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Update 1/27: Sportsbook Review reported that a Leonbets player claimed a balance of $100,000 was confiscated. It turns out that the facts provided by the player were incorrect, and his balance was in fact $1,500. The player further stated that he was accused of multiple accounting after providing his ID. Leonbets has spoken with SBR on the complaint and confirmed that the player received payment in full, and the issue is now resolved. Players with feedback are encouraged to write to

A Leonbets Sportsbook player has submitted a dispute involving a balance of $1,500. The player claimed that he legitimately profited in the sportsbook over a period of one month before his account underwent a security audit. He was asked to provide copies of his passport and other personally identifying documents. Leonbets then suspended the account. | Read complaint


The effects of GoBetGo Sportsbook's collapse are still being felt by players who are just now discovering the news. Sportsbook Review reported before the weekend that GoBetGo closed in the middle of the night and blamed their bookmaking strategy for the shutdown. Players have been stiffed approximately €130,000, though this sum continues to grow. | GoBetGo closure


Sportsbook Review reported last week that a $5,000 payout complaint was filed against BetMayor Sportsbook. A player requested a $5,000 bank transfer on December 10 and had not been paid. The player has since been advised that he will receive the funds by Wednesday of this week. BetMayor has not responded to SBR's request to discuss the complaint. | Latest complaint


A Dashbet Sportsbook customer has filed a payout complaint against the betting site with SBR. He requested a €1,200 payout on December 15 and has yet to be paid. Additionally, he holds a balance of €1,421. The player has grown concern over the payout delay after reading similar complaints on the Sportsbook Review newswire. SBR is following up with Dashbet.

Super Bowl XLIX: Market opens at PK Em


The Super Bowl XLIX market opened at a PK Em. The opening total was set at 49. The market is likely to fluctuate the most in the days leading up to the big dance itself. For sports bettors keen on wagering exotic markets, Sportsbook Review is beginning to populate a Super Bowl XLIX prop bets directory. Market analysis, free picks, and video handicapping breakdowns are also upcoming for the Sunday, February 1st big game which sees the defending champion Seattle Seahawks take on Tom Brady and the New England PAtriots.


Sportsbook Review announced today that as of this upcoming Monday a series of SBR Poker tournaments will run Mon-Fri through April 19 where the ultimate prize is a $10,000 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event buy-in. This year's WSOP Main Event promises a minimum of $10,000,000 for the 1st place prize. | How to play

Heritage Sportsbook back online after outage


Update: Heritage Sports is back online following the brief web outage. Players were able to place bets via telephone during the outage. Heritage Sports (SBR rating A) currently has a web outage. SBR will inquire on the ETA for the website to come back online.

Bitcoin concerns for sports bettors, SBR Industry News Video


Sportsbook Review's own Natalie Rydstrom gives a market report on the rapid fluctuation of anonymous cryptocurrency bitcoin in today's Industry News video report. Bitcoin is currently trading at $208 and recently hit a 14-month low after dropping to less than $200 earlier in the week. The future of sports betting with bitcoins remains uncertain.


Sportsbook Review reported recently that one InsantActionSports player claimed an agreed upon payment plan was not being honored. He claimed to be entering day 50 of the grueling wait to see a fraction of his $5,000 payout request dating back to July 2014. He has since received $4,500 of the request and has one $500 pickup scheduled Tuesday. | InstantActionSports update

BetMayor player owed $5,000 for one month


A Betmayor player has filed a complaint with SBR against the betting site. He requested a $5,000 bank wire on December 10. He was told that the transfer would be received in one week. He has yet to be paid, and has grown concerned over the state of his $14,200 balance. The funds have remained in his betting account, and he believes he is being given the runaround by customer service. SBR has followed up with the betting site for comment.


Sportsbook Review reported Monday that GoBetGo Sportsbook was off-line. Several players reported that GoBetGo's homepage was unreachable for many hours; these players were concerned at the abrupt disconnection and launched complaints with SBR against the betting site. GoBetGo later popped back up on a .net website. | GoBetGo complaints


Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to plunge mid-day Wednesday with the value for 1 BTC at $190.53. BTC opened at $267 yesterday morning and is plummeting by the hour as investors are scurrying to unload their shares of the popular cryptocurrency. That popularity and name recognition has not been enough to halt the recent downturn, however. | Bitcoin movement


A second Dashbet complaint has been filed. A player has claimed that he requested to be paid €8000 on November 18. He has yet to be paid. Similar to the report which was published Monday on the SBR newswire, the player has claimed he was given a generic update on the status of the payout. He is unsure when he will be paid. | Dashbet complaint

Congrats to $10,000 winners: NCAA Championship


Sportsbook Review congratulates the $10,000 winners in the 2014 NCAA Bowl contest. Team "Beats by Ray", comprised of RA77ER and secretstash, bested the field with their 30 point score after 16 picks. In second place comes mike1234 with $3,000 won, and the third place cash loot goes to Nanderson11234 and brooks85 with $2,000 won and a score of 27.


Tonight's National Championship contest between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks has seen considerable market movement. The free NCAA Odds page at SBR shows that the line opened -7 in favor of Oregon (meaning the Ducks have to win by 8 or more for the wager to cash, and at least by 7 to be 'no actioned'). | Market report


Three GoBetGo players have reported that the betting site is unreachable. The players have read negative posts concerning GoBetGo on the Sportsbook Review newswire feed as well as posts made by members in the Sportsbook & Industry section. As of 3PM Monday ET, GoBetGo Sportsbook has been off-line for nearly 12 hours. | GoBetGo complaints


A Dashbet Sportsbook player has claimed he has had difficulty receiving his funds. He filed a payout complaint against the betting site with SBR. He is attempting to be paid his €2,500 balance through Skrill. He has received no significant updates from Dashbet concerning the reason for the delay, and claims that his ID is already verified. | Dashbet complaint

NFC and AFC Championship Contests: Win a Gift Card


Sportsbook Review invites readers to participate in the NFC and AFC Championship game contests for predicting the score.In both the Packers vs. Seahawks and Colts vs. Patriots, the final score total for each team must be correctly guessed for the $15 pizza gift card prize to be cashed. The pizza card will be sent via email to the lucky winner from either Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, or Dominos. | Enter a score

Congrats to $5,000 Poker Championship winner


Sportsbook Review extends a big congratulations to user "Stefan" who pocketed $5,000 for his first place finish in the SBR poker championship which took place on Saturday, January 10. Second place finishers "RudyRuetigger" and third place finisher "stevek173" pocketed 30,000 and 22,000 betpoints respectively for their placements in the contest.


SportsbettingOnline (SBR rating D+) management has addressed the complaint filed by a player alleging a potential breach of security. The player claimed in his SBR complaint that after requesting deposit instructions through the website cashier, he was contacted by an impostor posing as a sportsbook clerk. He then claims he was defrauded out of $2,000. | SportsbettingOnline complaint


A Noxwin Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player has filed a complaint with SBR against the betting site. The player has said that his account winnings were confiscated after he unintentionally violated the sportsbook rules for bonus wagering. He wagered in excess of $50 after accepting a sportsbook bonus, placing himself firmly in Noxwin's crosshairs. | Noxwin Complaint


Sportsbook Review spoke with a member of Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) management regarding player concerns over the volatility in the bitcoin market. SBR reported yesterday that BTC hit a low of $280 following the $5 million hacking of popular bitcoin exchange Bitstamp. Nitrogen is considering allowing players to store balances in USD. | Nitrogen statement