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145 Sportsbooks offering 10% or higher sign up bonuses

A list of 145 sportsbooks who offer a 10% or higher cash or free play bonus can be found using the sportsbook rating guide.

The left-hand menu allows players to deselect or adjust the percentage of the bonus being searched.

For example, arranging a search for a 10% cash bonus and 20% free play is as simple as selecting from a dropdown list:

The above configuration brings a list of 135 sportsbooks that either offer a 10% cash bonus or greater, or a 20% free play or greater.

Sportsbooks that offer two bonuses — such as WagerWeb with their choice of either a 75% free play or 50% cash — will list the higher of the two bonuses by default but appear in both lists.

Players looking to compare sportsbooks head to head on bonuses can select the check boxes to the left of every online sportsbook in the rating guide to see how each website measures up. Take the screen capture below as an example, which compares online sportsbook Ladbrokes to WilliamHill:

Sportsbook Review will continue to provide tutorials on using new software features designed with the player mind.

Users who have feedback or who spot errors with the sportsbook rating guide are encouraged to write to