. The contest also has a $10,000 Grand Prize that contestants can qualify for by making at least 42 picks.

Win4Real confiscation case update


Update: SBR finds the player likely defrauded Win4Real

The Win4Real (SBR rating C-) player that stated he had a $90,000 balance zeroed out has requested his complaint be retracted. When SBR asked the player if Win4Real had pressured the player into dropping his complaint, the player would not go into details other than stating a concern for the well-being of his family. SBR is continuing to attempt to confirm the dispute and any subsequent remarks from Win4Real to the player.

BetOnline247 player reports slow-pay


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) player reports slow-pay. The player asked for three withdrawals of €100 on 9/12, 10/12, and 11/12. No funds have been paid by BetOnline247. The player states that his identification documents have already been approved. BetOnline247 tells players to expect their funds in 2-30 business days. The last reported payment from a BetOnline247 player was documented on SBR on December 11th. There are twelve BetOnline247 slow-pay complaints on file, with players owed a total €8,012.58.

BetHorizon player submits withdrawal issue


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player writes to SBR stating that he has been having difficulty withdrawing $5,000. The player states that he originally asked for his funds one month ago. He claims BetHorizon was unable to pay him back via his deposit method, Moneybookers, and also was unable to send a bank wire. The player states he was told he would be sent money orders via mail, but to date has yet to receive them. SBR is following up on this complaint.

Cashpoint player account closure dispute


A Cashpoint (SBR rating C-) player states that his account has been closed. The player deposited €100 on 12/18 and began playing. Within 3 days he tells SBR that his limits were slashed to €1. On 12/29, he states that his account has been closed without his deposit being returned. SBR is discussing this dispute with Cashpoint.

188Bet cancels player's winnings


A 188Bet (unrated) player tells SBR that his deposit was refunded. The player deposited €500, and increased his balance to €3,503 before asking for a withdrawal. 188Bet requested the player to provide copies of his credit card, driver's license and a credit card statement. When the player failed to provide the documents within 48 hours, 188Bet sent him a message stating that his winnings would be voided and deposit returned. The player states he did provide the requested documents. On 8/3, SBR reported that 188Bet added $1200 in winnings back to a player's account who also did not provide 188Bet with each document they requested inside of their narrow window.

BetUS player teaser dispute


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player risked $5,000 to win $3,333 on a 4-team, 13 point NFL teaser. The teaser included the canceled Vikings/Eagles game. BetUS has no payout for this teaser if it reduces to a 3-teamer due to a canceled or postponed game. The applicable industry standard for an unreduceable special teaser is that the entire bet would be no-actioned in the event of a canceled game. BetUS instead graded the player's teaser a loss, as one of the player's legs did not win. Due to the cancelation of the Vikings/Eagles game, the player could not win the teaser, but could lose. SBR is discussing this dispute with BetUS.

Admiralbet lowers players to €1 limits with bonus rollovers left


SBR receives three new complaints against Admiralbet (unrated) for lowering limits to €1. In each case, the players received a bonus and had a large rollover relative to the limit remaining. Admiralbet is not responding to SBR inquiries. On 11/29 and 12/8, SBR reported on Admiralbet's bonus practices.

Oddsmaker seizes $2,025 in player's winnings


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) player has $2,025 in winnings confiscated. In November, the player deposited $1,000 and received a $1,000 freeplay with a $40,000 wagering requirement. After clearing $15,000 in rollover and netting $2,025 in winnings, Oddsmaker voided the player's wagers and refunded his $1,000 deposit. Oddsmaker stated that the player was debited $3,025 (inclusive of $1,000 in bonus funds) due to betting on both sides of a no-juice promotion to accumulate rollover. SBR is discussing this dispute with Oddsmaker.

Pinnacle Sports website down


UPDATE: Pinnacle Sports is back on-line after 3 minutes of downtime.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) is currently down. SBR will update this report.

Win4Real confiscates $90,000 from player


Update: SBR finds the player likely defrauded Win4Real.

Win4Real (SBR rating C-) confiscates $90,000 from player. The player began playing with Win4Real in the fall of 2009. Over the course of a year, the player made roughly $10,000 in deposits. In October of 2009, the player risked $650 on a seven team parlay, which won and netted him approximately $70,000. The player proceeded to win another $20,000 in the casino. In late 2009, Win4Real suspended the player's balance and locked his account. Win4Real has not provided comment to the player or SBR on why the player's balance was seized. On 5/28/2009, SBR reported that Win4Real and sister sportsbooks (SBR rating C-) and (SBR rating C-) confiscated $20,000 from a winning player with accounts at each outfit.

Betfair suspends player account and debits €32,000 in premium fees


Betfair (SBR rating A) has charged a player €32,000 in premium fees. On December 2nd, the player's account was suspended. On December 15th, Betfair reopened the account after debiting the player's account for what it said was "suspicion of premium charges evasion". The player states that he has only bet in 150 markets over the last 4 months, and therefor should not have to pay the assessed fee. Betfair justified its seizure to the player by stating that he and four other accounts from his country made similar market bets. The player denies having any relationship with the other four account holders. Betfair responded to SBR's request for comment by stating the following:


Unfortunately, as before, I am unable to comment on the specifics of any such case (though hopefully this won't lead to you to the conclusion that the players version is always true) where fraud may be an issue.

Some general points that may help you here though

We have a premium charge that is payable by a very small proportion of our customers. Some customers may try to avoid paying the premium charge by structuring their betting in a particular way. If we find a customer has tried to do this, then we deduct the relevant premium charge from their accounts in accordance with our terms and conditions. All those liable to the premium charge are made aware of these terms and conditions.


