Las Vegas Hotel, Casino, Sports & Race Book Review

If you're looking for the biggest and brightest sports and race book in the city, the Las Vegas Hotel is the place that you are definitely going to want to be headed for. This is the self-proclaimed largest sports book and race book in the world, and it's definitely worth the inconvenience of having to leave the Las Vegas Strip to get here.

The space that the LVH is located at might not be ideal, but it is known as a "Superbook" for a reason. There are over 300 seats and over 30,000 square feet for this sports and race book, and no matter what game you're searching for to bet on, Manager Jay Kornegay will put a betting line up on it. There are more expansive options in terms of regular prop bets and betting lines on more obscure events here at the Las Vegas Hotel than any other sports book on the Strip, and it isn't even close. There are hundreds of soccer matches with betting lines up every week, on top of all of the regular NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, hockey, and baseball that you've come to expect. Prop bets are on the board for NASCAR, tennis, horses, golf, boxing… You name it, the LVH has it.

And, not only does the sports book have lines for all sorts of different games and situations, but it also has those lines up earlier than any other book on the Strip. NFL betting lines are generally posted by Sunday afternoon for the next week, and all of the lines and 'totals' are up by Monday morning.

The race book is just as expansive, as there are over 200 seats set up just for racing fans. Individual TVs are all over the place for your enjoyment as well, and you can bet not just on the ponies, but on the puppies as well at the major greyhound tracks across America.

No matter whether you want to watch the games in a more semi-private setting or want to take them in with the masses nearly the betting windows, the Las Vegas Hotel can accommodate you. The "Fan Cave" doesn't have much in the way of TVs, and they aren't those huge ones that Vegas is known for, but it is a non-smoking area where you can go and enjoy the games with fellow fans. Outside, there are 28 massive televisions and another three dozen other TVs throughout the sports book and race book area.

But of course, you might know the Las Vegas Hotel for its contests, as the SuperContest, or as you might know it, the Hilton Handicapping Contest, is the biggest football handicapping competition in the world. Every year, football handicappers from across the planet join at the LVH for this massive contest. There are also huge competitions for horse racing betting fans as well.

The poker room at the LVH is surprisingly small with just 11 tables, which aren't always going. This is more of a business class room, so if you're looking to pick off the obnoxious 20-somethings waving around their $20 bills, this isn't the place for you. The poker room does feature a lower rake than most in Vegas, but it isn't necessarily worth it, knowing that you're going to be playing against people who really want to play cards and win some money as opposed to the ones that are just there for a cheap thrill and think that they're going to get rich.

If the Las Vegas Hotel were right in the heart of the Strip, it would be the place to go for bettors. However, it's a hike from the Strip to the LVH, and that makes life difficult for the pros who are trying to get the best lines on all of their bets. Still, if you're ready for the sports betting experience of a lifetime, this is most certainly your resort of choice.