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1Bet voids £2,300 from winning casino player

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On June 1st, 2011, a 1Bet player contacted SBR claiming that his account had been locked for more than one month after winning £2,300 in the 1Bet casino.

SBR followed up on the player’s dispute and received confirmation that his withdrawal was not being processed.

1Bet claimed that the player was guilty of violating their rule on multiple accounts.

1Bet Terms & Conditions: (3.4) Customers are permitted to open one account and one account only.(2.7) Should 1BET suspect faulty behavior or failure to abide the terms and conditions and provisions, 1BET reserves all rights to freeze or suspend the customer’s account.

1Bet stated that the player initially deposited £410 on April 11th, 2011 and received a 100% bonus which was rolled over fully through the casino. On April 23rd, 2011, the player withdrew his £2,397 balance. 1Bet cited suspicion at the time that the player was controlling multiple accounts, but concedes that there was not enough hard evidence to justify not honoring his payout. After processing the withdrawal, 1Bet could have chosen to close the player’s account to deny future business from him based on its suspicions.  Instead, 1Bet left the account open.

On April 25th & 29th of 2011, the player deposited a total of £1,750. His re-deposits were not accompanied by a bonus – a pertinent fact as a player suspected of being a multi-account bonus abuser would not traditionally play negative expectation games absent a deposit bonus.

The player continued to play in the 1Bet casino, generating an additional £2,300 in winnings to bring his account balance up to £4,050. After requesting payment, 1Bet failed to process his withdrawal or update him on the status of his account. After over a month of having his account locked, the player filed a sportsbook complaint through SBR.



1Bet manager: He deposited 410£ on 11/Apr/2011, had great winnings in our casino, and grabbed total of 2397£, including 410£ bonus. We approved his withdrawal, although we had already a suspicion for “multiple accounts” handling. Since it wasn’t solid enough and we did not want to act in an unfair way, this withdrawal was approved within less than 24Hrs (the total sum was withdrawn by (the player) in 2 separated transactions (!) on the 22rd and 23rd of April, with no activity during this period (!), and yet both of these transactions were approved quickly, with no fees charged).

One day after the withdrawals were approved he once again deposited money (25/Apr, 1000£) and again on 29/Apr (750£). (The player) generated his deposit into a 4050£ winning money. His activity was monitored and reviewed by both our fraud department and the company which powers our casino, who both spotted similar activity and betting patterns in another account, with matching IP address. Only then it was decided to block his account and to cancel all his winnings.

SBR notes that 1Bet’s own rule on multiple accounting does not allow for the confiscation of funds. In addition, 1Bet has failed to prove that its rule—which clearly states player accounts would be frozen and/or suspended if found to be in violation of rules 3.4 & 2.7—was actually violated. The player maintains only having one account with 1Bet, and states that he has never logged in from anywhere outside of his home. 1Bet’s claim that the player operated multiple accounts is unfounded – supported only by one matching IP address, no other connection to another 1Bet user has been made.




1Bet has ceased communicating with Sportsbook Review on the dispute. SBR lowered 1Bet’s sportsbook rating to C- based on their handling of this player complaint.