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1XBet Sportsbook player has €1,400 confiscated


A 1XBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed a complaint.

The player has claimed that he worked up his sports balance to over €1,400 with 1XBet after profiting on in-play betting on a Romanian women's soccer match.

Shortly thereafter his account access was restricted by 1XBet and he later learned his account was permanently closed.

The player has claimed that he successfully verified his account with a copy of his identity card, drivers license, passport, utility bill, and scans from his Neteller account.

1XBet sent the following email explaining their decision to close his account and confiscate all funds. The message appears to be a translation from Russian.

1XBet Sportsbook: "We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). This decision is based on the official Rules 2 ? 34 of the betting company 1xbet. The secision [sic] was made after a careful investigation of the situation by our security service.The decision has been resolved after strict investigation of the situation by our security service. According to the results of the investigation we have reasons to suppose that all your bets on sport events from this gaming account have been placed not by you but by that violates above mentioned point of rules directly. We ask you not to criate [sic] new accounts in our webside [sic]. Pay your attention to the moment that if you try to criate [sic] ner [sic] accounts, we will block them. At te [sic] same time your actions were a rude violation of the rules. The Decision concerning The stopping any collaboration is final and it is not subject a revision."

Sportsbook Review is following up on this complaint.