The Mirage Sports & Race Book Review

Remember Mike Tyson's white tiger in "The Hangover?" Odds have it, that came from the Mirage. Though the place is over two decades old, there is no doubt that the Mirage is still a place that is held near and dear in the hearts of Las Vegas enthusiasts.

Unfortunately for the Mirage, this really is a place that is more about some of the odd happenings and the history of the place than the actual viability at this point, as it is a resort that probably needs a multi-million dollar renovation. There are some very cool "must see" things that happen at the Mirage, some as a rainforest, a volcano that erupts on a nightly basis, and yes, those rare white tigers that we talked about earlier, but there is a real lack of technology on the grounds itself.

Oh don’t get us wrong, as we would love to have some of these TVs in our living room, but there are just 10 big screens and just a total of 29 TVs for the sports book and race book.

However, the key feature of the Mirage is where it is located. This is a sportsbook that is dab smack in the middle of the Strip, and it is where all of the tourists want to go.

Ironically though, there is a nice mix of professionals and amateurs that come to the Mirage with regularity. Why do the pros show up? Because all of the squares flock here to the Mirage as well. Quite often, regardless of the sport, you'll find your best lines for underdogs in Sin City here at the Mirage, knowing that so many amateurs come thinking that they are going to beat the books by betting on favorites.

The Mirage is also known to shade its lines just a bit, making amateurs pay a bit more for taking favorites, especially during baseball season. This sports book uses 20-cent lines instead of 10-cent lines for baseball, something that is totally out of the ordinary and is very unpopular by industry standards.

With amateur bettors comes plenty of glitzy bets to be made as well. The Mirage offers all sorts of proposition bets – probably as many as you'll find in any other venue in or around the Strip. This is also the only sports book at the moment in Las Vegas that offers betting lines on all of the women's NCAA Tournament games, as well as all of the listed men's college basketball games on a nightly basis as well.

All of the amateurs around might make the sportsbook feel almost corny, but this is also why the poker room is known as one of the best and most profitable for the pros in the city. There are a lot of people that come with more money than brains, and they try to sit down at tables with some of the best players in the world. The pros almost always sniff them out, especially on Fridays and Saturdays in the evening. Also, whereas other poker rooms have just Texas Hold 'Em, the Mirage will deal anything and everything that you can think of with its 19 tables.

If you want to sit down and watch the big game while betting on all of the others, the Mirage probably isn't the place for you. However, if you want to come in, place some bets as a sharp, take advantage of some amateurs trying to play hold 'em, or just see the sights, the Mirage is still one of the best bang for your buck places in Las Vegas.