Planet Hollywood Sports & Race Book Review

If you're looking for a sports betting experience like none other,  you'll find that in the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Sports & Race Book is for you.

Just the brand name "Planet Hollywood" gives you the idea of the stars coming to play at this venue. And that's exactly what the case truly is. Whereas the mass majority of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas feature hardwood floors, dark seating arrangements, and a lot of very neutral colors in the brown pallet strewn throughout, Planet Hollywood is nothing of the sorts, and it is exactly what you would be envisioning. Everything is designed in quite contemporary fashions with blacks, reds, and other vibrant colors in a very lounge-like area.

There are 33 televisions and a couple of giant screens throughout this 100,000 square foot sports and race book. The sportsbook offers just about all of the normal betting options that you would come to expect, but the betting lines are often out for the next day's games the previous night. The sportsbook is open late, as its lines are posted until 10:30 p.m. on weeknights and 1:00 a.m. on weekends and holidays. This allows the lines to get posted for the next day before anyone ever leaves for the evening, making this a place for sharp bettors who are looking for the early action to hang out. All of the betting lines are formed in house, and that's why you might find a severe difference from the opening numbers here at night and when the mainstream numbers come out across the rest of Sin City the next morning.

As far as the rest of the sports and race book area though, there really isn't much to write home about. Yes, it's comfortable, but there are only roughly 75 seats along with some bar space, which really doesn't cut it for an area this big. The sports and race book is also tucked away in the back of the casino level of the Planet Hollywood, which doesn't make the situation ideal once you're inside.

However, if you're looking for convenience on the Strip, you've got yourself the perfect area. The Cosmopolitan and the Aria are right next door, and that really makes life easy for line shoppers who are determined to get the best price on the games that they are trying to bet. For those that are traveling with others who don't necessarily like the sports betting scene, the casino at Planet Hollywood is as illustrious and immense as you'll find in Las Vegas, and there are shops and accessibility to fancy restaurants and shows right there on site and within just a few short steps if you're leaving the premises.

Beware though, as you're paying for the name when you come to Planet Hollywood. Hotel rooms are often as much as 10% more expensive here as they are elsewhere in Vegas, and the accommodations that you're getting, though flashy, aren't exactly the best on the Strip by any stretch of the imagination.

If you're here in Las Vegas for a long period of time, the Planet Hollywood is definitely something that you're going to want to check out once just to say that you did. However, a bettor who is just going looking for the best experience on a heavy sports day to sit and watch games will probably be better served elsewhere. It's a functional sportsbook for sure, but short of for line shopping, this really is nothing more than a recreational sports and race book.