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On March 28th, SBR published an update to the EasyStreet casino dispute. EasyStreet was downgraded to a C rating after rejecting SportsbookReview's advice to pay the player who won $46,000 in its casino.

EasyStreet refuses to pay winning casino player
As reported, EasyStreet believes the big casino winner used third-party software to mechanically play several thousand hands at a rate that a human would be unable to maintain. EasyStreet says that in addition to the speed of play, the gambler played perfect strategy throughout his 5-hour video poker session. One issue that has been disputed is exactly how continuous the player's session was. Regardless, nothing in the hand history submitted to SportsbookReview indicates irregular play. | Digital Gaming Solutions addresses complaint?


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) update.

On March 14th, SBR reported that six US-based Matchbook players confirmed receiving payment via credit card. Matchbook withdrew from the US market in February of 2011. At the time of the announcement, Matchbook informed US-based players that they had 31 days to initiate the withdrawal process. | How Matchbook is paying their US players

SportsInteraction, mobile betting platform upgrade


SportsInteraction (SBR rating B) rolls out a new mobile betting platform. SIA management tells SBR that their new mobile site is live. The mobile betting platform currently supports users with existing deposits in their accounts. SIA plans to expand the product this year to include live betting and sign-up/deposit ability.

The mobile site has advanced browser recognition, to make mobile betting via an iPhone or Android software a seamless experience. SIA tells SBR that the changes for updating odds on the bet card is being worked on in their production lab and went live Monday. SportsInteraction has established itself as a sportsbook that takes forum user feedback quite seriously.


Five BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) players report being slow-paid. Four of the players requested their payouts via Moneybookers or Neteller. The fifth player asked for a $4,000 withdrawal by check on March 8th.

The fifth complaint contradicts statements from the BetPhoenix camp that payment delays are only experienced by eWallet users. The delinquent withdrawals total $19,220*. | BetPhoenix complaints

*Amount includes conversion of £2000 to $3,220.


A trojan virus masqueraded as a sports betting promotion is being circulated. Copies of the e-mail were forwarded to SBR from concerned players. The message asks its recipient to enable links and images in order to place free sports bets. SBR advises players that accidentally click the link to immediately do a system restore, run a full anti-virus scan, and to change all passwords from a safe machine. | SBR's full guide to account security

BetExpress, sportsbook bonus complaint

A BetExpress (unrated) bonus complaint has been reported. A player states that he signed up through BetExpress to accept an offer advertised through Moneybookers. The player states that he placed a winning bet with BetExpress, but that the day after his bonus plus winnings were voided. SBR is investigating this complaint.

BetIslands added to SBR sportsbook ratings guide

03.22.2011 has been added to the SBR sportsbook ratings guide at C-. BetIslands is managed by Jon Kreta, who founded WagerChief (SBR rating B-) in December of 2008. WagerChief was acquired by BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) in July of 2009. In January of 2011, Jon officially left WagerChief to take over the BetIslands brand.

BetIslands is a turnkey on the DPT Sports Group platform, which also powers Jazz Sports (SBR rating C-), ABC Islands (SBR rating C-), and LooseLines (SBR rating C-).

DPT provides BetIslands with hosting, wagering and IT support. BetIslands performs its own processing, and does not accept players outside of the US and Canada.


BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) tells SBR that they have decided to reinstate the player's account from the sportsbook dispute reported on March 21st. SBR reported that a BetHorizon player had his balance of $2,015 voided after he failed to submit his credit card paperwork within 48 hours of his deposit. BetHorizon has conceded the need to update the rule to be more practical. SBR considers the dispute closed. | BetHorizon statement

Sportsbook News: Parlaymakers players bailed out by Dimeline


Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has agreed to credit up to $1,000 to Parlaymakers players that were stiffed after the scam sportsbook went off-line last month.

Parlaymakers players who accept the offer must complete a 10X rollover. Dimeline management tells SBR they are making the offer as a good faith gesture.

SBR can confirm that two players were credited by Dimeline today.

