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21KBet slow-pays update


SBR followed up with Moneybookers, who stated that 21KBet is not a registered gaming merchant and that it was investigating on its own the player reports of no-pay. Nevertheless, both personal and business accounts are able to receive and send funds through the Moneybookers platform. The advantages of being a registered gaming merchant is to not have any outgoing transfer limits; the distinction is not relevant in this case, as neither party has suggested a transfer limit has been reached.




21KBet: Moneybookers does not pay us money players deposited 21kbet therefore can not pay players who have deposited by Moneybookers, if within 15 days Moneybookers does not solve the problem, we will have to return the money deposited to the players who have deposited by Moneybookers.




Moneybookers: I would like to inform you that is currently not one of our registered gaming merchants and we are already investigating the reported cases of deposits from our customers to them.

Thirteen users have reported being slow-paid $11,514 by 21KBet. The sportsbook has been initiated with a rating of D- within the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist.