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A third Cricketbetlive (unrated) complaint has been reported. A Cricketbetlive player opened his account on November 24th, making a £146 wager which was to qualify for a free bet of £50. The player's wager lost, but he was not credited with the free bet. The player states that he called Cricketbetlive, and was told that he was part of a forum where the offer was shared amongst fellow punters. Cricketbetlive provided no evidence that this player was a registered member of the site in question, and would not reverse its decision. | Cricketbetlive complaints


On February 11th, SBR reported that Parlaymakers lost their most widely used deposit and withdrawal method, Gold-Pay, and received negative feedback from players over subsequent customer service. SBR has received four new Parlaymakers complaints following the 2/11 update. Parlaymakers has shown an unwillingness to discuss complaints or to provide support to players. Parlaymakers was lowered to D+ on February 11th. | Parlaymakers complaints

02.18.2011 (SBR rating C) has addressed the slow-pay complaint reported by SBR on February 12th. A player wrote to SBR with negative feedback. The player told SBR that she had attempted to make a withdrawal for $520 since February second, and noted the removal of live chat service from TheSportsbook's website. | TheSportsbook comment

02.18.2011 (unrated) dispute update. On January 13th, SBR reported that a player stated €2,418 in winnings were voided. The player opened his account with YouWin on December 26th, and deposited €1,420, wagering his entire balance on a soccer match between Arsenal and Chelsea. After Arsenal won the match, the player was credited with his winnings and his balance correctly updated to €3,838. On December 28th, YouWin disabled the player's account. | Youwin addresses complaint


BetOnline247 (SBR rating D-) players report additional slow-pays. One player requested a withdrawal of €1,519 on January 29th via Moneybookers. Another BetOnline247 player deposited $100 on January 14th, receiving a 100% bonus, and increased his balance to $4,500 after fulfilling wagering requirements. He has not been paid to date. | BetOnline247 player complaints


A BetClic (unrated) complaint has been reported. On February 13th, a BetClic player asked for a withdrawal of €160. He requested the funds to his Moneybookers account. On February 15th, he attempted to log into the BetClic software and found his account disabled. | BetClic chat transcript

02.15.2011 (SBR rating D-) dispute update. On February 9th, SBR reported that canceled $26,000 in winnings from a player. The player told SBR that he deposited $1,000 on Saturday February 5th, and made several parlays prior to increasing his balance to $26,000. canceled the player's winnings and stated that only the $1,000 deposit would be refunded. After discussing the complaint with management, SBR has concluded that's actions were justified. | report


A MyBet (unrated) player tells SBR that after requesting a €400 withdrawal, his account was locked pending the submission of ID documents. The player states he obliged MyBet's request, but that his account was not reopened. In a followup e-mail to the player, MyBet wrote that the player was linked to other accounts and that only his deposit would be refunded.


A (SBR rating C) player writes to SBR with negative feedback. The player says that he has been attempting to make a withdrawal for $520 since February 2nd. The player states that removed both their live chat service and phone number from its website. The player tells SBR that he has not been contacted by e-mail regarding his payout request. | report


Parlaymakers players are asked to write to SBR with feedback. Parlaymakers has recently announced to players that their central deposit and withdrawal methods would now be Western Union and Moneygram, after the loss of their most popular method, Gold-Pay.

Gold-Pay announced that it would no longer process gaming transactions. One player wrote to SBR stating that he held an $18,230 balance with Gold-Pay at the time the payment processor ceased operation due to alleged legal pressure.

Parlaymakers was initially assessed with a rating of C by SBR on November 22nd, 2010. Parlaymakers told SBR in April of 2010 that they agreed to binding arbitration in the event that any sportsbook complaints were submitted by their players. Parlaymakers has been lowered to D+. | Parlaymakers, Gold-Pay report


A Bet24 (SBR rating C) tells SBR that his account has been closed due to being linked with other accounts. The player registered to Bet24 one year ago, depositing for a 50% bonus offer. After submitting his ID documents, the player attempted a withdrawal of €108.50 before his account was disabled. | Bet24 history

02.09.2011 (sportsbook rating D-) has reportedly canceled $26,000 in winnings from a player. A player tells SBR that he deposited $1,000 on Saturday, February 5th. The player states that he won $25,000 betting parlays that weekend. allegedly nullified the winnings on the grounds that the player was linked to a previous account holder, who reportedly owed $800 after performing a chargeback in 2009.


The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25, in Super Bowl XLV. The game took place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and was reported to have eclipsed the highest ever viewing record, averaging more than 111 million viewers.

While the game was kind to football enthusiasts and cheeseheads alike, the betting public made out nicely with several popular combination bets winning. An ESPN report stated Las Vegas sportsbooks cleared under one million dollars in profit on the game. The article goes on to say that the figure was confirmed by Nevada Gaming Control board regulators.


The Dimeline Sportsbook (sportsbook rating D+) player from SBR's February 1st report has confirmed being paid in full.

Dimeline player:

Got the bank wire yesterday, full 2890, no fees. Amazing how quickly they can find the money when SBR comes calling....Much appreciate your help. Thanks again!

The player initially deposited $1,600 to Dimeline on February 13th, 2009, via Moneybookers. While he made one withdrawal successfully, his second request for $2,890 in October of 2010 had not been filled. Following SBR's publication of this report, a second Dimeline Sportsbook complaint was submitted. | Dimeline Complaint #2


Win4Real (sportsbook rating C-) complaint update. On December 26th, SBR reported that a player stated Win4Real confiscated $90,000 in winnings from his account. The player told SBR that the bulk of his balance was generated by a seven team parlay. On January 1st, 2011, SBR reported that the player wished to retract his complaint, citing concerns over the well-being of his family. | Win4Real addresses complaint


A 1Bet2Bet (unrated) payout complaint has been reported.  On November 27th, 2010, a 1Bet2Bet player requested a withdrawal of €198 via bank transfer. | 1Bet2Bet History

1Bet2Bet player:

Hello , i made a withdraw on 27.Nov.2010 - 198 EUR from 1bet2bet via bank transfer and i have no money in my bank account yet. I wrote them a lot a lot of letters and i have no response. I even tried to call but there is no answer. What should i do now !?


SBRforum announces the $4,000 Poker Free Roll Series. The event runs from January 31st to February 26th, and gives away a grand total of $4,000 plus 400,000 SBRpoints.