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The sports betting world is one step closer to its version of a “service provider Goliath” with shareholders of both Flutter Entertainment and The Stars Group each approving a merger that would create the world’s biggest online betting company.


Sports betting services provider Kambi Group is out with its Quarter 1 revenues and profits and despite the intense impact of COVID-19, they are reporting a year-on-year uptick in what they took in. Their Q1 growth followed up on a strong Q4 of 2019 in which Kambi reportedly earned $29 million and its profits swelled by $5 million.


Established New York game developer and technology provider Boom Sports announced Wednesday that it is about to enter Business-to-Consumer sports betting in the US after striking a deal with Penn National Gaming. Boom Sports officially gets market access to operate its own brand of mobile sportsbook and online casinos in five states to complement its already strong Business-to-Business portfolio in the US.


The benefits of legal sports betting on participating states have been well-documented as education funds, pension plans, and infrastructure projects have been given a boost lately by tax dollars collected from people wagering on their favorite teams. One state, Pennsylvania, has gone a step further during the coronavirus pandemic.


eSports, despite failing to crack the US mainstream is about to make a name for itself even with the average sports bettor not knowing a whole lot about it. While not on the radar of the majority of the US population, eSports has and will continue to have an expansive and loyal global following.


It seems like an eternity since sports fans had something of substance to look forward to but this week offers us all a break from COVID-talk and a glimpse into what may shape the 2020-2021 NFL Season. It's real, live sports betting that fans, bettors and sportsbooks have been craving.


The coronavirus pandemic is maintaining its assault on every aspect of society and continuing to deal a body-blow to previously thriving businesses in the United States.


It is no secret that the US legal sports betting industry has taken a shellacking the last month with the global shutdown of sports and the shuttering of all casinos across the country. Many were waiting on the numbers out of New Jersey before calling a "Code Red" for the industry and those figures have finally come. To the shock of nobody, the numbers are grim.


COVID-19 has permeated every aspect of life no matter where you live. Many, if not all sectors of our population have suffered loss whether it be a job, someone we love, or a routine that we find dear to our hearts and souls. But there have been a few winners from societal shutdown, including, surprisingly, in the sports betting industry.


The US sports betting industry keeps rolling along despite the shutdown of all major sports across the globe. Some prospective states have been busy tweaking what their platform will look like once the world returns back to normal. Tennessee unanimously approved their final sports betting rules, out of which come more questions than answers. test


Coronavirus fallout for the US legal betting industry continues with another state releasing some discouragingly predictable numbers. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has released its March figures and they show that the widespread shutdown of society has had a crippling effect on its sports betting industry. 


The state of Virginia, through all of the coronavirus madness, continues to move toward a legal sports betting platform although a final piece of legislation still requires some amending before Governor Ralph Northam officially signs it into law. 


With almost nothing going on in the world of sports, the upcoming NFL Draft is taking on increased significance to football fans and the sports betting universe alike. Eager bettors are looking to get their money in anywhere and sportsbooks are more than willing to welcome some much-needed gambling revenue.


COVID-19 has brought nothing but bad news for our world the last few months, shuttering thriving businesses in the US and bringing the global economy to a halt. The legal betting industry in America has been especially hard hit with the stoppage of all major sports. But through all of the pessimism comes some optimism in the form of online poker that has seen a "lockdown spike" since quarantine has come into effect.


Indiana, one of the true up-and-coming US legal betting states looked like a lock to shatter any monthly handle records in March but COVID-19 certainly got in the way of that. While some states had been lamenting a decline in the sports bets after the conclusion of the NFL season, Indiana's basketball-obsessed culture was gearing up for March Madness and the stretch run of the NBA season.


With the sports cupboards empty in this time of COVID-19, US sportsbooks have been desperately searching for new opportunities to keep their clientele engaged. The latest idea is to allow US citizens to throw down on just who will win the 2020 US election.


In a time when everything seems to be standing still, Stockholm-based Leadstar Media has been moving forward with US expansion plans despite COVID-19 grinding the sports betting world to a halt.


New York has a lot going on right now, to say the least, as legislators try to navigate the coronavirus outbreak on the state hardest hit by the pandemic so far. But lost in the mayhem that has become New York's daily "new-norm" is the fact that one of the most progressive states in the US is still without a legal mobile betting platform


Full marks to the sports and sports betting world for not letting a global pandemic completely shut them down. Somehow the industries keep relevant and keep adapting during these uncertain times. Desperation has created a new form of creativity in the US Sports Betting industry.


It hasn't been easy for anybody or any business the last month or so as COVID-19 continues to dominate every aspect of society. One industry particularly decimated by lockdowns and shutdowns is the exploding legal gambling industry in the US as it endures casino closures and the stoppage of nearly all Major Sports around the globe.


This weekend, eSports took center stage with the "NBA 2K20" Players-Only Tournament, an entertaining virtual replacement for real NBA action. The tournament tipped off Friday with a slate of four games, broadcast on... where else... ESPN


There were high hopes for the US legal sports betting industry for 2020 but COVID-19 has thrown everything out of whack including how much/how little individual state legislators are willing to consider wagering platforms in their state. The latest state to brush legal sports betting aside for 2020 is Kentucky, who passed their budget Wednesday without any mention of the tax revenue expected to be generated by a wagering platform.


The hearty state of Colorado is plowing ahead with their plans to officially launch a legal sports betting platform May 1 despite the sports world, outside of Belarussian soccer, darts, eSports and a few other minor pro leagues being completely shut down because of COVID-19.