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A ninth TitanBet (SBR rating C) player reports that his wagers have been voided. The TitanBet player states that he wagers primarily on Asian handicap markets, and that a number of bets placed on Stoke City F.C. have been voided. The player states that he was informed the market had changed.

Smarkets added to sportsbook ratings guide


Smarkets (SBR rating C) is a Malta-based betting exchange. Smarkets opened for business in February of 2010. The Malta-based operation runs marketing out of London, UK, and employs a small customer service staff.  The exchange does not accept US players. The exchange makes a profit by charging a commission ranging from 1 to 4% on customer net winnings. The business model is to offer punters a cheaper alternative to traditional vigorish imposed by conventional bookmakers. The CEO and Co-Founder of the company is Jason Trost. SBR posters have thus far reported positive experiences with the outfit. SBR knows of no outstanding Smarkets payment disputes.

Smarkets has been assessed with a preliminary sportsbook rating of C. Players with feedback at the exchange are encouraged to write to SBR through this sportsbook form or via email.

BetGrizzly payout feedback wanted


UPDATE: The player reports receiving payment, stating that confusion on how to verify his payout led to him filing his sportsbook complaint.

A BetGrizzly (SBR rating D) player reports that he requested a $250 withdrawal on December 7th, 2011. The player was told by manager "Chuck" that funds would be paid via a P2P method the following day. The player states that despite BetGrizzly advertising quick payments via that method, he has been unsuccessful in his attempts to receive a hard confirmation on his withdrawal status. The player states that BetGrizzly has also yet to deduct the funds from his balance.

On November 22nd, SBR reported that a BetGrizzly dispute originally covered four days prior had been resolved. BetGrizzly reopened the account of a player whose account was disabled after converting his freeplay starter bonus. The player put in a payout request of $250 but his account was closed thereafter.

SBR will update this report after connecting with BetGrizzly management. withdrawal complaint


A (SBR rating C) player tells SBR that he requested $9,500 on November 14th. The player received only half of the payment ($4,750) on November 20th, and has not received word on why or when the rest of the payment will be filled. has not provided an update.  SBR is investigating this withdrawal complaint.


College Bowl Handicapping contest starts Mon Dec 12th


SBRforum's College Bowl Handicapping contest opens for selections on Monday, December 12th. The contest awards a prize-pool of 15,000 SBR Points, including SBR Sportsbook freeplay points. The contest requires 20 picks on NCAAF sides or totals.

SBR Contests is the proprietary contest platform offered to SBRforum community members. The contest software allows forum members to create handicapping challenges, leagues and tournaments.

BetUS sportsbook payment complaint


A BetUs (SBR rating D+) player tells SBR that he requested a withdrawal of $800 on October 2nd, 2011. After receiving the payment from BetUS, the player tells Sportsbook Review that a banking error caused the payment to fail. The player contacted BetUS management who provided instructions for the player to document the botched withdrawal. As of December 7th, payment has not been rendered again. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

On November 29th, 2011, SBR reported that a BetUS sportsbook player hasn't been paid since fall.



An eight TitanBet (SBR rating C) wagering complaint has been reported. A player writes to SBR stating that his wagers were voided under the premise that the price displayed on the website was erroneous. The player disputes the reason, pointing out that a free odds service showed that the stake for his match on Teteks Tetovo -11 over Oktomvri Prilep was placed on odds that were in-market. The player states that TitanBet quoted the following section of its fine-print in response to his inquiries:

EnterBet player submits withdrawal complaint


An EnterBet (SBR rating D-) player tells SBR that a $2,000 balance held at the sportsbook has been erased. The player claims that he originally requested a withdrawal approximately two years ago, and had written off his chances at ever collecting from the notorious slow/no-pay outfit. EnterBet customer support has claimed to have no knowledge of the funds. SBR is attempting to reach a member of EnterBet management.

SBR receives little feedback from GoTo Entertainment group players. In September of 2011, SBR reported that a BetGoTo (SBR rating D-) player who had received only partial payments over the course of the last three years was still owed $2,700 since October of 2011. GoTo group players with payment complaints are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form or write to


WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) players report being slow-paid $643,052. 106 players have filed sportsbook complaint forms through SBR indicating that they have not received their funds. The outstanding requests date as far back as October of 2009. A WSEX manager communicated with SBR on November 16th, stating that the company would attempt to work through the spreadsheet to provide updates on when players can expect to receive partial and full payments. SBR has thus far not received an updated list from WSEX.

