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A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player requested a $1,935 payout on April 14th. The funds were removed from his account, and the player was led to believe that he would be paid in 7 to 10 business days. After that time-frame passed, the player became nervous and raised a number of inquiries with BetUS. | BetUS payout dispute


SportsInteraction (SBR rating B) no longer accepts registrations from United States residents. SIA management confirmed to SBR that the policy went into effect today. While no new players will be accepted from the US, existing players are free to continue to wager as normal.

On May 1st, (SBR rating D-) withdrew from the US market, also allowing existing players to continue to wager. | statement

YouWin tennis bet dispute


A YouWin (unrated) player has filed a wagering complaint. On February 4th, the player placed a wager on a tennis match between Garcia Lopez and Bogomolov. The player's wager was Garcia Lopez to win via a 2-0 exact set outcome. Youwin did not grade the match, citing that it was under investigation. Three months later, the bet remains unsettled.

SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.


SBR update 6/2/2015 - BetHorizon, which maintained separate management, split from the Heritage Sports group over three years ago. The sportsbook has no affiliation with Heritage Sports of any kind.

BetHorizon (SBR rating C+) has been acquired by Heritage Sports (SBR rating B+).

5Dimes under denial of service attack


5Dimes (SBR rating A+) is currently battling denial of service attack. 5Dimes management tells players that they may contact Live Help for alternate site options. A denial of service, or "DDOS" (distributed denial of service attack) is one where web-based attackers overwhelm a sites server by sending thousands of requests.

The 5Dimes Group expects its sites to be 100% functional by 6PM ET.


A WagerWeb (SBR rating D-) player reports having his account disabled with a $2,252 balance. The player was accused of operating multiple accounts on March 3rd, 2011. The player admits to having a friend access his computer to log into WagerWeb months ago, but claims that this was an isolated incident. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.


BetBoo (SBR rating D) complaints update.

BetBoo's head of trading has reached out to Sportsbook Review regarding the growing numpber of bonus complaints. The head trader tells SBR that he has recently been tasked with managing customer complaints. BetBoo has underwent corporate restructuring following being taken over by GamingVC in 2009. | Betboo complaints

SBR impostors not ready to give up scam


SBR impostors have not slowed down in their attempts to scam third party websites. The scam artists have been using an "SBRS" email addresses. The scammers registered an SBR Network Skype account, which has since been shutdown after SBR contacted Skype.

While the degenerate scammers have been unsuccessful in each and every one of their obvious attempts, SBR warns all sites to verify the sender's contact information and to forward suspicious emails to


An Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player owed $3,683 from 2005 has contacted SBR for assistance. SBR has brought the player's complaint to Bet33 (SBR rating D-) operator Robbie McPhail's attention. | Apex player complaint


UPDATE: Two players received payment by Moneybookers yesterday afternoon. SBR will update this report.

BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) update.

On April 11th, SBR reported that six BetPhoenix players were being slow-paid a total of $14,900. The players' requests consisted primarily of Moneybookers and Neteller. BetPhoenix has slowed in eWallet payment time, drawing criticism from non-US sports bettors and leading to two recent sportsbook rating downgrades. | BetPhoenix complaints


A MyBet (SBR rating D+) player says his account has been frozen. The MyBet player failed to specify the amount of funds that were frozen or what if any contact he had with the sportsbook. MyBet has made several confiscations from winning players citing bonus abuse, links to related accounts, and other fraudulent transactions. | MyBet Sportsbook complaint


Matchbook (SBR rating B-) players have confirmed receiving five-figure withdrawals. Three more US-based players—who lost the ability to play at Matchbook after the exchange withdrew from the US market—have confirmed receiving $29,443, $32,000, and $35,000 payments.

Two other Matchbook players have $22,460 and $43,000 payouts pending. SBR will update this report as those players confirm payment. | Matchbook policy change


A BetBoo (SBR rating D) bonus complaint has been reported. A player with €2500 left in rollover tells SBR that he has been limited to €2 maximum wagers. SBR is asking BetBoo to either increase the player's limits, or to close his account and pay a prorated portion.

This BetBoo complaint is reminiscent to the bonus dispute reported in December of 2010. On December 5th, SBR reported that BetBoo reinstated a player's wagering limits so that he could fulfill his rollover obligation. | BetBoo news


An Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has received payment after six years.

On April 11th, SBR staff pinned a note in SBRforum's Sportsbook & Industry section asking old Apex players to write in. Apex Sportsbook stiffed players prior to going off-line in 2005. Apex owner Robbie McPhail used stolen players funds to finance Bet33 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) later that year. Apex is also the parent company of 1Vice Sportsbook. | Apex, Bet33 history


Four new WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) complaints have been reported. In SBR's last WSEX Sportsbook update, WSEX provided a generic statement regarding payment delays. At the time of this report, WSEX was slow-paying 48 players $431,817.

04.24.2011 (SBR rating D-) has confiscated winnings from eight players. All of the players are unrelated to one another, but file similar complaints. accuses the players of being in violation of wagering rules.