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SBR Posting Forum technical difficulties


Update — The SBR posting forum is back on-line.

The SBRforum message board is having technical difficulties. Readers may still access other websites within the SBR network. SBR will update this notice as the posting forum comes back on-line.

SBR Forum Posters' poll Open: SBR posters invited to vote for Top Sportsbooks


SBRforum posters are asked to cast their vote for the best bookmakers. Posters are invited to give their top three sportsbooks with their highest rated book first. Six points will be awarded for the first choice, four points for second place and three points for third. After tallying up the final scores, the top five point earners will be displayed at the head of the forum under the Top Poster's Sportsbooks for June 2011. Vote here! withdrawal complaint


A (SBR rating D-) player submits an $1,100 payout comlpaint. The player tells SBR that he requested an $1,100 payment on April 20th, and has yet to receive his funds. SBR is investigating this payout complaint and will update this report after making contact with the sportsbook's management.

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Win a seat to the 2011 World Series of Poker main event at SBRforum! Over 200 SBRforum posters have already qualified to compete in a grand satellite freeroll on Saturday, June 23rd, where the winner pockets a $10,000 value ticket entry to the 2011 World Series of Poker. An additional 300 posters will qualify this coming month. View the Free WSOP Satellite thread for more details.

BetEd sportsbook players lose their account balances


Letters from BetEd players who lost their account balances when the sportsbook went off-line continue to hit the SBR mailbox. BetEd was a small, recreational sportsbook that had a good financial track record. BetEd had a controversial past however due to "gotcha" rule enforcements in select account disputes.

BetEd reportedly had the largest involvement with a bogus processing company setup by US authorities to entrap online sportsbooks. BetEd allegedly had a number of bank accounts frozen which severed their ability to make payments. BetEd has not responded to SBR inquiries or been able to document the amount of funds withhold, and has to date not written their customer base with an explanation for why sufficient funds were not in reserve in the case of a doomsday scenario.

The other online sportsbooks named in the federal indicment on March 23rd continue to operate as normal under new domains. The US continues to go after .com sportsbook domain names, prompting leading industry sportsbooks to alternate to the .ag and .eu endings, which are presumably beyond the US grasp. | BetEd forum discussion

BetPhoenix payouts update


Seven BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) players report payment delays. The players are owed $20,445, with the earliest request being made in mid-March of 2011. SBR expects BetPhoenix management to give a weekly update regarding the eWallet players payout statuses this week.

Pulsebet refunds player deposit

A Pulsebet (unrated) player reports that his account with £1,432 has been turned off. The player's deposit of £150 has been refunded to him. The sportsbook indicated that his account was in violation of terms and conditions. SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.

BetEd Sportsbook out of business


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - SBR TV's Judie Russell is on location outside BetEd headquarters. 

Sources tell SBR that BetEd Sportsbook has physically moved its hardware out of its office. Management is unreachable and players have not received any response to questions about their funds.

On May 23rd, SBR reported on sportsbook domain seizures which effected seven gambling websites. BetEd reportedly had the largest involvement with a bogus processing company setup by US authorities.


Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) has changed their domain name to The original domain ( was seized along with seven other gambling websites—including industry sportsbooks, Betmaker, and—by US authorities pursuing banking violations.



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Win a seat to the 2011 World Series of Poker main event at SBRforum. SBRform runs free handicapping contests for forum community members at the SBR Contests website. SBR members are invited to square off playing SBR Poker for a chance to win a $10,000 seat in Las Vegas this July| Free WSOP Satellite details

Online sportsbook bonuses to avoid


SBR suggests that players avoid unproven sportsbooks that promise bonuses which sound too good to be true. Players should consider whether or not a promotion figures to be profitable for the house before parting with their funds.

The sportsbook (unrated) is sending emails advertising a 100% signup bonus for first time deposits. BetODog has the look of a price-per-head shop yet it takes signups as well as gives bettors a phone number to call for wagering and customer service. BetODog is hosted on the same server as, which lists the same telephone number. A review into the two domains suggests that BetODog is being marketed ahead of the second brand.

On March 18th, Sportsbook Review reported that Betbanks sportsbook was promoting a 25% signup bonus with no rollover. SBR cautioned players to avoid outfits that offer such irregular bonuses.

For a list of sportsbooks that have scammed players with bonuses and by not paying winnings, check out the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist.


A BetPhoenix (SBR rating B-) player with a balance of $2,659 reports that his account has been frozen since December of 2010. The player tells SBR that he is being accused of placing bets for an account-holder that was previously banned for having a debt against the house. The player has conceded that he had a relationship with the third-party, but claims that his account action is his own. BetPhoenix has been unable to produce actionable evidence showing that the player specifically signed up, deposited, and wagered for the banned third-party. The sportsbook and player claim that each other are unreachable by phone, and have remained at a standstill. SBR has requested that BetPhoenix unlock the account in the absence of evidence establishing guilt.

BetPhoenix players continue to report difficulty being paid via eWallet. To date, there are five outstanding withdrawals totaling $18,735. The earliest payout request was made in mid-March of 2011. The most common complaint of BetPhoenix players is the way the sportsbook enforces the one payout per week restriction. BetPhoenix lists a 7-10 business day time-frame for e-wallet payment, though does not allow players to request additional withdrawals until after a given request is filled. Players have pointed out that this tactic essentially triples the one payout per week time-frame.

SBR will update this report. | BetPhoenix player feedback


A BoogieBet (SBR rating D) player deposited €100 last week and increased his balance to €900. The BoogieBet player tells SBR that after requesting a withdrawal of €500, his account has been blocked. SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint. | Boogiebet recent news

5Dimes casino errors result in two disputes



A 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) player filed a complaint stating that $14,500 in casino winnings were voided due to using a robot. A robot or 'bot' is a software program that is a high speed autopilot that uses consistent playing strategy. The bot allowed the casino player to take advantage of a table game that was mistakenly set to a 112% payout return. All players who played the game during this period held an advantage over the house. This player denied using a robot. 5Dimes agreed to pay the player in full if SBR could show reasonable doubt that the player did in fact use a software program to play the game. After reviewing the hand history, it was found that the sessions lasted longer than a normal human could play without sleep, and showed a clear pattern of breaks down to the fraction of seconds. SBR concluded the player did use bot software. After the bot was confirmed 5Dimes chose to refund losing players of this game during the time period this player-bot was used. The total reimbursed to losers exceeded the amount in dispute by the bot player and included a credit to one player of over $7,000.
A second dispute involving two players also stemmed from a table game mistakenly set to wrong payout odds. These two players played a game because it had an excessive payout rate, 390%, instead of the normal 99.9% or below. One player accrued a balance of over $32,000 in less than two hours. Due to the gross error, and the fact that these players staked small escalating amounts each hand, there was no risk to player funds. The activity in the game resulted in guaranteed growing balances and account holders essentially being paid to play. SBR agreed with 5Dimes’ decision to void winnings based on gross human error rule that did not result in putting player funds at risk. 5Dimes states that the entire casino has been reviewed and corrected and will be audited regularly. 


Stryyke sportsbook remains off-line with players funds


A Stryyke Sportsbook (SBR rating F) victim writes in. A player with a €1627.93 balance owed by Stryyke tells SBR that he has had no communication from the scam sportsbook prior to the site going offline in 2010. Stryyke players have reported over €35,000 in unpaid winnings.

BetUS account complaint


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player claims that he deposited $150 to place a wager. After winning the wager, the player discovered his account was suspended. The player claims that BetUS informed him that his deposit would be refunded. SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.