WSEX continues to attempt to solicit new clients whilst the majority of their players wait for payment. New account signups are not apprised of the ongoing slow payments. WSEX provides generic updates to customers with outstanding requests by conceding that there is a back log of requests to fill.

The last surge of WSEX payouts came in October of 2010 when players reported receiving $124,617. 


TitanBet (SBR rating C) has voided another player's wager. The player wagered €118 at the odds of 4.77 at approximately 4AM EST on the football match between Fulham and Liverpool. When SBR checked the odds market of the match, the market had shifted to an average of 3.77. TitanBet has recently developed a reputation for voiding bets where players have the best of it, the oddsmakers at TitanBet are typically slow to adjust markets and will leave an opening number unchanged for hours causing bettors to think its fair game. The act of cancelling wagers whilst referencing bad line policies despite the wager having been in market at one time is described as "falling asleep at the wheel". TitanBet has thus far refused to discuss the growing number of complaints by citing privacy policy.


A BetOnline247 (SBR rating F) player tells SBR that he has been waiting for an €800 for four months. BetOnline247 players have reported not being paid more than €50,000. SBR has more than fifty complaints on file from users that were not paid. The sportsbook was included in the April 16th, 2011 report "Online scams, five sportsbooks to avoid".

Operating out of San Pedro, Costa Rica, BetOnline247 claims to be regulated by government of Costa Rica. The claim is not accurate; sportsbooks in Costa Rica are not given gaming licenses nor are their sportsbooks regulated by government officials. BetOnline247 targets European customers. The sportsbook was added to the scam sportsbook blacklist by Sportsbook on May 14th, 2011.


A new TitanBet (SBR rating C) complaint has been made by a player that says he had multiple wagers voided. The player has shared an email from TitanBet, which begins by stating that their odds were offmarket by approximately .70. The TitanBet email stated that a market was listed at 1.45 which was intended to be priced at 1.34.

Player vs $1,390 account dispute


UPDATE: The player has been paid his balance. Management cites miscommunication for the confusion.

A (SBR rating C) player that deposited $500 and increased his balance to $1,390 claims that his winnings are not being honored. The player states that VIP has told him that his deposit would be refunded to his credit card. The player filed a dispute with SBR suggesting that he has no idea why he is not entitled to his winnings. SBR is following up on the account dispute with both the player and sportsbook.

Recent VIP news

On November 28th, SBR reported that a dispute was resolved. A player who had a $460 to win $400 hockey wager cancelled received credit for the wager he should have been able to make at his intended limits. The player also received credit for $35 in withdrawal fees which was docked by Moneybookers when VIP returned the player's balance. After learning that his wager was cancelled, the player grew upset with VIP and demanded that his account be closed. VIP credited the player's Moneybookers account a total of $95 to close out the sportsbook complaint.

Heritage Sportsbook upgraded to A-


Heritage Sportsbook (SBR rating A-) placed third in the SBR posters poll conducted last month. The sportsbook by all accounts has handled 4X the growth well so far this football season; Heritage acquired all BetJamaica players earlier this year when the A+ rated sportsbook announced that it would close down, Heritage also housed US-based TheGreek (SBR rating A+) players.

Heritage has long been known as being a niche shop, one that was invite-only and catered to their group of VIP players. Heritage Sportsbook's strong point over the years has been its financial strength and ability to process payments at or above the industry-standard in terms of time. Heritage Sportsbook's operation is headquartered in Costa Rica.

SBR has upgraded Heritage's rating from B+ to A-. Heritage players with feedback are asked to write to SBR or post directly in the SBR Sportsbook Industry news section.

Betfair player says account was suspended amidst tennis investigation


A high-stakes Betfair (SBR rating A) punter tells Sportsbook Review that his account has been locked since March 28th, 2011. The Betfair player had a sum of €50,000 risked on an ATP tennis match—Michael Llodra vs Marcel Granollers—which was a normal stake for the trader. Marcel Granollers went into the match in good form and was a slight underdog at +138. After the conclusion of the match, the player states that he received a letter from Betfair indicating that the outcome of the match was being investigated. The player states that he wrote Betfair multiple times per week asking for an update on the status of the investigation. When SBR followed up with Betfair for comment, Betfair advised SBR that they could not discuss specifics of player accounts. SBR is asking the player to provide a complete overview of his position on the match. SBR will update this report as more information becomes available.


