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Bet770 cheats player on soccer wager


A Bet770 (SBR rating D+) player writes to SBR with a soccer wagering complaint. On October 27th, 2011, a Bet770 player made a £15 soccer wager using a free bet. The wager type was a halftime/fulltime bet on Nordsjaelland vs Midtjylland. In a HTFT bet, a team must win both the first half and the game. In the player's wager, the team he backed won the first half and lost the second half. When the punter noticed he was not credited a win, he created a support ticket with the sportsbook. To his surprise, a Bet770 representative claimed that the bet was settled properly. The player attempted to reason with the representative before filing an official sportsbook complaint through SBR.

SBR reached out to Bet770 to correct its settlement of the match, but Bet770 balked and provided a link to their terms and conditions which would reportedly show that their definition of a HT/FT bet was applicable. SBR reviewed the Bet770 fine-print and found no such policy.

SBR is recommending that Bet770 settle the market properly, and credit the player's account  £149.


Scam alert: PulseBet sportsbook victim writes in


A PulseBet (SBR rating F) player tells SBR that he is owed €1,073. The player's first withdrawal request was made on October 26th, 2011 but rejected due to ID not being on file. After sending all the documents, PulseBet completed the request in their system but failed to send the funds through Moneybookers.

On November 17th, SBR reported that PulseBet and SynBet (SBR rating F) remain online despite a public admission of insolvency. On November 4th, SBR reported that the brands could no longer pay players.

Synbet and PulseBet both occupy a spot on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist with a rating of F.



BetOnline has completed its audit of player four. The player's account has been reactivated and he is free to continue to play or request a withdrawal of his $65,000 balance.

BetGrizzly dispute update


The BetGrizzly (SBR rating D) dispute SBR reported on November 18th is now resolved. BetGrizzly has reopened the account of the player who had his log-in disabled after converting the free starter bonus. The player originally told SBR that he registered for BetGrizzly on November 13th, 2011 and proceeded to take his $50 free trial bonus and increase it to $250. After requesting a payout, the player states that his account was closed.

BetGrizzly management tells SBR that the player's account is now enabled and that it was temporarily closed after the player demonstrated that he did not want to follow the rules of the freeplay. SBR considers this dispute closed.

BetGrizzly has been assessed with an initial rating of D in the SBR Sportsbook ratings guide.


MyBet sportsbook account dispute


A MyBet (SBR rating D+) player writes to SBR with an account complaint. The player registered to MyBet and made a first-time deposit of €80 before increasing his account to €368.71. The player tells SBR that MyBet refunded his deposit and closed his account after accusing the player of being connected to other account-holders. The player denies the charge.

MyBet is a Malta-based sportsbook. Malta sportsbooks have recently come under fire, as dodgy sportsbook owners gravitate to the country for their lax gaming restrictions. Recent Malta scam betting sites include Stryyke (SBR rating F), BetOnBet (SBR rating F), and BetAfterBet (SBR rating F). MyBet is one of the only Malta sportsbooks not on SBR's scam sportsbooks blacklist. MyBet had a rating of D+ initiated by Sportsbook Review on April 7th, 2011.

SBR will update this report.

Unibet player has account disabled


A Unibet (SBR rating B-) player tells SBR that his account has been disabled. The player states that although his account was verified in July, Unibet asked him to provide a bank statement earlier this month. The player tells SBR that after sending the required document, Unibet closed the player's account and indicated that only his balance would be paid to him. The player says his last communication from Unibet was two weeks ago. The balance in the account was €685, with half of the funds coming from a Moneybookers deposit. The player noted that in his last communication with Unibet, it was stated the funds must be paid via bank transfer.

On October 5th, SBR reported that Unibet disabled two other player accounts. In both of those cases, players report that documents were provided to verify their accounts but the documents were ultimately determined to be unacceptable by Unibet.

Unibet players with feedback are asked to write to

Scam alert: 105Vig sportsbook player #2 writes in


A second 105Vig Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player writes in. The player tells SBR that he opened an account with 105Vig in early November after a sales agent lured him in with a $100 free starter bonus that carried a 5X rollover. The player tells SBR that after completing the play-through requirement, he asked for a payout of $100. The player tells SBR that 105Vig denied the request, claiming that he must have a minimum of $500 in his balance to make a payout request. This non-standard rule is not found anywhere on the 105Vig site.

