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News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

UPDATE- Free NCAA Brackets Contest


SBRforum posters may now submit their brackets in the Free NCAA Brackets contest. The free brackets contest has a purse of $5,000 which is paid to the top 10 bracket-holders at the conclusion of the men's NCAA Basketball Championship.

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Betfair (sportsbook rating A) players report that all markets are suspended. Players are able to log into their Betfair accounts, but find that they cannot enter offers. On March 11th, the UK news outlet The-Register reported that Betfair glitches were allegedly fixed.


A (sportsbook rating D-) player has submitted a payout complaint. On March 3rd, 2011, the player requested a $1,000 payout. The player tells SBR that he received confirmation his ID documents were verified prior to requesting the withdrawal. On March 10th, $1,000 was credited back to his account, attached to a system message notifying the player that his payout needs to be resubmitted.

The player tells SBR that after following up on his withdrawal status, quoted a four to six week time-frame for his bank wire to be received.


A Win4Real (SBR rating C-) player reports that his winnings are not being honored. On February 26th, the player opened his account with Win4Real, depositing $12,000 via Moneybookers. He increased his balance to $32,000.

On March 7th, Win4Real zeroed the player's balance claiming that he also has a account. Win4Real is part of the Group, which has a rule prohibiting players from having more than one account with the family. | Win4Real dispute

Scam sportsbook Parlaymakers still off-line


Parlaymakers (SBR rating F) is the latest sportsbook to collapse without paying their players. The scam sportsbook was downgraded to F by SBR on February 28th after going off-line. Parlaymakers did not provide notice to players that the domain would be taken down, and ceased replying to both players and SBR shortly after the loss of their biggest processor, Gold-Pay.

The niche sportsbook had an unusual business model that allowed players to place teasers and parlays at prices offered by Matchbook (SBR rating B-). On February 20th, SBR published a report advising players to request their funds after communication brokedown from the sportsbook. Parlaymakers "Max" relied on word of mouth to bring in business for the small sportsbook, initially paying players and spamming forums to promote the brand. All future ventures started by Parlaymakers Max and associates will be added to SBR's scam sportsbook blacklist.

Parlaymakers players are asked to submit their details via sportsbook complaint form to SBR. While players are unlikely to be paid in the short-term, SBR has assisted some players in receiving payment from scam betting sites that experienced success after rebranding, one such case occurred when Bet33 (SBR rating D-) paid a player who had been stiffed $5,000 following Apex Sportsbook's (SBR rating F) collapse five years prior. | Parlaymakers scam discussion


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) payout complaint has been reported. On February 7th, 2011, a BetUS player requested a $500 withdrawal. The player was told to expect his funds to hit his bank account in 7-10 business days. After the quoted time-frame passed, the player says BetUS asked him provide a bank statement to prove that the withdrawal was not paid. The player says he obliged this request and has still not received his funds. SBR is investigating this payout complaint. | BetUS recent history


Cashpoint (SBR rating C-) dispute. A Cashpoint Sportsbook player states that his account has been terminated. The player registered with Cashpoint, depositing €100 and placed nine bets before having his account closed. The sportsbook stated only that it would no longer accept bets from the player. The player's concern is that the sportsbook is only willing to pay him via bank wire, whilst he deposited by eWallet. SBR is investigating.


On February 27th, SBR reported that Matchbook was set to announce exit from the US market. The popular sports betting exchange has announced its official seperation from WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-), and has given US-based account holders instructions on how to request their funds. | Read Matchbook statement


WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) update. SBR reported on February 2nd that 48 WSEX players were being slow-paid a total of $371,966. The oldest of these payout requests was initiated in February of 2010.

WSEX filling delinquent requests based on most recent owed
Two players have confirmed receiving payment in full. Player one received $8,759 from payouts requested in late 2010. Player two received $2,900 from a December of 2010 withdrawal request.

Eight new sportsbook complaints have been reported by players since SBR's last WSEX update, increasing the amount owed to players to $438,860. The requests were made ranging from March of 2010 to as little as three weeks ago. One player, who requested $3,000 on March 10th of 2010, made an observation noting WSEX's backwards effort in clearing the delinquent withdrawals.

WSEX player:

Been waiting since March 10, 2010 for a max withdrawal ($3,000). I don't understand why people that have requested withdrawals well after me are getting paid and I'm still waiting.

WSEX Sportsbook has likely determined that players owed from early 2010 would never again give the sportsbook business, and is selectively choosing which players' payouts to process as funds become available.


Parlaymakers (SBR rating F) is off-line. Parlaymakers did not provide notice to players that the sportsbook would be taken off-line, and has not responded to the latest round of sportsbook complaints submitted to SBR. Parlaymakers players reported to SBR that their logins stopped working prior to the domain being taken down. Parlaymakers has not provided comment to SBR, and has been added to the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist at the rating of F. | Parlaymakers report

Matchbook sports betting exchange to announce US market exit


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) is preparing a release to announce both its seperation from WSEX as owner and parent company and the impending exit of the US market. Players within the USA are expected to be unable to use their accounts as soon as tomorrow. Players can check back for more details from Matchbook management on payouts and new business plan. SBR will closely monitor the payout process for US players which will be the company's first major action independent of slow-paying sportsbook WSEX.


Following SBR's Unibet (SBR rating B) report on February 22nd, a new sportsbook complaint has been filed. A Unibet player who opened his account in late 2010 has had his account disabled for three weeks with no update from the sportsbook. The player's balance sits at €20,000.


A complaint against Tipico Sportsbook (unrated) has been reported. A player contacted SBR stating that after a week of playing with Tipico, his account was disabled with a balance of €3,300. Tipico sent the following cryptic message to the account holder:| Tipico complaint

Tipico Sportsbook:

Tipico reserves the right to close an existing account without providing a reason. In such an event the customer will receive notification of the remaining balance on the account. The betting customer shall be excluded forthwith in the case of fraud or attempted fraud especially when placing a bet.


SBRforum has announced the 2011 March Madness Brackets contest. The contest is free to participate in and has a $5,000 prize-pool. The top ten bracket finalists will each take home a prize! | March Madness contest