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BoogieBet (SBR rating D) has been the subject of free bet complaints this past week. Players have written to SBR stating that after depositing £25 in accordance with a free bet promotion, the matching bonus has not been applied.


Update: Following SBR's latest inquiry, BetHorizon management states that the player will be paid out the remainder of his balance via bank wire.

BetHorizon (SBR rating C+) slow-pay update. On December 30th, SBR reported that a BetHorizon player requested a $5,000 withdrawal in late November of 2010. On January 3rd, SBR confirmed that the player received a $2,000 payment from BetHorizon. The remaining $3,000 has yet to been paid.

The player claims that BetHorizon promised to send additional payouts via money order, but has not yet done so. SBR is following up on this complaint. BetHorizon has been lowered from B- to C+.


A Bwin (SBR rating C-) player reports having a €50 wager canceled. The player bet €50 on a WTA match between Jelena Jankovic and Andrea Petkovic. The wager was on Jankovic at +260 in the fifth game of the first set. The player claims that the odds were inline with previous games during the match. After the bet won, the player claims that Bwin canceled his bet.

SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.

Bwin is a C- rated sportsbook based in Vienna, Austria. On July 7th, SBR reported that PartyGaming and Bwin planned to merge.


Quicksilver Sports (SBR rating D-) has moved its operations from Jamaica to San Jose, Costa Rica, and is part of Jazz' DPT Sports Group platform.

The DPT Sports Group fully powers Jazz Sports, Looselines, and ABC Islands. DPT acts as a turnkey for QuickSilver Sports and BetIslands. Quicksilver is allegedly provided with customer service and wagering support. Jazz Sports (SBR rating C-) claims that Quicksilver is responsible for its own player processing. Quicksilver has failed to pay a player in six months, and has more than €20,000 in delinquent withdrawals since the fall of 2010. | DPT Sports Group history


The Sportsbook Review Blacklist includes 1,066 sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks are the worst in the industry.  The criterion to be included in this list is to carry a D- or F rating.



The worst online scam sportsbooks

#5: BetOnline247 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-)
Operating out of San Pedro, Costa Rica, BetOnline247 claims to be regulated by the government of Costa Rica. The claim is not accurate; sportsbooks in Costa Rica are not subject to government regulation. The dishonest claim is likely an attempt to sway player confidence. BetOnline247's business model targets European clients. SBR has received 40 current payment complaints from BetOnline247 players.

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Apex Sportsbook victims advised to write in


There may be hope afterall for Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) victims. Apex stiffed an undetermined amount of players after closing shop, then resurfaced as Bet33 (SBR rating D-) Sportsbook in 2005. Bet33 was assessed with a rating of F by SportsbookReview, but later upgraded to D- after years without a sportsbook complaint.

Apex owner Robbie McPhail used players stolen funds to finance Bet33, thus Bet33 remains on the SBR sportsbook blacklist. Bet33 paid a player $3,000 in November of 2009 that reported to SBR he had been stiffed by Apex five years prior. Bet33 has requested that SBR publish a note asking former Apex players to write in with their account balances. Players can email

SBR will update this report if any former Apex Sportsbook players receive payment from Bet33.

Pinnacle Sports under denial-of-service attack


UPDATE- Pinnacle Sports is back online.

Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) management tells SBR that they are battling a denial-of-service attack. The web-based assault is commonly referred to as a "DOS" attack, where culprits attempt to overload a website server by sending thousands of requests at once. Pinnacle is working to identify and stop the attack. SBR will update this report as Pinnacle Sports comes back online.

BetPhoenix slow-pay update


BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) players report being slow-paid $14,900. The six players are each waiting for either a Moneybookers, Neteller or check withdrawal. The oldest delinquent request was made on March 8th. The check request is unique given that BetPhoenix management stated payout issues were experienced primarily by eWallet users.

BetPhoenix was downgraded twice by SBR in light of their ability to make timely payouts to players in their advertised methods.

BetPhoenix player:

Requested a $2,000 withdrawal on Mar 23, and I was told that it would take 7 to 10 business days to process (even though the website at that time said that the processing time was 3 to 5 days). I also was told that this was the only withdrawal method available (even though the website says that person to person transfer is available).

