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Bet770 payout complaint


A Bet770 (unrated) player tells SBR that he has requested €603 at least four weeks ago, and has yet to receive his funds. The player has allegedly provided all required documents necessary to complete his withdrawal. Bet770 has replied only with generic updates stating that his payout time depends on their payment processors. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.


CentSports is a free rewards site that gives bettors .10 starting bankrolls as well as additional cash if third-party referral programs are completed. CentSports does not facilitate deposits.

Two CentSports website users contacted SBR stating that they were not paid their rewards checks within the listed time-frame of two months. The players have been waiting for their payout for five and twelve months respectively. | CentSports player comments

SBRforum WSOP Main Event freeroll winner survives day one


The SBRforum WSOP Satellite winner "FuzzyDunlop" survived Day 1B! FuzzyD is taking a stack of just over 15,000 chips into Tuesday's Day 1B+1C. If Fuzzy survives Tuesday, he'll inch that much closer to the money by moving into Day 2. The WSOP Main Event runs from July 7th-19th, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Two new WSEX (SBR rating D-) payout complaints have been reported. The first player requested a $1,400 payment following the 2011 Super Bowl.

The WSEX player tells SBR that he asked a friend to call WSEX to pose as a potential customer, WSEX reportedly told the player withdrawals take only two weeks. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he receives only generic updates from the WSEX camp.

The second player requested a $2,000 payout  in mid June of 2011. Based on his recent playing activity, SBR expects that WSEX will unfortunately choose to prioritize his withdrawal request above the player waiting since February of 2011 in hopes to retain his future business.

In total, WSEX players have reported being slow-paid a total of $460,462. The most delinquent payment request is from October of 2009. | WSEX statement


A Unibet (SBR rating B-) player claims that three soccer wagers were canceled 24 hours after the event. The player wagered a Gold Cup soccer match between Cuba and Mexico.

The player tells SBR that he placed three wagers on Cuba under 0.5 goals for $1000 each. The player alleges that two bets were priced at 2.1 whilst the remaining wager was 2.05. He points out that Sportingbet offered odds of 2.0 at the time, suggesting that the odds were in fact in-market. 

SBR is following up on this Unibet sportsbook complaint. | Unibet account complaints


UPDATE — Following SBR's inquiry, (ag) management stated they would leave the player's account inactive whilst paying the earned winnings. cited an alternate reason for concluding bonus fraud had taken place.

A (ag) player deposited $457 and received a 50% cash bonus. He made three totals wager before having his account closed with a note that his deposit would be refunded to him. The first wager risked his entire $685 balance and took his account balance up to $1,816. 

The player tells SportsbookReview that the next day he placed an additional wager, before changing his mind and betting the opposite side to limit his loss on the game. flagged the activity as bonus abuse and stated that the player would receive only his initial deposit back. | statement

BetExpress sportsbook offline


BetExpress Sportsbook has shutdown. BetExpress management tells SBR that the sportsbook was powered by Oddsmatrix—which offered a full turnkey solution—and its players have been moved to (unrated), also under the Oddsmatrix platform. The BetExpress homepage indicates that players will be contacted by email with instructions on how to access their accounts.

Players with balances at BetExpress are asked to contact SBR.

Posters sportsbook poll results


The June 2011 SBRforum Posters Sportsbook Poll has concluded. Each SBRforum member with 25 posts or more was invited to cash their vote for their top three favorite sportsbooks. Pinnacle Sports ranked in at number one overall, with BetJamaica, 5Dimes, TheGreek, and Bookmaker rounding out the top five.


SBRtv's Peter Loshak conducted an interview with recent SBRforum WSOP Satellite winner FuzzyDunlop. FuzzyDunlop won the $11,000+ value package by besting a field of 308 fellow SBRforum poker players, and will be playing in the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.


A BetUS player submits a payout complaint. The BetUS player tells SBR that he requested a $360 payout on April 20th, 2011, and has not received his funds. The player was allegedly quoted a 30 business day time-frame to receive the funds. After following up with BetUS, the player claims that he was told it is in the accounting department's hands. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

On May 24th, 2011, SBR reported that a BetUS player was paid following a complaint filed two weeks prior. The player in that withdrawal complaint requested a $1,935 payout on April 14th and was given a 7 to 10 business day time-frame to receive his funds. After obliging the sportsbook's requests to produce documents confirming his identity, the player confirmed receiving payment within two weeks of filing his complaint with Sportsbook Review.

Matchbook update


Former US-based Matchbook (SBR rating B) players have confirmed receiving $289,621 in payouts since May of 2011. Matchbook withdrew from the US market on February 27th, 2011 following an ownership change. Matchbook's new owners wished to cater its services to European and Asian markets.

