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A (SBR rating C) player tells SBR that it has been two months since a $5,000 withdrawal was requested. The player was asked to provide two bank statements to verify that the funds have not been received. The player obliged's (ag) request. The player has allegedly been told to "be patient" when asking for updates on his funds.

The player from SBR's report on January 31st claims the sportsbook has sent him a new payment for his $4,750. SBR will update this report.


On 10 February 2012, SBR reported that TowerGaming (SBR rating D+) agreed to credit all winnings in the confiscation disputes involving non-recreational players. TowerGaming conceded mishandling the situation and vowed to immediately reinstate winnings from players who had their winnings voided. Since publishing this update, SBR has received three complaints from TowerGaming players that claim to not have been credited back winnings. The players are owed €571, €479, and €456. Each player's balance was debited, leaving only the original deposit (€25).

Heritage Sports maintenance


Heritage Sports (SBR rating A-) is currently undergoing maintenance. Heritage's call center operations remain available during this time. Players can reach Heritage by dialing 1-800-800-7777.

UPDATE: Management confirms the maintenance has concluded.

21KBet players now owed €29,200


A 21KBet (SBR rating D-) player lured in by the slow-pay sportsbook's 100% starter bonus writes in. The player tells SBR that he joined 21KBet in the middle of December, took advantage of the bonus and increased his balance to €1,261.91, The player's deposit was made via bank card. After attempting to withdraw his funds, 21KBet's website would not accept the player's banking details to proceed with payment. The player notes that 21KBet has not made any attempt to arrange payment.

The slow-pay sportsbook currently owes €29,200 to thirty players. 21KBet is on the SBR sportsbook blacklist with a rating of D-, and will be further downgraded to F if payments aren't reported by the close of the month. The last known 21KBet payment was €670 by bank transfer in January - however, the sportsbook has behaved erratically since, ignoring players, blaming Moneybookers for its troubles and lying about holding a gaming license in Malta.


SBG Global payout complaint


An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player files a payment complaint. The SBG player claims that he requested a $1,500 payout 35 days ago, and has yet to receive his funds. The player states that he is fully verified for withdrawals. SBG allegedly told the player that the funds were to arrive in January of 2012. SBR is following up on this SBG sportsbook complaint.

2012 NCAA Brackets contest now registering


SBRforum has announced its 2012 NCAA Brackets contest. Prizes up for grabs include $50,000 for any perfect brackets, as well as 100,000 in SBR points - the virtual currency used throughout the SBR network. SBR points can be used to redeem items from the SBR Store. For more information on contest requirements, visit SBRforum.

WagerUp added to sportsbook ratings guide


WagerUp (SBR rating C) has been added to the SBR sportsbook ratings guideWagerUp is part of the BTG Global gaming family. The sportsbook holds a gaming sub-license in Curacao and runs its marketing out of Canada. Management tells SBR that the sportsbook came online Thursday and targeted this weekend for a soft launch.

On November 3rd, 2011, SBR reported that (SBR rating C) was the latest licensee of the BTG Global group. is operated by a former manager of defunct, long-time industry bookmaker VIP Sports (SBR rating B-).

Players with feedback from playing with the BTG Global group are asked to write to SBR.


YouWin Sportsbook has satisfactorily addressed the outstanding player disputes. SBR reported on January 5th that €14,677 in funds were reported as confiscated by nearly a dozen players. SBR's initial talks with YouWin management were unsuccessful — the company claimed that the players were guilty of fraud, but declined to share specifics. An SBR video report highlighted the claims, which prompted a tenth player report on February 2nd.

Following the exposure of these disputes, a YouWin director reached out to SBR intending to shed more light on the situation. During discussion with SBR, YouWin addressed each of the claims and explained its KYC (know your customer) guidelines. YouWin also disclosed red flags the players' triggered. SBR agreed not to publicly share all of the sportsbook's findings, so as to not compromise anti-fraud controls. At the conclusion of the teleconference with SBR, YouWin clarified that it fully intends to pay all bettors that can produce an international passport and utility bill, subject to the players not being part of any multiple account or affiliate abuse.

SBR advises players to keep ID and utility bills stored on a secure flash drive.