I contacted customer support via chat last week and was told that I would receive my check that week. However, the money is still in my account this morning and has not been sent. I contacted customer support via chat again this morning, and was told that it would be processed this week (today is the thirteenth business day.)


Congrats SBRforum Poker Freeroll winners!


A big congratulations to Saturday's SBRforum Poker Freeroll winners. The event was part of April's SBR Poker Freeroll series. The following SBRforum posters shared the $500 pot: "secretstash", "WillC", "DavyDave', "orioles', "cankid', ''bernardmadoff', 'mikejamm', 'brazilian soccer', 'pinnerpsk', and 'krisskross'.


Casineto Sportsbook, a $50 payout is too much


Casineto Sportsbook (SBR rating F) was added to SBR's sportsbook blacklist in October of 2010. Sports bettors are able to deposit into Casineto, but are not likely to be paid by the scam sportsbook. One such player continues to write to SportsbookReview, the player requested $50 on December 13th, 2009. Casineto has not filled his withdrawal.

Delinquent withdrawal requests
Casineto owes the few players it has over $12,000.  Casineto has a troubled history, littered with slow-pay complaints and website failures since being assessed with a D- rating in August of 2009. SBR believes that Casineto players best chance at payment is for the sportsbook to be bought out, such an aquisition is made unlikely by the fact that the Casineto domain holds little value for potential investors.

SBR will update this report.


SBR's own Judie Russell interviewed the now infamous poster, "cory1111", regarding his $46,000 win at EasyStreet Sports casino. EasyStreet (SBR rating D+) is refusing to pay the Video Poker winnings, claiming that the player violated its rule on artificial intelligence play.



A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player requested a $550 payout on March 2nd. BetUS quoted a 7-10 business day time-frame for the funds to be received.  The player has not been more.

Congrats NCAA Bracket winners, $5,000 in cash paid


SBRforum sends a big congratulations to the 2011 NCAA Brackets contest winners. $5,000 in cash was awarded to the top 10 SBRforum bracket holders. SBRforum posters "Nismo" and "Shane" topped the leaderboard with a 1st place tie, at 165 points, posters "starfire", "Augustus", and SBR's own Bill Dozer rounded out the top five.


BetPhoenix Sportsbook payout update


On March 27th, SBR reported five players' BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) complaints. Two of those players have confirmed receiving payment. The first player received a $4,000 check requested on March 8th; the second a £2,000 Moneybookers withdrawal initiated on February 25th.

Since SBR's update, a new BetPhoenix complaint has been reported. A player tells SBR that he has been unable to get a manager's update on when he will receive his next $4,000 payment. The player describes calling and sending numerous emails without a response back.

BetPhoenix management yet to provide comment in April regarding these complaints. In total, four players are owed $16,058 with the earliest payout requested on February 24th.

Scam Alert: QuickSilver Sportsbook not paying bettors


QuickSilver (SBR rating D-) players are not being paid.

QuickSilver Sports representatives have not provided official comment on the payment issues. SBR has attempted to make contact with the QSS owner. SBR spoke with the DPT Sports Group, who provide wagering software to QSS, and received confirmation that QuickSilver's licensee account is not delinquent.

SBR has received over 10 complaints from QuickSilver players who are owed over €20,000. These slow-pays span back into December of 2010. SBR will continue to attempt to connect with QuickSilver's owner and management. In light of QuickSilver's inability to field SBR's calls or to provide players with an update on their funds, QuickSilver Sports has been added to the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist at the mark of D-.

Poker Freeroll series: $2,000 in cash prizes + SBR Points


SBRforum's Poker Freeroll series kicks off Monday, April 4th. The prize-packed event features eight tournaments a day where posters square off for thousands of SBR Points and $500 in weekly cash. SBR members can use their virtual points to make purchases in the SBR Store.


SBR investigates Bet770 complaint


A Bet770 (unrated) player requested a withdrawal for £165 on March 8th. On March 19th, the player alleged Bet770 updated thim that his withdrawal was approved via email. Ten business days later, the player says he has not received his funds or a meaningful update from Bet770. SBR is investigating.