Matchbook executives tell SBR that thousands of transactions have been made to US-based players following the February withdrawal. Some setbacks were encountered as a result of the volume of banking transactions to the United States. SBR has no record of outstanding withdrawals, however Matchbook has indicated that a small percentage of players in a unique predicament have not been able to take advantage of some withdrawal methods offered to the majority. SBR asks former Matchbook players with any concerns or payout inquiries to write to


The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) ordered the suspension of Full Tilt Poker's operating license. Full Tilt Poker executives must attend a hearing on July 26th to discuss the state of their license with AGCC. As part of the suspension order, AGCC has demanded that Full Tilt Poker immediately cease player registration, deposits and withdrawals, and game-play. Whilst Full Tilt's website remains accessible, the downloadable poker client times out and fails to allow players to access the gaming lobby. Player reports indicate that play was abruptly stopped today at approximately 6:30AM EDT.

On April 15th, 2011, Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, and Absolute Poker announced a US-market exit following indictments by the US Attorney General's office in the Southern Distict of New York. Of the companies which pulled out, Poker Stars has shown the most resiliance - continuing to operate in accepted markets, and not stalling in paying its existing US player base. Absolute Poker—a Costa Rican based poker site—had its office raided by US authorities and was forced to shutdown its entire operation. On May 11th, 2011, Absolute Poker vowed to return US player funds, following a legal agreement struck with NY Attorney General Preet Bhara.

Full Tilt's solvency was a particular cause for concern following the April 15th, 'Black Friday' online poker shutdown. Numerous reports circulated indicating that FTP failed to honor withdrawals for even non-US customers, as well as an alleged report from its featured poker player 'Phil Ivey', where the player non-payments were further spotlighted. | Alderney Gambling Control Commission official statement

BetIslands & ABC Islands experiencing website difficulties


UPDATE — All sites are back online.

The Jazz Sports building, which hosts a number of sportsbooks including BetIslands (SBR rating C+), ABC Islands (SBR rating C-), and Jazz Sports (SBR rating C-) is again experiencing technical difficulties. On June 14th, 2011, SBR reported that the building suffered a power outage and all sportsbooks were temporarily off-line. Today, sportsbook players are redirected to backup sites when attempting to access each sportsbook homepage.

SBR will update this report.


A Bet33 (SBR rating D+) player reports payment.

The Bet33 player tells SBR that following a $500 deposit, he increased his balance to $5,000 after making forty MLB picks. On June 27th, the player tells Sportsbook Review that he requested and was paid a $3,000 withdrawal via cash transfer. Bet33 was recently removed from SBR's sportsbook blacklist after settling player debt which originated from Apex Sportsbook in 2005.

Players with Bet33 feedback are asked to write to SBR.


Prior to PartyGaming's merge with Bwin, PartyGaming refused to cooperate with SBR citing data protection laws. PartyGaming would provide only cursory background of complaints, unable to share specific evidence with SBR in support of its conclusions. After the PartyGaming/Bwin merger, the consolidated company began to address all sportsbook disputes in a prompt and fair manner.

Costa Rican scammers look to profit from industry shakeup


Sportsbook Review has learned that at least two readers received phone calls demanding payment from alleged Costa Rican attorneys. The scammers attempted to piggyback off the recent BetEd closure, claiming that the players had to pay a penalty imposed by the CR government for depositing into the sportsbook. A measley $787 was requested from one player. The scammers threatened that if payment was not received, the players information would be made available to United States authorities.

It is not uncommon for mailing lists to be sold by rogue sportsbook employees, or for an employee gone bad to pocket customer data to setup a scam. Players are urged not to engage in any transactions with third-parties that claim they are attorneys or Costa Rican authorities - these are scams.

The only relevant federal law with respect to online gambling is the UIGEA bill passed in 2006, which makes it illegal for banks to knowingly process online gambling transactions. A player funding or making bets with a sportsbook is not covered in this bill. Players with any concerns over the legality or tax requirements of online wagering should seek legal council. 

Congrats SBRforum WSOP Main Event freeroll winner


SBRforum poster ''FuzzyDunlop'' finished 1st place in this afternoon's SBR WSOP Main Event freeroll finale. The lucky winner bested a field of 308 contestants, and will be receiving an all-expense paid trip to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada on July 5th, 2011. Fuzzy will be provided with lodging for week one of the WSOP tournament as well as the $10,000 entry. Stay tuned for updates on Fuzzy's progress!

BetIslands sportsbook feedback


BetIslands sportsbook (SBR rating C+) players have submitted positive feedback in forum topic, 'BetIslands Sportsbook'. Players have commented that the Costa-Rica based sportsbook has extended good customer service and prompt payouts since coming under new ownership, and being assessed with a sportsbook rating earlier this year.

BetIslands is run by Jon Kreta— the former manager of WagerChief (SBR rating B-)—and is stationed in the Jazz Sports Group facility. Jazz provides BetIslands with hosting, wagering and IT support. BetIslands processing is run independentantly -- SBR has confirmed that BetIslands is backed by established bookmakers. BetIslands rating has been increased to C+.