On January 20th, SBR reported that TowerGaming confiscated €381 in winnings from two players. TowerGaming voided the winnings and refunded the players' deposits by stating that its welcome bonus was intended only to be used by recreational bettors.  Since publishing that report, an additional three complaints were filed by players that also had their winnings confiscated. A total of €3,395 was zeroed from five players by TowerGaming.

Moneybookers refunds two players' 21KBet deposits


Moneybookers has refunded two players' 21KBet deposits. The players were credited a total of €210; each player had been waiting for payouts of more than €400. 21KBet has refused to honor its outstanding payment obligations, claiming that it has no access to deposited funds. Moneybookers has received a slew of complaints from 21KBet users, and has communicated with SBR to verify the situation. 21KBet is presently not replying to SBR's inquiries on the status of player funds. 21KBet users have reported being slow-paid more than €28,000. The last reported payment from a 21KBet player was a €670 bank transfer posted last month.

21KBet is currently rated D- and a part of the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist. 21KBet's rating will be adjusted to F if no attempt to settle the delinquent requests is made by the close of the month. Players that are owed funds from the sportsbook that have not yet written SBR are asked to file a complaint form.

SBR Forum video analyst Peter Loshak breaks down the latest sportsbook industry news in the below piece:


Unibet (SBR rating B-) Sportsbook has signed an agreement to acquire Betchoice. Unibet will enter the regulated Australian betting market. Unibet's acquisition price is £13.6 million; the deal, which transfers 100% of Betchoice Corporation Pty Ltd.'s shares, is said not to contain any liabilities. Completion of the deal is still subject to approval by the Northern Territory regulator; this process is expected to be completed before the end of Q2 2012.

Unibet intends to completely rebrand BetChoice to Unibet following what they refer to as a "short transition period". Unibet CEO Henrik Tjärnström spoke of the acquisition in an official company press release distributed this morning.

BetUS bonus dispute resolved; new complaint submitted


BetUS (SBR rating D+) has credited $350 to the player whose bonus winnings were confiscated, from SBR's report on January 30th, 2012. The player was labeled non-recreational and had only $383 refunded from an $1,100 balance. SBR spoke with BetUS to discuss proration of the player's bonus winnings. BetUS reopened the player's account and credited $350. The player is free to request a withdrawal. SBR considers this dispute fairly resolved.

A BetUS player has filed a sportsbook complaint. A player tells SBR that he requested approximately $400 more than five weeks ago, and has yet to be paid. SBR is following up on this player dispute.

VIP Sports player still waits for $500 payment


A former VIP Sports (SBR rating B-) player writes to SBR with a payment complaint. The player says that he was supposed to be sent a $500 check to settle his account with VIP Sports last year. The player has shared communication with VIP Sports that indicates a specific courier method as well as tracking number. This payment was never received. The VIP Sports customer service box is no longer being managed, after the sportsbook (along with sister sites and BetGameday) shut its doors on 1 August 2011.

On September 5th, SBR reported that GTBets (SBR rating C) would honor all VIP group players' balances. GTBets is a new Curacao based bookmaker managed by former VIP managers and  using the VIP servers and software. The sportsbook mirroring VIP is an attempt to capitalize on the good name the brand once held. SBR has confirmed that GTBets has honored more than $35,000 in payments, which was believed to be all outstanding requests. SBR will speak with management concerning the $500 botched check withdrawal.

Scam alert: 21KBet Sportsbook not paying players


21KBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) is not paying its players. The Malta-based sportsbook is currently behind on €25,143 in payments to players. The last reported payment, made via bank transfer, was for €670. Of twenty-six players owed, seven are waiting for banktransfer, one Paypal and the rest Moneybookers.

SBR reported on 4 January 2012 that 21KBet blamed Moneybookers for not being able to issue payments via that method, claiming that it had no access to deposited funds. Moneybookers refuted part of 21KBet's assertions, stating that the bookmaker was not a registered gaming merchant. 21KBet declined to comment on why it could not pay players via an alternate method, or why players that deposited via other methods are also not being paid.

On January 16th, SBR reported that the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta issued a statement denying that 21KBet holds a gaming license.

21KBet is no longer communicating with SBR and is providing only generic updates to players on the status of their funds. SBR advises all users to avoid the blacklisted sportsbook.

