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LSbet Sportsbook player has account closed


An LSbet Sportsbook player has claimed that he deposited €240 and increased his balance to €412. After requesting payment, the player was asked to provide a copy of his ID card and utility bill. He says that after providing these documents, his account was closed without word by LSbet Sportsbook. SBR is following up.

If you're having trouble with a sportsbook


SBR is ready by to assist if you are a player who has a dispute with an online sportsbook. SBR has helped players recover millions of dollars in disputed winnings since 1999. Simply write in with the details of the issue, whether it be a payout, wagering, bonus, or customer service complaint, to or submit a sportsbook complaint form.


Edit by SBR: The player was shown to have violated Youwin rules but was ultimately paid all winnings. The complaint is considered closed.

A Youwin Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a complaint against the betting site with SBR. He claims that his account has been closed without a specific reason given, and that €1,900 of open bets were forfeited. Youwin allegedly told the player that it is their right to close an account per their terms and conditions. | Youwin complaint


Since SBR's report Tuesday of a $2,000 payout complaint, two new disputes have been submitted by Dashbet Sportsbook players. Player one requested €814 one month ago.  Player two requested €2,900 on January 23rd and has an additional €2,400 in his betting account. Dashbet players have reported being owed more than €34,000. | Read Dashbet complaints


The lights have officially closed at BetInternet Sportsbook (SBR rating B). Earlier this week, SBR reported that BetInternet's parent company - Webis Holdings Plc, announced on their website that BetInternet would permanently close on March 5. A brief statement detailed that customer service would remain in place for a period of 90 days to assist with player payout inquiries. | BetInternet closure


The price of one bitcoin (BTC) is worth $277 at the close of the business day, March 5.Sportsbook Review has covered the fluctuation of the anonymous cryptocurrency extensively in recent months, as interest has peaked among sports bettors looking for a convenient and easy method of funding their online sportsbook accounts. | Recent movements


TonyBet Sportsbook has reversed course in the bonus dispute reported on twice by SBR. In summary, a player had his bonus rollover agreement changed when he was just shy of completing a 150 bet play-through at the small limit of €7 per wager. Ther player had been limited by the TonyBet risk management department and was forced to race against the clock to finish rollover. | What Happened


A Dashbet Sportsbook player has written SBR for assistance. The player ordered a $2,000 withdrawal on February 9, 2015. He provided SBR with a copy of the transaction ID used to make the payout request. He has also shared that his account was previously fully verified by Dashbet Sportsbook. SBR has contacted the betting site to follow up. | Read previous Dashbet statement


A GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed a complaint against the betting site with SBR. He opened his account on February 2, 2015, and accepted a 100% bonus with a £100 deposit. After completing the rollover requirement, the player attempted to proceed with his first ever withdrawal. This is where the trouble started for him. | Read the complaint


BetInternet Sportsbook (SBR rating B) is closing its doors after more than ten years of operation. Player balances will be honored according to a statement made by parent company Webis Holdings Plc. The customer service team will be available even after the official closure to provide support and aid with instructing players to withdraw their funds. | Read statement


The line has now dropped 95¢ in the moneyline market for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. In the 24 hours following the fight being announced by Mayweather on social platform Shots, the market adjusted by 60¢. The best odds for wagering Mayweather are -205 ($205 to win $100) per the boxing props & odds page at SBR, while one sportsbook is offering a 2 to 1 return on Pacquiao.


TonyBet Sportsbook has confirmed the player's timeline from the bonus dispute reported on yesterday. In that complaint, a player detailed that while he was nearly finished with a 150 bet rollover requirement (after having his limits slashed to €7), TonyBet increased his remaining rollover such that he'd have to place another 43 bets ... all within the 60-day bonus expiration date. | TonyBet Complaint


Pinnacle Sports made official today news of their new ownership. SBR has spoken with Pinnacle Sports managers prior to today concerning this announcement and confirmed that it is business as usual for players, however those who have been craving additional Asian and other global markets will soon see an even larger wagering cart. | Read Pinnacle Sports statement


Q: "Dear SBR, with so many online sportsbooks offering NBA odds, where can an average guy go to make sure he's not being ripped off but can get the best value in the market? Many thanks"
-Paul from Montreal

A: Paul, great questions on a couple of fronts. First, before particular line value or bonuses are weighed, you have to make sure you're actually going to be paid your winnings. A sportsbook can dangle all the carrots in the world, but at the end of the day, when it comes time to collect you want to be certain you're getting paid. Just by asking the question shows your head is in the right place. Online sportsbooks rated a minimum of B+ and that have been in business five years or longer should be at the top of your list whether it's wagering NBA, cricket, or volleyball.