SBR reported on November 11th that a player who also took the $100 starter bonus completed his rollover and increased his balance to $1,654.11. The player requested payment on Tuesday, November 8th and has not been paid. A 105Vig representative reportedly told the player that public posts attributed to the user had been read, and that the representative believed the player "should not be paid".

105Vig has all the makings of a scam sportsbook - peddling no deposit bonuses and credit lines, working over forums and social media platforms whilst giving poor service and making up rules as it goes along when players attempt to cash in their chips. Players are advised to avoid the unknown bookie.

BetGrizzly player has account disabled after converting free bonus


A BetGrizzly (unrated) player writes in with an account complaint. The player registered for BetGrizzly on November 13th, 2011. He accepted the free $50 no deposit bonus and completed the advertised 6X rollover. After finishing the rollover, the player requested a $250 withdrawal. The player tells SBR that BetGrizzly informed him that he needed to wait a period of 30 days in order to request payment. The player then says that his account was suddenly closed without notice from BetGrizzly. The player states that customer service will not reopen his account. SBR is following up on this BetGrizzly sportsbook complaint.

On July 29th, 2011, SBR reported that BetGrizzly Sportsbook was targeting players promising 100% bonuses. BetGrizzly was being promoted by former WagerWeb (SBR rating D-) employee "Chuck".

Players are advised to use extreme caution when playing with unrated online sportsbooks. High bonuses are typically dangled as carrots to reel in new blood but can spell disaster for the house without proper risk management. SBR publishes a comprehensive list of over 1,000 sportsbook ratings in the SBR Sportsbook ratings guide.



PulseBet (SBR rating F) and SynBet (SBR rating F) sportsbook remain online despite a public admission of insolvency. On November 4th, SBR reported that the brands could not pay players.

On August 16th, 2011, SynBet was introduced to readers on TheRxForum gaming portal as platinum sponsors. The unheard of sportsbook claimed to be targeting US-based members, while sister outfit PulseBet catered to the European market.

On November 1st, 2011, a SynBet employee posted that players would not be paid. The employee attributed blame to processors and urged players to consider alternate actions to recoup their funds. PulseBet and SynBet players continue to write into the SBR mailbox to document how they were scammed. | Scammed sportsbook players speak out

11.16.2011 (SBR rating C) is still making deceptive sales pitches to former clients of the now defunct VIP Sports (SBR rating B-) family. is distributing emails suggesting that it is the same as the terminated VIP Sports operation. It is important for players to realize that the original VIP Sports is not back - former marketing personnel are attempting to capitalize on the brand's name by releasing targeted emails to former VIP Sports and (SBR rating B-) customers. is hosted on a different wagering platform, in a different country, with different financial backing and ownership. Players should approach the new as an unknown quantity and proceed with caution as with all start-up sportsbook companies.

On November 3rd, 2011, SBR reported that is the latest licensee of the Safari Casino Group. Safari provides with wagering software, hosting and processors in exchange for a monthly royalty. Safari Casino Group is most known for powering Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating C), BetTheGlobe (SBR rating D+),  and Safari Casino (SBR rating D+).  | email to players


Five new WSEX (SBR rating D-) payout complaints have been reported.

Player one requested a $530 withdrawal on July 4th, 2011. Player two requested $5,000 in March of 2011. Players three and four requested $500 and $1100 in April and August of 2011 respectively. Player five requested $1,600 in April of 2011. WSEX acknowledged one of the players by stating that progress is being made in scheduling payments for their backlog of delinquent requests. WSEX confirmed that not all requests could be paid at once and again pinned the blame on processor challenges instead of a lack of a liquidity. Ninety-three players report being owed a total of $610,990, with outstanding requests dating as far back as October of 2009.  

SBR followed up with WSEX again to resend the list of players owed and was told by a manager that the list would be reviewed by this weekend.

Recent WSEX payouts
A WSEX player that requested $1,800 on November 29th, 2010 reports receiving payment in full. The player was one of the names on the WSEX list. On November 9th, SBR reported that a player owed $60,000 received a $6,000 payment toward his outstanding balance. A second player received $2,000.