YouWin confiscation dispute


YouWin (SBR rating D+) has reportedly confiscated €128 in winnings from a player. A player wrote SBR indicating that his YouWin account was created on 17 January 2012. The player deposited €250 via Moneybookers before increasing his balance to €378. YouWin attempted to call the player on February 1st, leaving the player a message. The player explained to YouWin that he was at work during their message and asked to arrange a call the following day. YouWin allegedly responded by closing the player's account, refunding his initial deposit to Moneybookers. The player claims to have no idea what he has done wrong. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

On January 5th, SBR reported that YouWin Sportsbook confiscated €14,677 from players in 2011. Although management initially expressed the willingness to work with SBR in resolving player disputes, the sportsbook has been uncooperative in recent discussions.

TowerGaming feedback wanted


A TowerGaming (SBR rating D+) player states that he requested payment of €527 on January 25th to Moneybookers. The player's withdrawal request was cancelled. The player states that on January 31st he requested payment again, and yet to receive his credit. Multiple emails to TowerGaming have went unanswered. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

On January 20th 2012, SBR reported that a TowerGaming player had winnings confiscated. TowerGaming confiscated €381 from a player on the grounds that the sportsbook's welcome bonus was intended for recreational sports bettors only. SBR is currently discussing this situation with TowerGaming management and will update this report.


On December 11th, SBR reported that a (SBR rating C) player received only half of a $9,500 payout. The player has received a seperate $9,400 payment since the initial botched withdrawal, but has yet to receive the $4,750 owed. management stated they were investigating with their processor, but has failed to provide a concrete update.

BetUS balance confiscation report


A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player claims his winnings have been confiscated. The player wrote SBR stating that he has been labeled a "non-recreational bettor". The player's balance was $1,100, and he claims he has been offered to receive only $383. The player states that his balance was built through normal play. SBR is following up on this BetUS sportsbook complaint.

Update: BetUS management states that the player's account was closed for steam play, and the funds confiscated were freeplay winnings. SBR is following up with BetUS to discuss proration. dispute update


On December 30th, SBR reported that a (SBR rating D-) player owed $6,800 had his withdrawal delayed due to insufficient proof of ID. The player is now claiming that his funds have still not been received, and that (ag) asked for a banking statement. The player says that he provided the requested statement three weeks ago, and claims to still be in the dark at the status of his payment request. The player notes that he has been attempting to receive payment off and on since July of 2011. SBR is following up with management.

On January 11th, 2012, SBR reported that a player has been owed $19,800 since October. The player requested two withdrawals for $9,900. SBR noted that has increased their average payout time-frame to six to eight weeks, causing anxiety amongst players. This payment dispute remains unresolved. The following week, SBR reported that a player who requested a total of $4,917 had not been paid for nine weeks.


A 21KBet (SBR rating D-) player says that his account has been frozen. The player was lured in by a 100% bonus, deposited €300 and increased his balance to €940. The player noticed that after 12 December 2011, he could no longer access his gaming account. The player sent a series of emails to 21KBet to discuss his account and has been given contradictory answers.

24SportsWeb player owed €5000 since early December


A 24SportsWeb (SBR rating C-) player submits a withdrawal complaint. The player states that he requested €5,000 in early December 2011 to Moneybookers. The player says that he was told initially that the delay encountered was due to the holiday season. The player claims he was given a date of January 8th to expect payment. No payment was made on January 8th. SBR is investigating this payment complaint.

24SportsWeb players with feedback are asked to write to

YouWin wagering dispute


A YouWin (SBR rating D+) player wagered O106 on the Tulane vs SMU basketball game on 1/25/2012. The player claims the odds were in-line at the time, however the player was only refunded the risk amount for his bet. The player states that YouWin alleged a technical error caused the bet to be declared void. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint.

On January 5th, 2012, SBR reported that YouWin confiscated €14,677 from players in 2011.

YouWin Sportsbook is a Malta-based operation that is licensed by WinUnited Ltd. WinUnitedLtd. also powers the non-US (SBR rating D-).

UPDATE: Management explained that the match was incorrectly graded as abandoned, and states that the mistake was rectified at 23:29ET and all winning bets including the punter who filed the complaint were properly settled. SBR considers this dispute closed.

Editor's note: Global rebranded to Uwin on November 9th, 2012.