Cashpoint player account wagering dispute


On December 18th, a Cashpoint (SBR rating C-) player deposited €100 by Moneybookers. Three days later, the player found that he was unable to place any wager, even for €1. When the player requested his money thinking that Cashpoint chose not to accept his business, he was informed that his deposited amount must be rolled over at least once prior to a withdrawal. SBR is discussing this dispute with Cashpoint. On 12/10, SBR reported that Cashpoint voided a player's balance.

Bet24 removes player's winnings


Bet24 (SBR rating C) has removed  £355 in winnings from a player's account. On December 3rd, a player deposited £100, he increased his balance to £355 before being locked out of his acction. Bet24 asked the player to provide a copy of identification. After the player obliged their request, Bet24 stated that his account would be closed due to being linked to other accounts. The player denies being connected to any other accounts. On October 13th, SBR reported that Bet24 seized a player's winnings citing the same, however, no explanation was provided to the player or SBR. SBR is following up on Bet24's funds removal complains. bounced check dispute #2


A new (SBR rating C-) bounced check dispute has been reported. On 12/23, SBR reported that a player had a check bounce for $924.52 in October, and had not yet been repaid. Another player has come forward indicating to SBR that a check paid to him in November for $1,500 bounced. management has not yet discussed the first dispute with SBR.

BetAtHome withdrawal complaint


A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) withdrawal complaint has been reported. A player tells SBR that he asked for a $411 payout on September 11th. He claims that after providing a copy of his passport, BetAtHome did not process his payout. SBR is following up on the complaint. unable to provide time-line in bounced check dispute


On 12/21, SBR reported a (SBR rating C-) dispute. A player stated that a check for $924.52 bounced in October, and that he provided all followup information requested. issued the following generic statement to the player today:

Unfortunately at the moment there is no update about your bounced check. Please note that we have sent all the required information about it to the processing team, as soon as there is an update we will contact you back.

Sportingbet player claims winnings were voided


A Sportingbet (SBR rating D+) player reports that his winnings were voided. The player tells SBR that he made a deposit of €200, and increased his balance to €3,171. The player claims that after making his first withdrawal request, Sportingbet voided his winnings and refunded his deposit citing "professional play". SBR is following up with Sportingbet.

On 11/17, SBR reported that Sportingbet voided a player's winnings from three in-game wagers because the wagers were allegedly entered late. Sportingbet offered no proof to either the player or SBR in that dispute. player withdrawal dispute


A (SBR rating C-) player submits a withdrawal dispute. The player states that he had a $924.52 check bounce in October, and has not been repaid. The player tells SBR that he provided with all required documents to show that the check was not cashed, but has not been credited with the funds or sent a replacement check. SBR is following up on this dispute. player:

About two months ago I attempted to withdraw $924.52 from The check that they sent me bounced, apparently due to insufficient funds in the account that the check was written out of. I have sent everything they've requested of me, and since early November I have spoken to roughly 15-20 customer service reps about the situation. Most of them have assured me, day after day, that my money would be credited back to the account "by the end of business" that day. It never is, and still hasn't been.

Congratulations 2010 Beat The Prick winners


SBRforum congratulates all Beat The Prick 2010 winners. A $10,00 pot was shared among the top 7 season-ending contestants. SBRforum poster ksmort took home the top $5,000 prize, bretb7 was the runner-up pocketing $2,500, and Lineman finished in 3rd with $1,000. SBRforum posters vincent, jennahazeplays, skidcom, frizelli and Brett08 rounded out the bottom winning the remaining $1,500.

SBRforum is also running a weekly $5,000 Basketball Handicapping Contest.

Casineto back online, addresses no-pay complaints


Casineto Sportsbook (SBR rating F) is back online. On 12/18, SBR reported that Casineto was off-line. Casineto players have reported being owed over $11,000. The last Casineto player reported payment was on April 23rd. SBR downgraded Casineto from D- to F on October 19th. Casineto is on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist. Casineto issued the following generic statement to SBR today:


We are really sorry for the inconveniences caused! Our management are continuously working to solve this financial situation. We can assure you that all of our players will be paid. Thank you for your understanding in advance!



Xlbet (unrated) players report 9 new slow-pays. The players are owed a combined €8,181, and requested their funds as far back as October 17th. The last confirmed payout made by Xlbet was reported on 11/22. In total, 15 Xlbet players have reported slow-pay. Xlbet owes these players €11,136. | Xlbet player comments

JazzSports withdrawal feedback wanted


A JazzSports (SBR rating C) player reports a payment complaint. The player tells SBR that he maintains a $16,000 balance and was last paid $1,000 via bank wire in November. He claims that he has not been given a date on when he can expect to receive his next payout. SBR is following up with Jazz to discuss this dispute.

The entire Jazz Sportsbook Group family, which consists of Jazz, LooseLines, and ABC Islands was downgraded to C on June 1st for the inability to process large payouts in a timely manner. Players with payment complaints from the Jazz family are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms.

Casineto update, scam sportsbook now off-line


Casineto Sportsbook (SBR rating F) is off-line. Casineto players have reported unpaid withdrawals from 2009. On 10/29, SBR downgraded Casineto from D- to F. On 12/17, a Casineto player reported being owed $1,024. In total, Casineto players have reported being owed over $11,000. Casineto management has declined to discuss any of the no-pay complaints with SBR.