To answer the second part of your question, with respect to NBA there is a page called the NBA Betting Futures List. Here you can find the best industry sportsbooks' odds on 2015 NBA season futures, as well as a list to the NBA Prop Bet directory that assesses the line value of traditional game props. Best of luck in your journey.


A Tonybet Sportsbook player has filed a bonus complaint with SBR. The player signed up and received a 50% bonus of €100 after making his initial deposit of €200. He accepted a 20X rollover, meaning that he would have to put €2,200 in play (deposit + bonus) to complete his bonus obligation. However, in the middle of his rollover, he claims to have been limited to €7. | Tonybet complaint explained


10Bet Sportsbook (SBR rating A-) management has informed SBR that they are seeking gaming licenses in Italy, Spain, and France. 10Bet presently holds a UK Gambling Commission license. Recent platform changes for players to take note of has been the elimination of deposit and withdrawal fees. SBR has been told that Paypal will soon be implemented into the 10Bet cashier. | 10Bet Changes


An MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a complaint against the betting site. The player's account was closed with a balance of €724. He opened his account in December and sent all of his personally identifying documents one month later. This is where he ran into trouble: He says he was accused of operating multiple accounts, a charge he adamantly denies. | MB24 Complaint

Sportsbook Rating Change: Easystreet to D-


EasyStreet Sportsbook or EzStreetSports as they go by now have been downgraded to D-. Since the widely reported on $46,000 confiscation from a big casino winner, the sportsbook has accumulated a handful of miscellaneous complaints from players involving poor customer service and tardy payouts. Most recently, SBR reported of an outstanding $600 payout dating back to January 5.

Massive action on Zingano; Sportsbooks lower UFC 184 line to +540


The UFC 184 main card is just two and a half hours away. Sports bettors are invited to utilize the UFC 184 Prop Betting list created by Sportsbook Review. The highlight of the evening is the women's main event which sees undefeated Ronda Rousey as a 6.5 to 1 favorite against Cat Zingano.; this line has dropped considerably since opening at 12 to 1. Underdog action on Zingango could in turn trigger support on Olympian athlete Rousey, to stay up to date with these line moves, bookmark the UFC Odds page at SBR. Lines flash red as soon as changes are received, sound alerts may also be configured.


Sportsbook Review reported earlier last week that an LSbet player complained about being limited to €4 maximum wagers just four bets into his deposit. The player took issue with the swift limit because of having to complete an additional €1,000+ in play-through to complete his bonus obligations at such small limits. | LSbet considers SBR's input


Sportsbook Review news host Natalie provides an update on some of the recent items covered in the SBR newswire. Today's video includes a mention of the recent upgrade received by to the sportsbook rating of C+. was initiated with a rating of C last September and has no meaningful player disputes recorded to date; the sportsbook domain was originally acquired two years prior before then operating as an online casino. The sportsbook and casino is owned by Guts Gaming Limited, which is licensed by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta. Player feedback on the Guts brand is encouraged.

Natalie then informs viewers that the total of €17,000 in contested winnings by BetAtHome players is a case that remains outstanding. BetAtHome has not yet provided an update to Sportsbook Review on the status of these player complaints.

Finally, sports bettors and handicappers are informed of the creation of the UFC 184 Prop Betting directory, and the potential perks associated with using the Rousey vs. Zingano betting props list.

The sportsbook news video is embedded below:


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Sportsbook Rating Change: upgraded to C+

02.26.2015 was added to the SBR sportsbook ratings guide on September 16, 2014. The betting site operated for two years as a casino before launching their sportsbook product near the end of Q1 2014. Headquartered in Malta, the sportsbook is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).


Sportsbook Review has received a rather generic update from Dashbet Sportsbook support concerning the recent accumulation of slow-pay complaints reported by users. Most recently, a €2,500 payout complaint was reported on by SBR through the newswire. Dashbet Sportsbook players in need of payout assistance should write to SBR. | Read Dashbet statement

LSbet Sportsbook Bonus Complaint: Player Limited to €4


An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a sportsbook bonus dispute with SBR. The player has reported that he has been limited to a maximum of €4 per bet, despite having €2,220 in remaining rollover (play-through). He has stated that this wagering limit was slapped on him just four bets into his deposit. In situations such as these, the industry standard is for online betting sites who wish not to accept a player's action to pay all winnings and prorate the bonus amount based on the percentage of the bonus that has been rolled over to date. SBR has followed up with LSbet Sportsbook to see if they are willing to either do this, or restore the player's wagering limits to an amount more reasonable.