The last surge of WSEX Sportsbook payouts was reported by SBR in October of 2010;  these WSEX players were paid $124,617 during the heart of the football season.


An Oddsmaker (SBR rating F) player writes to SBR with a payment complaint. On October 1st, 2011, the Oddsmaker player requested a withdrawal of $3,000 via Moneybookers. After numerous support requests without being given little more than generic replies, the player filed a sportsbook complaint through SBR.

Oddsmaker's replies to the player over a four-week span:


A BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) player writes to SBR that his account has been frozen. The player claims to have operated a BetAtHome account for a year and a half - making multiple deposits, redeeming bonus offers and wagering normally. The player claims that after requesting a withdrawal of €415 his account was locked.  BetAtHome responded to SBR's inquiry by suggesting that the player's ID may have been fraudulent. The player claims to have submitted two, clear copies of the ID and denies that his ID is forged. BetAtHome has declined to discuss the sportsbook dispute with SBR further, citing data protection. The player has been advised to file a claim through the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta.

BetBtw sportsbook alert


A BetBtw (unrated) player writes in with a payment complaint. The player deposited funds with BetBtw and increased his balance to more than $9,000. The player tells Sportsbook Review that he has been owed $9,135 since July 25th, 2011.

BetBtw shares the same web server as, formerly rated D+ by SBR. BetTheWorld ceased offering sportsbook wagering to customers and transformed into a fantasy wagering site. BetBtw shares the same web server as credit sites BetUniversal, 247WebToday and SBR attempted to contact BetBtw using two known phone numbers—800-689-9922  and 800-816-0751; in both instances BetBtw terminated the call after SBR explained the call was in regards to a player payout complaint.

Following SBR's attempts to reach management, BetBtw locked the player's account. The player provided SBR with a screenshot showing his outstanding balance. SBR will update this sportsbook report.


A 105Vig (SBR rating D-) player writes in. The player tells SBR that he signed up at the mysterious new sportsbook for their $100 free bet promotion, which he lost. 105Vig offered the player a $500 line of credit - the player accepted and increased his balance to $1,654.11. The player asked for a withdrawal on Tuesday, November 8th. On Wednesday November 9th 105Vig contacted the player and stated while manager "Jerry" was not in the office, the representative believed that the player should not be paid due to making negative posts on SBRforum about the company.

On November 8th, 2011, SBR reported that 105Vig was peddling no-deposit bonuses and credit lines. uses an unencrypted login, offers no customer support email address or phone number, and uses HTML to display its sportsbook lines - not industry-grade betting software. SBRforum members reported that the unheard of website offered a $500 credit line if the no-deposit bonus was lost. 105Vig is currently on the SBR sportsbooks blacklist. SBR advises users to avoid the anonymous outfit.

BetUS payout dispute


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player submits a payout complaint. The player tells SBR that on October 6th he requested a withdrawal of $1,955. The payment arrived on October 24th, 2011 but was rejected by the player's bank. Following industry standard, BetUS requested that the player provide proof of the failed payment. After obliging BetUS' request, the player was told that the sportsbook needed to perform a payout trace and that it could take up to ten days. BetUS informed the player on November 8th that they needed to place a stop on the payment and that it could be up to 30 days before the player can receive his funds.

While BetUS initially approached this payment dispute within the accepted industry standard, BetUS veered off course by suggesting that a stop-pay would need to be placed on an already failed payment. The player would have no way to actually redeem payment by using what he was sent as a financial instrument; therefore after complying with BetUS' requests, payout accommodations should be made.

WSEX Sportsbook update


A WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player awaiting $60,000 since 2010 has reported receiving $6,000 of his outstanding balance in the last two months. This is the second WSEX Sportsbook payment confirmed this week. On November 2nd, SBR reported that a WSEX player received $2,000.

Since SBR's last report, SBR has discussed the WSEX slow-payments with a member of management. SBR was told that WSEX intends to begin paying portions to larger balances with the intent to settle the remaining balances at a later date. WSEX stated that a spreadsheet was maintained with a list of payment obligations. SBR provided WSEX with a list of updated player complaints this afternoon.

