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A Betmotion sportsbook (unrated) player has filed a payment complaint. On July 20th, 2011, the player requested a withdrawal of €292. The payment request was to be filled through Moneybookers — one of the most popular withdrawal methods for online sportsbook players — but as the player details, no payment has been made to him. The player has grown increasingly anxious over the state of his withdrawal request as he has read other Betmotion news reported by SBR.

On July 28th 2011, a BetMotion player claimed that his account was unfairly shutdown. The player reported having a €1,741.97 balance and that his requests for support went unanswered. The complaint remains outstanding.

Players with Betmotion feedback are asked to write to

VIP Sportsbook players owed $29,063


Twenty-five VIP Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) players report being owed $29,063. The players did not request payment of their account balances prior to the August 1st, 2011 deadline imposed by VIP. On July 15th, SportsbookReview reported that the VIP Sportsbook group announced that it would be closing. While VIP management initially told SBR that players were given ample notice to initiate payout requests, several players have reported that they were not given any heads up.

On August 15th, SBR reported that (SBR rating C) surfaced targeting VIP Sportsbook Group players. shares the VIP Sportsbook server, customer service numbers and website skin. In addition, players forwarded marketing mailers which contained their VIP username and passwords. VIP Sportsbook operations manager "Jay" told SBR on August 16th that VIP, and BetGameday have nothing to do with GTBets. The manager confirmed that former employees are now working on the site.

SBR will update this report.



A MyBet sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player tells SportsbookReview that he made a payout request for €6200 on August 16th, 2011 through Moneybookers. The player reports that he was told that there were technical issues within the payouts department that prevented MyBet from willing his withdrawal. The player was told that he would receive his funds by Monday, August 22nd but has not yet been credited.

While only waiting for four business days, the player has grown apprehensive over the state of the D+ rated Mybet, a Malta based operation that has confiscated winnings in the past after alleging account theft. SBR urges bettors to use extreme caution when choosing to deposit with lowly rated sportsbooks with troubled histories. SBR is following up on this player's sportsbook complaint. | Mybet sportsbook news

VIP Sportsbook balance holders asked to write to


Three new players have written Sportsbook Review to launch complaints against VIP Sportsbook, and BetGameday. The three players are owed $1,030, $900, and $600 collectively. Each player reports that no notice was delivered to their registered email address informing them of the VIP Sports group closure. VIP management initially told SBR that players were given multiple notices each, in addition to the prominent ad atop its homepage prompting bettors to withdraw their funds. The players point out that they are seasonal bettors who were unaware of the closure, and that they discovered the closure when trying to access their accounts for the NFL preseason.

SBR last heard from a VIP manager on Tuesday August 16th. The manager stated that players who did not request their balances in time would be paid once financial processes completed allowing VIP to send a final wave of funds. None of the 18 players on SBR's list have yet reported payment. The players are owed $12,183. SBR will update this report.


Congratulations to poster MyFootballGame who won the 4th annual SBR Bash poker tournament. MyFootballGame was one of 38 posters who competed for the $2,000 cash top prize in Saturday's SBR poker event at the Los Suenos Marriott resort near Jaco Beach. Thanks to all the loyal SBRforum posters who attended the weekend festivities.


A (SBR rating D-) player tells Sportsbook Review that he asked for an $1,800 withdrawal on July 10th, 2011, and a $650 withdrawal on July 20th, 2011. Neither of the players requests have been paid by the skin, SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint. recently made SBR's front-page online sportsbook news section for their cancelation of $7,030 in winnings from a player that had requested exclusion from months prior. management has yet to address that complaint with SBR dispute analyst "Justin7". has a long history of unethical and unjust confiscations of winning players, the most noteworthy of such negative adjustments was the voiding of more than seven figures worth of "correlated parlay" winnings.'s software accepted wagers that the sportsbook said violated house rules, and the sportsbook adjusted the balances of winning players after the bets were both accepted and grading, leading to their placement on the SBR sportsbook blacklist at D-.


Since SBR's last VIP Sportsbook update on August 16th, an additional two users have reported that they held balances which have not been paid as of August 18th, 2011. The players did not request their funds prior to the August 1st deadline set by VIP Sports after the company closure was announced. VIP Sportsbook, and BetGameday are currently off-line. The total amount of outstanding funds owed to users is now $10,876.