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player tells SBR that he asked for a $5,000 payment ($2,000 check + $3,000 via a plastic method) on September 18th, 2011. On September 29th, the player asked for an update on his withdrawal status and was told that he was actually sent two checks for $5,000 total. The player followed up again after October 13th and was informed that the checks would be cancelled and that his funds would be placed back into his gaming account. After five days of the funds not being credited to his account, the player says he phoned into BetUS and learned that the time-frame for having the funds credited to him increased to 30 days. After 35 more days passed, the player called BetUS back and was informed that the third party funds processor had not completed his request and that he should call back for updates after additional time passes.

SBR is following up on this sportsbook dispute. | BetUS Sportsbook news


Five TitanBet (SBR rating C+) players tell SBR that their wagers have been voided after the line moved in their favor.  In each of the cases, SBR has verified that the odds were in-market, thus the bets should have stood.


Earlier today SBR reported that a (SBR rating C) player had a wager cancelled because the wagering software did not properly enforce limits. The player entered a $460 to win $400 wager on an NHL game Saturday, November 26th. After realizing that the wager was cancelled, the player said he missed out on re-betting the game elsewhere. The player then requested that close his account and refund his deposit. The sportsbook obliged and refunded his deposit via Moneybookers, though a $35 fee was charged by the eWallet. SBR followed up with management to discuss both the wager cancellation and withdrawal fee.

Management told SBR that that a software glitch caused the player to be able to place a wager in excess of the limit for residents of his country. The error has since been identified and corrected. Despite his funds not being at risk—as the wager was cancelled prior to the game starting—the sportsbook will pay what he would have won at the intended limits ($60). That amount will be added on top of the $35 fee which the sportsbook says was charged by the eWallet processor unbeknownst to them. SBR considers this dispute closed.

11.28.2011 (SBR rating C), which runs on the BTG Gaming platform along with SafariCasino (SBR rating D+) and Dimeline (SBR rating C), canceled a players pending wager. The game had not yet started. VIP implied that their software did not or was not able to properly enforce limits. The player states that because of their error he missed out on his winning play. SBR will seek comment from management. 

WSEX Sportsbook: $624,040 owed to 97 players


Four new WSEX Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaints have been reported. Player one requested $9,000 in November of 2010 and has received generic replies off and on describing processor problems. Players two-four requested $3000, $650 and $400 respectively in September of 2011. A WSEX manager told SBR ten days ago that she was in receipt of the latest spreadsheet of player complaints filed through SBR, and that an update would be provided. The sportsbook failed to deliver.

The last major surge of WSEX payouts was reported by SBR in October of 2010. WSEX players were paid $124,617 during the meat of the 2010 football season. Most recently, a player that requested $1,800 on November 29th, 2010 reported receiving payment in full. The player was included in the spreadsheet of WSEX players owed. On November 9th, SBR reported that a player owed $60,000 received a $6,000 payment toward his outstanding balance, and that another player confirmed being paid $2,000.


Bet770 cheats player on soccer wager


A Bet770 (SBR rating D+) player writes to SBR with a soccer wagering complaint. On October 27th, 2011, a Bet770 player made a £15 soccer wager using a free bet. The wager type was a halftime/fulltime bet on Nordsjaelland vs Midtjylland. In a HTFT bet, a team must win both the first half and the game. In the player's wager, the team he backed won the first half and lost the second half. When the punter noticed he was not credited a win, he created a support ticket with the sportsbook. To his surprise, a Bet770 representative claimed that the bet was settled properly. The player attempted to reason with the representative before filing an official sportsbook complaint through SBR.

SBR reached out to Bet770 to correct its settlement of the match, but Bet770 balked and provided a link to their terms and conditions which would reportedly show that their definition of a HT/FT bet was applicable. SBR reviewed the Bet770 fine-print and found no such policy.

SBR is recommending that Bet770 settle the market properly, and credit the player's account  £149.


Scam alert: PulseBet sportsbook victim writes in


A PulseBet (SBR rating F) player tells SBR that he is owed €1,073. The player's first withdrawal request was made on October 26th, 2011 but rejected due to ID not being on file. After sending all the documents, PulseBet completed the request in their system but failed to send the funds through Moneybookers.

On November 17th, SBR reported that PulseBet and SynBet (SBR rating F) remain online despite a public admission of insolvency. On November 4th, SBR reported that the brands could no longer pay players.

Synbet and PulseBet both occupy a spot on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist with a rating of F.