Parlaymakers added to Scam Sportsbook list
On February 28th, Parlaymakers was downgraded to F and added to the SBR sportsbook blacklist, after going offline without making arrangements to pay their players. SBR received eight sportsbook complaints from players owed a total of $16,787.

Parlaymaker's manager "Max" has been unreachable since the website closure, and likely intends to open a new scam sportsbook shop.


A BetHorizon (SBR rating B-) player tells SBR that his account was voided after he did not submit his credit card paperwork within 48 hours of depositing. On Monday, March 14th the player signed up with BetHorizon and made a $350 deposit by credit card. The player increased his balance to $2,015.

BetHorizon disabled the player's account stating that he was late in providing his credit card information and that his account would remain closed.  The player's documents were provided to BetHorizon on Thursday, March 17th. SBR is investigating. | Full BetHorizon complaint

Free NCAA Bracket Contest


On March 14th, SBR reported the launch of a free NCAA Brackets Contest. SBRforum posters that submitted their NCAA brackets on time are currently in the mix for $5,000 in prizes. Though the NCAA bracket contest is already underway, SBRforum members may still register for the free $1,500 NCAA Basketball contest, which takes places on the SBR Contests platform.

Sportsbook review of

03.18.2011 (SBR rating D) is making its rounds across messageboards and Twitter, advertising 25% signup bonuses with no rollovers. SBR urges players to be extremely cautious when depositing for bonuses that sound too good to be true. White label turnkeys have a high failure rate with historically little investment.

The Costa-Rica based sportsbook claims to be primarily a credit outfit with 10% of their business driven by post-up clients. SBR interviewed management and requested permission to visit the Betbanks office to conduct a sportsbook photo tour. Betbanks stated that it would need to consult its senior associate prior to allowing SBR into their facility.

Based on available information, SBR has determined that the business model of is not sustainable long-term, and is potentially a fly-by night attempt at soliciting player deposits. Betbanks can only process Western Union and Moneygram transactions, which is consistent with previous scam sportsbooks such as Houstonbet (SBR rating F). Like Houstonbet, Betbanks states that it is interested in marketing toward the Asian market.

Betbanks players with feedback are asked to write to


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) has struggled to pay players via advertised eWallet methods, such as Neteller and Moneybookers, within their listed time-frames. The delays were first reported by users in July of 2010. Management initially assured SBR that this would not be a problem once they funded their eWallet merchant accounts. Currently there is no time table for how long these payouts will take or if Phoenix will update its website which already lists 7-10 business days for what is an instant method when using a funded account.

In light of their inability to service players by eWallet, BetPhoenix has offered to fill player withdrawals through bank wire, an option that many do not wish to accept since each time winnings come back to their checking account there are fees for country taxes as well as currency exchanges. Players then have to redeposit to Neteller or Moneybookers and then wait for it to clear, if they want to move their gambling funds to another sportsbook.

SBR has suggested that the BetPhoenix group update their website with accurate estimates for Neteller and Moneybookers to avoid false advertising. The BetPhoenix family, including BetPhoenix, Betmania, WagerChief, and Sports-1, have been downgraded yesterday to B-.


Three BoogieBet (SBR rating D) players have submitted live wagering complaints. The three players tell SBR that they had winning bets nullified by BoogieBet.

BoogieBet argues to SBR that the odds were not updated at the time the players placed the wagers, not that they were off-market to start with. The situation is commonly referred to in the offshore world as linesmen "falling asleep at the wheel".

SBR suggests that in cases where a sportsbook is not quick enough to a line-change, that players not be penalized as a result of the sportsbook's tardiness. | BoogieBet explanation

UPDATE- Free NCAA Brackets Contest


SBRforum posters may now submit their brackets in the Free NCAA Brackets contest. The free brackets contest has a purse of $5,000 which is paid to the top 10 bracket-holders at the conclusion of the men's NCAA Basketball Championship.

No perfect bracket required!
Unlike other sites that promise a cool gazillion bucks for the impossible perfect bracket, SBRforum guarantees that 10 posters will take home their share of $5,000. Registration is a breeze!

How to play
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