A VIP Sportsbook operations manager claimed that the players who did not request payment in time would receive payment. SBR has followed up to inquire on whether accommodations would also be made for players that did not contact SBR not VIP Sportsbook to arrange to be paid their final balances. SBR will update this sportsbook report as more information becomes available.| VIP Sportsbook players outraged

BetRoyal Sportsbook player's payout attempt


A BetRoyal (SBR rating D-) player tells Sportsbook Review that he is attempting to place a withdrawal for $700 via a cash transfer method. The player has allegedly been waiting five days for the funds to be removed from his online sportsbook wagering account. The player reports that he has called BetRoyal posing as a potential signup and that he was told that withdrawal amounts are removed from accounts within three hours during the normal working day, with payment subsequently made in one day per either of the cash transfer methods. The player tells SBR that he called BetRoyal's bluff and pointed out that he has been waiting longer than what's advertised by the sportsbook. The player's first deposit to BetRoyal was for $25 in January of 2011. He estimates that in his time wagering with the online sportsbook that he has lost in the neighborhood of $1,000. The player reports that this is his first payout request to date. While not yet officially considered a slow-pay, BetRoyal's dodgy service highlights a tactic atypical of a D- rated sportsbook — both failing to honor its listed withdrawal times and not removing funds from a player account until the minute the funds are ready to be dispatched, prompting the bettor to battle the temptation of losing his balance prior to payment.

SBR will update this sportsbook report if this BetRoyal withdrawal attempt turns into a slow-pay situation. SBR generally considers slow payment to be two weeks+ after the quoted time-frame.

The most noteworthy complaint against BetRoyal sportsbook occurred in July of 2008, when a player filed a $500,000 claim against the company.  The complaint surrounded a group of players who were invited by BetRoyal management four years prior to trade prices and betting odds at BetRoyal against other online sportsbooks. The player's invested deposits of $86,000 eventually earned a balance of $586,000. In the week preceedeing SBG Global's (SBR rating D-) acquition of BetRoyal, the BetRoyal website was taken off the servers and when it returned -- the $586,000 was removed from the account. After a thorough review of available facts, SBR concluded that BetRoyal erased the winnings in order to take its labilities off the books prior to selling to SBG Global.

VIP Sportsbook says players will be paid


A former VIP Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) operations manager has contacted Sportsbook Review today stating that players who did not request payment in the allotted time—the August 1st deadline—would be paid. The manager explained that the two individuals SBR had communicated briefly with were no longer servicing exiting VIP players inquiries and that their mailboxes were not being monitored. The manager stated that he would be contacting players on SBR's list to inform them that they would be paid soon. SBR questioned VIP as to the relationship with (SBR rating C), the newly surfaced sportsbook that shares VIP servers, software and customer support. The manager denied a business overlap from an ownership perspective, but conceded that former employees of VIP Sports are managing the new brand.

Players that did not request payment from VIP Sportsbook prior to the August 1st deadline where VIP Sportsbook, and BetGameDay announced their closure are advised to write to with their account usernames and balance information. player speaks out against his winnings theft


The (ag) player from SBR's August 15th report has spoken out about the $7,030 in winnings which were confiscated from him. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he began playing with in late 2008, and had racked up more than $10,000+ annually in losses to the company. In January of 2011, the player demanded exclude him from the sportsbook due to problem gambling.

On August 11th, 2011, the player deposited $1,000 with (ag) and proceeded to win more than $7,000, bringing his account balance up to $8,030 in under 24 hours. The player was then told that due to (ag) having acquired's players and forcing an official merger months earlier, his winnings would be nullified due to the self-imposed problem gambing ban. The player points out that when he wagered with, there was no obvious connection or relationship between the two companies, and that his account signup and deposit were allowed. The player's $1,000 in funds were at risk as the sportsbook accepted all his bets, and only after he increased his balance to $8,030 was his account suspended. The player tells SBR that as of August 16th, 2011, his deposit had not been refunded. SBR dispute analyst "Justin7" has not been provided comment from management yet.

ALERT: operating on VIP Sportsbook server, sharing phone number & website skin

08.15.2011 (unrated) has surfaced and is targeting slow-pay sportsbook VIP Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) players. VIP Sports announced that it would be closing down on July 15th, and asked players to withdraw their balances prior to August 1st, 2011. Fourteen players report not receiving $9,382. A VIP Sports security team advisor, as well as a customer service represent have told SBR that no additional payments will be made to players that did not know to request their funds by August 1st. SBR has written and attempted to call VIP each day following those statements, last receiving a response Thursday August 12th.

It is not yet known whether purchased a customer list from VIP Sports, or whether an unofficial rebranding has taken place. Players that have not been paid were given no additional updates from VIP Sports.

SBR is following up on this latest development and will update this report.


Twelve VIP Sports (SBR rating B-) players report being owed a total of $8,432. The players did not initiate a withdrawal prior to the VIP deadline of August 1st, 2011. Sportsbook Review reported on 7/15 that VIP Sportsbook, along with sister sportsbooks and BetGameday would be closing their doors. Management has not provided a time-table on when the players who did not request their balances in the allotted time can expect payment. SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.

Bookmaker website issue

UPDATE: Bookmaker is back online.

Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) users report problems accessing the sportsbook's homepage. SBR will update this report.


A WagerWeb (SBR rating D-) player reports receiving $2,500 of a $5,000 withdrawal request on Thursday, July 7th. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he has currently unable to arrange for payment for the rest of his balance. WagerWeb has allegedly offered to send another portion of the funds owed to the player.

WagerWeb is currently on SBR's sportsbook blacklist with a rating of D-. | WagerWeb player speaks out

Bet770 player submits account complaint

A Bet770 (unrated) player tells Sportsbook Review that he made a withdrawal of £420 on July 20th. On August 3rd, the player reports receiving £70 from Bet770; the equivalent amount of his initial deposit. The player claims that after sending multiple emails Bet770 has not elightened him on the reason for the deposit refund. SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint.

VIP Sportsbook update


VIP Sports tells SBR that all future bets were refunded to players on July 1st, 2011. VIP launched notices via its family of sportsbook websites and email asking bettors to withdraw their balances before the operation closed doors on August 1st, 2011.

Three players have written to Sportsbook Review stating that a total of $1,700 was not paid to them as they had not responded to VIP's notice to withdraw funds by the given deadline. SBR is discussing these players situations with VIP management asks all bettors who have not received balances held at VIP, or BetGameday to write to with their account usernames and balance information.

BetUS player submits withdrawal complaint


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player tells Sportsbook Review that he requested an $1,137 payout on July 18th, and has yet to receive his funds. The payment method the player was slated to receive carried a ten business day time-frame. After faxing in account information after the payment window passed, the player was told the delay was caused by "new payment methods" that are being tried out prior to the upcoming football season. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.


On July 15th, Sportsbook Review reported that VIP Sports (SBR rating B+) and its sister sportsbooks would be closing on August 1st, 2011. VIP displayed a note atop its webpage asking players to request a payout prior to August 1st, 2011. SBR has received two letters from players that were not aware that the sportsbooks were headed off-line. These players have not been contacted yet with instructions on how to proceed with requesting their funds. SBR has followed up with VIP support about these inquiries and has specifically asked what will happen to pending future bets in the system. SBR will update this report.

Congrats SBR poker tourney winners!


Twenty SBRforum users raked in a total 2,500 SBRpoint prize-pool in this afternoon's poker tournament. Congrats to poster's ace, Fieldysnuts44, Doc JS, 4uk4life, Al Masters who rounded out the top five with their excellent play. SBR offers its community members a chance to play and win for free in the SBR Poker room. View next week's free poker schedule.

BetIslands upgraded to B-


BetIslands was added to the SBR Rating Guide in March of this year. Since, SBR has had the opportunity to test the sportsbook, collect user feedback, and speak with majority owners. The veteran ownership group is respected within the industry. BetIslands has excelled with customer support and timely withdrawals. SBR will continue to monitor and evaluate the sportsbook as volume rises with popularity. Players' biggest complaint for the newly launched BetIslands site thus far has been website uptime, with two instances of hosting downtime during this baseball season. BetIslands management assures SBR that network upgrades have addressed this concern.

Free NFL Football Handicapping Contest: Beat The Prick 2011 now OPEN!


Beat The Prick 2011 Contest registration is now open. Contestants must make four college and NFL picks per week to try to outscore The Prick. One of the four picks will be a best bet "moneyball" worth twice as much as a normal play. 50,000 SBR points will be divided among players who Beat The Prick each week and $10,000 will be divided to those who outscore him overall during the 15 week contest. The first place finisher will earn $5,000. Players can sign up at SBR Contests.


EasyStreet (SBR rating D) is sending promo emails to players offering a 35% cash signup bonus. While the email is titled "Attention all Greek and BetJamaica Clients", the opening lines also address former BetEd, and VIP Sports players. EasyStreet's promo mailer states that the sportsbook has no intent of leaving the US market.

Prior to each football season, all online sportsbooks begin to pump up their marketing and bonuses in an attempt to retain or reel in customer business for the coming pigskin year. Players are advised to avoid lowly rated sportsbooks with histories of unfairly dealing with players. In addition to the already established sportsbooks, many fly-by night scam attempts are made by rogue operators in possession of industry mailing lists. While EasyStreet Sports is not designated as a blacklisted sportsbook, its poor rating is largely attributed to the theft of $46,000 from a winning casino player accused of robot play. | EasyStreet spams former sportsbook players

StanJames account complaint


A StanJames (SBR rating B) player writes to SBR with an account dispute. The player tells SBR that he has been a StanJames user since May of 2011, placing daily bets for a period of three months prior to having his account closed. An email was sent to the user on July 2nd, 2011 informing him that his account was closed with a 0 balance. The player disputes this, claiming that he has records indicating that he held a €2,600 balance. SBR is looking into this sportsbook complaint.