Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas Review

One of the newer sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip, the Aria Resort & Casino is truly one of the more pleasurable places to visit if you're looking to do some big time sports gambling. This hotel is tucked away next to the Skybox Sports Bar & Grill, and though it is just a bit off of the main drag, that doesn't discount anything that it is worth to the sports bettor.

The biggest features that the Aria has to offer are the two 220" stadium sized televisions that the main sports events are shown on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To put the size of that television in comparison, the largest flat screen TV, according to ABC News reports, is 90", a television made by Sharp Aquos. To buy that TV, you need over $10,000. And to think that the Aria has not just one, but two TVs that are over double that size.

It's not like these are the only TVs available in the area though, as there are another 90 televisions that can be viewed with cushy seating. The plush seats can be limited in numbers, but getting yourself a seat for the day can make this sports watching experience like none other that you'll see on the Strip, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter.

Whereas at other sportsbooks in Las Vegas, you will be in a musty, smoke filled room lined with hundreds and hundreds of bettors just trying to get a glimpse at all of the TVs and lined up 10 or 15 rows deep, here at the Aria, if you're in the house, you've got a great view of all of the action in a relatively quaint setting.

The Aria Resort & Casino definitely isn't without its drawbacks, though. Sure, this is a fine getaway spot for you and your buddies, but if you're a hardcore gambler who does this for a living, this isn't the environment for you. Whereas there are plenty of screens to watch the action, there isn't much in the form of the ability to watch the odds move in real time. This is clearly a touristy area, and the mass majority of the bets you can make are the standard point spread, moneyline, and 'total' betting. Sure, you can bet on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer – all of the standards – there really aren't any specifics that this sportsbook offers that really make it stand out.

Though the area for sports bettors is quite elaborate for monitoring, if you're just going to try to run in and place a bet, you could run into some long lines, as the actual betting area is relatively small in comparison to a lot of the other major sportsbooks in Sin City.

The casino at the Aria is fairly standard, with up to 24 tables going at one time in the poker room and all of your standard options for table games and slot machines. Minimum bets at tables are $25, ranging all the way up to $5,000 per hand. Keep in mind, there is no smoking in this poker room as well, something that could prove to be a help or a hindrance depending upon your preference. The poker room is lined with 15 TVs as well in case you want to keep your eyes on your sports betting as well.

All in all, the Aria is one of the most glitzy and glamorous resorts in Las Vegas. For a vacationer, it's a fantastic destination that should absolutely be seen at least once. However, if you're going into Sin City to really be a bettor and to get the old school Las Vegas experience, there are going to be other sportsbooks nearer to, or on the Strip for you.