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$5K SBR Poker Championship Enters Final Stretch

The $5,000 SBR Poker Championship qualifier series is entering the closing stretch.

Beginning since September of this football season SBR Forum members have competed with one another on the digital felt of SBR Poker to compete for daily betpoints and the respect of one another.

There is still time to take part and possibly win — all you need is a chip and a chair, or in this case an SBR Forum username and the will to compete.

The top 100 members who have performed the best over the daily SBR Poker MTT schedule will advance to the championship event on Saturday, January 7. Below is the prize structure that the 100 qualifiers will be playing for in a few short weeks:

Championship Prizes
1st. $5,000
2nd. 35,000 betpoints
3rd. 27,000 betpoints
4th. 23,000 betpoints
5th. 17,500 betpoints
6th. 12,500 betpoints
7th. 10,000 betpoints
8th. 6,500 betpoints
9th. 5,000 betpoints
10th. 3,500 betpoints
11th. 3,000 betpoints
12th. 2,500 betpoints
13th. 2,000 betpoints
14th. 1,500 betpoints
15th. 1,000 betpoints

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