Mandalay Bay Sports & Race Book Review

There is plenty to love about all of the resorts in Sin City, but the one thing that the Mandalay Bay has that most others can't say is that it has a whole heck of a lot of space. With a sports and race book that is five times that of the Golden Nugget, 12 times that of the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, and 30 times that of the MGM Grand, the Mandalay Bay has as spacious of a sports and race book as you will find, not just in Las Vegas, but in the entire world as well.

With over 4,000 rooms and over 135,000 square feet in the casino alone, the Mandalay Bay is the place that you'll want to look into if a whole group of you will be headed to Sin City. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are popular at this venue, as are weddings and other large functions.

The minimum bet for bettors is $10 at the sports book and $2 for the ponies, which is slightly higher than industry standards, especially for sports. There are a whopping 84 televisions and a few absolutely enormous screens that often split into four different games at one time without any compromising of space. What's best about this experience, though? There are roughly 300 seats, a size that just isn't seen anywhere else on the Strip.

It's a comfortable area as well, knowing that there are plenty of food and drinks available, tons of space to move around, and a number of seats with full service bar options as well.

The highest of betting limits in Vegas can be had here at the Mandalay Bay, which is why some of the biggest boxing matches flock here. That's great for professionals as well, and quite often, you do see the pros sitting around on a nightly basis in front of the televisions and the big electronic boards with the available lines.

The Mandalay Bay features all of the normal sports betting options you would figure upon seeing, as well as a number of propositions that are often individualized to the sports book as opposed to just some stock props that are listed all over the place in Vegas.

Poker at the Mandalay Bay is clearly lacking. We find it shocking that in such a large facility, there are only 10 poker tables that are crammed into one tiny location. Plenty of different games are dealt, but it might take hours and hours to get onto a table, especially at night. However, we do admire the fact that the Mandalay Bay has made life so easy for sports bettors and race book fans with such a tremendous area to sit and watch the games in comfort.

Unfortunately, the location of the Mandalay Bay isn't all that great either. It's on the Strip yes, but it's at the south end of the Strip and is quite a way's away from some of the action. However, this is almost like that tucked away gem that is hidden in a vast area. The Mandalay Bay has plenty of space and has one of the best sports and race books that you'll find in the entire world. No matter whether you're the average gambler just here for some fun or the pro that is making a living off of wandering up and down the Strip, the Mandalay Bay is the place for you to be.