In SBR's latest WSEX report it was stated that the sportsbook told players processing would pickup in the next few weeks - those statements are consistent with what SBR learned from WSEX management. Many WSEX players were hoping that the sportsbook would begin the 2011 football campaign as it did last year when SBR reported that $124,617 in payments were made. WSEX likely turned a slower profit in the previous quarter enabling them to begin releasing portions of funds to players.


BalkanBet (SBR rating C) is now operating as EFBet. The Malta-based sportsbook released a statement to players claiming that the new brand has a renewed focus on product improvement.

EFBet claims to have updated its trading policies to be more player-friendly, added to the number and variety of bets offered as well as rolled out a slick new betting interface. EFBet reached out to SBR to personally highlight the company changes and claims that customer support staff have received new trainings to more efficiently deal with player accounts.

EFBet's sportsbook rating has been upgraded to C. BalkanBet was originally added to the SBR Sportsbook ratings guide at C- on December 17th, 2009. The company has operated since June 7th, 2008. US, Maltese and Macedonian residents are not permitted to create accounts. | EFBet statement on name change from BalkanBet


Sportsbook scam alert: (SBR rating D-) is offering bettors a $100 freeplay to try out their website. The sportsbook is hosted on a web-server based in New York and shares the same remote address as a number of
handicapping services. uses an unencrypted login, offers no customer support email address or phone number, and currently has betting odds on one NFL game this weekend. 105Vig's appears to be powered by basic HTML webpage - not industry-grade betting software. A number of users reported on SBRforum that the unheard of website offered a $500 credit line if the no-deposit bonus was lost. SBR has added 105Vig to the sportsbooks blacklist at D- and advises users to avoid the anonymous outfit.


Legends Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) adds Live Dealer casino games. Legends Sportsbook has bolstered its lineup of casino offerings by giving players the opportunity to win at blackjack, baccarat  and roulette via Live Dealer stream. Bettors can chat with other players at the table and watch a female dealer construct each hand with physical cards over the live, high-quality stream.

At the blackjack tables, bettors can wager a minimum of $10 at the lowest stake stable with a maximum of $500 at the high roller's table. Baccarat  and roulette players can ante up for a minimum of $5 and maximum of $250 depending on table choice.


A YouWin Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player writes in with a tennis wagering dispute. The player wagered €125 on under 19.5 games in the Bartoli vs Garrigues WTA match which took place on November 4th, 2011. With the match tied at one set a piece, Bartoli retired one game into the third set, making Garrigues the victor. The official scoreline read 4-6, 7-6, 1-0 for Garrigues. A total of 24 games were played in the match (the player's wager was under 19.5 games); however YouWin Sportsbook has the following rule pertaining to how retirements affect total game markets:

Bet33 Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) has made a number of improvements in the last six months. Bet33 has been open to discussing player disputes with SBR, shown the ability to effectively perform risk management and has revamped their business model. Bet33 is a recreational sportsbook where professional players will quickly make the realization that they are unwelcome - the sportsbook is active in marketing and has made strides to improve their image in light of the negative press shouldered due to ownerships previous involvement with Apex Sportsbook (SBR rating F). Bet33 has taken care of old Apex debts that it argues were recorded after ownership departed the now defunct sportsbook. On April 26th, SBR reported that Bet33 paid an Apex player with a six-year old  payment claim. Bet33 has not had a meaningful dispute submitted against them in the past six months - the most recent news was a player confirming a $3,000 payment in June of this year.

11.04.2011 (unrated) is unable to pay players. The admission of insolvency was made by a company representative on TheRXforum, a forum that advertised SynBet as a platinum sponsor. On August 16th, 2011, head moderator "Wilheim" publicly introduced the unheard of sportsbook to forum users. SynBet primarily targeted US bettors, while sister outfit PulseBet focused on the European market. The two sportsbooks were hosted on the same server and shared wagering software as well as customer support numbers.

On November 1st, 2011, a SynBet company representative posted that players would not be paid. The 143 word statement, which attributed blame to processors, was the last public appearance from a SynBet representative. Both players and SBR have attempted to contact SynBet and PulseBet by phone and live support - those channels of communication appear to be offline, although both sportsbooks continue to post lines each day.

SynBet and PulseBet players have written the SBR mailbox to detail a range of sportsbook complaints, as well as voiced their complaints directly at TheRX. | Read SynBet & PulseBet complaints